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  1. If it’s that car I went to have a look at it when it was for sale if I’m honest it was a dog it did have a dent in the wing like the one for sale at grays plus the sunroof had tape on it, at the end of the test drive I did ask him how he came to value it so high
  2. Plus some of the front end on that car looks like it's held on with Velcro
  3. just looking at the photos again it looks bloody perfect what a fantastic colour too
  4. You could possibly try Stuttcars.com that could help you
  5. If you aren’t desperate for the sale I’d keep it until all this has blown over,anyone buying in today’s market is going to want a massive discount I would have thought.Looks brilliant @williamsf1 where did you get the wheels from they look great on it
  6. Hi @tomo a 57 I think engine has had work done on it and is now 600cc the compression on it means it’s bloody difficult to kick over
  7. All my dad’s bikes first chance I’ve had to post photos of them he’s nearly 80 and still loves getting out on them,me being a petrolhead clearly comes from him.
  8. My 996 has a sticker so if that does any boxsters from that era would
  9. The blue one looked stunning I’d be happy with any colour they look fantastic
  10. Great looking 968cs at CTS and very low km’s looks great in silver,a couple of months ago that would have flown off the shelf in the current climate who knows?
  11. One hell of a car....I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw the price
  12. The market I would suggest is against this it’s always great to see a barn find but the money needed to recommission this one makes it worth maybe a couple of grand if lucky.I got offered a manual one a couple of weeks ago with $$$ already spent on the engine for just over $10k.You do see cars for sale on carsales but they just hang around forever
  13. Richmonds in Adelaide have got a beautiful black one for sale it’s been brought in from Singapore if you can live with that plus it’s a tip but I’m sure it could be bought for a reasonable price.
  14. Cairns Porsche at Hallam Sorry I always forget the name change it changed names from Cairns to Classic Modern Porsche services but would still recommend although we are blessed with some great independent specialists here in Melbourne

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