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  1. Yes he contacted me as well, assessed him as a dirty rotten scammer and did not reply... 🤬
  2. But what do you do with it if you bought it? Can't be registered in Aus in my understanding being LHD and not eligible for historic rego? Expensive track car or garage art
  3. Why not a Boxster S tipper? Combine increased performance with a tipper at a reasonable price?
  4. crsedge

    Looking to buy 944

    Try the 944 Downunder fb site too 👍
  5. So did mine, must have shared the same flight over
  6. Agree. I would have snapped it up if it were a black 996 interior
  7. Why don't you insulate under the roof and plaster over it?
  8. Hope you are on a winner 👍
  9. Thought someone may have had a set of these available? Here are my restored 17” Cup 2s in Weiss Gold that could use as trade bait 😊
  10. @wilburforce- here you go, Recaros and in Melbourne. Though need some love think the price is reasonable https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1663539890508791/
  11. It looks pretty clean from the underneath photos re: rust but yes I imagine the country of origin is holding the sale back. I have a UK delivered 996 which from a thorough PPI was cleared of rust issues- I would be more than happy to own a UK delivered 968 CS if it all checked out.
  12. I love them too, as a former 968 owner alas not a CS. I keep looking at this CS on Carsales and seems reasonably priced for a UK model, has been for sale for quite a long time though.... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-porsche-968-cs-manual/SSE-AD-6866287/?Cr=0
  13. Hi Bruce, I ended up purchasing it from the chap In Brisbane that you sold it to some years later. I sold it to another PFA member who commenced and nearly completed a full GT Clone build, but he sold it before engine installation. I am not sure where it is now unfortunately, was a great car as a 914 and looked a fantastic GT clone when sold. Cheers Craig

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