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  1. Just to revive this thread (again!), my front left hand side fog/driving light needs replacing. I have the rubber part but need the actual light as per the PET diagram below. Please let me know if you have one lying around! Thanks in advance.
  2. As you do when you have an engine rebuild, you want to get up early and make sure it works right! Took an early morning run up to Palm Beach.
  3. Finally complete. Got the car back from the engine rebuild and very happy with the results. Gave it a good clean and took it for a spin with @Dreamr My new friend (Bill the mechanic) did an amazing job and I can highly recommend him. Thank you @michel for the recommendation.
  4. It's looking amazing in the engine bay. So close now...
  5. We are almost there! The manifold hopefully goes on tomorrow and fingers crossed it will be ready for pick up next week sometime. We had some challenges getting a few of the parts and had to get two of the pipes fabricated in the end despite a global search. The engine bay is looking much better. More pictures to come.
  6. And I am sure there will be more as we progress!! The nickel plating has been done and Bill is starting to put it all back together. Hopefully it will be good to go in a few weeks time so cant wait to go for a drive again.
  7. Well further to my note above ,that unfortunately wasn't the end of mechanical bits to fix! As mentioned in a previous post the head gasket decided to go and the car has been in pieces for several months now but starting to get back together. @michel put me onto a 924 guru close by and he has been working his magic on the car. The head has been completely refurbished with new seals, valves etc. and back on the engine. All of the nuts and bolts are getting the nickel plating treatment. All old pipes are being replaced. Porsche are now doing the water pumps again so one of those is going in. Essentially anything old is being updated or replaced as was original from the factory. The block is being painted back to the original black. It will look like a new engine when done. Here are some before and after pictures of the brake booster. As more of the engine gets put together I will post pictures.
  8. Lots of questions but nice looking car. Hmm, nearby too!
  9. Looks like a lovely car and fair price considering all of the work done. If I was in the market I would be giving you a call. GLWS.
  10. GLWS Rickie. I hope that it goes to a good home considering all of the work you have put into it.
  11. Congrats Gavin. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  12. I recently changed jobs and this came in the mail as a thank you from my old boss...mouse and a mouse pad. How awesome is that.
  13. Congratulations. Looks like a lovely example.
  14. I don't think you need a new bonnet, only from the bumper down and the fenders as mentioned. This may help: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/north-adelaide/auto-body-parts/porsche-944-bumpers-front-and-rear/1283770014

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