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  1. GT3 suspension front, bespoke GT rear suspension, better aero design, more HP, larger brakes, larger wheels & tyres just to name a few.
  2. Jimmy

    992 C2S lap times

    Have you driven a 992 Doug? I have, beautiful car but not in the same league as a GT3 in the "fun factor" GT3, even a GT4 is way more fun.
  3. Lol.. that was a lot of fun, at least were I was sitting 😂. Nice bit of driving Doug, especially considering how new the car ownership was. Funny, I'm quicker in my GT4 with hardly ever seeing any TC light coming on.
  4. And me behind you in my 996T 😂
  5. Oh there's definitely pockets of very large wealth happening and good on them for spending some of it. I was there on Thursday night and also at a separate private dinner night with Michael and Oliver from MR. Just the eight of us all friends and two of them. Michael has quite wicket sense of humor, both very approachable and easy to talk to.
  6. Just sent you another PM My apologies, I guess I should have done my research first. After googling for instructions I have discovered several shorter people have been having issues with front of seat angle too high and I'm not so sure about fitting these now as I'm on the shorter side.
  7. I would have taken these as well but l have yellow stitching
  8. I'll take them thank you Ntg I'm guessing they'll fit the GT4 seeing they're the same seats.
  9. Oh you're quite right, glad SJL ended up with the right car in the end.
  10. Wasn't that the one that a PFA member had major transmission issues and eventually got a full refund?
  11. Simom Sad but most likely true. He needs to lawyer up, the sooner the better.
  12. That's just astounding, you took all the right precautionary measures and yet you're left in the cold. Just incredible.
  13. Not sure why you're not naming the dealer, they need to be exposed. I sure would like to know to avoid shonky operators like this. If it was me l'd put it as the main title on this thread.

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