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  1. I’ve often wondered what happens to used Nespresso capsules simples stick them to your bumper😁
  2. Looks like you have gate crashed somebody else’s post
  3. I’m sure you’ll love it
  4. I feel his pain hopefully it can be rebuilt
  5. Totally agree with @LeeM tips are fine in my book
  6. Stupid question but if that car is for sale at Lorbek’s I didn’t think you could sell on consignment here in vic?
  7. Quite a rare bike these days I would of thought we had the XT 250 and 550 yours looks great
  8. Congratulations on the purchase @Dreamr it looks stunning I’m sure you’ll love it
  9. Stick to the rebuild of the original motor at least the car will be matching numbers if nothing else plus the rebuild will make it more sellable down the line.
  10. They have been undervalued for way too long @michel it’s a little bit like when the 964 was the odd one out in the group,All I can say is for the money they can’t be beat and hopefully people are finally getting the message of how good they are to drive and own.
  11. Man that is tidy but at a price then again hopefully they achieve it, the 996 has been undervalued for way too long
  12. Mick sounds like a complete dickhead car looks great and hopefully a proper buyer will come along and snap it up

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