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  1. I can tell you from a contact inside Services they were pretty pissed about it. Seems they made the scheme possible and damm cheap and accessible only for some owners to start demanding nice plates back on their cars. From what i heard someone in there thought about dropping the whole thing.
  2. We got our last set through Garage 88. Racers industries doesn't seem to be the retailer these days https://www.garage88.com.au Regards Sean
  3. Bruce Cussed at you....shock horror
  4. Love the ol CGT, but you would at least give the carpets a bit of a vacuum for the for sale ads right?
  5. We have the NBN at work with iinet. Previously ADSL2+ with iinet. Speed is much faster at around 45mbps compared with 15mbps on previous setup. Our only issue is that every week we have a cut out of internet and more importantly for us phone line. it usually lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours and can happen 1-2 times per week (during work hours). shame we couldn't keep the old phone line.
  6. No compression on one bank ( bent valves etc ) & metal bits / fragments in the engine sump plate
  7. Manly Auto instrument repairs ph 9938 4114
  8. For the 1991 year model , there were no ( 0 ) 944Turbo cabriolets imported officially by Porsche Cars Australia For 1991 ( M ) the imports into Australia for the entire 944 series is as follows } 944S2 3.0L 16v coupe = 6 944S2 3.0L 16v Cabs = 2 Total number for the 1991 year model officially imported in Australia ( new ) = 8 From 1991 ( late 1990 ) to 1994 Australia was in the grip of a VERY HIGH interest rate recession & the sales of expensive cars sold new in Australia basically dried up & companies ( all different types ) and individuals were going broke , if you had a job in the private sector in those years and kept you're job , you were the lucky ones Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  9. That looks like a very nice 928S4 For the 1988 year model ( J ) , the number of 928S4's imported into Australia by Porsche Cars Australia ( officially & not grey imports ) were 77 in total , I have no breakdown on how many were automatics and how many were manual transmission for that year & no info on the colours etc The rear fog lamps ? , the 928S4 / GT / GTS ( 1987-1995) had the fog lamps were built into the main tail-lamp assemblies ( different tail lamp harness for the Fog option ) , where as the 928/s ( 1978-1986 ) didn't have that & Porsche would ( had to ) install one and sometimes two separate rear fog lamps down low into the rear bumper cover The red piping ( any different colour piping ) was extremely rare for Australian delivered 928/S/S4 etc , but very very common on the UK delivered 928/S/S4 etc
  10. Are you talking about the original 16" wheels or the 17" cup options? Regards Sean
  11. 2 wheels with Hankook tyres. Used to push cars around the workshop. Tyres are basically new with dread depth but a few years old.look to be gamballa replicas. Pretty heavy. looks to be 19x10's ET 60 pickup Balgowlah 2093 Regards Sean
  12. The diagram is not for a 944S ( not ) , but the part-number for the black and blue vacuum one way valve is correct & on the 944S and the 944S2 the vacuum one way valve is where you found it ( rear of engine ) and NOT at the brake booster
  13. one way valve for the interior ventilation unit. From memory they are about $40+gst latest part number i have here is 928 537 361 02

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