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  1. I am interested to see if you have installed these yet as I am looking at buying a pair also.
  2. I have one, its actually 1974 build but MY75. It is still classified as a 74. Its a base model and according to Porsche Australia it is a 911T. Being a T, it has no sunroof manual crank windows, Mexico Blue and very rare under dash factory air conditioning. Sometime in the 70's steel narrow body RS flares were added and the rest was updated to look like an SC. 13CCE8F9-A3D3-42E8-B9F0-D5AD88FB8690.heic
  3. Hi Lukus, Are the rear seats still available? If so how much are you asking for them. David
  4. Hi, What condition is this motor in and does it need a rebuild? What else does it come with? David
  5. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipM1JWijnv6ipAdoRmV_ARgAEdlCmykOrTyDovkD My 74
  6. My 74 with a 991 Turbo S 😁 E1078CC4-194D-4BFB-8E86-88F416DC2291.heic
  7. My old 1974 tank was rusted and I replaced it with a new Dansk with swirl pot. I bought it from Heritage Parts in the UK and landed it for just under $500. FDD3292F-2FA1-45BD-B986-FCA09AFD1D85.heic
  8. Gave mine a wash today, always comes up nicely. A23385B3-2C67-460C-9F99-83AE41983719.heic 36C8C52C-F5C7-4BB4-8DB3-41B1AEDBA845.heic
  9. Yes, go to a better mechanic who understands how to fill correctly. The engine needs to be running at full operating temp and on a level surface to check the oil. Sounds like he has checked the the oil when it was stopped.
  10. Old member but new car 😀 Recently picked up a 1974 MY75 911 in Mexico Blue with full steel RS rear guards fitted back in 1976. No sunroof and only one of three Porsches delivered in 74 with factory air conditioning. The delivery docs say this is a 911T, which is a lightweight model I believe. Has 120,000kms from new, paint is ok and has had touchups around the body over the years. Currently in WA but moving back to Sydney in October, so no doubt I will be at some PCNSW events.

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