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  1. FS: - Falken Azenzis Excellent tread and condition 2x 225/45/R17 2x 255/40/R17 Receipt paid by previous owner for $1275 Price $490 for the 4 Cheers Craig (Melbourne)
  2. Try Rick, great bloke and I have previously bought heaps of part from him for my '55 Beetle restoration And he is Melbourne based! https://volksrecycle.com.au/ Cheers Craig
  3. Thanks for refreshing my memory on thes stats Stewart. Though I would have loved a CS, glad I have one of the standard 30 delivered '94 models in my garage Cheers Craig
  4. Update- I have been informed on a fb forum where these are also advertised that the offsets are also suitable for 928s, ready for you land shark fans too
  5. For Sale- Genuine Porsche 17" 968 Cup 1 wheels (Clubsport-spec) complete with near new Falken tyres These were on my 968- I have gone for BBS-style rims now and just had them fitted. 2x Fronts: 7.5x 17" - ET 65 2x Rears: 9.0 x 17""- ET 55 Genuine Prosche Centre Caps Tyres as new- Falken Azenzis 225/40/R17 on front 255/40/R17 on rear Have receipt paid by previous owner of $1275 Very rare wheels in these offsets- perfect for 968/944 and front offset suit 944 Turbo and M030 options Excellent condition Price $3200 Can assist with freight if required. Cheers Craig 0400616427 (Melbourne)
  6. crsedge

    1994 968

    My next change was the wheels. I debated using spacers to make the stance wider and painting the Cup 1 wheels white but after looking into the legalities of spacers came up with a definite 'No'! I then thought about various wheel options to gain the look I wanted. After much too-ing and fro-ing, I managed to convince @9fan to part with these babies which IMO look great. Four hours cleaning them up before fitting tyres on Friday! 18x 8"s on the front with 18x 10" on the rear
  7. crsedge

    1994 968

    Hi All, Have moved my initial positing from 'Rumour File' to its rightful home here in the Front Engine Section- 1994 968 bought from Alan996TT and arrived to me on October 4 2019 (also ex-Rob car here on PFA too). Aussie, manual, blue leather interior with many Clubsport features including suspension, rear spoiler, steering wheel and 17โ€ cups. Alan was a fantastic seller, car arrived from Brisbane to Melb via CEVA and I picked her up yesterday. The car is in amazing condition for its age ๐Ÿ˜Ž I have been following the 968 market for over 10 years and have added her to my stable. I am a train commuter for work and it will be used as an occasional semi-daily, the kids fit in the back well and were very excited when we went for our first drive today ๐Ÿ‘ I have some plans for a wheel change and livery but otherwise โ€˜get in and driveโ€™. Nice to have a โ€˜going P carโ€™ whilst the 914/6 GT project rolls on ๐Ÿ˜Ž Thanks @9fan for the chats re 968s over the journey and the passenger seat drive ๐Ÿ‘ Here it is following a wash. Cheers Craig I am all for individualising our cars, with the preference to do things that can be changed back if so desired at any stage. Given this, my first change was to break up the Midnight Blue paintwork. I considered applying the Clubsport Livery but given it isn't a CS and I wanted something different then that is what I went with I have always liked the 997 GT3 RS chequered flag livery so had this specifically made to fit the 968 dimensions. Though I understand this isn't for everyone, I love it
  8. Great car, great price. GLWS mate Cheers Craig
  9. crsedge

    LHD to RHD conversions

    Jason Carroll at Chequered Flag Restorations in Bayswater Melbourne has done and continues to do many 356 and 911 conversions- in recent years he is even reconverting factory LHD cars converted to RHD in the earlier years back to LHD!
  10. No, a standard โ€˜94. Though has had suspension upgrades equivalent to M030 and 17โ€ genuine Cup wheels plus CS steering wheel, etc.
  11. Hereโ€™s my 968, not a white on white Cup wheeled CS though! My personalised addition is the 997 GT3 RS Clubsport-style flag livery in red to lift the blue. Next will be wheels- aftermarket rims or paint the Cup Wheels white....hmmm ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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