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  1. After checking with my regular mechanic, he is not able to take on any extra jobs for a while so wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good mechanic who is preferably in or near the Castle Hill area so I could get it done earlier? Thanks in advance. Steve
  2. Thanks Bear for the info. Much appreciated.
  3. Yes you will need to go on full rego as under 30 years in NSW. You will definitely need a pink slip but not sure about a blue slip. I found this on the GIO site about the difference but perhaps double check with the club you are looking at registering through. As I mentioned I am pretty sure I only needed the pink slip. https://www.gio.com.au/faqs/ctp-insurance/difference-between-pink-and-blue-slip.html
  4. I purchased my 924 from VIC last year and from memory just got a pink slip then put it onto historic rego via a club. It was pretty easy. I'm in North West Sydney so PM me if you need details on a club.
  5. Thanks mate. Much appreciated. I will give you a call. Bloody fast van engine! Thanks Pete. I appreciate your reply. Yes, I believe overheating was the cause. I have already ordered the full gasket kit and that will be here in the next week. The majority of the hoses, timing belt and water pump have been replaced not that long ago (last 12 months) so I am hoping they won't need to be done again. I am hoping that it will be a case of removing the head, getting it skimmed and do the values and stem seals as you mentioned. No doubt there will be something else to do whilst in there.
  6. Due to an unfortunate sequence of events I have an early Christmas pressie, the head gasket in my 924 has given up the ghost and will need replacing! Before heading down the mechanic route I wanted to see if there is anyone out there in PFA land who would be able to and interested in helping with the repair? I would be happy to supply food, beers etc. and have access to tools. I wouldn't say I am handy with a spanner but willing to learn/help in any way I can. I'm based in NW Sydney but are happy to chat with anyone, local or interstate and work something out regarding payment. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Steve
  7. This one advertised seems to be more sensibly priced compared to others on the market at the moment and even that has been around for quite a while.
  8. I better get mine painted back to the original two tone quickly then!! Looks like a nice UK car but ambitious pricing.
  9. Got the car back from my mechanic and all oil leaks fixed! Had to search far and wide for a number of parts but finally managed to source them. This is all part of the fun of owning a 40 year old car. @Dreamr kindly worked his magic and helped install a Continental Blue Tooth radio & speakers, which at night matches the interior lighting of the car. It looks yellow in the picture below but is more orange. Now that all of the mechanicals are sorted, the next step is looking at getting it back to the original 2 tone colour scheme. I have all of the body items to replace (seals, rubbers, decals etc.) so just getting quotes.
  10. My 924 wasn't up for sale when I bought it off a member here. I just politely 'stalked' him over a couple of months!
  11. Hi Brian, I was recommended this company in the US when I purchased one for my old 944. Not in Australia but worth a look. https://griffiths.com/porsche/air-conditioning/924-944-951-968/ Steve
  12. Thanks Fishcop for the info and suggestion. The line seems to be okay, although it may be good to get that redone as well but the issue is with a crack in the metal part and some other modifications have been done over the course of time which are not original.
  13. Thanks mate for the contact. I appreciate it. I did shoot him a message and unfortunately he doesn't have any 924 Turbo parts at the moment.
  14. Good afternoon all, I am searching for some parts for my 1981 924 Turbo (Series 2) and wanted to see if anyone has tucked away (new or used) or knows someone that has part #931 107 108 09 which is an oil pipe for the turbo. I have circled it on the PET diagram below. I did find one NOS advertised on the aPorschapart website in Melbourne but they have since closed down so wonder where all the parts are. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Steve

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