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  1. Wow. Me likey your confidence.
  2. Tazzieman. Old man Porsche was Austrian my dear boy. He had a fascination with electricity when he was a boy and wired his family home. He went onto develop and make the lohner porsche electric car. It had the motors in each hub. He was and always was Austrian my dear boy. Porsche is an Austrian name and legacy. Prussian at best. Don't type until you know my dear boy. The above post tells me you don't know fuck all. Off topic yet on topic.
  3. Silver mit schwatz. Luftkuhlt. Pure and rare..
  4. 1976 build , 1977 MY Carrera3.o. Factory RHD. Sold new in the UK by well known dealer. Brought to Australia in the late 80's. Being the first G Body 911 to have zinc coated panels, this car was rust free when I bought it. Rust free means nothing structral. Kidneys, pan and front suspension points were and are clean. Front and rear glass surrounds were cut and replaced with metal, not filler. We made these pieces from scratch and welded in, properly. Front Right hand side bumper mount was replace at the sane time due to rust. The whole car has been waxoyld and is basically porn. Mezger built by well known Porsche tech who I bought the car from. For a CIS car this thing sings. Howls. Its a very strong motor. 930 crankcase (numbers matching) CIS fuel injection, butler hand built exhaust manifolds. Daansk two in two out exhaust (stock looking with hidden rhs dump) Wevo shifter, shift joint, engine and transaxle mounts. Custom spring plates rear with adjustable ride height and weight on sway bars. 911 SC brake booster with Carrera 3.2 discs and calipers. Turbo tie rods. Carrera cam tensioner upgrade. Front strut brace custom made. Turbo sport seats. Fuchs 16" wheels. Toyo R 888 Rubber with spare rears as they dont make them anymore. Less than 843 Rhd factory Carrera 3.o's left the factory. Yes it has a working sunroof as well. Offers considered by message please. Dont be stupid, this car is special.
  5. And. Its "Brake" not "Break".
  6. Convert to 12v> your 6v battery is fooked.
  7. Trends. 996 986 997 987 Down. Why? Production numbers. 996 Turbo and GT3 steady. Why? Mezger. G Body 911. Strong. Pre 78 - Off its tits 78 - 80 - Up and dreaming due to the fact they don't make them anymore 81 - 83 24 more horsepower and a cab. still nice, no momo steering wheels and turbo tails. 84 - 86 Carrera's - Money shot now, 915 box, most have been finger banged. NOTE : 915 can be nice, rebuild , learn to drive = fun. 87 - 89 Walter likes the ladies. Find one of these and you are like , I don't know, somebody who sold a HSV and found something better, or you think a turbo tail looks good on a non turbo car. If so, you're a tit. Yes you are. Targa's rock.
  8. You can buy bigger mounts. Is it a widebody? The tyre size suggests it is. A bigger mount will not solve your problem. The problem will be with wheel spacers, torsion bar set up and everything being out of alignment. Your shock absorber on the right may be fooked as well. Or both. Probably. Time to pull to pieces my dear.
  9. Funny. When you are presented with a great deal of cash you wonder "What would replace this car?" the answer is nothing. Best to keep it.
  10. Well technically the C was introduced in 64. So post september 63. Porsche shut shop in sept. so August was last year and october was and is next year. The T6 body was blended into 356B production in 1963> a T6 body meant larger front and rear glass, twin rear grilles, front fender fuel filler. Proper T6 C models gained disc brakes> This is how you distinct T6 Body B Models and T6 body C models. The wheels. B models had VW style drum brake wheels, C models had 911 style 5 Stud Disc wheels. how many Jewels? well, frankly , all of them. They rock! This is that thread My Dear boy. Lets not complicate this art.
