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  1. Exactly. I don't take a dump in my own nest, I've always taken it very easy in any suburban streets let alone my own neighbourhood. But a V10 Lambo with pretty much straight pipes has a note even at 4,000RPM. Right now the loudest thing at my place is my Bobcat on a Saturday lol.
  2. When I made the exhaust on my Gallardo my wife said to me “You don’t want to be known as the guy in the neighbourhood with the Lamborghini that sounds like an F1 Car.” I just looked at her in disgust.
  3. I like this part of that advert. "PRICE NOT NEGOTIABLE WILL NOT REPLY TO SILLY OFFERS UNDER 280" Hi, I want to buy your car for the price listed but I can't.
  4. If you had 2 I'd be keen. They are for her Charger so tartan and brown would be perfect! I should also say any 70's/80's coupe seats would do.
  5. Wifes project needs some seats. Would like black but its not everything. NSW would also be good. Cheers.
  6. "1968 beetle convertible (fully engineered and certified) with Porsche 911 type body kit. This beetle has had $000’s spent on it" It looks exactly like a car with zero money spent on it!
  7. I hate auto electrickery almost as much as I hate body work but the one thing I’ve seen fail over everything else is poor earths leading to mystery problems. Again digging back to my old Sliver 930 I remember making up a super heavy duty earth lead between the engine and the body as part of my rule things out process. Good to hear you got it to fire. It’s always a very stressful event.
  8. Yeah cool. It’s the small things like that that catch people out and bad things happen. As for the no spark from the coil on cranking have you played with the air gap between the sensor and the signal provider? As I haven’t watched your other videos I’m not sure what brand of gear you’re using but I’ve found Clewett stuff to sometimes be a bit fussy. As a rule I try to use G.M stuff as it always just works and you can get it from your local takeaway shop. I’ve got to dig a bit deeper into the memory banks and I’m not overly familiar with Link but I have a hazy memory of Haltec pulling signal to the coils if the ECU detected a voltage parameter being out of spec from another input to stop the engine firing and you having a bad day out. There might be something about it in my old Silver 930 thread I’m not sure.
  9. Hey mate I don't really watch car building vid's but as I was floating through I kept on noticing your fuel rails or more to the point the lack of rail retainers. Quickly skipped through the above vid to around the 7 minute mark after you have fixed the fuel leaks and noted you are running 60psi line pressure. Are there retainers that I can’t see out of shot? I can see the rails are tapped for them but I’m not sure if you are running a custom mount on the underside or something. After a 5 year build I’d had to hear the thing burnt because you had a rail and injector eject from the port!
  10. Yeah I followed it up ages ago as I too like the blue. It's either a wife sale or he is "Woke"...

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