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  1. F........ G Awesome. Congrats mate. Keep it stock or tune tbe hell out of it. Either way, you'll love it and that torque rush in 3rd is intoxicating. The single biggest reason I miss my 996tt.
  2. Turbo, stage 1 tune, exhaust= 500 reliable hp Kw v3 with aggressive alignment=handling Brake upgrade=stopping power Appreciating in value=great resale Then you have all the elements of a great super car that you can daily drive and track.
  3. 996.1 GT3-308 RHD cars, 1858 worldwide. It was never released to the American market, due to of all things, too low a ride height!!! Hence the lower number of the MK1. I have a print out of the Australian delivery figures....see attached pdf The interesting thing is-996.1 only 13 Touring vs 77 Clubsport, which makes the touring a much rarer car in Australia, with Arctic Silver and Speed Yellow being the most popular. I guess most were bought to track, rather than commute! They are being held onto in increasing numbers and in my perusal of Autotrader UK, which I consult monthly, there have been occasions where NONE are listed for sale in the UK. Presently, there are around 5940 Porsche's for sale in the UK, with 2 Mk1's for sale and 6 MK2's. Every new generation produces a better/faster car and the MK2 is undoubtedly a better car than the MK1. Better suspension, better brakes, more power etc..etc... Porsche's mantra is constant evolution and its easy to quantify that with numbers...power...lap times... 1/4 mile etc... But how do you quantify feel and connection to car? This is purely subjective and is like asking- 'Whats your favourite colour...and why??' I have had 7 Porsche's now- 77SC targa, 2 X 944's, a Boxster, 964 carrera 4 cab, 996 Turbo and lastly the 996 GT3.1. I have also driven a couple of 991's- Carrera and GTS ( in Germany) Each have their strengths and weakness', but the one that makes me feel the best, the one that gives me a sense of achievement every time I nail a corner and get it just right......is that old GT3. And, if I screw the corner up, it lets me know about it.....even if it is in a very forgiving way for a 911. This is a cheesy and slightly inappropriate analogy, but here goes- Its kind of like the 'Hot IT' girl from high school. Everyone wanted to date her, but only the coolest and wealthiest guys did. Then you bump into her a few years later, your more of a man now, so you get up the courage to ask her out. Shes says yes. You take her out a few times and your a little rusty, not as suave as you think you are.... But you keep at it, trying your hardest to make it work. Slowly she comes around and you form a bond that you have never had before. It grows to point that you start hearing yourself say' This is it, I'm never breaking up, I'm in it for the long haul, learning and growing together- I'm keeping her forever!' That just about sums up the last 3 years with 996.1GT3 for me... 996GT3.pdf
  4. Have a look on line for Walter Rohl 's record breaking drive around the Nurburgring in a 996.1 Gt3. First time ever a road going production car did it in under 8 minutes. The car was in speed yellow and hence, a lot of the Porsche advertising and promotional material was depicting that car. And so, speed yellow became synonymous with the gt3, particularly in the 996 GT3. Dont get me wrong, previous other Porsches looked great in some iteration of yellow, but the 996 mk 1 and 2 GT3's certainly take the prize for me.
  5. Well done Pic, fantastic landmark Porsche. A car you can grow into and be challenging but rewarding to drive for years to come... You'll never be bored!! I've had mine for nearly three years now and still learning to get the best out of her. It commands respect and demands you become a better driver... So..... Drive, drive, drive baby!!! Enjoy!!!!
  6. GT3LOUI

    996 Mk1 GT3

    Looks like an import and has been mucked around a bit with.... Two heads, I'll attach a photo of the cover soon...
  7. GT3LOUI

    996 Mk1 GT3

    Harold, I went from a 996 tt to the gt3. Very different but Both great cars!! 996tt was the best daily driver porsche I've ever had. Even had 2 baby seats in the back!! Faster, faster daddy... Kids loved it!!
  8. GT3LOUI

