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  1. Thanks Edgy, Yeah there has been a big jump this year to the new gear, they are significantly faster too. Previous models were always a little bit better then the last but the .2 GT3's seem to have found a bit more then usual. Good to see quite a few GT4's out there too, these seem to be very capable. It would be cool to see your GT3 back out on track.
  2. They are 2 different types of cars and when we run with them you can see where both cars have their benefit. At SMP a good driver in a 997/991 GT3 will gain on us through turn 1 and under brakes into turn 2 . The 944 has the edge on the exit of turn 3 through 4 and 5. We are slightly quicker over corporate but loose out on the braking zone into turn 8. We are very close on exit speed and through turn 9. The GT3's get a little more grip on the entry to the main straight but when we run full power we will catch them back down into turn 1. At wakefield we have more speed but the GT3 seems to be a bit more stable through turn 1, it could be me backing off a little. hill straight we pull away and we have a really good advantage over the top left, Right , right and down the hill. The GT3 will catch up under braking for the fishhook and we stay pretty even until the straight again. Macpherson strut 😁 Previously Motons, but now MCS suspension and some compromise street/track springs. We sent the Motons away last year for servicing and they will go on our dedicated 944 turbo track car when we find time to build it. regards Sean
  3. A Video from the weekend. We got 2 sessions in as our sister car had some issues and we decided to get it back to the workshop. fortunately just 2 pulled head stud threads so an easy fix. We are not running the power we have in previous years bringing the boost back to 1.2 bar. We will turn it back up in time but we have made so many changes since last year that we are still in the tuning stage with suspension and LSD. Car felt great, conditions were pretty much perfect should have done a few more laps but we were happy with the 1:05.1. Regards Sean
  4. Yesterday , round 4 of the Porsche Club NSW Supersprint at Wakefield Park , minus 2 deg cel at 6.50 am , fine dry conditions , but a bit cold and a bit slippery until mid morning when a bit of sun warmed the track up a little , 45 cars entered which is a good number for a Supersprint at Wakefield . Sean Buchanan ( as an experiment ) set up his 4 plate LSD to a 80/80 setting , which at lower speeds and or entering corners wants to push his 1986 3.0L 951 into under-steer , but gives a much better drive out of corners , and like all forms of motor sport just about everything is a compromise and experimentation is essential , Sean said that on the first session the rear tyres felt too cold so coming out of corners he was power sliding which looked quite spectacular , but is not inducive to a super fast lap time ( but is a lot of fun ) , on his 2nd session out on the track ( later in the morning ), Sean clocked a 1.05.1240 ( even in traffic / other cars in front ), which is all he wanted for today & because he had to get back into Sydney by mid afternoon , we called it a day before lunchtime and I think his 951 ( being 33 years old ) and about 30 years older than most Porsche 's he is competing against was most likely the fastest Porsche competing that is just a road car that drives to work 6 days a week and doesn't even have ABS , the only thing he takes out his car for a Supersprint is the rear carpet and his Golf bag Here are time times from top 12 Porsches competing and the laps done during there day Class Classification } 1P = Paddle-shift transmission , OA = Slick Tyres , 1A = manual trans with "R" spec tyres , 2A same as 1A but a different power to weight ratio Note } late model Porsches with paddle shift , like a 991GT3, up change gears under acceleration in a micro second as opposed to any Porsche with manual trans & it results in much better lap times and less things to worry about while driving 991 GT3 RS 4.0L class=1P 1.03:0960 Laps 37 991 GT3/2 RS 4.0L class =1P 1.04:0890 Laps 43 981 GT4 ( modified ) class = 2A 1.04:2730 Laps 42 991GT3 class= 1P 1.04.770 Laps 54 991GT3 RS class = 1P 1.04.8770 Laps 33 996 GT3 class = 2A 1.04: 9310 Laps 29 951 3.0L ( 1986 ) class = 1A 1.05:1240 Laps 12 ( Sean Buchanan ) 991 GT3 class = 1A 1.05:1400 Laps 53 981 GT4 class = 2A 1.05:2490 Laps 63 991 GT3 Cup class = OA 1.05:7740 Laps 62 997 GT3 class = 2A 1.06:4230 Laps 46 A big Thank you to all the volunteers and officials of the Porsche club who turn up and make these events happen , which out you're effort there would be No events | Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  5. From what i know the car was insured and the owner got a payout, (it was just over a quarter of what he has put into the car over the past t years making it a competitive targa Tas car). In a few cases you can have on your policy the right to buy the car back from the insurance company before it goes to auction. In this case although the insurance company said a few times on the phone that this would happen it wasn't actually on his policy. So it might be a good idea to check your policies and see if this is the case. Not that anyone wants to be in this situation but if its not much more of a cost or simple negotiation with your insurance company i would jump at the chance.
