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  1. Now that brings back memories it looks stunning
  2. MARTY

    964 cab rear seats

    Pretty sure they are different.
  3. That looks like a great price is it me headlights look like they have been sandblasted? Probably just the angle of picture
  4. They probably got the price of the Mclaren wrong too😂
  5. I think Magnus Walker is now on the hunt for a non GT 996,Bloody fantastic collection of cars that man has got I’m sure he’ll love it as much as everyone else seems to do.
  6. How good do they look? I’d have one in every colour if I could.
  7. Great write-up welcome to the joys of owning a Porsche.
  8. I bought my last 2 cars without getting a ppi @Dave986 I’m sure they will find something wrong with it that’s what you are paying them for but as long as it’s within reason I’d buy it the car represents well.Thought I’d possibly seen the 986 for sale good luck with the potential purchase.
  9. MARTY


    Bloody hell that is a mess hope everyone walked away ok
  10. That’s competing in price with the one at CTS in Sydney that one has half as many km’s on it both looks stunning though.
  11. I have got to say your car looks unbelievable surely should sell with ease.

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