    996 Mk1 GT3

    Anyone see the article in October's Wheels magazine? Actually bought it for the Taycan article, but was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a 5 page write up on the 996 Mk1 Gt3. In its 20th anniversary year, I guess they were trying to show the contrast to the technical tour de force that is the taycan. Quoting it is a modern classic and stating ' Its true genius is more evident now than when this hero rolled out in 1999' and 'If anything, the 996 gt3 feels more special now than it did when it first appeared. It was launched into a tiny temporal window where an old school approach to driver assistance met with a modern feeling engine and tyre combination. We just didn't know it at the time. With hindsight it's easy to see why the original more than deserves its place in Porsche Canon of greats. Great to see some very complimentary commentary and that it's starting to attract the recognition as a landmark car that it richly deserves. Needless to say that as a current owner, I unopologetically hold the same opinion :
  9. There's a great article in October wheels on the taycan. Also another article on the 996 mk1 gt3...
  11. I have delt with MSWT before and the tyres on my Gt3 are from them, as well as the tyres for my previous turbo. World class showroom, great people and the best prices in town
  12. Ok guys, price dropped to $92K. Its probably the cheapest honest turbo in Oz!
  13. Ha, ha, touche Fraz. I think if there was anymore Porsche wheeling and dealing, my misses would cut my proverbials off!! Ouch.... I think I will keep my mk1 Gt3, and my manhood...
  14. LOL, thx Edgy. Fraz, that yellow one is absolutely stunning. Looks like he had a pro take the photos....your next purchase maybe???
  15. Thx guys, will definitely by bringing it along to future smt's and track days., you can check it out for yourselves. Gt3Loui certainly has a nice ring to it...
  16. Wow, it's funny the threads you come across . Specifically the posts back on page 54/55 about the silver 996.1 gt3 in Syd with 130kms. Flew up from Melbourne, checked it out, drove home and was in time for dinner. Solid honest car, rebuilt engine at south Syd Porsche , tens of thousands in receipts,good bodywork, sorted ohlins suspension with the originals supplied,single mass flywheel , awesome Cs seats (both were options on the komfort)...feels like a Cs, genuine enthusiast seller..... Certainly no garage queen and a well used example, it's even done the targa tour. I guess Sth Sydney did a good job on the engine then. Previous owner had it well sorted and didn't mind spending dollars on it.Reminds me a little of my old c4 and feels like a more modern version of a 72 Rs I was fortunate enough to drive a few years back. i think the only thing slowing its sale was the kilometres, but in 10 years time, is it really going to matter??? It will never command a premium, but it will still go up. I'm going to drive it enjoy it and keep it forever......well, at least 10 years anyway. Anyone interested in a 996 turbo??. I have posted an add in the marketplace. cheers. Loui.
  17. Hi guys, selling my silver 2001 996 turbo. 123,xxx kms , tiptronic.Australian delivered with full history . Registered in vic and located in south Melbourne Its been looked after by Michael at Auto Art while I have owned it. Gt3 purchase forces sale. It will be going on carsales this week. Any enquirers, call me on 0410587747, or PM me. Carsales link- https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2001/SSE-AD-4887412/?Cr=7 Cheers, Loui
  18. Hi Shane, Your welcome to come and have a look. I'm in sth Melbourne. Just text on 0410587747 and we can work it out. Cheers, Loui Ps, I have also emailed you some photos Cheers
  19. Hi, Here you go- as these are a superseded set, it has been difficult to cross reference the numbers. REAR SHOCK- 4301BE5-62311MO. TECHART # 096200260101 REAR SPRING- EIBACH 24/01. TECHART# TA 096 HA/RT FRONT SHOCK- 2801VE3-62312MO. TECHART# 096200260100 FRONT SPRING- EIBACH 41/01. TECHART# TA 096 VA/R2 The shocks are stamped both Bilstein and Techart. They are a Bilstein shock to T/A spec The springs are stamped both Eibach and Techart. And again, they are manufactured by Eibach to T/A spec. PS. - I have contacted Techart in Germany and they have confirmed this set is for a 996 Turbo/C4.. See below- Dear Elias, 096200260100 Thread suspension strut FA for 996 C4/Turbo 096200260101 Thread suspension strut RA for 996 C4/Turbo Springs should have: Best Regards, Joerg Christiansen Regional Sales Manager North America and Great Britain TECHART Automobildesign GmbH Roentgenstrasse 47 71229 Leonberg, GermanyTel. +49 (0)7152 9339-702 Fax +49 (0)7152 9339-33 E-Mail: j.christiansen@techart.deDomicile: Leonberg Commercial Register Stuttgart HRB 251672 Managing Directors: Thomas Behringer, Matthias Krauß.I hope this helps. Loui.
  20. They should as the setup is for4wd cars, not specific to the turbo. I'll send some photos with the numbers, just reply with your email. The rear end coilovers will fit any 996,but the fronts are angled to clear the drive shafts of the 4wd cars

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