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  1. I think it’s owned by Richard Green as @TwoHeadsTas said he’s a well known golfer and was advertised about a year ago
  2. Great looking car @Jedly I had a quick look at it the other day at Calvin’s new workshop when I was dropping mine off
  3. MARTY

    Audi ur Quattro

    That looks fantastic especially in the swb version
  4. Mate it’s a great looking car at what I would say is a fair price it just seems to be the case over here that people are obsessed with the car being Australian delivered,All I can say is yours is a cracking looking car and I’m amazed it’s not been snapped up
  5. It’ll be interesting to see the end results and how easy it is to do
  6. I didn’t get that far I was totally put off with the ordinary photos 😆😆
  7. It makes the ones Richmonds sold earlier this year look like a bargain
  8. Looks good but what’s with the shocking photos?
  9. MARTY

    Strange post

    Must have been bought cheap
  10. I totally agree it might have low km’s but surely isn’t worth that
  11. It looks tidy price seems pretty reasonable could be a good buy to get into 968cs ownership
  12. Looks sweet in yellow welcome to the group
  13. Are 996’s expensive for what you get? I would say for the price they just can’t be beat,I know they can have issues but that could be the case with any car.Whichever you choose I’m sure you’ll have a blast after all it’s a Porsche
  14. Congratulations Amanda I’m sure you’ll love your new car they are a great car to drive and own.
  15. Great looking car and good luck with the sale

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