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  1. I purchased the cigarette lighter adapter and charge via that. I place the charger on the floor and close the door on the cable.
  2. Hi @Henrik Sparrevohn & everyone. It does my heart good to read a post like yours above. I am so happy that you're enjoying the car and it has been trouble free. I have just returned from a 2 week caving expedition in Tasmania, so have only just seen your message. As we well know now, the F1 was cancelled. Can you believe it? I hope that you had a great time anyway. I reckon it's nearly time to arrange another drive weekend. When the weather cools just a little more...I'll have to suss out what accommodation is going to be open too. Meantime, I have been living up to my PFA avatar name "Caver". Thought I'd share some of my images, captured during my 2 week self isolation trip to the apple isle with members of my caving club. Retirement sitting very well with me. 😀 Hope to see you guys soon! Cheers! David. "The Ridgeway" in Kubla Khan Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. "The Beehive" in Croesus Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. Upside down "umbrellas" in Tailender Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. 2 metre waterfall climb in Lynds Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. Main stream way passage in Lynds Cave, Mole Creek, Tas. Lake Pluto in Wolf Hole, Hastings, Tas. (largest underground lake in Tasmania) Main stream way passage in Bradley Chesterman Cave, Ida Bay, Tas. Abseiling pitch 5, (39 metres) in Midnight Hole, Ida Bay, Tas. Waterfall passage in Mystery Creek Cave, Ida Bay, Tas.
  3. Hi Everyone...well, I'm certainly feeling the love from you guys! Thank you for all your wonderful comments, photos and encouragement. Nearly brought a tear to my eyes...nearly! The car is SOLD! To a non PFA'er, however, we may see "Nelle" on a trip one day as the new owner is keen for some country drives. As requested by @GC9911 , here are a few shots of the replacement! A 981 Boxster S, 3.4 litre, 6 speed Manual. Relax @targa george, there will be more SMTs! Try to keep up! 😀
  4. For Sale: 2003 Boxster manual located in Sydney's northern suburbs. Finished in Midnight Blue with Metropole Blue interior. This car has been a regular participant of PFA SMTs and has performed faultlessly! Manual Transmission Registered until September, 2019 147,000 kms Full service history with Autohaus Hamilton This car has been meticulously maintained over the last 6 years of my ownership. Full service history available. All major wear items replaced including: IMS Bearing Rear Main Seal Clutch Alternator AOS (air oil separator) Leading and trailing lateral arms and bushes Front and rear brake rotors Front and rear brake pads There's nothing left to do but drive it! Includes some spare parts and a genuine Porsche indoor car cover. Selling because I have bought a newer model. Seeking $22,500. Reasonable offers considered.
  5. From Nowra to Canberra, try, Albatross Road, then Braidwood Road to Nerriga, Oallen Road, Oallen Ford Road, Sandy Point Road, Cullulla Road, Lumley Road to Tarago, then to Bungendore via Tarago Road. Take a final blast into Queanbeyan via, Hoskinstown Road, Briars Sharrow Road and Captains Flat Road. Driven it many times, it's all sealed and excellent!!! If you don't mind some dirt stretches, continue on the Nerriga Road from Nerriga to Braidwood, then Kings Highway back to Bungendore.
  6. Hi Greg, I'd like to look at this later in the year, around October. Can't fit it in just now. Could you PM me the route details? Cheers! David.
  7. I have used "The Dent Man" on 2 occasions and have been very impressed. The Dent Man, Unit 46/2 Hoyle Ave, Castle Hill.
  8. Let me know how it goes....I could be interested.
  9. When I first got my car it used to "tramline" quite a bit, particularly where the asphalt surface had depressed wheel tracks from heavy vehicles. When I installed new tyres I had Autohaus Hamilton take care of a full 4 wheel alignment. It was in the vicinity of $300 at the time. The "tramlining" disappeared completely and the behaviour of the car was amazing. Turning into bends felt like what I was expecting from the car in the first place. It "wanted" to turn. I have since worn those tyres to their wear limiters and replaced them. I checked the old tyres and they'd worn completely even across the entire tread width. In my opinion, the cost of the alignment was worth it and it should stay set if you don't bang into any kerbs. If you consider the cost of your new tyres, a proper alignment is a small price to pay and your car will behave predictably, economically and prolong the life of the tyres.
  10. Caver

    Car Cover

    For what it's worth, I have two queen size bed sheets in plain cotton, which I stitched together. I unroll it on the car and never drag it into position.
  11. Caver

    Boxter 986S 3.2 motor

    Be interested in the diagnosis when it comes to hand.
  12. If you leave the car locked for more than a week, the security system goes into a sleep mode to save battery drain. Pressing the key fob won't wake it up. Instead, you have to insert the key into the lock, turn and hold it anticlockwise for around 15 seconds, then release. Then the key fob button will open the car. This procedure is explained in your owners manual. Having said that, it sounds like you have a flat battery too, so you'll have to break into the bonnet as described above. Good luck!

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