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  1. We have the NBN at work with iinet. Previously ADSL2+ with iinet. Speed is much faster at around 45mbps compared with 15mbps on previous setup. Our only issue is that every week we have a cut out of internet and more importantly for us phone line. it usually lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours and can happen 1-2 times per week (during work hours). shame we couldn't keep the old phone line.
  2. No compression on one bank ( bent valves etc ) & metal bits / fragments in the engine sump plate
  3. Manly Auto instrument repairs ph 9938 4114
  4. For the 1991 year model , there were no ( 0 ) 944Turbo cabriolets imported officially by Porsche Cars Australia For 1991 ( M ) the imports into Australia for the entire 944 series is as follows } 944S2 3.0L 16v coupe = 6 944S2 3.0L 16v Cabs = 2 Total number for the 1991 year model officially imported in Australia ( new ) = 8 From 1991 ( late 1990 ) to 1994 Australia was in the grip of a VERY HIGH interest rate recession & the sales of expensive cars sold new in Australia basically dried up & companies ( all different types ) and individuals were going broke , if you had a job in the private sector in those years and kept you're job , you were the lucky ones Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  5. That looks like a very nice 928S4 For the 1988 year model ( J ) , the number of 928S4's imported into Australia by Porsche Cars Australia ( officially & not grey imports ) were 77 in total , I have no breakdown on how many were automatics and how many were manual transmission for that year & no info on the colours etc The rear fog lamps ? , the 928S4 / GT / GTS ( 1987-1995) had the fog lamps were built into the main tail-lamp assemblies ( different tail lamp harness for the Fog option ) , where as the 928/s ( 1978-1986 ) didn't have that & Porsche would ( had to ) install one and sometimes two separate rear fog lamps down low into the rear bumper cover The red piping ( any different colour piping ) was extremely rare for Australian delivered 928/S/S4 etc , but very very common on the UK delivered 928/S/S4 etc
  6. Are you talking about the original 16" wheels or the 17" cup options? Regards Sean
  7. 2 wheels with Hankook tyres. Used to push cars around the workshop. Tyres are basically new with dread depth but a few years old.look to be gamballa replicas. Pretty heavy. looks to be 19x10's ET 60 pickup Balgowlah 2093 Regards Sean
  8. The diagram is not for a 944S ( not ) , but the part-number for the black and blue vacuum one way valve is correct & on the 944S and the 944S2 the vacuum one way valve is where you found it ( rear of engine ) and NOT at the brake booster
  9. one way valve for the interior ventilation unit. From memory they are about $40+gst latest part number i have here is 928 537 361 02
  10. Quite a busy year for the Porsche Club NSW for 2019 with more Supersprint rounds that counting towards the Supersprint Championship or Drivers Championship than other years with 7 rounds going towards points to be gained by competitors ( if they choose to do all 7 rounds ) With the Superspint Championship , competitors could throw away their worst round or they just could not make it to one event , so the best 6 results ( out of 7 ) will add up to their final score for the year With the Motorkhana Championship , competitors had to do all 5 rounds to have a chance to place well in the Motorkhana Championship ( you can not throw away you're worst round ) With the Drivers Championship , competitors could choose the best of 9 rounds from the Supersprint Championship & Motorkhana Championship , so there were 5 Motorkhana events & there were 7 Supersprint rounds , so the best 9 ( from both disciplines ) would be added up to find the Drivers Championship winner for 2019 ---------------------------- For 2019 the Supersprint Championship , results are as follows } 1st = Alex Ramsay in his 1986 2.5L 8v 944 Turbo ( 951 ) with 612 points 2nd = Charlie Khoury in his 981 GT4 with 608 points 3rd = Tristan Smith in his 991 GT3 RS with 607 points ------------------------------ For the 2019 Motorkhana Championship , results are as follows } 1st = Aldo Raadik in his 993C4S with 456 point 2nd = Paul Rodgers in his Boxster S with 452 points 3rd = Rodney Loomes in his Cayman S with 420 points -------------------------------- For the 2019 the " outright" Drivers Championship, the results are as follows } 1st = Sean Buchanan in his 1986 3.0L 16v 944 turbo ( 951 ) with 862 points 2nd = Rodney Loomes in his 987 Cayman with 822 points 3rd = Alex Ramsay in his 1986 2.5L 8v 944 turbo ( 951 ) with 820 points --------------------------------- Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  11. Unfortunately the standard hyper coil or Eibach springs won't fit on the standard collars