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  1. You are right it isnt a level playing field and under the Fuel Tax Scheme the miners get roughly $7B this year alone - not bad for "no subsidies". Again way off topic on my EV position.
  2. How did you reach the conclusion that all people with sola(r) panels don't value grid connection? My driver is purely economical nothing more nothing less. Got sick and tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for power. Prior to leaving for Singapore in 2015 we were paying anything up to 12k a year for power. That's what I objected to, not the grid connection or the different value of electrons as you put it. You certainly went way off topic and target with your response. Just like there is a place for ICE cars I also believe there is a place for EVs. Not going to bury my head in the sand and not look at an EV as a future purchase. After driving a number of them I can appreciate them and their future place. No-one is pushing it onto me I just think the tech is viable for my situation.
  3. I'm not planning on just using solar for the use of an EV. We are currently export vs consumption positive for close to 10 months a year. We literally pay for roughly 2 months electricity. I can bank my export and use in down months from the grid or up the road from the Porsche centre charging station at a cost. As I said I'm no greenie with 4 cars in a 2 driver household, the thought of using my generation is better than giving it to the grid at half the price during the spring and summer months. Even during winter we produce roughly 1MW of power in June which is the worse month. That's a bit of a rich and hypocritical comment in a Porsche forum 🤣
  4. I'm all for an EV and its got nothing to do with being green. If anything an EV in Australia is not very green unless you are charging from solar. We export a truck load and would rather use it than give it back to the grid. So with a 400v DC solar system it would make for a great charging station into a Porsche/VW/Audi platform.
  5. Once you build up a relationship with a dealer you wont have an issue at all in test drives or even getting cars overnight from them. The biggest issue you face is that most of them will not carry 996 / 997 vintage cars in stock unless they are GT / Turbo cars. Even then you will struggle from the main Porsche franchised dealers to find such cars in their lots. You will have more success with the smaller independents out there in finding such cars. My personal experience has been great right from when I bought my first ever 911 back in '98 from PCM, where they would throw me the keys and let me go out on my own - Back then I was in my mid twenties too.
  6. Great meeting a few people during my visit yesterday and having a quick catchup with Hugh. Unfortunately my eldest needed an xray and she decided to sleep in cutting our visit short. Hopefully next time can stick around longer and enjoy some of those gorgeous AC cars (love the targa above).
  7. I run Pilot Sport 4S on my 991.2 GTS and have the same tyres on a heavily modified SS Redline which puts put 425 rwkw and 740Nm of torque. I did have the sport cup 2s on the Redline but they were absolutely atrocious in the wet or even when they were cold. They need heat to become effective and diving around short distances and cooler/wet days they sucked.
  8. Just reading through the thread etc and wanted to ask if it is common for people to apply wax over their ceramic coatings. I thought applying wax reduces the effectiveness of the coating? On the detailing front I have come across a number of various suppliers and use detail central, waxit, car care products and a bulk supplier of microfibre cloths, microfibrecloths.com.au. Anyone use the Angelwax Enigma wax? It produces an amazing deep finish on dark cars its simply amazing. Have yet to wax the GTS but have done a number of other cars with it including a bus of a Q7.
  9. I recon I can swindle this one - my last DakDak attendance was nearly 5 years ago! Might even bring my eldest along she was 9 last time round.
  10. I don't understand the whole negativity towards EVs. They aren't perfect when it comes to infrastructure yet but it will come and will happen. The range is approaching inter city travel distances and will be more realistic as battery chemistry improves. It's called progress and its no different to going from air cooled to water cooled, from NA to turbo. There are going to be multiple views pros and cons. Whilst they can still have ICE I believe the 911 will have one in some shape or form complimented by electric propulsion. I can tell you now that I wouldn't hesitate in picking up an EV as a daily driver. During summer we export over 100kwh back to the grid per day. With a 400V DC system we could super charge most EVs. It's better I use it than give it to them for half the price I buy it back for. I don't subscribe to the beliefs of Musk or Tesla but would love a Taycan when it's released. I truly believe the major car companies will squash him when they all start releasing their products.
