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  1. SH!T YEAH @Andy73, absolutely love that. Got me gee'd up to go again! What's everyone doing tomorrow?
  2. poli84

    Wanted - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    haha yeah... it's one thing to have a torque wrench, another to use the correct torque setting ? That's the one I use too, I use it so infrequently that I need to remind myself how to set the torque each time.
  3. poli84

    HK 911

    That's fair enough Lee, good reasoning. So what will use to plug up the holes in the meantime?
  4. Awesome shots as always @Andy73, thanks mate. What a weekend, still on a high. Thanks for the drive of the 993 @KG, what a car. Haven't stopped thinking about it since. I didn't take any decent shots unfortunately, here are a few though. The view from the back seat of my own 964 while @RA987 drove us to the pub. @GUT seems too big to fit in the back seat of an aircooled 911 so I graciously gave up the front passenger. Best Uber ever, 5-star.
  5. poli84

    HK 911

    Looking great Lee. But how come you didn't get the body shop to plug up the old mirror holes in the door while they had the paint gun out?
  6. poli84

    Wanted - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    Hi Dan, You are more than welcome to my 964 mounts, they have done 150k kms and they came out a couple of weeks ago. If you want them, send me a DM and i'll shoot you my mobile and you can come around and grab them.
  7. poli84

    964 Market Watch

    agreed, what was the deal @Mike D'Silva? Import, need of major work or just wanting a quick sale?
  8. Thanks for a great day out PFA, special thanks to Kerry, Hugh, Mark and Mike for their efforts in putting it together and running the day (thanks for the driver instruction @9fan). What a fantastic course, I've never driven anything with so much undulation and blind crests. An excellent day with great people and beautiful cars, nice to meet some new faces. Of course, always relieved to get home with driver and car in one piece. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the photos @Simonk
  9. Assuming this is 6:15am on Sunday morning, I will meet you there for the convoy.
  10. poli84

    Tangerine '70 T targa resto

    Was this yours?
  11. Thanks Hugh. Will there be food for purchase or best to bring food and drinks for the day?
  12. poli84

    HK 911

    With craftsmanship that good, it looks like they are undoing all of your "ghetto backdate work"! ? Sorry to hear about your off but fantastic that it is in good hands and coming back better than ever.
  13. Me too ?. Saturday night activities got the better of me.
  14. poli84

    964 Market Watch

    yeah yeah you would! At least there is no rear wiper for you to remove ?