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  1. I haven't bought from them (yet) but have always found them to be really good. The few times I've tried a trade in - they've offered a trade in price for my car way better than any other dealer has (like $5k better in some cases) i realise they have the markup to play with, however they don't BS and move forward quickly to lock in a deal. They don't waste anyone's time with this approach.
  2. Hey Peter... oh your wife's 981 is a NT car is it? I live around the corner from them. I wouldn't trust them or any dealer to do it properly to be honest, heard too many horror stories. In fact the BMW Paint shop in Port Melbourne has just put halos into my paint work with some over zealous polishing on my bonnet I now need to get fixed from my detailer guy that applied the ceramic coating. Building a relationship with a gun detailer is a much better idea than paying these dealer prices.
  3. Thought I'd bump this after a recent conversation with a sales man at Nick Theodossi. They do permagard paint protection in their dealership and told me its Porsche's go-to and is far superior to a Ceramic Coating. Sounded like sales speeeek to me... so thought I'd come here and see what you guys think.
  4. There's a yellow 987 on CS now with 250k on the clock for low $20s.... now thats seen some driving. I'm pretty sure a dealer has it too and I dont think most dealers would be bothered selling a car that was obvious rubbish, so it must be an ok unit. Actually its gone so must have sold! My parents have a Territory and its been totally abused! They never die. Its had a new auto put in it but other than that it has like 400k on it. Bullet proof. R53 Mini Cooper s cost me $14k to buy and i spent $6k on it in 15 months of ownership... more expensive than my 987 ever was!
  5. Seems I might be in the market for a 'cheapie' Boxster or a MX-5 (the latter feels sensible. But Porsche!) Has anyone checked out this? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1997-porsche-boxster-986-manual/SSE-AD-6182082/?Cr=2 It's rather attractive.....
  6. Ahh this looks good for the $. Awesome color combo! I’m gonna ask if I can have it. Wish me luck. I’ll need it! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-Boxster-986-Manual/OAG-AD-17419847
  7. Hey Dave.. I used to be a regular round these parts but had to sell my old P car.. but in another year or so I'll be trcking down a 996 too. Just wanted to say you sound like a real character and have enjoyed your journey into p car ownership immensely. Hope the API went ok and look forward to watching your relationship with Ken blossum
  8. Not yet. I desperately want another one tho. Now I have a 22month old, I'll be needing a back seat to make a P car work. So a 996 will most likely be the one. Just waiting until I no longer have to cart a pram etc around and then I'll look to get one I think. Another year or so.
  9. Great looking color combo twoheads! Hows the 981 going and the 996?
  10. Hi Peter, i call in every now and then when working night shift! Oh nice one on the 987. Has it mostly been trouble free for you? Love the 981. But I need a back seat now so it's out of the Q for some time into the future. But I won't be happy till I have a 911 at some point I think! That's what has me call in sometimes! I think a 996 would be a good choice for me too. I thought that too re over exaggerating the split in half bit. . I think every car manufacturer would behave similarly too. Length eise not sure a Pan would fit in our garage!
  11. This is absolutely disgraceful. I was looking up Panameras as the price is dropping thinking it would be a good family car alternative once I no longer have to drag a pram and porta cot about! After seeing that tho - I dont think so!

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