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  1. Just wondered did you buy from dealers or private sales?
  2. All I would add is you can source a good car from the uk 🇬🇧 that’s had money thrown at it to sort out the usual problems with uk cars then it’s a no brainer……for what you can buy them for even with shipping and taxes compared to local cars I would say you can’t go wrong.
  3. Wow love the colour it looks beautiful…….almost forgot to say welcome to the forum
  4. It looks great and I’m sure will only get better with any improvements plus love the colour
  5. At that price even if it could be reduced slightly its surely a good starting point it definitely leaves money to do the ims and the other small jobs
  6. I think that one got passed in on collectingcars looks good though,I wonder how much the uk connection effects it’s value? For me not a lot but for others it does seem to hurt the value.
  7. I think I’m thinking of the same car I wanted to buy this a few years ago great looking car and an itch I will have to scratch at some point
  8. Would it be worth doing once you factor in all the extra costs? LCT and shipping would surely bring it close to what you can buy one here but I could be completely wrong.And you have to think resale value moving forward as most people here are only interested in locally supplied cars.
  9. Hexagon classics have got one in x50 pack too so more bhp and with virtually the same mileage and price aud $280,000 surely could be brought over for a reasonable number even with all the taxes on top.
  10. They are great cars to own and drive.Tips aren’t for everyone but I love mine and quick enough for any spirited drive.
  11. Great looking car and at that price it’s bloody mad if anyone pays it.But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was tempted by it.
  12. Highish mileage but looks OK and forgot to mention it wasn't for sale plus I think the gearbox might need some work.

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