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  1. I have 2. a South Australian delivered 74 Carrera ducktail 2.7 MFI in Mexico Blue, and a RHD Japan delivered standard 150 Hp 911 in Lime137 with a 4 speed Sporto. both registered on club plates.
  2. Like many have said previously, a great weekend with great people. thanks to Hugh, Sven and Rowan, not to mention PCB. very relaxed track atmosphere, and the best way for a track novice like myself to become more familiar with the scene.
  3. Did a Lorne run this morning with about 20 cars. then 5 of us continued on to Skene’s Creek, then home via the back road. Brilliant day.
  4. Bought both humps and roof rack recently for my 986. $1k humps, $800 roof rack.
  5. Finland, Porsche Ice Experience
  6. Geelong group meeting point is at Inverleigh. be there at 8:15am and wait for the Melbourne convoy to arrive. should be around 8:30am
  7. Simon, Really enjoyed your re-cap of what was indeed, a Porsche filled 2018 calendar. So happy to have been there with you on many of the featured runs and events. Memories, and friendships that will last a lifetime. Looking forward to many more adventures in 2019 and beyond.
  8. polorot

    1955 Pre-A sold

    No thanks.☠️
  9. polorot

    1955 Pre-A sold

    Thanks for the cough Nick and David. At least Hugh and Merv have manners.? Will try and post some pics.
  10. Kerry, happy with either. Will go with majority.

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