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  1. Thanks mate, but prefer OEM which I know aren't easy to find. Summer is nearly over so have the remainder of the year to keep looking
  2. Thanks @NYN-11, not quite the rim design I am chasing but appreciate the offer. Cheers Craig
  3. I have located some 7” versions of this 993 rim with the correct offset but alas not the ET55 for the 17x 9” version (which I know does exist). Does anybody have a set of these or even 2 of 17x 9” with ET55? Cheers Craig
  4. Hi All, I have come across a set of 17x7" and 17x 9" rims for a 993 that am interested in for my 996. The issue is the rears (9") are an ET70- my original rims have an ET55. I have searched Dr. Google with no luck to see whether these could fit? Anyone have any ideas if they would or a resource to check? What would the appearance be? Cheers Craig
  5. Bump- have changed up the hunt to look at other options too
  6. Are those standard GT3 wheels? I am looking for some different rims for my 996 C2.
  7. crsedge

    Jack Pads

    Keep us posted if they work as anticipated
  8. Hi All, Looking for a change up on my current 996 twists and a change of colour to-boot! looking for 17x 7” & 17x 9” with ET 55. I quite like the below variety of 996 Carrera 4 Rims (Part No. 99636212401) but unfortunately I have heard that they may not have graced our shores? There a re a number of Porsche 993 rims that I quite like too that are in the correct offset. So who has got what gathering dust in the corner of their garages? Cheers Craig
  9. Actually my son's surfboard, occasionally
  10. Great candidate for a backdate as per the description in the original advert- it is already grandpa's axe 😎
  11. @bumble- any photos of your car from the exterior (noting that one side or the front may not be the best view given the altercation ), acknowledging that this would be slightly off-topic to the title of the thread?

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