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  1. Seems like a great price I’m sure it will get snapped up.
  2. Obviously the seller doesn’t know much about the car he is selling I’d of thought it would be a 3.4 as well as not being the obvious typo on the model and good luck with the price.
  3. Think you are spot on about engine mounts Jason they don’t look right like that.
  4. If anyone can get top price for any car I reckon it would be them.
  5. I love my dogs but they ain’t coming anywhere the inside of my car and I’d still buy the 996 over the cayman
  6. MARTY

    996 nearly

    Looks good from the photos you’ll love it I’m sure.
  7. MARTY

    Garage Find

    Car looks great @Coastr
  8. I wouldn’t be too concerned about km’s if you can get it for the right price Now think high $30’s but no mention of service history or ims would concern me
  9. Prices seem to have leveled off at the moment as long as the km’s aren’t too far beyond the 100k’s you state if it’s got full service history and hopefully ims has been done I’m going to say mid 40’s,as for factory options the more it’s got the better for you when it comes to sell it on.
  10. Manual or tip? Will have a big difference on price
  11. Id give Calvin a call he looks after my car and always does a great job his number is 0414582104 and as Rod says he has been in the business for years.
  12. MARTY

    Porsche release the reincarnated Moby Dick

    From a different angle it’s growing on me
  13. That thing is stunning always had a soft spot for the 240z this is just a fantastic update.
  14. MARTY

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    You could try Aporschapart I’ve had a couple of interior parts for my 996 from them.