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  1. MARTY

    Any Porsche watch guys/gals

    Hi @Tips nice watch mate the bracelet on mine is from 67 according to the numbers on it but it goes well with the watch,if I had my way I would have a drawer full of old Rolex watches I just love them.
  2. MARTY

    Any Porsche watch guys/gals

    I love my watches I’ve had this 1991 Rolex gmt for years now it was the same year as my 964 at the time,only the watch remains need one to match my 996. Plus got this 1952 rolex oyster hard to believe its not far off being 70 years old
  3. MARTY

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    What do you mean it’s not real?😀
  4. Aren’t CTS and Dutton’s connected now? I thought I’d read that somewhere,I think they keep swapping a bit of stock going the way of CTS.
  5. For that price it’s great value should be trouble free motoring with the rebuild.
  6. MARTY

    Spotted Thread

    He was taking it easy @TwoHeadsTas although the engine looked good with the spoiler up,definitely been worked on
  7. MARTY

    Spotted Thread

    Just passed this on the Monash a couple of hours ago I've got to say it looked sweet,anybody from the forum??
  8. MARTY

    About time I joined

    Looks great mate you’ve got to love the way the 996 drives,welcome to the forum too
  9. A rare find indeed looks cool but you could get a lot for the$$$$
  10. Let’s just say it doesn’t run like it should,it is definitely the same car.
  11. If you look on Stuttgart.com I think you’ll find it’s the same car that pickles had I phoned the last garage to service it and the mechanic told me enough about it that you would never pay top price for it,hope that helps if anyone is interested in it.
  12. I noticed it at pickles and phoned up about it if it’s not the same car it’s very close to the one they couldn’t sell,and that one was a buyer beware but it could be a different car.
  13. I think it was being sold at Pickles auctions?
  14. If memory serves me right this one started off at about $50000 with no mention of being in an accident in the description with only partial history too I’m with @JLD I would be paying low $30’s and then you are taking a chance thinking of resale value.

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