on the 944. There are a few companies like weltmeister or H&R that do make springs but nearly every time we have installed them they are at incorrect heights and being that the 944S did not have adjustable perches you have to deal with the car being too high usually. In my opinion the best way to firm up the car is with Paragons coil over kit and some sway bars. https://www.paragon-products.com/Coil-Over-Kit-Koni-Cup-p/koni_cup_kit.htm This is what we regard as the base level coil overs and they are pretty cheap compared with Motons or Motion Control Suspension coil overs. These are torsion bar delete so you can choose any spring rate you want. Our usual street setup is anywhere between 250#-350# front and 350#-450# rear. You will also need their helper springs to keep the front main springs in place when the car is on a lift and its best to fit some torsion release springs to the top of the springs to stop and spring bind (spring noises when turning) Regards Sean
  12. Last Sunday , 29th Sept , Sydney Motorsport Park ( EasternCreek ) ,PCNSW Motorkhana round 4 for 2019 , a good turnout of 30 Porsche sports cars competing plus some associates cars as well , Motorkhana events ( Skid Pan ) are quite fun to compete in and its about driver skill + memory of where you have to go, meaning which direction to go when you are half way through the course & think "oh crap which way from here " in amongst a sea of witches hats & most of all, discipline in not allowing temptation get the better of one self and go too fast and overshoot or worst still,to hit a witches hat or go the wrong way etc etc , its very easy to do quite badly without even realising until its way too late. This century Porsche's , particularly the Boxster & Cayman( excellent overall balance ) , with Tip ( auto trans ) or PDK are not only very fast in this quite low terminal speed event , but fantastically equiped with lots of modern drivers aids , like ABS ,Electronic Traction Control and naturally no gear stick and clutch pedal to interfere / distract etc , you just have to point and shoot ( fantastic ) , so it still surprises me why much harder to drive deep last century Porsche sports cars( with a clutch pedal ) are still doing as well as they are in the Motorkhana events , its quite amazing . So back to last Sunday 29th , Sean Buchanan in his last century Front Engine'd 1986 3.0L 951 ( with no ABS ) and most defiantly no electronic traction control had a great battle with James Phillis in his 993 RS replica and Edan Thornburrow in his 986 Boxster S and Rodney Looms in his 987 Cayman S and even Chris Moriarty in Sean's owns car ( the same 1986 951 ) , Sean was teaching Chris the finer points in competitive Motorkhana , so Sean was driving against his own car on the same day . Note } If you go the wrong way , you are time penalised , If you hit a Witches Hat , you are time penalised Note 2 } Most if not all the Motorkhana is conducted on a wet course In the end of a long days competition over many Motorkhana courses , Sean Buchanan took the overall win Here are the top 5 places on the day } Sean Buchanan 944 Turbo ( 1986 ) 275.225 seconds James Phillis 993 RS replica 283.190 seconds Edan Thornburrow 986 Boxster S 287.957 seconds Rodney Loomes 987 Cayman S 288.265 seconds Chris Moriartiy 944 Turbo ( 1986 ) 290.354 seconds ( Sean's 951 ) A big thanks to all the volunteers who make these events possible Regards Bruce Buchanan Buchanan Automotive
  13. Hi George , the 944S2 wheels which are now on you're 944S now are } Front = 7"x 16" X 55 mm ET ( which is near perfect ) , the only thing that make an even better handling 944S / 944S2 is a square setup ( same for the 951, 87> & 968 ) & a common thing with the 944S2 ( because of their perfect weight distribution ) is to install another set of rears wheels an tyres on the front as well , meaning 8 " with 225 / 50 / 16 " tyres all round , this makes for perfect handling on a 944S2 " if " one stays with 16" dia wheels for the road and spirited driving style The front Fuchs wheels from you're 911SC are 6" X 16" x 36 mm ET , these are way too skinny for the front of a 944S or 944S2 & will make the car under-steer when corning ( spirited driving ) Regards Bruce B
  14. As you probably already know , the 16" design 90 ( cast and painted )Porsche wheels on you're 944S are from the next model ( the 944S2 ) . The standard 944S had the 15" x 7" telephone wheels front & rear ( they never looked quite right and the later 944S2 wheels on you're car now look much nicer As a side note , the 944S had an expensive wheels option in 1987 & 1988 , the Fuchs ( forged and anodized ) 7" x 16 " fronts and 8 " x 16 " rears , I think I have only ever seen one 944S with the quite rare Fuchs wheels ( they look like the wheels on the 928S4 ) Regards Bruce B

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