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  1. SOLD! Going to a good home in the southern states.
  2. SteveF

    Where to buy 944 parts

    You can also try your local Porsche dealer. I have been using Joe at Porsche Willoughby and he has always been pretty competitive and good service. James at Autohaus does provide caromello koalas though!
  3. You are a lucky man learning to drive in a 912!!
  4. SteveF

    944 sale price

    Makes mine look more realistically priced doesn't it !!
  5. For Sale: 1986 Porsche 944 - Australian Delivered - Matching Numbers - 5 speed manual - 218,*** km After much thought I have decided, reluctantly, to look at selling my 1986 (January build) Porsche 944 as I need some additional house renovation funds. My son will also start driving soon and whilst I want him to do so in a manual car, it won't be a 944! I have owned the car for about 18 months and enjoyed every part of ownership so are very sad to see it go. I believe the car was in above average condition when I bought it, as Dreamr will attest to. It was originally delivered in January 1986 to an owner in Melbourne. Looking at the books the first two owners were in Victoria, then the car moved to Sydney, then Canberra and back to Sydney prior to me purchasing it. I am the sixth caretaker and have done about 10,000km in the 18 months. It has been driven at least once a week as I take a bus to work, usually on the weekend so not stuck in traffic as a daily driver. I suspect that the car has had a good life because during the services many of the original parts were still on the car and working! Being an '86 model I have learnt that it is essentially a new car compared to the earlier model and can identified by the updated dash and interior. It is white with cool 80's burgundy coloured interior, all in very good condition. When I bought the car I wasn't sold on the interior but good cars are hard to find. To be honest it has grown on me and I quite like the uniqueness of it. The car drives very well and has the original wallet with service books with a folder of receipts and three sets keys. The previous owner replaced the clutch and belts just prior to me purchasing it. He also installed a new good quality stereo and speakers. My aim has been to get it back to original condition as best as possible, replacing many old parts as preventative maintenance (rubber seals etc.). Following is a list of the main items that I have completed (don't tell my wife!): * Centre console cassette case replacement * Replaced water reservoir and windscreen fluid pump fixed (9/10/17) * Full service completed with all fluids replaced (09/10/17) * Glove box stop repair kit installed * P/S lower ball joint replacement kit RHS & LHS (25/11/17) * Replaced expansion tank (25/11/17) * Engine bay fuel lines replaced (25/11/17) - the original 30 year old lines were still there! * Replaced front under bonnet seal * Replaced front and rear stone guards * Replaced steering shaft (10/3/18) * Sunroof repaired - Microswitch (10/3/18) * Rear hatch seal replaced (24/03/18) * Replaced all 4 tyres (04/18) with full wheel alignment and balance - the old ones were 10+ years old! * B pillar interior trim replaced as it was looking tatty (24/06/18) * New under bonnet insulation foam * New windscreen wipers front & rear * Repaired digital clock, replaced the climate control plastic fascia and dash trim * The air conditioning has been completely refurbished with new OEM Nikon Denso compressor kit, parallel flow condenser, associated hoses and relays. It works like new and will for many years to come! With such a big window area in these cars you need to have the A/C working. * New front OEM Sachs shock absorbers installed with rubber mountings * Rollers, belts, various hoses and replacement of 32 year old parts, including the original 1986 DME, as part of a full service this past week at Buchanan's The other items I was planning to do to get it back to 100% original was: * Recover the dash. It is cracked like most 944s of this vintage but has a matching cover on it. * The front of the seats have been recovered in non-original fabric. They are in good condition but I eventually wanted to recover them in the original. I have sourced new original German made fabric for the centre of the seats and the doors which will come with the sale of the car. Overall I believe it is a fantastic car and perfect for someone looking to add to their collection or get into their first Porsche with all of the major work complete. It is a car that I would happily get in and drive to Melbourne or Brisbane without an issue. Sure there are stone chips and the like but overall it presents very well. The selling price comes with a trickle charger and some spare parts such as an original turbo / s2 rear under bumper valance (needs painting and installing) which I have been buying up as preventative maintenance for future work. All servicing under my ownership has been undertaken at Porsche specialists Bruce & Sean Buchanan and Simon at Autowerks. This car is such a usable classic, which is why we have been using as a second car. I am looking for offers of around $22k. The car is currently on non-transferable historic plates which for a NSW purchaser is only about $45.00 per year for your rego and green slip + no vehicle transfer fee if you put it back on this rego in NSW! With very few original '86 models on the market, this represents an excellent opportunity to purchase a well loved, original and unmodified car with many major, and expensive, items already completed. If you have any questions or would like to view the car please let me know.Send me a PM or call on zero four one nine 165 679. I am happy for any inspection by serious buyers and are in north western Sydney. Hopefully it will go to a PFAer who will look after it as much as I have. Below are a few images. Happy to send others to prospective buyers. Steve
  6. SteveF

    Boxster Bargains

    Wow, very nice colour combo.
  7. SteveF

    Garage Find

    Congratulations. Looks amazing. I’m going checking local garages!
  8. SteveF

    Boxster Bargains

    I saw that one Edgy and like it. Don't mind the colour at all.
  9. No bank balance ? Looking good! Bet you can't wait to drive it again.
  10. SteveF

    944 sale price

    Good luck with the sale Tingy
  11. SteveF

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Anytime mate. It was good to meet you and chat about cars.
  12. SteveF

    My 928s back on the road

    Looks fantastic Bruce & Sean. Congratulations on a beautiful 928.
  13. SteveF

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Simon, if you are ever over in the Hills District you are more than welcome to have a look at my '86 944 and I am happy to share what I have spent on maintenance if that will help with your decision making process.
  14. SteveF

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Sim, if you really want an '84 what about this one... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1984-Porsche-944-5sp-manual/302658042511?hash=item4677d33a8f:g:IQAAAOSwI39amv6m Referring to your last post I would recommend a manual over an auto. If you haven't already done so I would recommend driving some to get a feel for the cars and you will be able to identify a good one vs a not so good one. Where are you based? Also, this recent thread may be of interest to you... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1984-Porsche-944-5sp-manual/302658042511?hash=item4677d33a8f:g:IQAAAOSwI39amv6m
  15. I had to file back around where the aircon buttons are at each end to make them fit. Reading the Rennlist thread on it some guys were removing the buttons but this would potentially be messy with springs shooting out everywhere. Just be careful taking off the fan speed button as it has a fragile bulb in it. Getting the labels off the old one was pretty easy. It took me about 45 minutes all up.