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  1. Sorry to bug you again but are they these ones? Hard to see from your pic https://www.autobarn.com.au/rr06897
  2. Did this need any modification to fit??
  3. I changed tail light lenses to amber sides from red. My side markers are different to yours as mines a long hood now but yes they are amber with EU front boxes (well italian actually)
  4. I ended buying a new clutch plus plate anyways thinking it was stuffed but guess wondered if it was worth keeping it for later. Looks like best to just replace the whole lot. Thanks guys
  5. Hey guys, so clutch was slipping really badly and ended up having to split the 915 trans from the engine. Trans (rebuilt unit not long ago..) is leaking thru the input shaft area and saturated my clutch and pressure plate. Clutch otherwise has minimal wear. I've done maybe 2000kms on it. Curious if this means I need to replace it due to the oil contamination ?
  6. I just had to change the rear tailight covers . I bought euro front turn signal boxes and lenses (but i converted from short to long hood
  7. Got a mate who may be keen. Do you have a ball park price?
  8. To be honest, i have no idea whether it was re drilled. Bought the motor in it's current configuration.
  9. Ah woops! Thanks for the pick up. Appreciate the feedback
  10. So it's taken a while to get a tune done as I ran out of budget but took a long time debating if I should save up to replace the 20 year old Motec M8 or to fine someone to tune it. In the end, found Phil Armour from Armour Motorsports and he mentioned he learnt how to tune back in the 90s on the M8 and it would be good enough to run my car. Ended up taking the car to him back in July and he was shocked at the way the car drove pre-tune. Suffice to say, post tune, car drives more way nicer rather than a grumpy rotary. Night and day. I do miss the race car like burble but its so much smoother now and power is way more linear. Highly recommend Phil as he's a no bs type a guy and super knowledgeable. Power unfortunately wasn't quite what i was expecting but i think i had crank HP in my mind instead of ATW power and end of the day car has more power than i need right now. Making 228 HP ATW , 200 FtLb Torque
  11. Price dropped to 450 Keen to offload this as it's taking up space
  12. Yea mines in good nic. Feel free to come inspect it.

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