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  1. Bump. Still for sale and taking offers..
  2. Not at this stage Justin. I don't have a daily driver at the moment so that will be the first thing. The car was originally from VIC funnily enough. Last time I checked those same number plates were available in QLD too
  3. Bumping this to the top. I've decided to get serious about selling the car and am looking for offers around $39k.
  4. Had the car on a dyno today... just checking over the tune and all seems good.. just shy of 260kw
  5. It's Porsche black grey with half the white content
  6. I finally have my license back and have decided to keep the car for now... Just a few pictures to show off the new exhaust. It's a bit tidier and slightly quieter than the old setup.
  7. That's fair feedback and I'm open to offers. For less than 50k though, I'll most likely be holding onto it.
  8. According to: http://www.944racing.de/wheelweights.php they weigh ~10kg each
  9. Hey Jason, Alloy Doctor are one of the best in the business. They do OEM repaints and repairs for BMW, Mercedes and Audi on a regular basis. They also painted the TE37's that I have on my 944 at the moment and did a great job.
  10. These are tentatively sold and it looks like they'll be finding a home on another 964. They really suit the car... the black on black works a treat too
  11. Genuine RUF Speedlines refinished with satin black lips and gloss black spokes. 17x8" +56 (fronts) 17x9" +44 (rears) The wheels are completely free of kerb rash with the only defect being some faint ghosting left over from a sticker on the rear lips (image 5). $2800 or best offer. Located southside Brisbane.
  12. Bump to save me from carsales. Happy to answer any questions via private message or phone call.
  13. Everytime I start it up to charge the battery and warm over the motor the temptation is there to keep it. The sound always gets me. Really I just want it to go to a good home where it will be driven regularly, maybe taken to the track on occasion. This thing needs to be driven and not idling in my garage. Thanks for the message!
  14. Thanks for the message Trev, it was a hard decision to come to. I've since had a couple of friends offer to keep the battery charged on the event that I keep it. But at this stage it's still for sale and will consider all reasonable offers.. cheers, Chris
  15. This is a very reluctant sale. Price: $39,000 or best offer The build thread and most recent pictures can be found here: http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/6455-the-bastard-944-ls1/?page=9 The car currently has 3000km on the freshly blueprinted and cammed LS1 motor (making 260kw at the wheels), 129,000km on the chassis and gearbox. All work on the car has been carried out by MR Tuning: http://www.mrtuning.com.au/ There are approximately $100,000 worth of receipts for the build. I should also mention that there are some imperfections in the paintwork. They don't show up in photos, but I'll point them out during inspection.

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