  6. Not that i know of, it was an open auction so anyone that knew about it could bid. You know something different? There truely are some terrible people out there. Makes me wonder how someone could justify stealing someones else belongings and carry on with life
  7. So the car went for auction today and unfortunately Shane missed out. It went above his price point eventually selling for somewhere in the $11,000 range. I would guess the purchaser would be looking to part whats left of it as from what i saw it may be too far gone to bring back without either a spare car or lots of 2nd hand parts. The end to a pretty sad saga Regards Sean
  8. Its very sad indeed, Shane is going to buy it back so we can put her back together. There is a lot of parts missing, The suspension/wheels and brakes have not been found yet. Some panels ended up in Adelaide. Time for an update on the theft. The car was missing from the Kennards storage for some 8 days before being reported stolen. It was only reported missing when a worker at Kennards was checking CCTV for another theft and they noticed sparks from an oxy set some time in the early morning. As the story goes a passcode was used to gain access to the kennards facility and what is believed to be a commodore with stolen number plates accessed another storage unit and pulled out an oxy set and begun to remove the wheel lock and hitch lock on Shanes nevco trailer. This is where it gets interesting. The thieves then released that the commodore did not have a tow ball and could not tow the car and trailer away. Then then left and returned with a prado with stolen number plates and took the trailer and car. Police went back through the last year of when that particular passcode was used and sure enough the prado was used to gain access. The thieves mother , owned the prado and the storage locker where the oxy set was kept. The police knew that the son was in possession of the prado but needed more evidence. The police tried for a month to get the mother in for questioning and she only finally appeared when they threatened her with breaching a good behaviour bond which she was on. Then unbelievably on the day before she was to be interviewed i got a message in the early morning that the car had been put on gumtree, a quick call to Shane and the police and they got in process a search warrant for the property in Cabramatta where the car was believed to be. All they found was the bonnet but the guy gave up someone else at liverpool and they found the car. its in a pretty sad state but i think if Shane can get it cheap enough then we can help him put it back together. Its got a engine still in it but everything else is pretty much gone. The son was picked up a month or so ago in another stolen car and admitted he stole the 944 and trailer. now serving 8 months
  9. Part number on rear of the booklet = WKD 423 520
  10. In the same Porsche printed spec book I mentioned in my last post , Porsche printed the words " Aprox 2 Litres " , so officially that means Approximately , but to me the absolute minimum will be 2 liters
  11. Superseded to 75w-90 GL5 , even in the Porsche ( printed by Porsche ) Technical specifications booklet for the 944S 87-88 , 944S2 89-91 , 944turbo 85-91 , printed Jan 1991 it states } 75w - 90 GL5 OR ( being late 1990 / early 1991 when written / printed ) Porsche knew that 75w-90 was not easy to get in a lot of countries ( 29 / 30 years ago ) , so they still gave you the old choice of SAE 80 GL4 Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  12. Wakefield Park , Goulburn NSW , yesterday 27th April , round 3 of the PCNSW Supersprint championship , early start for those driving from Sydney to Wakefield Park , for us, up at 3 am & hit the road by 3.50 am ( Nth Beaches ) to be at wakefield Park by 7.15 am , perfect weather for a track day , it was minus 1 deg cel at 6am but naturally it being a sunny day at Wakefield it quickly warmed up by 9am . 