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    I hope the pricing / option package is reasonable......I had two Audi's on order. RSQ3 & SQ5. Cancelled the SQ5 once I saw the Macan.
  2. Have used Phillip Dodds @ Ultra Shade (Black Rock) on my wife's Q5. Very good workmanship.....will use Phillip on my RSQ3 when it arrives. Phil's details are 0418 33 58 58
  3. Had a short visit recently....pity about the windy Melbourne day http://s3.photobucket.com/user/Irisblue911/media/IMG_0005.mp4.html
  4. McLaren finally arrived yesterday, with the sun out this afternoon took it for a quick 140km spin. It's like the GT2....quick & uncompromising.
  5. Chris, Try DGA Insurance Brokers P/L (Kylie) 03 8636 9000, MB Insurance - underwritten by QBE. Cheers Mark
  6. Picked up my new tick tock this week.
  7. Just back from riding the Euro Alps for 3 weeks, have added another bike to the collection - S-Works McLaren (to be delivered next month).
  8. Paul (Q), your 356A is just pure SEX
  9. Have always used Alan's Transport with great results. Allans Transport
  10. MGS996TT

    997 GT3 RS4.0

    Vid & lots of pics thanks Chris
  11. Great Choice with the Scirocco R !! I plan to pass the Golf R to the wife in 12-18 months once I get bored with it....kids and the need of a 4 door. But I do agree, I also like the Scirocco R more than the Golf R.
  12. Thought the GT2 was the better machine. No Nissan GTR on the shopping list any time soon, but still a great car. Ordered a Golf R several months ago as my DD. Should be arriving early May
  13. Smart choice Mark W Mark Webber GT2RS
  14. Hi Chris, Sounds like a great trip. Soak up every minute & enjoy
  15. Hi Chris, Using two cell phones for the moment. Number you have should be OK....weather looking a little wet for fed square. Remember to pre-book your Porsche factory tour (Zuffenhausen). Can be booked via PCM. Cheers
  16. Hi Chris, Source products both locally & OS. Here's a few links: SFX pads...I have about 20 odd, so you can try a few prior to purchasing any. SFX Pads Micro fibre cloths Micro fibre @ Pakshak Final Inspection ....Highly recommend the drying towels here & the Gloss Boost (great for removing light dust. ie Car sitting in the garage for a week or two) Gloss Boost Can source Menzerna from several locations...Waxit, Final Inspection, etc. Poorboys (tires) Info on RO polishing machine (Porter Cable...non-forced, this was my first RO, but Mak & Festool much better) Info on polishing machine Prior to applying any sealer I always wipe the paint down with Pure Isopropyl Alcohol & Water (50/50 mix). This ensures the sealer will bond to the paint. The Iso can be soucred from Dick Smith's. Applying the sealer & wax is the easy part. It’s the paint correction (removing scratches, blemishes, and polishing) which is the time consuming part. Always happy to help any Porsche enthusiast/s.
  17. Well here we go…. Car Washing : Have used Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo for many years with great success. Drying : Only use Micro fibre cloths. Several options and not limited to : PakShak (USA) or Final inspection (sourced locally). Final Inspection seems to have better absorption rates. Clay : Clay magic blue (fine) & lub. Paint correction : Lots of options within the Menzerna range of products. Actual product depends on the amount of correction required. Min is a 2 step correction Eg. 1. PO 203S with SFX pad & RO polisher 2. PO 106FF with SFX pad & RO polisher Sealing : Final Inspection – Seal Reg. 3 to 5 days cure time depending on temperature. Waxing : (Optional) depending on colour. Mostly use SwissVax Onyx Tyres : Poorboys. Wheels : (Clear coated) PO 106FF & Final Inspection Seal Reg. RO : Makita BO6040 or Festool Rotex 150. Cheers Mark
  18. Hi Chris, On avg it takes about 12hr to get a Porsche polished and looking great. 1. Wash. 2. Clay the paint 3. Wash 4. Tape up rubbers & lights. 5. Menzerna PO203S (white SFX Pad) 6. Menzerna 106FF (red SPX Pad) 7. Sealant 8. Wax The attached pic shows my original RO...Porter Cable out of the USA Drop me a call if you want a hand during the week (after hours). The RO is very easy to use....have lots of pads and polish, no probs. The Ruby Red always looked great on my recently sold M3.

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