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  1. 1x Porsche Cayenne 19” Rim and Centre Cap Comes with roadworthy Bridgestone Dueler Tyre 275/45R19 Rim in excellent condition $250 Cheers Craig (Melb)
  2. @drmurugti- I am about to list a brand new copy of this book in the for sale section here, let me know if interested. I am in Melbourne.
  3. How cool is this? https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/one-off-porsche-986-boxster-shooting-brake
  4. Has got your name all over this one Chris with your quality outputs and ability!
  5. Hi All, After a farily lengthy search, I have found a 955 2005 Cayenne S 4.5L V8. Car has full service history, only 118,000kms and is in pretty great shape inside and out. Though techincally the wrong model being an earlier 955, I am building a Transsyberian tribute. I have removed the 22" GTS/S/Turbo rims which have near brand new tyres on them and am selling these- please see PFA For Sale Section if interested in the rims I located a set of 18" rims as per the correct pattern used on the original Transsyberian (which was no easy task!), and had them shod in Cooper ATTs in 255/55 R18 yesterday (haven't had a chance to take a photo yet). I decided against the BF Goodrich All Terrains as used on the factory cars due to the fact my car will be mainly road based and the rough ride BFs would give on the blacktop, though will plan to do some cruisey offroad work later . To get a similar effect as the BFs, I have found a tyre place in the US that make raised white letters that vulcanise to the tyre wall produced from a tracing of the non-raised lettering on my tyres- I will send the pattern to them this week! I have sourced an OEM Roof Carrier System and the period correct Hella FF300 driving lights x 4; a friend is currently making 4x brackets to attach them to the front roof rack. I will be mounting them slightly differently to the original; I want them slightly lower so that I can still use the roof rack and not foul the lights. I have sent the Transsyberian livery patterns to a place I have used previously. I am going to do the livery on silver and will wrap the silver elements around the side windows, bottom of the doors and below the rear window with black- this will be one of the next things done in the coming weeks.... Cheers Craig
  6. Hi All, Set of Cayenne GTS S Turbo style 22" x 10J rims with Centre Caps. * Were on my recently purchased Cayenne, have gone back to standard 18"" rims hence no longer required. * Gutter rash on all 4- rims would be a perfect candidate for a colour change to black, restore to original or use as they are. * Come with 4 near brand new tyres- Pirelli Scorpion Zero 285/35 R22; would have travelled less than 100kms. Valued at $445 each * SOLD Cheers Craig (Melbourne)
  7. Antenna Mast 968/928 Used, cracks around base Genuine Part no 928 645 902 00 New Price $38.75 USD Sell $20 AUD
  8. Porsche Centre Caps for X4, metal 968/944/930/928/924 OEM Part No. 928 361 033 11 TPP Brand new Cost $70 USD each Sell $250 AUD the set (Sold pending payment)
  9. H4 80/100 Watt Osram Replacement Bulb Pelican Part No 31425-M97 Cost $9.75 USD Sell $8.00 AUD Relay DME Kaehler, new 911 Carrera 1984-89 Pelican Part No. 911 618 154 01 M252 Cost $33.75 USD Sell $25 AUD (Sold)
  10. Exterior Door Handle Rubber Seals/Gaskets Repros, Part No. 911 531 632 00 2 Sets of Left and Right Sides Cost $25 USD per set Sell $15 AUD per set (both sets sold pending payment) 911 Rear Seat Lock Knob (1974-79) OEM Part No. 911 522 231 00 Cost $10.75 USD Sell $10 AUD Headlight Assembly Attachment Screw Set x2 911/912/930/912E 1965-86 Sierra Madre Part No. 901 631 119 00 Cost $9.65 USD each Sell $15 AUD the set (Sold)
  11. Porsche Carrera 3.2 Cassette Holders Genuine used, Part No. 911 645 226 00 Perfect for factory original appearance Very hard to find. 5 cassette boxes- $150 the lot (Sold) 968/944/924 Roof Trim Seal x2 and Roof Trim Clips X12 OEM- Roof Trim Seal Part No 944 559 707 00 Cost $48 USD each Sell $35 AUD each, prefer to sell as a pair @ $70 AUD Pelican Parts- Roof Trip Clips 99 591 732 02 Cost $3.25 USD each Sell $30 AUD for 12 OEM Tie Wraps x26 Porsche Part Number 443 971 850 Cost $2 USD each Sell $40 AUD the lot (Sold)
  12. Hi All, Having a clean out of the garage of mainly new and unused parts. Prices exclude postage, happy if buyers wish to pick up in Melbourne or will post at buyers expense. 930/911/912 Door Seal- Pelican Parts part no. 911 531 095 03 Cost: $55.75 USD Sell $45 AUD (Sold) 911 T/E/S 1973 Glovebox Driver’s Manual Reprint from Porsche Classic, brand new Cost $170 AUD Sell $140 AUD (Sold) DIEST 3” Vintage Shoulder Harness X2 Sierra Madre Part no. 603440 Cost $59.86 USD each Sell $50 AUD each, prefer to sell as a pair @ $100
  13. I have got a set of non coloured Porsche logo centre caps (black logo) that I was about to list too. Also used but in excellent condition. Will sell for $80 posted if interested?

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