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  1. Does anyone else on here have a VR setup? I have a HTC Vive and enjoy the occasional outing with Assetto Corsa. ( in VR). l know a few PFA'ers enjoy iRacing and rFactor. The next releases of Project Cars 2 will have a DLC with some classic porsches. see: https://uploadvr.com/project-cars-2-getting-classic-porsches-soon/ Cant wait to see what its like.
  2. The next owner of this SC will be delighted, it's a very nice usable example.
  3. No! They broke the chalice from the palace! The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true!
  4. As an ex boxster owner, (an S) which was a daily driver. I am now looking to get another boxster for daily duties. I was speaking to Stuart at Nineauto about a 2.5 or 2.7 he indicated the 2.7 was probably a better choice with the 3.2 having the least amount of issues. If a good 2.5 came by at a great price then why wouldn't you?
  5. I agree It is early for VR but it is pretty immersive. In Assetto Corsa, it is a novelty to get our of you virtual car and walk around it in the pits. Triple screens give a better FOV , but VR does put you "in" the car.
  6. +1 Autoart - very helpful with my PPI for my air cooled . I have also used Jocarro for my water cooled they took a lot of time to go through everything and in what order items should be addressed.
  7. External aerial that was on the car when I purchased it ( motorised). Radio reception is quite good , at least around the suburbs of Melbourne.
  8. I just installed the continental tr7412UB-OR last week, very happy with the sound and playing thru the smartphone is great. The only slight negative is you don't have a a L-R balance but for the price very happy.
  9. +1 for a 2nd hand G27, I purchased a wheel , gearshift and pedals for approx 200. Make sure your graphics card is decent. Assetto Corsa is good fun in VR ( HTC Vive)
  10. Thanks for the advice I will give them a call
  11. The odometer and trip meter in my 84 carrera stopped working yesterday. The speedometer still reads correctly. Reading online its a common problem with 30+ year old VDO instruments. I searched the forum and found a recommendation for a company Lionel Otto Instruments in QLD. Does any one know if there a reputable shop in Melbourne who can do the same?
  12. Infestation - the presence of animal parasites , infection - invasion by microrganisms or pathogens. You have an infestation - awesome!

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