  11. Well. Justification is difficult and very subjective. If you have a long-hood of any description, you are lucky. If you bought it 5-10 years ago, you were lucky(and possibly clever). To build a car costs alot of money. Some of us can and do get our hands dirty, scour the internet for parts and learn what needs to be done. Then we do it. Maybe 3 times to get it right. Mostly, lets just say, 60-70% of enthusiast owners entrust the work to specialists. The hourly cost of said work is expensive. The parts cost is expensive. Life is expensive though kids. A nice set of SSI exhaust manifolds is the same as the power bill you receive in your inbox quarterly..... Here's the reality. a rebuilt luft-kuhlt motor (done properly) costs 15k +. Same for a Trans-axle done properly.(Old mate down the local will quote 8k and it will end up being 15 at the end of it) Then there's your paint. try getting a paint shop to commit to a resto on a 30+ year old car. If they do, they will want Cash up front. Once the paint comes off, the tears start to fall. A bit like that Boom Crash opera song "Onion Skin". And then, even then, do they/can they/will they do it right? If they do and you know it, don't haggle just pay the bill. So yes, if you want a Long-hood, then it is justified because it costs more to do it. ( not with standing owners getting upset with specialists and the inevitable argument and owner removes car and takes elsewhere and, sigh, starts again.) This is why Porsche Classic charge EUR 95 per hour. You get the job done, once, correctly. and as a final comment. "They Don't make them anymore" Un-like houses.
  12. thanks! Have you bought an older Porsche? Please say yes, please say yes.
  13. ambiguous description. Its a C. Not an SC. Numbers suggest it has had a later type 616 motor with dual solexes. So, not a numbers car, however looks nice in re-sale red. Body is the biggest concern here. Nobody willing or skilled enough to tackle.50k is your ticket to ride for a fecked 356 body. Not unless you want to learn , in your shed. And then get a professional in. Price guide correct? Its an auction, a lottery. 100k car if body isn't muntered. Mechanicals are easier.Much easier.
  14. errrrm. Look at it. Its just wrong. If it is a UK targa with widebody option provenance then, its ok. But to my eyes it looks like arse.
  15. Greetings. I noticed there was some commentary about my car being for sale. I advertised it Thursday afternoon and was getting messages from overseas buyers early friday morning along with some Local interest. I advertised her as I don't have much appropriate space to store all my cars. A British Gent made an offer in GBP which was over the AUD asking price (When converted) so I accepted it. I was prepared to wait 3 months until the right buyer came along, however this was rather fast! Interest was more than I expected. I removed the advertisment and have been in discussions regarding payment over the weekend, which has resulted in me pulling out of the sale. Without being specific, I preferred full payment and shipping details etc to follow, which wasn't 'possible' immediately. Having some concerns I have pulled out of the sale and will keep the car for the near future. I made the mistake of driving her after 3 months of no activity and, you know the story.I have since made arrangements for 2 other cars to be stored elsewhere to promote the C3.0 to a decent Garage space at frankly little cost. I apologise for not being present on this thread for along time as I have been busy with other items. However what a great thread! 372 pages of The trading Post commentary from "The Castle". To answer the other Q's, the Tangerine 912 went to a buyer in Singapore (Expat). I miss that car, she was a sweetheart. I still have the 356SC and the Carrera3.0 (obviously) I have also acquired some other non P Cars. I appreciate all the local interest in the car but the breakdown with the UK buyer has given me a blessing in disguise in that I will keep the silver car longer. If I sold it I'd just buy another Porsche anyway. Doesn't make sense does it? ..............or Does it? Couldn't help myself. Narrow Body 911 or 911 S with an SC engine in it. Nice colour and looks to be ok. Even though non matching #'s the SC engine would be 'better' that the original choked mag case 2.7. Nice car. 40k I'd expect. Remember Kids. "They Don't Make Them Anymore" Watch speedweek on SBSOnDemand from sunday, retro masters. The 70's Porsches look great and won!!!(ok it was a Carrera 2.7 and thats stupid money but you know what I mean...)
  16. 80k would be a very good buy for this car. Is it perfect? no. Its an Oz delivered Numbers SC. I would expect this car to go for in excess of 100k. Providing its not completely rotten of course. They dont make them anymore, perfect SMSF investment right here.
  17. Not an SC as stated, Build #'s for C's even overstated. Seems to be a 'C' , converted and in good condition. Price is very good. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-356SC-1964/SSE-AD-2965630/?Cr=0&sdmvc=1
  18. "engine features hydraulic lifters" errr, no what you meant to write is features hydraulic chain tensioners. Haydraulic lifters only came in the 993 for the first time. OK now I'll get my Anorak and leave.
  19. Not me. Its a converted car as well as it has USA front indicator lenses. a touch optimistic on the price. Maybe the seller should go to specsavers?

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