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  1. Originally from somewhere in US, I can't remember the name sorry... But try @TwoHeadsTas, he bought them off me, but I think moved the car on and may have them or know where they went.
  2. I would do a custom badge that says "GT?" on a car like that.
  3. I drove the 718 Cayman and the 718 Boxster S. Handed them back feeling my 986 was more fun than either of them, and that if I wanted a wrx i'd buy a wrx...so I did!
  4. Well bugger me, now we have to abide by PFA SMT rules any time and any where we drive a Porsche? Lighten up. Anyway, even PFA’s founder and leader has turned up at an SMT run with a pro camera rig on the car and filmed it without consent from everyone else participating. I guess rules are made to be broken... Quick vote. Who here bought a Porsche to never ever break a road rule in? 🦗🦗🦗
  5. I had a current affair reporter in the court during my case... luckily it didn’t surface. They were more interested in following up on the young guy before me who got done for popping a wheelie through red lights on YouTube!
  6. There can be only one. But good luck with the sale. It looks like a cracker car.
  7. I’d be less worried about the sellers ex wife and more worried about your wife finding out you bought it!
  8. He mighta been talking in "code" for something else he was offering you that had nothing to do with reptiles... would not surprise me on sGumtree.
  9. To avoid stuffing one of the 2 kids in the boot, I took the Cayenne in, to which they instructed us to park around the corner...
  10. The kids being avid watchers of car reviews on youtube wanted to go in, so we did. Was pretty cool. They made a video...guess they are now car youtubers! Meet The PetrolHead Kidz. If you can give them a view, a like, a comment or even a subscribe they would be stoked!
  11. 996 GT3. Adelaide. Next year. Outright Competition.

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