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  1. Been here 7 years and 2 Porsches! I still remember when I went down to Melbourne with Caver to look at a white 944 and met up with Niko, Kerry, Doug and Theo at The Parmie I think it was called. What a fantastic day even though I didn't buy the car (thank you Caveman for pointing out how the gaps between wheels and arches on either side didn't really match up!). With numerous Canberra trips, SMTs with the crew from NSW and a ton of laughs, this forum really has been fantastic. I've met some top blokes and enjoy the banter and my daily PFA ritual. Thanks Kerry and mods for making this forum such a unique place. Now I just need to get back into another Porsche! Here's to the next 10 years.
  2. SteveF

    My new RS

    Pick me, pick me!! I promise I won't drive it...much.
  3. Or you brought it back from the dead 😎 It really does look fantastic.
  4. Congrats Peter. Great to see if finally running again. I also look forward to catching up and checking it out.
  5. SteveF


    Glad to hear he is okay which is the main thing. Such a shame as it is/was a beautiful car with lots of good memories.
  6. As the others have said I too would look for an manual '86+ model and you should be able to find one in that price range. They are fantastic cars to drive. Go drive a few and see what you think and get a feel for them. That will help you pick a good one vs a not so good one. Also look at getting a pre purchase inspection from a specialist to identify if the car you are looking at is a good one and it will help you budget for what needs to be done in the future. The search is part of the fun so enjoy and keep us posted.
  7. SteveF

    Should I PPI?

    We look forward to the photos then 😄
  8. SteveF

    Should I PPI?

    Hi Base, it sounds pretty good from your description. If you have any concerns perhaps you could give Hamiltons a call after checking with the owner and see if they are able to provide any further information. Not sure if they can but worth a try. In terms of getting a PPI, if it was me and based on what you have said, I would proceed without but if you want 100% piece of mind do it. Remember you are also buying the seller so if you get a good vibe from him or her then that also goes a long way towards buying a car in my opinion. Good luck with the purchase.
  9. I would also consider that the car is Porsche approved and has a warranty with them. I figure if they are are backing the car, then that is a good sign. I hope that it works out however if this one doesn't there will be another.
  10. Now he is going to start thinking about it again!! What have you done!! Good luck with the purchase. I hope to get to see some pictures soon then!
  11. Hi Tips, have to stay I loved my '76 sporto (silver with tartan seats) but not the sporto part as much. I liked the quirky nature of it however given the choice would rather a manual. It did cost a bit to maintain (refurbished torgue converter) and parts are getting harder to come by. I bought it because it was a VERY good price at the time and got me into my first AC 911 so was a no brainer. Driving wise i always found the change down a bit hit and miss because I really had to judge the corner and hope that the clutch would come out in time so it felt like I didn't have the same level of control. This may have the sporto setup or even me!! Mind you it did pull like a train and was great in traffic because it was just like an auto. I think that if the price is right, buy it and like Elsporto said change it out (Close your ears @Dreamr) down the track. In hindsight I should have kept it and done just that. I hope that helps.

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