45 cars entered which is not a big number but it does mean the individual competitors can get in more laps during the day in their respective speed groups . A big thank you to all the volunteers who drove all the way to Wakefield to help out as flag marshals etc , great to see the Porsche 928 guys turn up to help out I haven't posted about round 2 at Eastern Creek a few weeks ago as I had no results to post as I had no idea who was in what class , but thats been resolved now Sean Buchanan in his 1986 951 ( 944 Turbo ) had a very mixed day and unusually we had another one of our customers & friend , Chris Moriarty drive Sean's car at Wakefield as well ( Chris has a mildly modified 951and is off the road at the moment ) And this is where it gets interesting , Chris's 951 has ABS as standard ( its a 1990 year model 951 ) and quite understandably Chris just didn't realise the difference the ABS makes to how a car behaves near the limit of traction ( under brakes in the entry to track corners or mid way through the corner at track speed ) , Sean decided to skip the 1st speed group 1 session and let Chris go out in his speed group 3 session & poor Chris had a terrible time trying not to loose the rear end of Sean's 951 going into corners as Sean's 951 has never had ABS ( but we warned Chris this naturally ) , but Sean's 951 has different final drive ratios & a 4 plate motorsport LSD & Chris's 951 doesn't ( as yet ) , so both cars feel very different , let alone both cars are different capacities ( 2.5L 8 valve engine compared to 3.0L 16v ) , Poor Chris just felt he couldn't come to grips with Sean's 951 ( Sean even turned the boost down to make it a lot more user friendly ) Then Sean finally went out in his first track session for the day and Sean appeared to drive well in amongst a group of GT3's etc , but after 4 laps Sean came back in saying there is something wrong with the back end of his 951 & from the symptoms is sounds like a failure of the LSD plates , no big deal , at least we could still drive her back home & on the road it drove perfectly fine because the 4 plate motorsport LSD can only be tested on the track at track cornering speeds with the big R spec tyres on, and on the road its completely out of the question But even with Sean's 951 behaving way below its norm , in those short 4 laps and in GT3 traffic Sean still managed 3rd place in his class Note } Each track session for each speed group ( usually 10 cars at a time ) normally does about 6 laps or so Here are some interesting stats, particularly the laps covered during the day in multiple sessions } Kevin Ryan , 991 GT3 , Class = 1 A , Laps =36 , best time = 1.05.5010 Owen Wiseman , 991 GT3 , Class = 1A , Laps = 35 , best time = 1.05.6200 Sean Buchanan , 951(1986 ), Class = 1A , Laps = 4 , best time = 1.06.4550 Brett Hobson , 996GT3 , Class = OA , Laps = 35 , best time = 1.06.5550 Andrew Hassell , 991GT3 , Class = 1 A , Laps = 22 , best time = 1.07.1990 Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  13. Your all saving them from the salty roads in the UK. They are much better off in Australia
  14. Hi Erikki , here are the part numbers for the pressure plate in regards to the 968 & the 964 } The correct 968 pressure plate ( genuine Porsche ONLY ) = 964 116 027 90 = Green Stripe painted on the pressure plate , this fits the 968 NA ( all year models ) & is also the correct pressure plate for the 1990 - 1991 964 ( 911 ) NA The correct pressure plate for the 964 ( 911 ) NA ( 1992-1994 ) = 964 116 028 90 = Blue stripe painted on the pressure plate , Note } the 964 116 028 90 pressure plate is the one that comes in the after market Sachs kit for a 968 , because that is all Sachs makes & hence why these days 98% of all 968 Porsche's out there are running with the higher clamping force" incorrect " 028 90 pressure plate , because for many , many years thats all you could purchase Note 2 } The painted identification stripes are only on the Genuine Porsche pressure plates ( from memory ) I will find out tomorrow ( at work ) if the correct Green stripe ( 964 116 027 90 ) is still available from Porsche Germany ( this is not a aftermarket part )
  15. Hi Guys, As you may or may not know a customer of ours Shane runs a 1986 Porsche 944 turbo that we prepared for targa, after completing targa West he returned to store the car at a kennards storage facility in Penrith where it was stolon only a few days later. I can't say too much about the car at the moment but i want to put a post out there with a few very identifiable parts if they hit the market or if any of you guys know someone that has been offered them. MCS shocks and springs. We have about 6 cars running these and to be honest there would maybe be one or 2 more sets in aus. Genuine Fuchfelge 17x9 rims 5 in total. Again these are pretty rare in Australia. Custom control arms. Recaro Pole position seats. There is a heap of custom parts on this car but i figure they would try and sell these items first. It was stolen on a Nevco trailer as seen in the pictures and we can only assume the thieves were after the trailer as the car is very identifiable If you guys see any of these items out there please let us know. 02 9948 2651 Regards Sean

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