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  1. As per the subject after a hardtop stand and a cover to put my hardtop on. Cheers PFA
  2. You would claim back some headroom too wouldn’t you with the sunroof gone?
  3. Love these cars. Had a blast in mine!
  4. Yep dont need to post a public review you are 100% right. I dont have to say anything derogatory either. I bought a car, it had a PPI.. the test drive did not find a serious gearbox flaw. Customer service is an interesting beast - I dont think you know how good a businesses customer service really is until there is an issue, and how that issue is handled. For example if they even said 'well sorry Amanda, that is unfortunate but we just didnt see this erorr - how about we refund the PPI cost' I'd have appreciated that. What I will say though is guys like Chris at Weissach and Darren at Auto Coupe are really really good and make up for a bad experience! Both of these guys are so passionate about the brand and are honest and thorough in all they do. We are lucky in Victoria to have so many great P car mechanics. One of the issues I have is the drivers door attenuator is gone and needs replacement. Thats the cause of the 'toot toot' when i lock the car with the key. Worse case it actually unlocks immedately! So once gearbox is sorted - will get that sorted and some other stuff too!
  5. It only does it under some circumstances. PPI didnt pick it up Well no point being annoyed about something out of my control - just get on and fix it. Put it all behind me
  6. In another thread someone asked me what the lesson was regarding the PPI missing the gear box issue. At the time I couldn't quite come up with what the lesson I had learnt was! For some this will be easy and a no brainer, but to us that haven't bought many 20 year old cars - it might not be that obvious Everyone says 'get a PPI' but nobody mentions that maybe the PPI could miss a big ticket item and then what happens? You might have bought a car based on the findings only to discover that your budget is completely blown by something totally unexpected AFTER you parted with your hard earned for that PPI all the Porsche people tell you you need! Lets face it. This can cause not only some financial grief but also personal grief at home - the latter I'm familiar with! Firstly - ask seller to take a photo of the speedo as they drop the car off for the PPI. Honestly, I still wonder how far my car was even driven. As soon as the car is in any traffic in 2nd it pops out of gear. If they only drove it 1km along a 60km speed limit and just went through the first 3 gears, then they might not have seen the issue. They've not conducted an adequate test drive. And having that speedo reading will actually tell you how far or if it was even test driven. Second - I have had a bunch of people now message me privately telling me their PPIs also missed nasty items that were surprises later on. Some of the Indy specialists that conducted th0se PPIs would shock you if you knew who they were. ALWAYS factor in an extra $10k for those unexpected things that you might discover after the car gets to you. Worse case you have lots of cash for mods later because you didnt need that money! If there is a missed item, the buyer has very little recourse. And if you leave a defamatory google review, they can come after you with their lawyers. If you leave a very accurate and truthful review that you can back up, they still can sue you and you might end up ok because you left a truthful review BUT really, is it worth the hassle? Probably not. After all this - I dont know what the GB rebuild will cost. I am working through that now. I am kinda lucky really, they could have missed the car having a big front or rear impact - but this car is actually VERY good. Other than the magnus type patina and a few broken bits inside - its a very original car and I LOVE IT. RWC done - Registration happening on Tuesday. Can't wait.
  7. So we have 2 new P Zeros on the back now. And that’s made a huge difference to how it drives. Here it is today at the start of operation roadworthy! Gotta love the iPhone wide angle for odd distorted 911 pics at the least she’s getting new rear discs and pads, brake fluids done (the major service should have included these but the books weren’t stamped by the PPI mob so we are making sure it’s actually done) new wiper blades and hopefully a working horn as part of the RWC Fingers crossed for no more surprises! EDIT: Can now report - there were no more surprises!
  8. It’s in the profile somewhere. I can’t remember where exactly
  9. I found a post where a guy made one from black pvc piping. Had castors. And straps to hold it. Looked pretty neat.
  10. Even the petrol lid has a sensor apparently. On the UK forum someone mentioned the Centre console also has a sensor it it. Horn - wouldn’t be so bad if I could fix it myself. But I’m all thumbs. If only it was like the Matrix and I could download such skills! 😁
  11. The key I have lights up when you press the button. New battery made no difference. I wonder if it’s just lost connection to the car from not being used? also when I lock the car with the key, the horn let’s off one beep - google search shows there’s sometung not closing properly. At a guess might be the Centre console. It’s broken ( I knew that from ppi ) another thing PPI missed - horn doesn’t work. Another RWC item I need to work.
  12. ah cool good to know! Yes my next door neighbor had his house broken into, only thing they took was his Mazda wagon! In my garage if they couldnt start the P car they'd be taking my Specialized Levo instead ie an ebike!
  13. Thanks Merv. Its had a new transmission mount fitted and hopefully the engine mounts are ok? I'll soon find out once it's up on a hoist. After my PPI expereince I am not confident of much Good to know re the key. I'm just going to get one programmed up and have a spare dead key. Given that you need to keep both keys in rotation to ensure the codes are up to date - dont see the point of worrying about having 2. Just need 'the' key and an emergency one! Is that a lifetime of car thing re the limited amount of keys that can be programmed? Geez you'd hope there was no absent minded key loser prior owners then!
  14. Good to hear they did that! So I got a reply from PCA They no longer have access to the database that provides historical data so they prividdd a guesstimate. Less than 10 Vesuvio Metallic 996s where brought into Australia. More pics, first time I saw her.... And first comfort stop on the way home... Whilst here I had a chat to a lovely gent who was waiting for his 15th Porsche to arrive, a 992 C4S I think he said he was getting - already the car was starting chats with strangers 😊 The COVID outbreak was big news so thought this 2017 parking sticker was amusing on my car
  15. I need a key fob too! I am having PCM do mine tomorrow

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