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  1. I used a product made by Angelus on a project at work and went from white leather to a tan colour with no issues.
  2. That is a stunner and in unbelievable condition
  3. Glad you could put on the event @Skidmarks we called in for a quick look around and the cars looked amazing,top marks to you and the people that gave up time to make it a success
  4. MARTY

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    Great looking car @901er and looks brilliant in white
  5. If the prices keep going up I’m just putting it out there I’ll sell my 996 for a bargain $100k😁
  6. Second key is just in case you loose the first one on the carpet 😆
  7. Cracking bit of work Mike the final result is a thing of beauty
  8. Cracking looking car and what a fantastic starting point in the Porsche world hopefully the first of many
  9. Just wouldn’t be worth it the costs in doing it would be huge and you would end up taking a massive hit if it ever came up for sale .
  10. I’d definitely recommend enthusiast exactly same cover as MB insurance but way cheaper
  11. Try Harry Aspiotis
  12. Gary Blackman was in Richmond his brother Michael I think and other brother David are at Carrum downs next to the freeway,David used to be based in Frankston
  13. MARTY

    Respray time

    Interesting to see any recommendations although a location would be helpful
  14. Fantastic looking car and as @Troubleshooter said maybe consignment is the way to go,I’d take no notice of the low 100k estimate that for me is worth quite a bit more it just takes time.

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