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  1. Or gently remove the black, they are all silver underneath- alloy I think?
  2. Great read, I love both your enthusiasm and that of the team of others that made the purchase process seamless for you.
  3. crsedge


    PM sent
  4. What are you building?
  5. Would be great. Need a 968 first though, still on my bucket list 😎 GLWS Tom 👍
  6. Rather than watching the full YouTube clip, is there a list of cars that were on the block and the prices they went for anywhere, like when Shannon's do their auctions? I had a search on Dr Google but could not find anything?
  7. I would love a 968 at some stage but still reckon standard manual 968s are a sub $40k car, which I think is why many of the Carsales cars have not moved for months. I do love the 968 CS model for the limited numbers produced, the Recaro buckets (if fitted) and the M030 kit (also if fitted), but hard to justify big $ when there are no engine mods. One of the four Fitzgerald RS Turbo replicas (using a CS as a base) was dropped to $99k when it sold recently- now that is some mods worth paying extra $ for a 968 IMO
  8. Once you own one they are hard to get out of your system. Ask me how I know
  9. More importantly, what are you building? LS1 conversion? Audi V8?
  10. Hi Cameron, Looks like someone on PCV has the shifter for sale https://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/0E7113A62F89765CC12583A00032DE34#pagetop Cheers Craig
  11. Hi Ken, Try the 914world club page, this is the source of all information on our cars with many sellers of parts/cars as well. There may be 916 badges reproduced but otherwise you may be able to get one 3D printed and/or there may be a decal available (or you could get one made)? Cheers Craig

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