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  1. Wow I never thought I'd see the day but the new car it pretty damn good.
  2. Yeah I’m not overly in a rush to move it. Its more a matter or storage. I’m in the throes of building a larger workshop at the rear of my property to cope with my problem and allow more working space. The cash would be kinda handy to help pay for the fitout but whatever. Oh and I want to buy a Unimog because I'm a farmer now and reasons. 😆
  3. I may raise the coilovers up and soften them up then chuck some soft street pads in it. I have several sets of pads in the spares kit so it's pretty easy. I have had some comments via p.m that I should tone down how harsh/agressive the car is but I feel I wouldn't be being honest about it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Sam you know my GTR feelings 😜
  5. So honest thoughts here. Am I too expensive? I’m good with frank feedback as it will help me list it better on Carsales etc.
  6. And back up for sale. I think buyer was looking to part the car to use the engine in another car. Has SC cases and he wanted 930 a 3.3 case.
  7. It’s funny because its true. It was spinning the wheels hard doing 200kph @7,000rpm in 4th on the runway. I was concentrating because grip was marginal in 5th at 240. I laughed in 1st,2nd,3rd, in 4th you had to pay attention and in 5th, well you held your foot to the floor and didn’t laugh much.
  8. Deposit taken and sold pending buyer doing some due diligence as he has some specific requirements.
  9. My issue is I'm very much in need of space. Right now I have 5 cars, motorbike, Snowmobile, Bobcat, Excavator, box trailer and car trailer parked at my place. If I move the other car I also have for sale I’ll consider keeping this car. But right now something has to give. I’ve very tempted to sell up all but the cars but the Cayenne and buy a 996tt. I’ve always liked them and I could use it as a daily.
  10. First of all the disclaimers. This car isn't the best "Fisher-Price My first Porsche". Just to be clear it’s pretty angry and unforgiving. I’ve had a long list of very powerful dangerous cars and I drive it with respect. Whilst it only makes 457AURWHP on a Mainline dyno (so that’s a legit 650 to 700 USRWHP) it weighs around 1,000kgs wet. I’ve got another 580+RWHP mid 10 second capable car and the 934 feels much faster to dive. You can drive it like a normal person but it’s a race car and should be treated with respect. It’s a race car from the 1990’s. Yes it can be driven on the road. Would it make a good Sunday car? No, not with it’s current suspension set up, brake pads and tyres. Like all veteran race cars it looks 10 foot good. You’re not winning any best paint contests. Last time I checked nice paint didn’t make a car any faster and cars like this are about going really really fast. Could you make it a better street car again? Yeah sure. Is it a good street car now? No. Its set up as a race car. The brake pads are hard and squeal loud enough for dogs in the next post code to cover their ears and the suspension is even harder. There is also a significant roll cage. I’m my opinion this is a positive but you’re not getting comfort entry.. Ok now we have that part out of the way here is the good part. It makes 457RWHP and weights ~1000kgs wet has a short diff ratio that tops out in 5th at around 250kph. From a standing start it will bang on the rev limiter in 5th after 400mtrs with a 325/35R18 semi slick on. It’s loud, angry, spits big flames out the back and could bite you. Its exactly what a 934 should be. The car was built for Carrera Cup back in the early 1990’s and is log books as such. Its done a number of F1 GP events and Bathurst along with other stuff. Mechanicals. IPEC V88 ECU with 12 racked GM 5.3 truck coils with Motorsport quality rear loom. Heads ported with clearly a twin plug config. 3.6ltr inlet manifold. 3.2 crank Carillo rods and I think I recall CP pistons. SC cams but they really should be 993 EVO cams to take full advantage of the rest of the stuff. There is probably another 50hp to be had there GT35 Turbo. Perfect size and has very little lag. It feels more fast NA car than laggy KKK K29. Custom 3 into 1 headers off each bank 934 style. Post turbo is 3 options. Quite muffler/Semi Quiet muffler or Zork tube. Takes 5 mins and 4 bolts to change Custom air to air intercooler. Works ok but you could do better. I’ve also got a 2nd intercooler of a genuine RS500 that was on the car but I’m not a fan. Gearbox is a G50 with billet side plate, oil cooler, LSD and custom gear set. Spare gears space clutch comes with the car. Fuel is E85 only. You could change this to 98 if you gave it a retune. Or you could put flex fuel on it and run anything. Several sets of quality 3 piece wheels from BBS and Simons including some very rare and very expensive BBS E50 motorsport wheels. Front brakes are GT3 and the rears are front 930.Has bias control in cabin. Body. Factory 1977 RHD shell. All hanging panels are Glass/Carbon including the doors. Doors weigh nothing. Like 1 or 2 kgs each. They do however still have glass windows that roll down. I have spare front bumpers and a number of wings. Rear ¼’s are also Glass/Carbon. Comprehensive roll cage. Has removable side intrusion but rest is welded in. It could be taken out but you would be crazy to do it. As I said the paint isn’t anything to write home about but its white and neat enough for a track car to be presentable. It has got a full RS carpet kit along with RS door trims. If you need more details give me a call on Oh Four two nine 862 534 Price is 85k including all the spares, parts and wheels. I really need the space at home now but I would consider a part trade. If you want a NSW blueslip with the car it will be on top of the price. I'll post some photos in a bit.
  11. Uncle

    Space saver

    Yeah I have one if you haven't got it sorted.
  12. Hey, Hey ease up there tiger.
  13. Uncle

    2007 997 GT3 RS

    This is the best for sale ad I've ever seen . 😅
  14. Uncle


    I bought my Lamborghini from them. Service was top notch even though I probably bought the cheapest car they had in the showroom at the time. I was dealing with David (Owner?) whom was a consummate professional. No pressure to buy, was happy to answer questions and was very honest about the car and his thoughts on it. I’d spoken to him at 3p.m on I think a Tuesday to say I’d think about it overnight and get back to him. At 9:30 that night I sent him a text to say I’d buy it and to please forward me account numbers. He got back to me within 5 minutes saying my word I would buy was enough for him and to just make sure it was paid for in full before I flew down. Fair call and I appreciated his candour. Over the next few days sent the money over and he took care of the rest. When I told him I was going to drive the car back to Newcastle he was super helpful with advice on places to stay with good parking and food etc. I very much got the feeling that they are enthusiasts and when they pick up that you are too they go the extra mile. I called David on our arrival at the airport who said he would be there in 5 minutes and I would know the car he was in. Yep it wasn’t hard to pick the mint gold 1980s Rolls Royce lol. When we got back to the showroom the car was parked ready to go with a full tank and everything that came with it from the factory right down the Lamborghini kids colouring set. Normally this stuff would be long gone at a dealership. David also included some extra coffee table books on the history of Lamborghini that he thought I might like. We had a coffee and a look around whilst he did the last of the paperwork. Again stress free and relaxed. In the following days I got the odd text to ask how the trip was going and if I had any questions or needed any help with anything. This is the real sign of good service. Unlike a lot of shops/dealerships once you have paid for something they are off looking for the next customer. I’d bought a cheap Gallardo but the service was new McLaren level. Anyway as such from my experience dealing with them and the service I got I keep an eye on what they have in stock as I would buy from them again without issue. Whilst they aren’t cheap I’m pretty confident I’d know what I’d be getting.

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