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  1. Well done Raf! I bought a 996 which arrived from NSW at the start of this year and love it as a more modern P car (albeit it nearly qualifying for historic registration)! Which cars will you move from your considerable stable?
  2. Narrow body 993s have the same offset of ET55 on front and rear as narrow body 996s. This is not the same for wider body 993s which have a different ET- best to check with seller
  3. Starting to think about an exhaust mod for my 996, and from this and other threads think the Fister is the best type for my needs. @Ozwin- any feedback on yours since you had the Fister installed? @jordan- how have you found the sound of the Gundo now that you have been driving it around for a while now? Cheers
  4. crsedge

    WTB 3.0L engine

    Not that it helps now, but there was a 3.0L for sale in Melb on fb marketplace last week for $18k that appears sold. Keep checking all platforms
  5. I have a set of headrests from BF Torinos if you find any without, unfortunately not with seats though!
  6. crsedge

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    Congrats, agree that white is a great colour! Any plans for livery?
  7. Aftermarket Tyre Compressor for space saver rim Non-factory version but in full working order, perfect to tuck away out of sight to use if you get in trouble 👍 Price: $60 + postage (if unable to pick up Cheers Craig Melbourne
  8. I have insured through Lumleys which I also found competitive!
  9. Yes I recall, they both sold in the last quarter of 2020.
  10. Really enjoyed the 996 video after becoming a recent owner Maybe a 914/6 GT Clone review in the future (I might be able to help you out with a car later this year....)?
  11. They are not marked with 'Porsche' down the side as per OEM but I believe they are similar in design and attach under the flaps in the roof gutter as per OEM. The ones I bought were from fb Marketplace but the seller had unfortunately misplaced the fitting kit which is available- I have to pick up it from the local roof rack supplier.
  12. I bought a metal cup holder and fire extinguisher plus mount for my 996 from Ray at Autoracing Technik (ART). The cup holder folds away when not in use and mounts under the seat rail 👍 Ray is a great guy, a Porsche enthusiast and it is an Aussie product 😎

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