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  1. That's awesome! My 2 favourite cars. I also have an early WRX sharing the shed with the GT3. My nations cup car also won Rally Tasmania and came 2nd in Targa Tasmania in 2001 as seen in short here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfjA7q3J6oQ/ It's pretty cool how versatile these things were...competing at race tracks one week and tarmac rallies the next.
  2. To throw the whereabouts of another in the thread mix, I have the ex Tony Quinn VIP Petfoods car. Really enjoying chasing up the history of these cars! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfOjmiFp3oP/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. Nice one. Looks to have a full cage still too.
  4. I know the car you are thinking of, and this car...and this car is not the car you're thinking of.
  5. Can attest this car is as good in the metal as it looks in the pics. If someone wants one of these in absolutely perfect condition they should buy it.
  6. Having just had to tyre shop in 996 GT3 sizes - availability right now is the limiting factor. I've been happy with Dunlop Direzza Z3 and Yoko AD08R in the past, but none available in these sizes, nor the A052. Ended up trying Bridgestone RE71RS last week based on reviews and comparisons with the above. Worth a look. Just did Winton on them in the dry and drove home in torrential rain. And survived both!
  7. Wheel whores do desperate things when they need a fix...as you'd know! Ps. Whatchoo got?
  8. Too silver! I have Continental Orange and Speed Yellow these days! (And Arctic Silver…)
  9. I had a look at that and test drove it just before xmas too, the day it was listed. Very nice car, but wasn't quite for me... Congrats.
  10. Thanks for the tip! Just editing Boxrod ad now...note to self, remove pics of it doing donuts.
  11. The fluid that fixes the transfer case was Ravenol brand, not Porsche. But yes completely solved the issue. It should be a 20,000-50,000klm service item imo.
  12. Originally from somewhere in US, I can't remember the name sorry... But try @TwoHeadsTas, he bought them off me, but I think moved the car on and may have them or know where they went.
  13. I would do a custom badge that says "GT?" on a car like that.

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