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  1. Michel, you have a PM. Can you confirm you are committing to buy? Otherwise targa George, you're next in line.
  2. Alright, this is the last of the stuff in the garage. I really want this stuff gone so going to make it irresistible... :-) For the bargain price of $100, you will get: - 4L of Swepco 201 tranny fluid, in an unopened jug - enough for two changes - 2L of the same fluid in a half full jug (a 915 case takes about 2L, so this should get you a change on its own). - a gear oil pump to fill the case up with said gear oil - an SCA grease gun - a new Swepco 101 grease tube - 2 new cans of PB Blaster - a 10 metre extension cord and a couple of power bars HOLY COW What a bargain!! Get in quick... but you gotta take all of it :-) And ideally this weekend...
  3. I've decided the car is coming with me overseas (yay) but as a result I can't take any oils or fluids with me - which means I have a case of Brad Penn 'the green oil' that needs to go. On the famous Pelican 'Oils' thread, this stuff consistently is rated as a top choice. You can buy it here in oz for about $10 a litre, I'll take $60 for a case of 12 litre bottles. Sigh.. Also still have 4L of Swepco gear oil up for grabs... $60 for that too... Treat your car to a little love..
  4. Hi all - my move overseas is fast approaching and I still have a couple of things I'm looking for a new home for. At this stage I'll take any 'reasonable' offer (and will consider unreasonable ones too!! :-)) - 4x Simmons rims, to suit 911SC or Carrera Rears - 16x8 Front - 16x7 Nearly sold these to another member but they don't fit the 944 :-(. I've used these for SuperSprints at WP, SMP, etc (maybe 8 or 10 times?) on a 1980 911SC. Rims are used but no issues with them, the usual scuffs, brake dust, etc. Fitted with Toyo R888's, 225/45 and 245/45, approx 70%(?) tread left. I had them up on eBay and they didn't sell with a $500 starting price, so... first best offer takes 'em! (car not included) Next up is an engine trolley that comfortably and securely holds engine + 915 transmission. I've used it a few times and you can quite easily perform an engine drop on your own in your garage... I was able to drop my engine in 45 minutes by the third or fourth time. Putting it back in takes a little longer :-). I also have an SCA floor jack and a 4L bottle of Swepco 201 transmission fluid, how about we bundle them all together and call it $150? Nothing like a second floor jack to make raising the car even faster - no more dragging the floor jack back and forth across the garage!... Or offers on each... Pickup from Bronte 2024.
  5. Ah, bummer. Unfortunately as much as I love a good road trip, I can't do it...
  6. I built this engine trolley about five years ago, have used it to drop my 911's engine and transmission three or four times since then. Slide the floor jack under the trolley, roll under the engine and position. Comfortably and stably holds the engine and transmission. I probably spent about $100 in wood and hardware, and countless hours designing it :-). Letting it go for $50. Also for sale is an air compressor with ratchet gun, set of metric sockets, tyre inflator, hose and blowgun. All for $150. Both items are pickup only from Bronte.
  7. Updated with what's been sold, reordered to put the stuff still available at the top.
  8. Have dropped the price to $1000, sorta wanna get 'em out of my garage!
  9. Updated with what's been sold. I can post if absolutely necessary!!, but see above for what's already gone. Maybe PM me with what you're after... Hi Greg - wheel studs and rubbers are gone, turn signal switch still available. Will PM you with paypal details.

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