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  1. These are now sold, thanks Reg
  2. $800 for the set of 4 x PS2 Tyres In perfect condition. New set are $1768, Rears $1100 and $668 for fonts. ------------------------------------------------- 2 x 295/30 zr18 N4 Tyres - Hardly used Near new only travelled 729 km's Manufacture dates Nov 2020 & April 2021 2 x 225/40zr18 N3 tyres - 60% tread left Manufacture dates Jan 2021 All in excellent condition with no repairs, no puncture repairs . $800 for all four Cheers Jim Tel; 0466 - eight - double five - zero - four - nine Pick up Balwyn, Vic 3103 MODERATORS - I've just paid the FM membership fee .
  3. I have a near new set Rennline Tunable engine mounts that I lightly used on my 996.2. 2 sets of each bushings, 2 x soft, 2 x medium and 2 x firm (2 sets for each side), 6 sets of bushes In total, Standard set online come with 3 sets only. Only used one soft set for a short period of time, still in perfect shape. One set of 3 are 10% stiffer and the other 3 to their normal specs Complete box and instructions You can have these for $390aud including postage. New online purchase of 3 sets of bushings (not 6) will be around $580aud including delivery and international bank charges https://www.rennline.com/Rennline-Tunable-Semi-Solid-Engine-Mount-Pair/productinfo/M18/
  4. I believe VW use the exact same coolant as Porsche but at significant lower price.
  5. I had this exact coolant in my 996 and after about 6 to 12 months l started seeing sludge residue around expansion tank neck. I took it to Nick Cascone and he said wrong coolant and he's sees problems with seals deteriorating. I had him flush it out and put in the proper OEM Porsche coolant, it's been about 3 months now and the sludge has hugely reduced and starting to disappear. If it was me l'd take it back for a refund.
  6. Tee is asking if there's a fabricator that can do this on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, nothing has been posted in these areas from what I've read.
  7. On rennlist Charlie K and Warwick in Sydney are very interested in doing this. A Kiwi has had the 4.25L done before the 4.5L was available.
  8. Hey Doug Hope all is well. Thought I'd throw this into the mix, how does a conversion from 3.8 to 4.5L with 507HP at the wheels and tonne of torque sound? https://rennlist.com/forums/gt4/1175859-new-decade-new-motor-my-4-5l-deman-motorsport-build.html Deman 4.5L - USD$28,500 + around 1k each way shipping. (Or buy engine core for 16k) GT3RS cannot keep up with it. I'll just leave it here for everyone to ponder
  9. What is wrong with Famous? They used to most competitive and now the worst, I'm currently with them but by the sounds of things I'll be jumping ship at renewal. How long will they last before going bust when everyone pulls out?
  10. GT3 suspension front, bespoke GT rear suspension, better aero design, more HP, larger brakes, larger wheels & tyres just to name a few.
  11. Jimmy

    992 C2S lap times

    Have you driven a 992 Doug? I have, beautiful car but not in the same league as a GT3 in the "fun factor" GT3, even a GT4 is way more fun.
  12. Lol.. that was a lot of fun, at least were I was sitting 😂. Nice bit of driving Doug, especially considering how new the car ownership was. Funny, I'm quicker in my GT4 with hardly ever seeing any TC light coming on.

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