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  1. That is insane it makes the 993 rs at Dutton’s look like a steal at 700k
  2. A great looking car is the Audi plus performance to back it up seems like a pretty good price too
  3. Aren’t you interested in going water cooled @LeeM could be a better alternative to a 996 this thing has it all with classic lines to boot.If Stevie Wonder ran his hands over that even he would know it was a dog.
  4. WTF?? That thing is a complete abortion,It gets lots of attention because it looks ridiculous maybe.I don’t understand why you would buy one brand of car and then try and make it into something else.
  5. A strange sales description you are spot on who buys a car when you can’t take it for a drive truly weird
  6. Could be a brilliant buy for someone wished I had some spare cash floating around guide of 30k-40k
  7. Good luck with the sale if you bought for the right price good on you nobody ever questions how much dealerships pay for cars and then add on a hefty fee.
  8. Repco have got it going really cheap Niko check the website more than half price off so it’s a bargain
  9. Autoglym ultra deep shine is perfect for dark paints black especially
  10. That is a cracking price especially from a dealer
  11. Many years ago whilst living in the uk I could have bought a 924 Carrera gt for £10000 do I regret it YES that’s why I always say if you see something you like you don’t sit on the fence you buy it,or you talk of buying one and eventually you will miss that boat sailing too
  12. Wouldn’t that be the best time to buy one then? At the bottom of its deprecation cycle?
  13. That is like saying when is the right time to buy a house? If you are in it for the long run who cares? Hindsight is a great thing and I’m sure over the years people can look back and say on that day you could have bought that car for that price the air cooled market is a perfect example.
  14. I disagree it’s a manual it’s not a million miles off in price sure you might have to wait around for a buyer but any car will sell at the right price

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