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  1. Good luck with the sale @James Pyour 997 GT3 looks a real beauty.
  2. MARTY

    WTB 911 996/997 C2

    I can’t help you with your search all I can say is you will love every minute of ownership whichever model you eventually buy.Do your research ims bearing is obviously an issue so factor in getting it replaced if it hasn’t been done.And good luck with the search.
  3. OMG 30k I’m sure that’s the going rate but bloody hell it sounds expensive.
  4. Followed a beautiful silver 996 targa up peninsula link this morning older gent driving it.
  5. Love the colour, for the money the performance and driving experience surely can’t be bettered. Hopefully one day I will have one on the radar as a possible purchase.
  6. Just wondering what wheels if any you have for a 996
  7. I think the owner was trying to sell this for about $50k earlier this year
  8. Congratulations @Taffy can’t wait to see the new car.
  9. Sounds ridiculously expensive to me, hope you find a cheaper deal.
  10. For anyone in the Melbourne area looking for tyres try Motorsport wheel and tyres on greens road Dandenong they are showing 285/30/18 ps2’s for $396 which sounds a good price,they have just fitted some continentals on my Ute for a great price and fantastic service from them.
  11. Not in my stewardship yet but my dad still has his B.S.A dbd34 Goldstar engine got rebuilt some years ago and is now a 600cc, bike is mint he also has a B.S.A b31 a Harley and just bought an old Moto Guzzi not bad for someone fast approaching 80.I need to get some photos
  12. @Rod C don’t tell me you have moved to the dark side Air Cooled?😀.Im sure you will love it I do miss my 964
  13. Hi guys has anyone got a recommendation for a window tint guy or company around Mornington vic,I need to get my windows redone the tint is starting to show its age and any tint to go for would really help. Cheers Marty

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