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  1. Hi gents. Anyone in Sydney with a 997 or 991 cup car? A very good mate of mine (who is Bosch motorsport dealer ) is looking to make some templates of brackets and other stuff that is now either NLA or soon to be NLA for both cars. All he needs is access to take some photos and measurements. No pulling things apart etc. If you can help with access give me a shout. I don’t have any dog in this fight other than Ash being an absolute champion and someone I actively like to help if I can. Martin 0429862534
  2. Yeah its quite a bit bigger than it looks. IE The wall alone is 48mtrs long. From the front gate to my back fence is around 100mtrs and the block is a little over 8,000sq mtrs.
  3. Bit of an update. Footings in. Working out the bend needed to get a car trailer around and up the back easy. Some blocks down. Young bloke is pretty happy about it. Bend worked out. Fill in along with power, data and water for the shed build once the bank account recovers. Even at mates rates and working on it myself it wasn’t a small job or cheap (~25k). The “sun room” off the back of the house will go in the next few weeks.
  4. *Morgan Freeman voice over* Martin did already have too many cars.
  5. *Looks quietly at 99tt for sale thread then runs out of room crying in too many cars already*
  6. For the love of god why would you put a factory turbo back on it?
  7. The issue I see with the G Wagen whilst I'd love one is mostly with me. $$ V Value. How much money am I willing to tip in the bin on an actual 4WD that will get used. 100K isn't a small amount of money to me and as soon as I start to use it in the scrub I'm going to wipe off quite a bit of that "investment" becuase when it comes to resale time people want a 4WD thats never been used as a 4WD.. Bang for buck. Whilst a G Wagon will last a very long time as above, 100k is a lot of money for what you actually get. My Cayenne is worth what $15k? At 15K I'm not very fussed on it gettin a scratch or ding. If I spent 50k on a newer one I would put some wrap in it and still use it as a 4WD I'd just treat it with a little more care. I don't know if I could do the same with a 100k car.
  8. I've been looking for a solid 18 months with no luck and thats in 955 or any form. This just dont seem to ever come up and when I've found seller saying "It has the offroad package" its just the normal car with some optional cosmetic side steps etc. I currently have a 955 I use to tow my hunting rig with. Its a simple set up with some 19" A/T's. Another mate has a Q7 with 18" running 31" AT's. As an off road thing they are pretty good with the car working very well to control wheel spin. Putting it in low range and doing a sharp turn with result in it wanting to turn the inside wheel exactly the same as it would with a locker. So unless you are full on rock crawling you won't really need a locker. Because I've pretty much given up on finding one with the offroad pack my plans are to build a front and rear bar then look for a little more height. I'm also on the hunt for some cheap 18" wheels so I can move to a 31" tyre to give it a little mor sidewall. I spent 2 months trying to find some steel wheels and gave up. Even getting blanks to redrill was too hard for most places.
  9. Oh and I’ve also be chipping away at a cubby house for my young fella. Should be big enough so that as he gets older it keeps getting used. Not a bad place for a beer on a Sunday afternoon either. Here is the cubby in its flat pack state... Myself and next-door neighbour putting the flat pack together. Flat pack panels ready to go up into the paddock. Oh yeah, we also built a bit of a deck for the cubby to go on. That took some time to do too. An hour or two latter... It was pretty quick to go up but I ran out of time to work on it for quite a while. These two like to hang out in the top of that dead tree next to the deck. These two rare Bogan mullet sheep also like to float around doing bogan stuff. Sealed up for the time being. Good enough for us to camp in overnight. Great dad and son time. Fast forward a few months and I finally found the time to get the steel on. The other two sides my wife is doing in cedar. $$$ but it looks great.
  10. First I had to remove some trees that over hung the house. Started digging today.. Bit more digging. The old “Sun room” is going very soon. Little more digging.. Next week I’ll cut the footings in for the 500x500x1mtr sandstone blocks we will build the retaining wall out of.
  11. I'm about to start on a new one. Just have to do some minor earthworks first.
  12. My Toolbox needs a RUF badge. I'll send you a P.M in a bit.
  13. He is also getting a bad reaction because it was listed at $55k then pulled and relisted for $80k. You can't pu the toothpaste back in the tube.
  14. I would of had 60+ emails and 30+ phone calls. 99.9999% of them are from guys wanting to turn it into a street car and flip it. I just make it sound so hard they move on as it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good race car.

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