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  1. Good to see one of us kept the hobby up! I pretty much have all the old heli kit sitting in storage. Donated my controller to a local student that is building his own drone. Barely enough time to go driving let alone get down to the heli club. From memory we exchanged a number of emails back then too. I think we even chatted about cars. Time does fly (no pun intended!) Nice selection of toys you have, keep it up! The girls have expressed a desire to ressurect the helis and to learn to fly them.
  2. Insurance companies have lost the plot. I for one dont believe they use anything other than a finger up their arse to determine policy pricing. Had both the '19 Macan S and ''18 911 GTS with MB Insurance. The 911 at twice the value was $1000 cheaper than the Macan. Main difference was 10k km restriction (or whatever it is with them) on the 911 vs unlimited on the Macan. Moved it to Allianz for more than $1000 less over the MB policy. Both of us have fairly clean records. Wife is a lead foot that gets caught more than me speeding. Both had not at fault accidents too. On the flip side had a heavily modified Commodore with over 420rwkw and 700NM of torque for $1295.00 not in the same ball park but I dont get their mentality. I even told them I have a car in storage and will not be driven on the road and they wanted to charge me more than the car i had on the road (same car)! Suffice to say I have not insured the car on blocks. I now shop all my policies especially the daily driven cars and use anything that is the cheapest provided they give like for like coverage. Proof is always when needed, to date have not needed to use them. This shouldnt even come into play. When someone discovers the magic 8 ball they use to derive policy pricing we could try to reverse engineer it and try to make sense of their stupidity.
  3. Hey @Costas, you werent on archeli back in 2004-2008 by any chance? I had/have 2 Raptor 50s and and electric T-Rex450.
  4. Managed to get a hefty discount when we bought the Macan S. It was fully loaded though, so getting a discount was easy since we paid through the nose for the options. From memory it was roughly 8% and during the release of the new model one of the first .2 cars in the country. Also had a boot load of goodies and a $250.00 voucher to Yering Station for a lunch/dinner.
  5. If only we did get the K Rudd plan for NBN we wouldnt be talking about it and would have world class broadband. Yep I indirectly blame Turnbull for not having a spine to stand up to Abbott on the changed plans for NBN. Between the two of them we have received the worse iteration of a network anyone could hope for. I live in an area where the NBN drops on a daily basis for their unplanned maintenance or general faults. Its absolutely crap and I am no better off than when I was on an ADSL connection. Unless the whole country is connected in NBN we will be a third world implementation of internet connectivity. I know its not the same but when we moved to Singapore, we landed on Monday, moved into our house on Wednesday, ordered a 2Gbps internet connection and had it connected in 5 days with a temporary 4G service up and running on the Wednesday. Yes its a small place and easier to wire up but hell we could have done better than what we have currently got. My opinion is simply go for a 5G service if you have it available in your area and be done with it. We dont have a phone line at home anymore but 5G is still yet to be available in our section of Brighton
  6. The noise is ridiculous and I totally agree, it does nothing for me too. The girls thought it was funny and related to Star Wars but thats where it ended.
  7. The spooling up is the "Electric Sport Sound" file that comes with the car. I took the Turbo out on Saturday and was impressed with the car. It certainly performed well and certainly drove nice and flat. Acceleration could only be on par with the 911 Turbo S I would say. The rolling acceleration is neck snapping but at the end of the day as a party trick you would only be doing that every so often to injure your passengers. I think the Audi etron GT will be the pick of the bunch and as Chris Harris said its a Taycan in nicer clothes
  8. We have a 2019 Macan S wife went nuts and ordered virtually all options on the configurator, 50K in options could have bought a Cayenne S with the final price. First time ordering a new car so she decided to have a party. Last 20 years were company cars for her. Options I would go for Sports Plus. air suspension (makes the ride a bit more cushy), entry drive, lane departure, roof rails (just in case you want roof racks in the future for a storage box to complement the small boot), you know the usual stuff most other car companies include in their base package. 20" wheels are fine and we have taken this thing everywhere when we are going anywhere as a family. Girls had a sailing regatta at Lake Boga over the long weekend comfortable and a pleasure to drive 4+ hours non stop.
  9. Well it just proves that world is totally insane and there is more money being splashed around than you can poke a stick at. It looks like we need more pandemics ..........
  10. There was a black 991.2 GT3 at Ferrari that had been traded and sold and returned with less than 100km on it so my assumption is its this car. There wouldnt be too many with 60km on the clock floating around. And yes Jake is great to deal with, bought 2 cars off him now and he was the service advisor which helped me out during serving of previous cars too.
  11. Is this the black one from Ferrari Richmond?
  12. Actually it's chalk but they interchange it with crayon, I love it, such a chameleon colour. Based on time of day the car looks total different from white through to a caramel brown.
