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  1. May be considered sacriligious, but what about an LS engine swap?
  2. I thought that about 12 months ago when it was first advertised at $65k...... Seems cheap enough for what it is if checks out...
  3. A bit more work on her today 😎 Engine mount for the P motor now in place Oil cooler lines fitted in place in front boot area, into cabin and out under rocker panels. Next is to carry them through to rear wheel well and into engine bay, as per the path for GTs 👍 The chassis stiffening kit was also tacked into place, ready for putting onto the hoist and welding 👍
  4. Wow, I didn't realise how long it has been since my last update, forgive me father for I have sinned....🙉 Progress has been slow, but the good news is that I plan to push through to completion post 1 July this year!! So, flare extensions on the rocker panels are now completed. I bought some ready made from a supplier overseas but as these things go significant work was required to shape to match the steel GT fender flares! I am however really happy with the result.. Next has been the fitment of the BF Torino Rallye ST seats, needing to remove the previous seat mounts and weld in new support. These are going to look great with the period harnesses Next tasks- Oil cooler lines, engine mount fitment, GT roll bar hoop installation, chassis stiffening kit and valance panel flares. Then epoxy- hooray!!
  5. The frustration you must feel is unfathomable.... Reckon this would be a great entry point into longhood ownership at a sensible price point! Save for/amass the parts to convert back whilst you enjoy a road going vehicle in one of the best P colours going around IMO. 😎 Win/win! GLWS!
  6. And the 968CS for 41k! Though stated it needed some cosmetic love, 41k seems good buying..
  7. Or gently remove the black, they are all silver underneath- alloy I think?
  8. Great read, I love both your enthusiasm and that of the team of others that made the purchase process seamless for you.
  9. crsedge


    PM sent
  10. What are you building?
  11. Would be great. Need a 968 first though, still on my bucket list 😎 GLWS Tom 👍

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