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  1. And here is the sister car... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-porsche-boxster-986-manual/SSE-AD-6039167/?Cr=8
  2. Great seats, have a set going into my 914/6 GT build (though have removed the headrests) 😎
  3. Try Ringwood Speedos- they sell the faces and can recalibrate your existing speedo to match.
  4. crsedge


    Is it still in pieces being restored?
  5. Hi All, On the hunt for a manual Boxster S 986 in excellent condition. I am aware of those available on the usual website outlets such as Carsales, Gumtree, fb, etc. Wondering whether there may be any members or 'someone who knows someone who knows someone' who may be looking to part ways with their manual 986 S. Preference in Melbourne (but not necessarily within 5 kms of my home... sigh) but would not discount any available interstate. Appreciate any leads! Cheers Craig
  6. As something a bit different, how about Gold, either all gold or detailed like a 3 piece wheel?
  7. I don't even think fire could sort that wheel....🤢
  8. I say build the car you want, it is a long way from how it was delivered with front & rear flares, sunroof delete, cage and race interior. IMHO I don't think it will make too much difference in making it long vs. short bonnet from a value proposition as the person who would buy it when you are finished will not be an anorak- it will be a cracking car!
  9. crsedge

    Wheel Kicking...

    Hi John, Saw these on a recently sold 944, reckon they look great if you could find a set 😎
  10. That was my thought too, even perhaps a LHD conversion with the late model RHD dashboard though the advert states it is a factory RHD.
  11. No annodised window frames, G series interior inclusive of dashboard.....
  12. crsedge


    Some interesting mods- what appears to be rolled rear arches to accomodate the wider rims and perhaps 911 side mirrors. Nice looking car though if it is reassembled in the same condition.
  13. crsedge


    Hi Merv, Happy for any PMs on this. There were 2x 914/6s converted here by Alan Hamilton back in the day as a proof of concept, there were also others converted in the UK by Canford that were said to be almost factory in the approach (but not) with the original 2.0 mag case 911 motors. Unfortunately both found the costs of final conversion brought the price close to or exceeding the 911s of the day and hence were not viable. Over in Aus there were various places that converted them in Perth, Vic, NSW and QLD. Motors vary depending on what was available- I have seen examples of anything from 2.0 to 3.6 used. Let us know what you have found once you make a decision on it. Great cars but I am clearly biased Cheers Craig
  14. Yes saw that Raf. I don't need the inspiration though as am very inspired to push through to getting her on the road! Doors, bonnets, scuttle panels and stone trays front and rear now in high fill

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