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  1. Buchanan Automotive

    Service for my 997 Carrera S

    Thats a pretty good price for a dealer. Just for reference this is our normal cost of a basic oil change on a 997. mobil 1 $158+gst, filter, $38.90+gst and labour $192+gst that includes having a good look over the car, noting any faults, scanning the ECU for any faults, tyre pressures, top up all fluids and check lights etc. total of $388.9+gst For brakes you can go genuine or probably a better option would be OEM/aftermarket from either Autohaus or BWA. a quick check would see if you need pads and or discs There will be other things to consider too, if it hasn't been done, you really should do an gearbox/differential oil change. is it a manual or tiptronic. We are baffled as to why but dealers seem to thing the auto oil last the life of the car. We just changed the auto fluid on a 997.1 yesterday at 65,000kms and it was black. probably the quickest way to destroy the poor transmissions Regards Sean
  2. Buchanan Automotive

    944s Cold start ignition issues

    good find, make sure you buy the correct beru leads. Bob whymms or autohaus should stock them. there are aftermarket versions but in all honesty they are absolute rubbish. Stay away from any carbon leads. Regards Sean
  3. Buchanan Automotive

    944s Cold start ignition issues

    Hi Finnystew, There could be a lot of issues going on, may be a good idea to check past maintenance and see what has been replaced in the last few years. They are now at the age where the factory wiring harnesses are getting on and in most cases deteriorating. check for cracked connector boots. Particularly in your case around the throttle position sensor, idle stabiliser valve, NTCII sensor(coolant temp) and speed reference sensors. While you are at it also have a good look at the injector plugs. they may seem OK but because of their design previous repairers will grab at the wire harness to remove the plug instead of disconnecting the clips. in almost all cases you will find the wires inside the connecters to be frayed. Being an S the throttle position sensor is in a difficult position. I would want to check for operation of the sensor at the ECU first before trying to get access to it. Basically its inlet manifold off to get at it. It was also common for tuners to remove the air mass meter and adjust the spring inside to add or subtract fuel as needed. this will be evident if there is silicon holding the black cap on the air mass meter. It may also be an air mass meter issue. They are very long lived but nothing lasts forever Regards Sean
  4. Buchanan Automotive

    Chasing 16" tyres

    Do you mean 245/45/16 ? , the 245 / 45 / 16 size is the correct for the rears on the following 911 Turbo ( 1986 - 1989 ) 944 Turbo S 928 S4 & 928GT up to and including 1991 A 245 / 50 / 16 tyre ( 50 aspect ratio ) raises the rear of the car & looks way too baggy , but worse it raises the final drive ratio , slowing acceleration
  5. Buchanan Automotive

    G50 clutch replacement experiences?

    I really do not know when it was discontinued , you could email the supplier in the UK ( new old stock ) and see if they know if there is a production date on the box the clutch plate comes in , even a date from a Porsche dealer on the "possible last date sold " is only a guide because the actual production date could easily be 10 years before that I know we stopped buying the rubber centered clutch plate for these at least 24 to 25 years ago ( maybe more )
  6. Buchanan Automotive

    G50 clutch replacement experiences?