  11. thanks for the feedback everyone. I will look further into the recommendations above. Jim I will drop you a PM.
  12. sleazius - I enjoy cleaning cars but I dont need to wash or clean the car every time it goes out or gets wet. I just dislike stone chips and they do my head in. I do understand the implication of a precut kit as the film doesnt go all the way to the edge and in some instances doesnt wrap all the way around a panel and that could do my head in too.I would love to know how well these leading edges stand up to "cleanliness". Its great when the film is new but like the rear stone guards you can see them when they get dirty. TwoHeadsTas - Funny you should mention them as my mate is actually looking at them doing some highlights for him on his C63S. I havent made contact with them might just do so. At the end of the day it comes down to quality of install not price as i hazard a guess they will all be roughly the same. If anyone has done a full wrap, how do they do the doors? How do they get around the issue of mirrors?
  13. I have gone through the forum and have read a number of posts regarding the various films and installers. I have narrowed it down to two installers, one I know and was going to use on my 991 before going to Singapore so I already have comfort with their work. The second is one I stumbled across by accident when I was picking up some detailing supplies. When I was in there, they had just finished off a red GT3RS, Panamera and was working on a CLA45 with an M2 Competition waiting in the wings for them to weave their magic on and their lead times are mid July. The installer in question is Prime Finish and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. The first installer I looked at is a forum favourite in Invisible Car Bra. Both installers are within $500 of each other (surprisingly the price has virtually doubled in 6 years between my '13 and '19). Any information or insights would be great. Prime finish even showed me the ceramic coating for Xpel Ultimate, so anyone with PPF and their maintenance regime would be great if you can chime in too. Thanks Arthur
  14. Its always been my understanding that if I buy a $200,000 car depreciate it over 4 years @ 22.5% per year I am up for the complete tax credit repayment because the car is still worth more than the $57K depreciation limit if I sell it for say $130,000. If this is not correct then happy to be re-educated. The net result in the end is a very small portion of tax savings vs the depreciation of the actual car. Yes its nothing to be sneezed at over the life of the car and can take some of the hurt away but tax deducting a $80 / $160 / $300K car will not save you tens of thousands in tax per year - at best its 27.5% of the deduction. It is a cynical approach on my behalf but the headaches created sometimes arent worth it. For someone to be dropping Porsche money on cars, the last thing they are thinking about is fuel costs and how much tax they are going to save. BUT if you can get some money back, its better than nothing and more power to the ones who have managed to play the system to full effect - I'm all for it. EDIT: What I am totally clueless on is FBT and the impact on the business / employee. I know when my wife was working in the corporate world her PAYG summary had an FBT figure greater than $10K what does that mean to the business? I assume they paid that to the ATO which then negates all deductible benefits if you own the business?
  15. From my personal experience over the last 28 years of running a business and deducting car expenses you have it pretty much summed up correctly. Either that or my accountant has ballsed it up over this period. I have no interest in claiming expenses that will need to be paid back down the track and thus don't deduct my 911 expenses. It's bad enough the asset depreciated and to add insult to injury you need to pay the tax man back all of the claim and the perceived benefit. No thanks. Owning a 911 is a first wold problem making a minor saving on tax won't make or break the amount of tax paid. The savings are insignificant. Say you have 20k of depreciation and expenses you are saving 6k a year on tax. I'm sure there are ways to get around it but the structural costs might outweigh the benefits. Ps I even talked to my accountant about setting up a car hire business that buys exotics and I rent a car through this business but the hire business is still restricted by the depreciation issues. The only way this will work is if the depreciating asset is worth $0 in the end. A bit hard to do this on a new Ferrari, Lamborghini Porsche or McLaren etc that might be held for 3 years. Happy to be shot down if all of the above is wrong or there are ways to play the system

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