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  1. ha! I best not keep the masses waiting then, I shall be nice and early. Cool, I have a young nephew with a budding Porsche interest which I am trying to turn into an obsession so Hanger Banger 2 should get him over the line.
  2. poli84

    STOLEN: 996.2 Service Book

    From what I have read and hear, stolen service books are used to help move stolen cars by tampering with the details. Can also be used to extract VIN and engine number details for re-birthing stolen or write off vehicles. He’s made flyers and hung them up in the neighbourhood offering a reward if they are handed in. Fingers crossed he gets them back because he wanted to sell the car!
  3. My friend had the service book stolen from his 996.2 in Carlton North on Friday. He accidentally left the car open and in the morning the service book was taken from the leather pouch (user manual and other documentation was left, only the service book was taken). He has reported it to the police but if anyone hears anything that could lead to their return or is aware of anyone who can "source service books for a 996", please let me know as he is obvioulsy keen for their return.
  4. Thanks Dan, it's out of the way but I'm going to meet up in Elwood for the full convoy, will catch you in Laverton. @hugh what time does the event run from and to? Wanting to pass the details on to some spectators but not sure what the best is for them to arrive.
  5. Gorgeous, good luck with the sale! I love the B5 RS4, hopefully one day. Yours is a perfect low km example.
  6. Appreciate the input guys. Yes FSH and IMS done, no modifications at all except for the Pioneer double DIN screen that the previous owner installed but I believe he has the original stereo for originality. I'll see what he says.
  7. I'm hoping the 996 brains trust can help me out with a value. A Very good friend of mine is thinking of selling is 996 to upgrade to a 997S and has asked for assistance on what it should be advertised for and what he should take. MY02, silver over dark blue, C2 Coupe, manual. Australian car, nothing sinister with full books and history, 150k kms. Thoughts on current value?
  8. poli84

    964 Market Watch

    Veeeeeeery interesting.
  9. poli84

    Tyre Blackener

    I have been using Carpro Perl for years and love it. You can also water it down and use it for trim pieces. https://www.waxit.com.au/products/carpro-perl-50-500-1ltr
  10. So damn cool. Congrats to that lucky owner who has a really cool piece of Porsche history that is utterly unique.
  11. SH!T YEAH @Andy73, absolutely love that. Got me gee'd up to go again! What's everyone doing tomorrow?
  12. poli84

    FOUND - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    haha yeah... it's one thing to have a torque wrench, another to use the correct torque setting ? That's the one I use too, I use it so infrequently that I need to remind myself how to set the torque each time.
  13. poli84

    HK 911

    That's fair enough Lee, good reasoning. So what will use to plug up the holes in the meantime?
  14. Awesome shots as always @Andy73, thanks mate. What a weekend, still on a high. Thanks for the drive of the 993 @KG, what a car. Haven't stopped thinking about it since. I didn't take any decent shots unfortunately, here are a few though. The view from the back seat of my own 964 while @RA987 drove us to the pub. @GUT seems too big to fit in the back seat of an aircooled 911 so I graciously gave up the front passenger. Best Uber ever, 5-star.

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