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  1. Wow, that looks fantastic. A green machine run sounds good! I am looking forward to seeing it.
  2. Thanks Bear for your reply. I went past a shop on the way home from picking up my car today to see what they could do and the approx. cost. In terms of OEM the only thing which is important is the exhaust tip so it looks right (to me) but other than that I am okay with a brand new one. The guy I spoke to was very helpful and said they could do a full sports style exhaust for around $500 as it isn't too complex and just pop the existing tip on if that's what I wanted.
  3. Just got the car back from getting some work completed. I had the suspension refreshed with new bushes and Koni shocks all round, some gaskets and seals to get rid of oil leaks, new coolant tank and a few hoses. Along with a new window washer tank, which I installed a few months ago, under the bonnet is looking pretty good. Just have to install the new under bonnet insulation when it arrives and we are sorted. As you could imagine with new suspension bits and pieces the driving was noticeably improved so can't wait to get it out on some twisties. Only other item for the moment is to get the muffler replaced. Then I had better stop, for a little while anyway, before I get divorced
  4. I need to replace the muffler on my 924 Turbo. Finding a new original one would be near impossible so are looking for any recommendations of an exhaust specialist (ideally near Castle Hill in Sydney) who could fabricate one. Thanks in advance. Steve
  5. @Diclofenac where are you located? If you are in Sydney you are welcome to have a look at my 924 Turbo and I can share insights on this and a 944 as I have had both. Both are fantastic cars but the turbo is something else. For a 40 year old car it really packs a punch and is a hoot to drive.
  6. I'm in, but not doing the round trip via Port Mac
  7. Memories! I looked at this car when I was first looking to buy a Porsche many years ago. I remember driving it up the M2 to Hamilton’s for a PPI when they were on the Northern Beaches. Rod, the owner at the time let have it for the day to do it. I didn’t end up buying it but what a fun day.
  8. GWLS Tingy. I look forward to hearing about your next Porsche adventure!
  9. Awesome mate. Glad you got it before Christmas. Let me know when you want to take the 'green cars' out for a spin!
  10. Congrats John. I bet it was a fantastic drive home.That is my fav colour for a 911.
  11. Beautiful looking car Nikos. I hope to see you on a Sydney run at some stage in the future.
  12. Congratulations John on the sale. The new owner is getting a fantastic car. Look forward to hearing what is next.
  13. How good is this! Put the same message on FB and a generous guy in Melbourne sent me a message and says he has been parting out a 924 and had a set that he could send me for free. All I had to do was pay for postage! They fit perfectly. 🙏 What a legend!
  14. Wow. Congratulations.
  15. I love the colour Amanda. Very unusual. Enjoy the car as I am sure you will!

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