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  1. And if it had the ims done maybe once or twice.From memory it’s mileage was to the moon and back wasn’t it?
  2. I remember one being on carsales for ages last year a uk car I think looked pretty good.
  3. Great video and car and as always love Chris’s passion with everything Porsche
  4. For a minute I thought the GT3 had some competition 😆 the real thing is one brilliant looking car
  5. You could try @dan_189 I think he was breaking a couple of 996’s but it was a while ago plus not sure of interior colour.Apologies if it’s duff info.
  6. That just needs a clean I’ve seen worse (it’s a 996.1)I remember a 964 in south Melbourne that was just parked up for ages that had messages on the windscreen with people wanting to buy it eventually it disappeared.Maybe check the plates online to see if any rego has been paid on it?
  7. It looks bloody brilliant I bet you can’t wait to get it finished and on the road.
  8. I think it’s now for sale at Richmonds in Adelaide for even more than before
  9. Just want to give a massive shoutout to Calvin and Lee @ Eurocars in Mornington they always do a brilliant job and when you look at the mix of cars they work on they clearly know their stuff I’d highly recommend
  10. I had a new Porsche supplied one for my 996 a couple of years ago got my local independent fitter to do the job all claimed on my insurance.I would have thought you would be able to get a like for like swap factory glass for factory glass.
  11. Welcome to the forum I’m sure you’ll get heaps of advice and I’m sure over time you’ll get your car to a place you are happy with the most important thing is enjoying every minute of the pleasure it will give you they are all great cars.
  12. Thanks Raf he does an amazing job and well worth the wait
  13. Finally managed to get my car up to Bill Moussa it got delayed from August until now (bloody Covid).What can I say the man is the best unbelievable job and the before and after photos are amazing well worth the $$$ and would recommend to anyone.First 3 photos before photos 4-6 after.

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