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  1. Hi DHE, Thanks for the reply and info.. I used SP&C P/L six years ago. Swepco 201 delivered $95. That was then and this is now. Same thing from a supplier in Caulfield today $230. (Who I found after my original post). I needed it today so I had no choice. Thanks again for the offer.
  2. Hi Does anyone know the current supplier for Swepco 201? Preferably Melbourne
  3. I’ll join Philbee’s convoy. I’m in the same boat as Harvs. 7-9 Entry
  4. I used ‘USATOAUS ‘ four years ago to import a deck lid. Medium box. $150.
  5. Terrible news. A great guy sadly missed.
  6. They ran 6x16 and 7x16 up until 1989. The last year they ran 6x16 and 8x16 cheers
  7. Hi there I'm after a pair of 26mm factory rear torsion bars to suit 84 Carrera. Thanks JB
  8. Niko, sorry you took it that way. It was meant to be 'tongue in cheek'. Totally unintentional. JB
  9. Thanks Richard much appreciated. Mine's actually a coupe
  10. When I said spring plates I was referring to the fact that the bushes need replacing. Spoke to Lou at motion automotive. He doesn't sound too convinced re just replacing the bushes. He also said if it was his car he would use genuine Porsche spring plates ($900 each). James at Autohaus has some about a quarter that price which he said are fine for street use. (metal used in the genuine part is harder)

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