    Its actually a engine firing impulse noise that the transmission simply transmits to the human ear , hence why Porsche installed the dual mass flywheel to all the manual transmission with less than 8 cylinders beginning with the 964 & then the 968 , when this technology became available , a dual mass flywheel very effectively dampens out the firing impulses , hence why the 964 ,968 , 993 , Boxster , 996 that were just road cars had them , it makes a massive difference Note } Firing impulse noise ( with no dual mass flywheel ) from manual transmissions gets worse with less engine cylinders ( but large pistons ) , meaning a 3.0L 4 cylinder engine has a big potential to cause these noises at low RPM , a 3.0L 6 cylinder engine slightly less , a 3.0 L 8 cylinder engine even less & 3.0 L 12 cylinder engine even less still & a 3.0L 16 cylinder engine way way less still , its just basic physics The early rubber entered clutch plate ( be it 911SC , 911 3.2 , 944 2.5 NA , 944S , 944S2 3.0L ( not 951 or 911 turbo ) were in a way the early forerunner to the dual mass flywheel ( manual trans only ) , this was to make the car more user friendly( quiet ) & more like a current to that era Japanese car , meaning as quite as possible in the driveline When the 3.2 911( G50 ) came out in 1987 , customers who purchased them( leased mainly ) complained about the very noise that you are referring to ( BUT ) with a rubber entered clutch , could you imagine the complaints if their 911 ( 1987 - 1989 ) came from Porsche with a spiring centred clutch plate ( OH my GOD , the sky would of caved in ) , how do I know ? , I was working at a large Porsche dealership from 1977 to 1994 and it was quite interesting to see how many people ( who leased these cars ) complained about a noise that could not be rectified , but made a whole lot worse once the rubber entered clutch plate was discontinued . Why was it discontinued ? Answer = because if you drive the car a little bit aggressively or badly( poor driving style ) , the rubber entered clutch section would just break & hence why it was discontinued If you can still buy a new ( old stock ) rubber entered clutch plate , and you are that concerned , then you have no choice , you have to buy it and install it , but remember if you can buy one its already quite old & its rubber Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  7. Buchanan Automotive

    944/968 Coilovers interchangeable?

    Just for reference we have had a few customers buy the GAZ shocks and you get what you pay for. The range of adjustment was quite small, they didn't last long. To be honest the Konis are really the only entry level kit there is, bilstein coil over kits for a bit more sporty/track focus but they need a re-valve to be streetable , the nice shocks are the Moton and MCS. Wouldn't bother with KW, too many broken components. does the GAZ kit come with springs. Also consider deleting the torsion bars, no handling downsides, benefits every which way you look at it. Unless you are going to run the car in SS in Targa Tasmania and they need to be in there. Say for instance you go with 200 pound springs on your new rear shocks with torsion bars installed and find they are not to your liking and go up 100 pound, you will need to reindex again. consider saving a bit more and getting a better outcome Regards Sean
  8. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    This is probably showing the engine you installed, next to the twin cam LeMans engine Pretty cool to know what happened to the car. So just to clarify did this car become the 924 GTR spirit of Australia Regards Sean
  9. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine'd Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    No it was not a typo , that was the problem they discovered on race day , Walter Rohrl didn't go intro the exact details in the book , so it must of happened early on in the race & it was not easily solved in the pits during the 24 hour race & they must of decided to just put up with it and carry on regardless
  10. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

  11. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    I did 5 or 6 tech courses at PCA in the 1980's & in 1992 went to Germany for the factory course , I still have no idea who I am talking to at all ?
  12. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    Wow thats amazing
  13. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    When I get to work in the next few days , I will put the photos up of the GTS on how I last saw her , on one of them it even shows the old ( original ) Vic rego ( licence ) plates Gee the poor thing , one of one , then scrambled , meaning changed to a non genuine GTR and then ( probably ) buried , I can only hope one day they are found and maybe restored , just a hope
  14. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    gee this is so confusing , I last saw the R/H/D 924GTS( probably a clubsport ) at Noble Park PCA in or around 1984 , it was there in 1983 , registered as a Victorian road car . I was told in 1983 or 1984 that it was owned by Alan Hamilton and it was in his possession which made sense because it was in his premises because I saw it there over a couple of years What year do you think the car was converted ( shame really ) to a GTR ? The below is from the post about the court case , so do you think that the GTS ( now a non genuine GTR ) is in the container/s with the real GTR mentioned below } His transport logistics company, started in the early 1970s, allowed him to assemble a collection that included a 924 Carrera GTS, a 911 rally car - once just one in Australia of 50 worldwide - and a 924 GTR.
  15. Buchanan Automotive

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    In the poor quality photos , it only shows the single cam engine ( GTR spec if thats correct ? ) , thats not the twin cam"Le Mans " engine that I spoke of , so are you saying this GTR engine in the photos was also removed later & the 944/71 was fitted later ? So are you also saying that Jim Rolf somehow purchased the car new ? , because Alan sold a red R/H/D 924 GTS in 1992 or there about If I knew you're name I could ask the people you mentioned , so what is you're name ?

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