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  1. Congratulations on the new car. The addiction begins!
  2. Good luck with the sale! With the current value of air cooled cars, this is great buying. Trophy winning car.
  3. DS911

    964 Sports Seats

    Thanks - PM sent.
  4. DS911

    964 Sports Seats

    For sure, but I'll have to find the replacement seats first. If the PP's become available I'll let you know.
  5. DS911

    964 Sports Seats

    FYI - I have a pair of Pole Position ABE's to trade if that brings any potential sellers out of the woodwork!
  6. If you can get to Campbellfield then I highly recommend Final inspection.
  7. DS911

    964 Sports Seats

    I was afraid this might be the case! I'll keep searching though. Thanks for the info.
  8. DS911

    964 Sports Seats

    Hi all, I am looking for a pair of 964 sports seats. I know there is a full interior for sale, but I am specifically after the sports seats with the larger bolsters. Preferably black if in mint condition but other colours OK if they need a re-trim. Attached is a pic of the seats I am after. Thanks.
  9. If I am reading this correctly, you are saving a total of $173,669 in 25 years. Each year the cost increases 3%, so you are saving more each year. A simple calc you can do in Excel to determine the savings per year could be as per the attached. I get a year 1 savings of $4,763.37. Does this work? SolarCalc.xlsx
  10. Thanks for the feedback. As it turns out, the one I posted is a 1987. My friend sent me the VIN. He emailed PCM today to get the factory spec. I'll have a look at the others on carsales. I agree that an Aussie car would be the best option.
  11. Does anyone know anything about this car? Comments also welcome! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1983-porsche-911-sc-manual/OAG-AD-19520601/?Cr=6 A friend of mine is looking at it. He wants a convertible. Being sold by a dealer with limited history. Looks like non factory wide body with some other minor cosmetic mods. I don't generally follow the convertible market so not sure if this is priced right, and how the wide body mod will affect value. Thanks.
  12. Thanks very much. I think I'll end up watching all those videos!
  13. Do you have any video/audio of your system? I'm running Fabspeed primary and secondary delete with dual tips. I'm pretty happy with it but always open for change! I was running a cat delete but the car was too smelly for street use. I tried a high flow cat but settled for factory in the end. A bit more 'muted' throttle response but I was happy to compromise since retiring the car from track days. I have custom high flow and Fabspeed cat delete if anyone is looking for those options.
  14. I have retired my 964 from track duties and am now looking to bringing it back to its glorious pre stone chip days. I am looking to do a complete respray in factory colour - Polar Silver. I did drop by Charlie Battisti a few weeks ago and one of the guys in the workshop told me it would cost roughly $25K. I know they will do a perfect job but was hoping to get it done for less. Maybe I just need a dose of reality but thought I'd check in here before I go any further. Does anyone have a recommendation for other paint shops? I'm in the inner-mid Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Local is ideal but not essential. Thanks.

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