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  1. What about a V8 Cayenne? I am becomong increasingly interested in these....
  2. Hi All, Does anyone on here know who bought the Porsche Transsyberian Cayenne that was for sale on Gumtree a few months back? Or if the seller kept it because it didn't sell? Or does anyone on here have one or know someone who does have one? I have become interested in these but wasn't ready to consider back when it was advertised. Cheers Craig
  3. Great car, Greg the owner runs Bailey Special Projects and he rebuilds Porsche engines and rebuilt the motor in the car. Have been on a P run with the car before and goes nicely. I would give him a call and go and see it, he is a great guy. Kind regards Craig
  4. Any updates on further mods and/or life wth the Cayenne @galumay?
  5. Yes have known of them for years and watched with interest 😎 Would love to know if anyone in Aus has taken the plunge?
  6. Shame on this being your first P experience @86driver, hope you do bounce back at a later stage As per my post in the other thread on this, has anyone else had experience on an LS conversion in Boxsters or 996s Cheers Craig
  7. Yes this would be a great basis for an LS conversion... Has anyone done one here in Aus? Have watched the Renegade kits for some time now with great interest...
  8. Seeing the price, I was reading the advertisement and waiting for the line 'and it comes with an Aussie Delivered, Matching numbers '76 3.0 Carrerra fully restored also in Minerva Blue....'
  9. Hi @gulf908 and @wonkipop, Are you both members of the Porsche 914 Australia fb site? There are quite a few of us on there with cars spanning from resto projects to road and race going cars I am orgainsing a 50-year celebration of the 914 in Australia at the 2020 Phiilip Island Historics from 5-8 March 2020- would love to see your cars there if you can make it! Please let me know as I need to confirm attendees to the Organising Committee in the coming weeks... I note that the top photo in wonkipop's first post would have been taken out the front of Brian's house, I too visited Brian back in the day when I became interested in 914s. He was a great fellow and a fountain of information on our cars. I believe @Airhead now owns the ex-Hamilton car, which was Brian's former 914/6. Am sure he will chime in here. Cheers Craig
  10. crsedge

    Seat adjuster bar

    Hi All, Thought I would ask around whether anyone has an old sports seat or seat parts hanging around in the garage as I am looking for one of the seat adjuster bars to fit to my existing sports seat and sliders for my 914/6 GT Clone? I can’t find any companies that sell the adjuster bar without buying the mechanism. Also happy to receive any leads on companies that sell the bar by itself if you don’t have one 😎 Cheers Craig
  11. Errr, yes.... I too am looking forward to it in paint, still a while to go but am heading in tomorrow to commence the sanding process...
  12. I have used these guys three times now for early Fuchs, after using other businesses to prepare ready for anodising- i.e. waterblast and polish the petals first. Highly recommended Melbourne Anodising PTY Ltd. Address: 2/4 Booloora Rd, Springvale VIC 3171 Phone: (03) 9546 3344 Cheers Craig
  13. Congrats all, and to you Bruce & Sean as outright champion! Cheers Craig
  14. Great. Yes do persist and join the fb group, it is run by Fuel Luke who is also a member on here. I am organising a display at the Phillip Island Historics in March 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 914. Hope your car will be here and ready to attend Cheers Craig

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