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  1. Great news, what's your build date?
  2. Did I hear Millennium !! This was my car back in 2004. Colour combo looked better in the flesh and suited the era. But I must admit after looking at that photo now, its very much in your face 🙂
  3. I'm out of touch with suppliers, l'm sure someone will chime in with info.
  4. Thats excellent price for a Porsche dealership. If you have plenty of meat on your pads and rotors, you might just need a brake fluid flush.
  5. Beautiful sexy arse !
  6. Hi Brad, Sorry to hear you're considering parting with your beautiful Touring. What if you swap your tyres to PS4S, they have softer sidewall and should give you added cushioning, you can can sell your cup2's at near new price so there wont be much of a difference in pricing. Cheers Jim Yes this ^^^
  7. I also drove one, the 991.2 GTS isn't a GT3 that's for sure. Not by a long shot.
  8. That's old news. The latest is still 3.8L
  9. Yes they're pretty amazing boxes Steve, has the seed been planted ???? But having said that, a friend who has a 991GT3 RS misses his traded in 997.2 GT3. Steve you met Mark on our last get together a few weeks ago.
  10. Not saying this is the case but could the conierge person have taken it for a joy ride and thrashed it ? Maybe not as 5k wouldn't cover gear box damage, especially a Feza
  11. Dont you have a 997.2 GT3 ? I think I'd much rather have your car than this.

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