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  1. If I had a 964 track car I'd be next in line. I'd then use it to hunt down that thing Russ posted and kill it.
  2. I was very happy this year to fork out for foxtel for ad free sky coverage. Starting to feel like it's money wasted as I keep falling asleep before the race finishes. They need to sort this mess out.
  3. I have an engine that could do with a quick rebuild.......
  4. They are having their big sale again, 20 designs available. My order is already in. Some good 911 content in there.
  5. You know it's going to have a Haltech Elite so stop procrastinating. Dale would agree with me.
  6. Most mobile web browsers allow you to adjust text size. In chrome go to settings, accessibility, then text scaling.
  7. Symsy, Jayde is mobile and will come to you. It probably should have been a one day job but we spent so much time talking he insisted on coming back the next day for another buff. He is bloody good at what he does. Give him a call and he will happily answer any questions.
  8. Nice looking car but don't you need to be a KGB agent to get around in one of those?
  9. wait I remember that driveway.........
  10. I think your temper has improved since then Uncle, I dont remember seeing any screwdrivers hanging out of the old Turbo.....
  11. Haha it's not that bad, it's been getting abused for 2 years now. I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
  12. I really hope that things improve and Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull can close the gap to the Mercs. Surely that chain Hamilton wears should be slowing him down, right? It is a real shame when most of the action happened off the track. A couple more races like Melbourne and I'll be finding something else to occupy my weekend motorsports needs.
  13. Well I'm having a few issues, the update has changed up the post proccessing code causing massive over exposure in the Oculus. I'm tweaking settings to get it right but 5 corners into the Green Hell and my shifter imploded. Waiting for a new fanatec cs shifter to arrive in the mail.

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