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    Xpel PPF

    Welcome back Arthur. I've seen Vincent's (Vin) cars and the wrap looks really good, I have seen quite a few other cars by Sam at Final Finish, his work is very good but I'm sure you're not going to get 100% perfection. I've had a full wrap 3 years ago by someone else but needed to go back several times for many issues, very annoying. I won't post who it was on here but can PM you if you like.The film looks great 3 years later though.
  2. Oh but wait, there's more, this ones just over 316k plus stamp duty. Keep waiting Doug https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2017/OAG-AD-17159414/?Cr=8
  3. No problems, l now see what you're looking for. Good luck with your search.
  4. I know someone selling a Yellow 996.1 GT3, well looked after and excellent service history. I'll send you a PM
  5. Wow Fraz, the car looks even cleaner than when I sold it to you. Looks amazing. The whole under body and suspension is spotless, well done. After seeing this surprise sale, for a "moment" there the thought entered my head of buying back , must get that thought out of my head. It was a great car when I had it and now its even better, this wont last long and the next owner will be one very lucky soab . I wish you all the best with the sale Fraz.
  6. Great news, what's your build date?
  7. Did I hear Millennium !! This was my car back in 2004. Colour combo looked better in the flesh and suited the era. But I must admit after looking at that photo now, its very much in your face 🙂
  8. I'm out of touch with suppliers, l'm sure someone will chime in with info.
  9. Thats excellent price for a Porsche dealership. If you have plenty of meat on your pads and rotors, you might just need a brake fluid flush.
  10. Beautiful sexy arse !
  11. Hi Brad, Sorry to hear you're considering parting with your beautiful Touring. What if you swap your tyres to PS4S, they have softer sidewall and should give you added cushioning, you can can sell your cup2's at near new price so there wont be much of a difference in pricing. Cheers Jim Yes this ^^^
  12. I also drove one, the 991.2 GTS isn't a GT3 that's for sure. Not by a long shot.

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