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  1. GWLS Tingy. I look forward to hearing about your next Porsche adventure!
  2. Awesome mate. Glad you got it before Christmas. Let me know when you want to take the 'green cars' out for a spin!
  3. Congrats John. I bet it was a fantastic drive home.That is my fav colour for a 911.
  4. Beautiful looking car Nikos. I hope to see you on a Sydney run at some stage in the future.
  5. Congratulations John on the sale. The new owner is getting a fantastic car. Look forward to hearing what is next.
  6. How good is this! Put the same message on FB and a generous guy in Melbourne sent me a message and says he has been parting out a 924 and had a set that he could send me for free. All I had to do was pay for postage! They fit perfectly. 🙏 What a legend!
  7. Wow. Congratulations.
  8. I love the colour Amanda. Very unusual. Enjoy the car as I am sure you will!
  9. Congratulations James. It looks fantastic. Great that you put it back to original.
  10. I just had a look and since the last fuel fill up it is running at 13 L per 100km. This is all local driving. On the freeway I can get down as low as 7 or 8 L per 100km.
  11. I can recommend the Kluger. We have a 2016 model and to be honest I can't fault it at all. You are right they are a pretty big car but well thought out and easy to drive. We have fixed price servicing since new so it has been pretty good to run in terms of ongoing costs.
  12. After seeing John's post and the weather forecast for the next week @Dreamr, @jakroo & I went for a late run this afternoon down to Wiseman's Ferry.
  13. Congratulations Amanda. I bet it was the best drive home ever. I love the colour!
  14. Reviving an old thread but does anyone have the rubber piece between the indicator and fog light in the picture below? I am missing it on the right hand side front (if sitting in the drivers seat).
  15. With the help of @Dreamr and @dreamr jnr, last weekend we replaced all spark plugs, injectors, distributor & rotor, fuel & oil filters, replaced the oil and fixed the air in the cooling system issue. Today it went in for the timing belt, water pump and tie rods before being put on historic rego!! Mechanically it is in great shape and drove beautifully the long way home via the Old Pac Highway. Where else are you going to see two 924 turbos (series 1 & 2), a series 1 944 a 996 & a 911 Junior together?? Cars & Coffee @ Kariong! (Ronny's place)

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