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  1. Sounds brilliant Greg if you could message me with a price
  2. @Joey888 Check out Border revivers website in Scotland they have a cracking 968 club sport if it was being shipped over here eventually I’m sure it would still command a good price if it was ever sold on.
  3. Hi Dan have you got the reverse mud flaps in front of the rear wheels mine have seen better days
  4. Wasn’t Dan breaking 3 cars in an earlier post?
  5. It could be a good car if purchased for bottom dollar I’m sure it’s going to need a fair bit spent on it to make it right,looking at the service records that car wasn’t driven for years with hardly any km’s over several years maybe that tells you something isn’t right with it?
  6. I would recommend Enthusiast they came in way cheaper than Porsche (MB) insurance with exactly the same cover
  7. That is one cheap car ok it needs a little money spending on it and any prospective buyer could make a very cheeky offer.
  8. I have got a mate that has the engine out of one of these I didn’t know they existed until he told me about them.
  9. The EB110 is a great looking car it’s a shame to see the factory in a time warp.
  10. Looks great @James P always had a soft spot for the turbo version.

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