  13. Drove out as far as Port Campbell today and returned to Wye River under the cover of night, what a blast!
  14. Weekend away to Wye River. Great drive out there on the Great Ocean Road. View from accommodation not bad either.
  15. Looks like this one has gone up in value over the last 3 weeks now asking $102K
  16. In floor scissor lift for detailing and minor works Air compressor line near the scissor lift Hot and cold water to run through plumbed wash bay pressure washer Ducted Vacuum point Properly graded wash bay area or at least have bunding to prevent water going everywhere Make sure materials being used can withstand water I already have a wash bay in the basement (needs bunding floor isnt level unfortunately) but would prefer overhead plumbing for hose rather than dragging out a 30M high pressure hose. I am missing all of the above Never thought I would get so heavily into the car maintenance stuff and now regret not having the scissor lift, air lines and ducted vacuum point. My pet hate is extension leads. hoses and vacuum hoses being dragged around. Even if you dont use it, its cheaper to run all the services during construction regardless of future use. If you really want over the top inspiration check out AMMO NYC and Obsessed Garage for ideas - both over the top characters
  17. Im sure Porsche had a plan in the 90s to set up a plant in Malaysia during their days of bankruptcy or am I thinking of some other automaker. Didnt they make the boxster in Finland at one point in time?
  18. Biggest issue we had was/is the 24x7 running of the dehumidifier in the indoor pool. Similarly with 50w downlights (close to 200 throughout the house) and other power hungry devices it didnt make for great usage costs. That and a very bad electricity plan at the time it just wasn't pleasant. When we returned from our stint in Singapore made sure I did our homework on everything electricity. Changed to LED, solar, introduced a better plan and dropped to a more palatable cost. No secrete here 31K. We are expecting roughly a 5-6 year payback. See my previous response 12K (2014) in 2017 dropped with some further changes to the house and electricity plan. AGL was ripping us a new one and I never did anything about it.
  19. For the cost of a battery add to your system its far more productive and financially rewarding. We put in 21kw of panels would have gone full 30kw if we had the roof space. 44 months since installation, aside from self consumption and offsets all we pay in electricity now is $300 a year vs 2014 which was close to $12000.
  20. Unfortunately its not as simple. You need to know all the assumptions they have used in producing the projected savings. They talk about the 3% increase in cost per annum yet they dont talk about the potential reduction in Solar Feed In Tariff. In order to fully understand you need to compare all elements of current cost of electricity vs future cost, current Feed in Tariff vs future (which will be lower if not 0 at some point), self consumption (the biggest savings) vs returned to the grid and to top it off its projected solar production with a diminishing production over the lifetime of 25 years. I can tell you now you should be looking at this over a shorter period of time and 25 years is pie in the sky projection for this asset as way too many variables out of your control to factor in. From the time we installed our system, electricity costs and feed in tariffs have fluctuated in both directions. We have seen a FIT as high as 12c and as low as 10c, electricity as high as 32c and as low as 24c and not necessarily the higher costs now either ie electricity gone down in cost not up. Without knowing what size the system you are looking at and the cost of the system its a hard calculation to verify without some serious assumptions.
  21. Its today's crazy market that I dont want to partake in. My first 993 was going to be a guards red and I really never grew to like it so flipped over to an Arctic Silver. I do like the wide body G50 cars and thats what really draws me to this one OK good to know for future reference. Tossing up between finding a local or importing as I am not fussed about it being UK delivered as long as the price is right for the condition of the car overall.
  22. Anyone know this car out WA way? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1987-porsche-911-carrera-manual/SSE-AD-4362908/?Cr=27 I can't tell if its a local delivery but my hunch is that is an import. Not an issue for me but it looks slightly overpriced if it is as I know I can get a really clean one for 44K pound plus shipping etc. Regardless is the price fair?
  23. I would talk to some of the local guys but also talk to consumer affairs and see what they have to say on the matter. It is a 6 year old car that cost 280-320K new they wouldnt look too favourably on the fact this has failed to no fault of your own. Their view is manufacturers warranty doesnt matter when assessing the case but rather what is the realistic expectation on a product like this. This is a common fault in the 991 range and replacement door cars doesn't necessarily mean it wont happen again (not sure if the new cards suffer the same issue). Also trying to repair the current ones with adhesive alone wont work as the current ones are warped.
  24. Im sure they were thinking the same when the last stamped VIN Commodore sold for $750,000 too. Lee people have lost the plot and there is a sense of FOMO settling in and paying strange sums of money for anything and everything. Dont forget the employer gets the Job Keeper and if the employees are employed and the business is profitable then its pure cream so they have a massive windfall. Stupid money flying everywhere. The cliff will be in the struggling insolvent businesses that lose their protection come end of March.
  25. A client of mine bought the Duttons car a couple years back. I have not been able to confirm whether he sold it back to Duttons recently as I saw the car there a couple of weeks back too. Knowing his love for the car I extremely doubt he has sold it. He has a number of collectables and his desire was to actually daily drive it but decided against it. He also bought a 993 Turbo S from Duttons which had bypass pipes on it and he couldnt handle driving it till they put the exhaust back on.

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