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  1. rps911 thanks for that - when you say sell pretty quickly for 50% less, what do you mean? 50% less than what (am I being stupid). I wish i had a 996 turbo myself! Do you think being an import the price would be a lot lower than an australian model? cheers Simon
  2. hello I've just joined up to see if its worth me importing my porsche 928 S2 from the UK into Australia. I'm worried about selling it on and whether i'll get a decent price - i am not sure if people are put off by imports. The car is rust free, has a full service history - porsche specialist and main dealer. Its a 4.7litre V8 manual. Its not perfect but in very good condition - some very minor bits to make it perfect. I have been thinking of changing cars for a while but thought about importing it to tide me over until i find something i like. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. many thanks Simon

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