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  1. polorot

    1955 Pre-A sold

    No thanks.☠️
  2. polorot

    1955 Pre-A sold

    Thanks for the cough Nick and David. At least Hugh and Merv have manners.? Will try and post some pics.
  3. polorot


    Kerry, happy with either. Will go with majority.
  4. polorot


    7 now Kerry please.
  5. polorot


    Put me down for 6 please Kerry. people not on the forum asking me to sort posters for them.
  6. Andy, great clip, really captures the vibe on the day. SO GOOD!
  7. Set for demolition, sorry to say.
  8. polorot


    I’m in. Posters a1 and Tee’s
  9. @fuelluke. LOVE IT!
  10. @Simonk, Another top clip! I loved the Tassie one from our trip last year, this is on par if not better! Great Job.
  11. I spoke to Kerry about the posters and Tee's.............. Kerry did the artwork on the Hangarbanger promo poster. Having the artwork etc, and knowing more about that than I, he will follow up re pricing and take expressions of interest on numbers. @kerry
  12. @TrevMcRev I HAVE YOUR GO PRO CAP !!!. Do you want it back or does it go down with the Hangar? Must have come off as you left the building sideways at speed!!!
  13. I dont know how many times I was approached yesterday with people asking if they could buy one of the "Promo" posters. I think I will look into getting a batch printed if there is enough interest.......... I will cost them out this week. Can I have an indication of who would to buy one if they work out under $10?
  14. I put it up on my Insta. @polorot
  15. I would just like to thank each and every one of you who attended today's #hangerbanger gathering. You and your cars, together with my old building made the day exceptional. The day was way beyond my expectations in terms of the number of cars that just kept rolling in. I really did not expect to have cars overflowing the adjoining car park in to the surrounding streets and lanes......... Porsche People and Porsches. Nothing better. To walk around and see so many enjoy each others company and the cars was just brilliant. A big thank you to Tiaan, Stew, JD and Peter ..... all interstaters who really made a big effort to come to this. To all the guys who helped out today in lots of ways big and small, THANK YOU. Kerry and Hugh for your help and support in organising. Lastly Sal, You are a living legend, I could listen to you all night on your guitar. We finished up at 1am............ An amazing day and evening.