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  1. Hi Trev, can you confirm the rear offset? Arent they meant to be approx 65mm for the 996 GT3? Edit - Oops. Are these "gt3 style" to suit 'normal' 911? Not actual gt3 fitment? Cheers
  2. Thanks, I've got a PC-680 that i use for my race car - but i didnt think it would have enough grunt for the porsche. I'll give it a try, or maybe just buy the next size up. Cheers
  3. what sort of batteries are you guys fitting? i'd like to find a good lightweight battery.
  4. i wouldnt have thought that oil would be easy to freight in from overseas? But $46 from the US is very tempting...
  5. thanks Peter M, some say yes, others say no. i can get PTX thru Porsche Australia, but its $1000 for 20 litres... and i only need 4 litres. i can get the SHC for $320/20 litres.
  6. Hi, has anyone had their gearbox oil changed? I am having trouble sourcing the correct oil which i believe is Mobilube PTX75W-90. Porsche part number is 0004 320 420. Mobil distributor has recommended Mobilube SHC75W-90 as a substitute. Can anyone confirm that this an acceptable substitute?
  7. i realise that this is a very old post - but might help someone in the future... i replaced my 996.1 GT3 front rotors with a kit from girodisc in the US. They provide a conversion kit to 350mm rotors which includes ally hat two piece rotors, caliper spacers and longer bolts. Cost about $1500 including freight. I also use Project Mu pads (H16-03) and find them excellent. Supplier was Racer Industries in Qld.
  8. k1200

    new track tyres!

    tread splice separation on the front tyres. i didnt know what it was the first time it happened and assumed that i had driven over something on the track and cut the tyres - but when it happened again last weekend, i did some research. Our chief scruitneer had seen it before. It was stinking hot last weekend and i am fairly hard on the brakes. Hidden Valley has a 1.1km long straight, so the brakes and tyres get a fair work out into turn one.
  9. k1200

    GT3 diff

    Hi, has anyone rebuilt their 996 GT3 diff? i'd like to replace or upgrade mine - its starting to get squirrelly under heavy braking on the track. i've read a bit on rennlist and pistonheads - but would like to know what people in australia have been using and where they sourced parts. Thanks k1200
  10. k1200

    new track tyres!

    three weeks until next track day!
  11. k1200

    new track tyres!

    thanks for the comments. i bought the dunlops. 235/40R18 in R compound for the fronts 295/30R18 in H compound for the rears. hopefully they wont fall apart like the Toyos!
  12. Hi, i have had some trouble with my current track tyres (Toyo R888) on my GT3 and need to change to something else. my short list comprises: Dunlop DZ03G Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Yokohama AO50 does anyone have experience or comments to make on any of these? they will be a track only tyre (although i do drive to the track with them on). Cheers k1200
  13. my car came with a set of near new Falken 452's - i didnt like them and have put them in storage. Poor grip in comparison to the Yokohama AD08's on my Subaru (let alone the unfair comparison to semi-slick race tyres). no experience with the F453's, sorry.
  14. fitted and bedded in my new R888's and PMu brake pads. Broke my iphone when it slid off the seat once they warmed up...
  15. R888's in GG compound were $986 for 235/40R18 and 295/30R18 - check tirerack.com for prices on other sizes - freight was $408 to Darwin. Ordered them on Friday night, arrived at my office on Tuesday morning with Aust Day long weekend in between. Congrats on your hillclimb result. i havent used AO50's - i am still sulking from having to use AO48's as our control tyre in IPRA. I spent a fortune on those dang things over the years...

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