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  1. Car looks fantastic mate I’m sure it will give you endless amounts of fun driving it.
  2. Brilliant car which would still hold its own on the roads today
  3. Are trees that valuable that you have to chain a car to them?
  4. From what I have seen of that car for the money it’s a steal,congratulations on the purchase
  5. He passes me on my way to work in this and for that price it’s a bargain
  6. Stunning car especially in this colour Porsche centre Melbourne sold one this colour a few years ago never seen another one since that,I would happily have one on my drive.
  7. @daveyoul car looks great mate spend the extra $$ and get that ims done,enjoy the driving experience
  8. Just noticed this less than 2 days to go at graysonline price is $25000
  9. When you do finally complete your search @daveyoul all I can say is you will be happy with your purchase,for the money spent on buying a 996 they are truly a great car to drive and own.Good luck with your search.
  10. Hi @Tips nice watch mate the bracelet on mine is from 67 according to the numbers on it but it goes well with the watch,if I had my way I would have a drawer full of old Rolex watches I just love them.
  11. I love my watches I’ve had this 1991 Rolex gmt for years now it was the same year as my 964 at the time,only the watch remains need one to match my 996. Plus got this 1952 rolex oyster hard to believe its not far off being 70 years old
  12. Aren’t CTS and Dutton’s connected now? I thought I’d read that somewhere,I think they keep swapping a bit of stock going the way of CTS.

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