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  1. Thumbs up from me,i think it looks fantastic.
  2. I used fed ex a couple of months ago i think the box was about 10-11 kg it cost about $200 and took a couple of days to get here thats San Francisco to Melbourne,very happy with the service.
  3. I thought about the bbs rims i thought the lm range would look good and then get the car lowered,i dont know anyone with a set of fuchs i just thought they look the best on this shape of car.Thanks for the replies so far.
  4. Looks good Amanda i would say give it a go.
  5. I think Rob was showing it with the Porsche owners club at the classic car show in Melbourne in 2012 got to say it looks a great car if only the minister for finance would sanction another purchase.
  6. After i posted a thread yesterday about getting my wheels refurbished it got me thinking.What options for different wheels do you have for the 964? i know most people put cup 1's on but i wondered if it was possible to fit older style fuchs wheels? or does it have to be the new fuchs rims? from memory i think the new ones are mega expensive and can only be bought via RSR in Melbourne.
  7. Cheers Dave i will give them a call today it looks like they are the closest ones to me.
  8. Hi guys Can anyone recommend a place in Melbourne that refurbs alloys,mine have got gutter rash damage.
  9. That looks good for that price,i have always had a soft spot for the 924 gt.
  10. Saw a great looking yellow 911 targa today about mid 70's i'd say in Flinders on club plates,a fantastic looking car.
  11. I might give it a go if i can get up it sounds good.
  12. spotted a blue lhd targa yesterday a member off here dont know his name i remember him getting the car from the states,saw him at arthurs seat then on truemans road near rosebud/rye.

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