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  1. like DJM mentioned we went down this path with one of our recent developments. Scaled the pricing from 1.1% through to 20% if they managed to get over a certain price point. The normal range was 1.1% upto 2.2% for the realistic through to the obscene price range with a decent return. If they managed to get $200K over (need to be committed pricing) that they got 20% for every $1 over $200K. Lets just say the sale smashed the local record at the time for a townhouse. It was a win win for everyone, share the love everyone benefits and the snakes in suits will sell their mothers for money.
  2. I have a truck load of Milwaukee kit and it goes alright. The are an ok brand but if you hate AEG then dont go Milwaukee they are made by the same parent company . I have yet to have a tool fail on me but a number of batteries have. I even have original V series tools that work but can no longer get batteries for them. As a side note my second part time job as a student was working at McEwans and if anyone here is old enough they will remember that Wesfarmers bought them out and turned them into Bunnings. Great place to work, became an expert on power tools and paints through my 5 years of employment. I left as soon as they closed off the shopping centre stores and transitioned to Bunnings.
  3. From what I have been told by medical professionals, nearly all cases are from overseas travellers and person to person transmission within the community is negligible if not 0 up until this weekend. I dont understand how ALL people coming into the country are simply allowed to exit customs without any restrictions as to how they travel to their self quarantine locations. Infected or not these people are jumping into cabs / ubers / public transport to get home. They are throwing billions at this to try and save jobs yet letting potential infected people simply casually make their way home from airports / ports. How do they do this I dont know but surely it can be done better than the way it currently is transpiring.
  4. I tell everyone who doesnt need a phone line at home to go with a 4G wireless modem setup. I did it ages ago and have had flawless internet. NBN became a political football that got trashed once the libs pulled the pin on the FTTH rollout. Unfortunately for those of us that are in HFC areas we will suffer the most. Once our area goes 5G then it will make the NBN a third rate solution.
  5. I made the mistake of buying new a few times. Took the biggest hit on the last one due to our move overseas. Dropped 70K in a year on a new 991.1 C2S Cab. With the GTS I just got it was just on 1 year old and the previous owner had paid north of 340 with 5K on the clock I got it for more than 70K off. Wife's Macan is going to be the biggest mistake we have made as she virtually ticked all options on the build. After working in the automotive industry for more than 20 years it is the first time she has ever bought a new car so I let it slide (always had company cars since she was a graduate). I can tell you now someone is going to get a bargain out the other end. So right there with you on buying 1 year old. (as a side note is it Jimmy at Zagame?) @deano The current batch of cars available in the second hand market are a steal. As long as the cars have factory warrant dont be afraid to purchase factory backed cars. Especially if the car is a short term prospect.
  6. A client of mine has 1 of 2 left in Australia. 1 has been written off. it's a stunning car with a beautiful interior. same owner also has a 993 Turbo S and a few other 911s.
  7. We picked up the new Macan S June last year. I dont like high ride / 4x4s but I do enjoy driving the Macan though. Looked at the i-Pace but they had no stock at the time - My shoulders dont fit the seat properly so it was discounted pretty quickly. The Macan is compact and Id say not much different to the GLC interior wise. Had a bad experience with Mercedes so never setting foot in there again. I believe the Merc will have better overall tech to the Macan though. The other one to look at is the Alfa Stelvio. Not on par with either of the GLC or Macan. I would definitely look at CPO cars (as stated above) in the GTS / Turbo flavour great buying value with the new car now out. Options will take any Porsche to astronomical pricing in the end. We just couldnt find one and ended up ordering in the end.
  8. Go under its the best thing you will ever do. The most wasted opportunity when building fresh.
  9. Just an update. Only took me 5 months but got there. Ended up using Mr Detail and they did a great job on both cars. Got the front of the 911 done and the front / rear of the Macan. Both cars have come out great. With the Macan i actually put my foot in it thinking they hadn't don't the rear and told them so too. Aside from wrapping them they ceramic coated the ppf too. Took the Macan to cobram for work and the bugs just washed off.
  10. Best upgrade I ever did on my 996.I used the B&M short shifter. A bit of an upgrade over the oem plastic unit. http://www.championmotorsport.com/product-p/bm45135.htm
  11. Rather than starting a new thread I thought I would revive this one. Anyone out there actually get into one? I was thinking of getting rid of my Redline and getting into this as my daily driver. Anyone have any feedback on reliability and maintenance woes? The interior is a bit of a let down but the rest looks great. Going for a drive this week as the dealer had none available. Interestingly enough they didnt actually sell all of their allocations / original cars and have not ordered new cars since. There is a flood of 17 and 18 cars coming onto the market as new/demonstrators due to this fact. I personally dont care about new or lightly used as it will be my daily drive and rather someone else take the depreciation hit on this thing.
  12. Why is everyone so serious all of a sudden. Nothing wrong with the driving lines or footage. If someone wants to drive accordingly and is happy to be recorded more power to them. Personally I have no problem. If I missed the sarcasm then ignore me .......

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