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  1. Hi All, My Boxster is due for it's annual minor service. Since I haven't owned it a year yet, this will be the first time I've serviced it and therefore I have no previous experience or preference. So, I guess my choices come down to: Official Dealer Porsche Centre Melbourne or Porsche Centre Brighton Independent Specialist Nine Plus or Weltmeister I have three questions for our learned Porsche experts. Do the independents offer that much better value? If not, might as well get the Porsche stamp in the book. How would it affect resale if the service book is not full of Porsche Centre stamps? (Last two services were done at PCM by the previous owner. Is this really an issue? Do you guys have any recommendations? I would think question 2 is not so much of an issue with the older cars as long as it was serviced and maintained regularly and preferably by someone experience in Porsche, but this is a newer car ('06 987 with just over 40K on the clock). Look forward to your responses/thoughts. Cheers, Rob
  2. Can't let you lot of 911 guys have all the glory, there's plenty of other nice butts out there.
  3. "But officer, I was only speeding intermittently!"
  4. Hi Doug, This might be further help in decoding your VIN - Wiki VIN. Just keep in mind that VINs are not an exact science, no-one seems to agree on a standard.
  5. What's that old saying about quality over quantity?
  6. Seems that there's an iPhone app for everything! You could also try this VIN Decoder
  7. 987

    Plastic rear screens

    Niko, I would give this mob a try - Garry Blackman. I had them do some work on my old Z4 top and they were excellent. Not sure if they can do your job, but worth a call!
  8. I guess this is where we introduce ourselves. 1st time Porsche owner having just picked up my 06 3.4 Boxster S last weekend. I've added a few pics to share - apologies that they're the dealer's pics off Carsales, but you'll have to wait for me to stop driving it so I can take some of my own! I usually get my petrol-head kicks on two wheels: But might be convinced to get the Boxster out on track once in a while. Hope I can contribute to the forum from time to time - I know I'll be picking all your brains as much as I can! - Rob

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