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  1. After months of putting off the job of removing the tamper proof bolts Merc put on the injector pump to keep people like me out of the injector pump I spent Saturday morning removing the tamper proof bolts on the injector pump. I’d had the two easy to get to off boost base enrichment off for ages with just a ½ turn tweak but there are 4 others at the back of the I.P that are tricky to get to to tamper with them. But, I found with the steering on full lock right and the correct skinny but long flat blade screwdriv, sorry chisel and a small hammer you can get in there and very slowly and gently get them turning with nice little gentle taps. Once you get them a couple of turns around you can get in there with some pointy nose vice grips and get them the rest of the way out. This allows you to get to the main rack adjustment. The thing Merc didn’t want you to adjust and the thing I was here to adjust. Now I would 1000% say you shouldn’t play with this stuff without knowing your Exhaust Gas Temp’s and having a reasonable understanding of the consequences of your actions. That is, too much fuel and EGT’s go up and things get melty. You don’t tune for flat road with no load. You tune for big long hills in 8th with your target weight on the back. If you add a bucket load of fuel in the off boost area whilst it might pull really well on flat ground when you are lugging in sand or you fall off boost going up a hill and you are going to end up with a ton of fuel heating things up right where you don’t want to be doing that. Again things you don’t want melted will get melted. So you tread a fine line and tune it for the heavy load area and keep it nice civil. I don’t see the point in rolling coal, a small puff of light brown and you’re golden or golden brown if you will. I have my EGT probe in the exhaust manifold pre turbo. That’s about as close to the action as you can get and its what is really going on. As it happens Porsche did the same thing. If any numpty says something to you like “but what about if the EGT prob fails and it goes through the turbo herr derr” you should look at them with distain, question their knowledge and what they are trying to sell you. I’ve been doing stuff with turbos for over 25yrs on all kinds of things and I’ve never seen or heard of it happening. I have however seen plenty of melted pistons. It was ok though as on those engines the post turbo EGT probe let the owner know it was too hot when melted stuff came past the probe heating things up. EGT not TGT. Anyway once the covers off the back of the pump it’s pretty simple undo a 10mm lock nut holding the adjuster in place then turn the screw in for more fuel and out for less fuel. You don’t need to make big adjustments anywhere here. In both areas I’ve done a single turn. That’s all it takes. With this done I cleaned the fuel strainer and changed the 2 fuel filters before going on a quick test drive up some big long hills. No weight on the back for this it was simply to check my work and warm up the oil. Everything looked good so I changed the oil and filter then loaded up my ramps for Sunday. I’d notified service NSW of my intention of travel and sorted out the QR code paperwork. On Sunday I set off on my 600klm round trip knowing I would be going over the great divide empty one way and loaded with about 2tn on the way back. This is pretty much my target weight when I go hunting etc so perfect for testing my tune out. Stock I’d do the climb up at about 20kph in 3rd this would be at max 2,800rpm After the turbo, exhaust and intercooler and just a ½ turn on the off boost I was doing it in 5th or 6th at 45 to 50kph again at 2800. Unloaded on the way there I did it in 8th at 88kph at 2500rpm. Loaded on the way back I did it in 7th at 80kph holding it off WOT as it was sitting perfectly on 23psi of boost and a max 620c EGT with 2400rpm on board. I could of grabbed 8th but the engine was just so happy I let it eat. I’m over the moon with the result. Over the entire trip the only time I had to shift out of 8th was either stopping or once for the hill on the way back. You can roll along through a town with a 50 zone in 8th then simply put your foot down and will pull like a train right back up to 98kph. I tend to sit on about 92/94 with the hand throttle down and enjoy the ride. A quick tap of the exhaust brake pops it back to idle rpm. Now I've got a winning combo I'll replicate it on the new truck.
  2. Remember when there used to be the saying “They (911’s) are all 50k cars. Its more about buy now and pay later or pay upfront with nothing more to pay .”?
  3. I see that you did there. I've been in that car and liked it. Hmmm.
  4. No rush as I'm not selling anything etc but my auto renew happens every year ( I was the very first one, Hahaha Sucked in Russ I beat you) and my "status" stays as member.
  5. I'm looking at add a Posi-Track to the team as the wheeled Bobcat has been stuck in a few places now that took some getting out. I just keep tellilng myself when I'm done I can sell all the machines and buy another nice car. No speed cameras in the back yard though..
  6. None for me either. I've been at work every day but have been kept busy doing landscaping at my place. Diesel gardening is the best gardening.
  7. I have never done anything like* that. *I have done exactly that many many times.
  8. Yeah wow. That was a very nasty one.
  9. If it's a crane truck thats cheap! If its a transport truck its on the higher end of the market. Would depend on what gear he has on it etc.
  10. LOL! Well if you want people to remember your buisness it will work. If you want low key not so much. One of my favorite things to do in the Mog is park it very neatly into a single carpark right next to guys in jacked up 79's or the like who think their "truck" is too big to fit into just one sinlge carpark.
  11. LOL the crane truck will now hold 100kph pretty much all day. Has had a little injector pump tweak (ETG and boost gauge to help tune it,intercooler, New modern turbo, full exhaust and some 49" tyres have given it some better greaing over the stock 42". Real test was the stock truck took 10.5hrs to do a 572klm drive to a mates farm. Now the same truck with A/C comfort takes 7hrs. Anyway I'll be moving the Crane truck on to start work on the Extra cab truck. Same mods will be done just with more a camping focus over a work truck focus.

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