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  1. Great news re Jellybean's new home! Have fun hunting for the new 911, I look forward to seeing what you end up with
  2. I have seen this car and met Taffy. I also had a drive and this car is AWESOME. I nagged and nagged to buy JB but alas, I couldn't quite get there $ wise... I even thought about just buying the car but I've done this before and well, it doesn't go so well for me (not sure how you blokes manage this - my other half she gets mighty cranky, isn't into cars at all). So I wish Taffy well. This car is very honest and the color combo is absolutely wonderful. Jade as a color is found on many modern cars on the roads now, so don't think its a weird color. In the metal it just isn't. Porsches SHOULD be bright, fun and colorful just as Jellybean is. Also Taffy didn't mention this, but I've seen the books - it has a very solid service history prior to Taffy buying it. GLWS Taffy and I wish you all the best for the move.
  3. I've already met Jellybean and Taffy. Taffy is a lovely bloke and has done some great work to Jellybean. Unfortunately I'm not quite ready to buy ( that means I'm not 'allowed' to buy a 911 yet - trust me I did some serious hardcore nagging) otherwise Jellybean would have been getting a PPI! Jellybean drives great and that color combo is sublime. I sent Porsche Aus an email asking how many Ocean Jade Metallic 996s were delivered to Aus but they didn't get back to me. If anyone knows an email address that responds, please sing out as I'd love to find out to help out Taffy with his sale.
  4. I really don't like woodgrain! I like this color combo IF it had black or CF... the wood is just NOOOOOOOOO And the stereo has to go too... not fan of those double din units in 996s. I'd be looking at something more period correct for the car.
  5. Yeh i had a second look and noticed the T badge.. at first glance I saw the yellow and 'assumed' it was a matching Cayenne... i mean who would do that eh? Matching P cars makes more sense right?!
  6. Ok I like an unusual color combo... but this one might be going too far! Check out the other car in the garage... interesting that this seller has quite a rare car here and yet doesn't call that out at all in the listing. I'd be keen to know how long they waited for this combo, is it all that woodgrain factory? Obviously it has upgraded stereo. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-cabriolet-996-auto-my03/SSE-AD-6404167/?Cr=44
  7. Wow what a color and that interior... oh la la!
  8. Yup when I did driver safety training he really embedded into us that if in trouble you reduce speed! And yes I was there that day, that very fun day!
  9. Hey Whitey - the interwebs are full of scary tails. Listen to the people that know I reckon, the people who work on them. Have you had a look at the car and do you like it? If so, I reckon get a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) and see how it comes out after being scrutinized by a P car expert. That will tell you how good the car is, how much $ you need to spend on it to make it good and give you a starting point to make an offer to buy it.
  10. Crikey that car is still for sale! 18 months!
  11. Yes the 'how good is it' now also occurred to me as well. I've been driving modern cars for years and I must say going back to a 20yr old car without it concerns me a bit. Especially given I hope to take my son on some drives in it. I got the 987 a bit sideways twice and then the PSM corrected me and set me straight. I realised the error of my ways and avoided it happening again, however in a 996 you can get it wrong once and that's all that has to happen for something bad to go wrong.
  12. Yeh cheers @edgy My thought is that this is the best way to be back into the fun of Porsche ownership with less original outlay and then see how i go with the maintenance/costs etc before jumping straight into a 996. And I LOVE a Roadster! If I find I miss that back seat for the little guy, then can always get into a 911 at a later date. I saw your earlier post about P60 - very interesting. My 987 was the color combo and I loved it... driving through a forest with the light bouncing off the duco and over the interior its just the best sight!
  13. This one is still for sale.... price drop to $14k now too. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1997-porsche-boxster-986-manual/SSE-AD-6285383/?Cr=5 This is a bit more expensive but also looks good, perfect color combo and very derivative of the boxster concept vehicle. Owner is a Porsche head and mentions owning a air cooled car and wanting into a 997 Cab.. anyone here or know the owner? I've sent him a email on this one Watching 986s and 996s right now, anything with a fabric roof doesnt seem to be selling. Buyers market?!
  14. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but seemed pointless creating a new one for the same subject. As Simon originally pointed out, there's not much info online about 996s and PSM. How would I know if a 996 has traction control? Is there a code, button or something i should be looking for looking at adverts.

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