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  1. To avoid stuffing one of the 2 kids in the boot, I took the Cayenne in, to which they instructed us to park around the corner...
  2. The kids being avid watchers of car reviews on youtube wanted to go in, so we did. Was pretty cool. They made a video...guess they are now car youtubers! Meet The PetrolHead Kidz. If you can give them a view, a like, a comment or even a subscribe they would be stoked!
  3. 996 GT3. Adelaide. Next year. Outright Competition.
  4. 2.5 is the one to have I reckon, and that one looks very good.
  5. You don't need a PPI, you need a MTD. A McRev Test Drive! I will thrash the shiz out of it and let you know if it survived, if it does, you can purchase with confidence. If it does not pass our 87 point thrash test, we recommend you pass.
  6. Suspension is all sorted, thanks! I now have custom built adjustable Koni inserts in modified KW housings! Better than they were and now fully serviceable locally.
  7. Given she didn't know...I"M glad it arrived home in tact!
  8. Thanks PFA for having me! Fun day had even driving the school bus around. The Boxrod was in pieces unfortunately...one I'll get it on that track! Thanks also to @Troubleshooter for throwing me the keys to his Boxster S for a lap!
  9. More than possible. Bought mid 2012 for $65k, Listed mid 2016 for $65k... $10k more than any other at the time. Because why not. Don't ask you don't get. Sold within the week for $62k (after PPI with reduction to cover IMS) . Good car. Good history. Good photos. Good ad copywriting. Not to mention 6 months of priming the market with posts on here about how good the 996 model is! The buyer was not a sucker. He was an astute porsche buyer who knew what he wanted. Smart enough to have rode the rise in his 993 and exit it at the right time to upgrade to a 996 for 1/2 the price. If I had the car now it would be $70k. Or more... Some people want to buy the best Porsche of it's type on the market, some want to buy the cheapest... which buyer persona do you want to aim your sale at?

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