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  1. Well I guess the seller subscribes to the "if you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all" theory.
  2. I can't tell you how much I like this. I haven't felt the need for a G series car for years but this is something I could work with.
  3. I was following at a polite speed/distance I've been thinking about MP4-12C's quite a lot of late.
  4. The car was pulled before the auction ended. I'm thinking they didn't get the bids they thought they would get so pulled it before it could be sold for 15k.
  5. Yeah he did. He called me when he was there and started it. Let's just say I could hear the knock through the phone and the phone was not on speaker.. The car has an extensive oil cooling system on it with 3 oil coolers and lots of line. You would want to give it a solid flush before fitting a new motor. My guess is the Eboost dial of death has been turned up to just, one, more, psi..... BANG! You will find in my thread on the car a member here translated the German invoice from Gemballa. Car has a lot of good stuff on it.
  6. Thanks again for taking a look for me @Niko. After much thought I think I'll skip it and keep my power dry.
  7. I sold it with 35k on it I think but memory is a little fuzzy. There has been a few cars since then. Hmmm might buy it back.
  8. <<< Closes computer. Runs away before any P.M could be sent.
  9. Hi gents. Anyone in Sydney with a 997 or 991 cup car? A very good mate of mine (who is Bosch motorsport dealer ) is looking to make some templates of brackets and other stuff that is now either NLA or soon to be NLA for both cars. All he needs is access to take some photos and measurements. No pulling things apart etc. If you can help with access give me a shout. I don’t have any dog in this fight other than Ash being an absolute champion and someone I actively like to help if I can. Martin 0429862534
  10. Yeah its quite a bit bigger than it looks. IE The wall alone is 48mtrs long. From the front gate to my back fence is around 100mtrs and the block is a little over 8,000sq mtrs.
  11. Bit of an update. Footings in. Working out the bend needed to get a car trailer around and up the back easy. Some blocks down. Young bloke is pretty happy about it. Bend worked out. Fill in along with power, data and water for the shed build once the bank account recovers. Even at mates rates and working on it myself it wasn’t a small job or cheap (~25k). The “sun room” off the back of the house will go in the next few weeks.
  12. *Morgan Freeman voice over* Martin did already have too many cars.
  13. *Looks quietly at 99tt for sale thread then runs out of room crying in too many cars already*

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