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  1. Not sure why you're not naming the dealer, they need to be exposed. I sure would like to know to avoid shonky operators like this. If it was me l'd put it as the main title on this thread.
  2. That's what I was thinking as well, that's what this scumbag deserves.
  3. And this tax went from 4.2% to 9% in one hit overnight on 1st July this year. + over 3k insurance
  4. Thanks to our nice 😭premier Daniel Andrews its more than doubled to 9% which equates to over 30k duties.
  5. Wow that's quite a loaded car and very good value, its got to be over 420k new drive away. Doesn't look like its at Porsche dealership, wonder if there's a story behind this.
  6. Another implication to consider if you're going to lower a modern sportscar. Angle sensors, theres quite a few of them, here's a new discussion on Rennlist. https://rennlist.com/forums/gt4/981615-level-sensors-on-control-arms-and-what-they-do.html
  7. Hey Phil It will definitely affect any issues related to suspension warranty claims and you wouldn't be able to extend the warranty, heck they even require you to have N rated tyres as part of the warranty extension. I wouldn't mess with the Boxters well balanced suspension.
  8. Interesting that they stuck with the GT3 rods in a boosted engine. I really think PDK is best matched with turbo engines, at least that way you're always in the right gear at the right revs and not likely to course any damage. Yes amazing with all the progress Doug, I had a 992 4S for a day as a loaner, very nice car but boy prices have risen quite a lot, it was 350k !!
  9. Doug, I wonder how many tuned 911 turbo engines failed like yours, I think you were just unlucky. I haven't heard of any but I do know that you cant bury the gas pedal at low revs with turbo engines, this in its self can eventually bend a rod.
  10. All makes sense Edgy I considered going from 295/30/20 to 305/30/20 on my GT4 as I wanted to go to PS4 but they had to be "N" rated for extended warranty, 295 4S don't come in N rating, next best fit was 305. Karl from Motorsport Dept PCM said Jim Richards GT4 on 305's got an error code at high speeds, so in the end I went with std CUP2.
  11. Oh the RS and R are affected, They're the same engine design, the difference is they rev to 8800 instead of 9k. It's all kept quiet but do a search, you'll find some of them.
  12. Edgy My brother inlaw whos a performance car guy was in a similar situation and ended up getting the Cerrato GT a year ago. My sister is the main driver and they both love it.
  13. Good vid Steve, seen it before but good to watch again. Its not only about how fast you get there but how the car makes you feel while getting there and this is one of the few cars that nails it (along with the GT4 of course 🤣).
  14. 911 Mr had it in the bag until they they had a 5min penalty for going too fast through yellow flags, this EAS easily an oversight and error by driver. Damn shame!! "The lead gap was coming down but not fast enough! Vanthoor in control – he pushed to the line to start the final lap, the Manthey Porsche slowing to take the checkered flag – the Audi will win by a lap after the Porsche dominated utterly until getting the 5:32 penalty. Franck Stippler will win his second N24 – Pierre Kaffer a first after finishing second here twice, and first wins too for Dries Vanthoor and Frederic Vervisch" Top 10 Overall #4 Phoenix Audi #911 Manthey Porsche #3 Black Falcon AMG #14 Car Collection Audi #12 Manthey Porsche #18 GetSpeed AMG #33 Falken BMW #705 SCG 003C #5 Phoenix Audi #45 Kondo Nissan

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