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  1. Hi Phil, Bought mine from GT3tek, not with the brake light though. https://www.gt3tek.com/product/190/996-bolt-on-duck-tail-1999-2001 Cheers Craig
  2. Try joining the Typ901 Forum here in Aus as well, there are some very knowledgeable members there who may also be able to assist.
  3. Is that the same one bought recently from Richmonds in SA?
  4. They open/close the sunroof manually if the power fails- you only need 1
  5. I have these sunroof tools available
  6. It is a hell of a lot for a backdated G series RS clone when you can buy a well sorted longhood for similar (albeit not an RS).... At the end of the day the market will determine it's worth.
  7. I think your car @Fraz would be a great buy. It is very well priced against the things that many traditional buyers believe determine price and that are highlighted by Fraz, but has the value adds of being well sorted with tasty mods and held by an honest and upfront owner. I would really love a turbo and this one ticks all my boxes but alas I will have to suffice with my NA 996.1 GLWS
  8. Jason Carroll at Chequered Flag Restorations did the body/panel work to bring this back to the condition you see today, was a massive job as you could imagine 😎
  9. 7x second hand coil packs for a Porsche 957 Cayenne. Swapped out all 8 from my 4.8 V when the 8th failed, these 7 were in good working order. Price- All 7 for $200 Cheers Craig (Melb)
  10. Wow! Prefer a different variety of Fuchs but love the overall look!
  11. As with all fibreglass aftermarket car products, they can do with some fettling if your focus is on even gaps. The 996 ducktail is a good fit but for the retentive-type owner could have required additional minor fibreglass work. For me, I was comfortable that it met my requirements and other than having it painted had it installed as delivered. 😎
  12. Me too, and you can see the end result I aimed to achieve from my earlier photo 😎
  13. Hi Peter, See below- https://www.gt3tek.com/product/190/996-bolt-on-duck-tail-1999-2001

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