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  1. poli84

    Smart Roadster

    Nah, this is in Fitzroy North (Melbourne). No obvious signs of neglect or gaffer tape on this one. Black, i'll take a photo when i walk past it next.
  2. poli84

    Smart Roadster

    There is one parked on the street near my house, seemingly abandoned, never seen it move. If you want me to leave a note with your number, PM the details and i'll write it out and place it under the wiper.
  3. poli84

    AUDI B5 S4 avant

    They don't come up often do they, especially low mileage minty ones. Mostly modded in an awful way.
  4. Looks good! Tell us a bit about your C4. How long have you had it, any other mods, etc.
  5. Very interested, keep the updates coming and load some pics.
  6. Big call Luke, but you are certainly in the position to make that comparison (good to see where the heart still lies)
  7. All looking excellent Tiann. Any leaks that need addressing? I seem to remember chatting with yourself prior to my own 964 purchase over 5 years ago now, about a re-seal you performed just after purchasing the 964?
  8. Perfect reasons to build a safari 911, good stuff. Can't wait to see it and hear how you are enjoying on those country roads.
  9. On ya Luke, stunner. Very happy for you.
  10. Does the Instagram account come with the sale? And will there be a non-compete in place which forbids you from any other IG handle with the word Outlaw, OTLW or similar? I don't want to become the Paddington OTLW only for you to become the Bronte OTLW or the Benton OTLW, POLO OTLW, etc.
  11. Sad to see you sell this Ryan, cool personalisations done with a great back story and purpose to the car.
  12. Seems this is now available for purchase http://axelaudio.pro/autoradio/384-bremen-sqr-46-dab.html Can anyone with an understanding of Australian frequencies and DAB+, etc, etc tell me whether this unit will work as designed in Australia?
  13. Not sure how many charge bays they have at each station but wait time is a valid point and one that I have not seen addressed by any of the providers. However, I don't think it is an immediate concern given the 0.2% current take up of EV but I'm sure like all things, if the demand increases, then you would imagine they have the capabilities to scale up the charge the points. No concern about unplugging a car, despite what James and Jeremy may joke about. As long as you remember to lock your car, the plug cannot be removed.
  14. Not quite, but very soon you will be able to. Chargefox is currently setting up ultra fast stations to allow travel from Adelaide to Brisbane and are rolling out 21 Ultra Fast charge stations. They currently have 1 in Euroa, Barnawartha and Toombul. The Ultra-fast stations can provide 400km of charge in just 15 minutes. Pair that with the offerings from Audi (e-tron) and the M-B (EQC) and the Taycan, which are all launching later this year/next year, you soon will be able to drive from Melb to Sydney with 2 x 15 minute stops. I know that's not the same as 1 x 10 min fuel stop but the technology as well as the infrastructure are getting there (a double stop on that boring driving is not the end of the world, more opportunities for a country pie and a coffee that's too hot served in a mug). Don't get me wrong, I have no intentions of ever giving up my 964 and I only hope to add more classic cars to my garage in the future, but as a daily driver and the family car, I love the idea of an EV. Eliminate 'range anxiety' which is being done by company's such as Chargefox who have government and OEM funding as well as the next wave of EV's we are seeing from the big players, and they offer a different driving experience which is really enjoyable once you actually give them a go.
  15. I had one of these installed when i did the clutch last year, they're great, would recommend. Much lighter clutch pedal, very noticeable.

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