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  1. Not at this stage Justin. I don't have a daily driver at the moment so that will be the first thing. The car was originally from VIC funnily enough. Last time I checked those same number plates were available in QLD too
  2. Bumping this to the top. I've decided to get serious about selling the car and am looking for offers around $39k.
  3. Had the car on a dyno today... just checking over the tune and all seems good.. just shy of 260kw
  4. It's Porsche black grey with half the white content
  5. I finally have my license back and have decided to keep the car for now... Just a few pictures to show off the new exhaust. It's a bit tidier and slightly quieter than the old setup.
  6. That's fair feedback and I'm open to offers. For less than 50k though, I'll most likely be holding onto it.

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