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  1. Once you own one they are hard to get out of your system. Ask me how I know
  2. More importantly, what are you building? LS1 conversion? Audi V8?
  3. Hi Cameron, Looks like someone on PCV has the shifter for sale https://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/0E7113A62F89765CC12583A00032DE34#pagetop Cheers Craig
  4. Hi Ken, Try the 914world club page, this is the source of all information on our cars with many sellers of parts/cars as well. There may be 916 badges reproduced but otherwise you may be able to get one 3D printed and/or there may be a decal available (or you could get one made)? Cheers Craig
  5. Shame you sold the ones that were on your LWB. You may be better off bringing them in from the US, even with the exchange rate that is probably the most cost effective method and they are more readily available over there? 914 World has them come up pretty often Cheers Craig
  6. Great update Ken. What bodywork are you having done to it? Cheers Craig
  7. What are the wheels you have used? They look awesome 👍 Cheers Craig
  8. crsedge

    Space saver

    I may also have one though rim only- am In Melbourne too which might help
  9. I have that 914 book- it is great if you don't have it in your collection and have a love of 914s Cheers Craig
  10. Glad it worked out quickly for you and the new owners Cheers Craig
  11. And not only the ones that got away but those we had in our clutches and decided to sell.... 😩
  12. Nice one guys, looking forward to Sunday (sans my 914/6 GT build though... sigh)

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