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Found 137 results

  1. Hi Guys I am a new Porsche owner for the first time, It has so many custom extras please see pics. Tartan in the seats are original from the 1970's new stock never been used or opened. IMS bearing just changed. Full custom exhaust and setup. GT3 Tune
  2. Hi Guys, Marc here from Perth. For the last couple of years, I have been growing my YouTube channel Marc and Cars. It is very Porsche-Centric, particularly air-cooled, and contains a wide variety of content, even some non Porsche content. Due to access at times, it means there might be a lot of videos on my own 1960 356B Coupe. Browse the channel, and all feedback welcome. Any ideas for future videos also welcome. Thank you for your time. www.youtube.com/marcandcars Latest upload was a family trip in the little red car. https://youtu.be/E1OEVlC6VA4
  3. Hi all, help please! First time Porsche buyer here. I'm keen to get into a 991 series for sub $200K. I'm considering a 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 991 Manual AWD MY15 with 45K kilometres, advertised for $209,900 at Richmonds. Any thoughts on what price I should be negotiating this down to? And how much more this might depreciate before the price bottoms out? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-porsche-911-carrera-4s-991-manual-awd-my15/OAG-AD-19742189/?Cr=10 As a comparison point, there's this 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 Auto with 22K kilometres, advertised privately for $168,500. So, much cheaper, and as much as I love manuals the auto would be more suited to my daily driving. Again, thoughts on what's a reasonable price and what this might depreciate to? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-porsche-911-carrera-s-991-auto/SSE-AD-7114772/?Cr=5 The depreciation side of things is an important point for me, as part of justifying the purchase to myself is wanting to know that when I come to sell, I'm hopefully either getting my money back or selling for more than the purchase price, so curious to hear where you think the sweet spot is with the most modern (sub $200K) Porsche you can get into that's finished depreciating. Very grateful for any thoughts you all have!
  4. Hi, I am planning to sell my 911E and am thinking of selling it through Collecting Cars. I had it advertised on Carsales but got some people 'interested in the car' but just coming for test drives, so pulled the car off Carsales. It's an original right hand drive, matching numbers 1969 911E. Original Sportomatic. Original inside and outside colour. It originally was a South African delivered car, which I imported some years ago. Very good condition. Any feedback on value is very much appreciated. Also, are there better ways to sell?
  5. Hi all you early 911 enthusiasts Has anyone out there fitted new style sunroof cables to a short wheelbase 911 I am at present installing new cables to my 1968 911L It doesn’t seem to matter where you purchase the new cables as the new ones available are genuine Porsche and have been updated to the 964 model 1989 The cables are much stronger and the plastic part has been replaced with an alloy part all good But on the later model 911 the alloy slides and tubes were modified to take the larger diameter cables Any thoughts and advise would be appreciated
  6. Hi all, I am in the fortunate position of buying my dream car an MY20 (992) new or near new 911, I live in Sydney, just so I don't come across as an amateur when doing a deal, can you regular buyers please help me with a few questions? Its much appreciated: 1. Whats the Deposit required to secure a factory order for a new 911.... carrera or carrera S, is it 5% or 10%? 2, Whats the typical lead time for delivery of a factory order? 3. Can I negotiate the price at all? 4. Am I better off buying a near new one off the floor that might be a good match for my requirements should that exist? If so, what can I can expect by way of negotiating on the price? Many thanks all.
  7. I'm not sure if this should be in the Videos thread, the Gaming thread, or if we need a new WTF thread... I'm also not sure if his toaster is PTS to match his Porsche, or if his Porsche is PTS to match his toaster....
  8. Hi there, I'm a long time Porsche fan getting married in February. The closest thing I've ever had to owning one is the model car collection on my shelf... I'd really love to hire a 911 (older the better) or Boxster for 3 days in February to go out to Castlemaine (February 12th -14th). I generally use GoGet and pay for cars by the hour, and thought that it would be possible for a dream car too. I'm a 28 year old professional, not looking to drive hard, or do anything silly - just to drive a dream car on a dream day. If you're interested in making $600+ over a weekend (and help a fellow Porsche fan out), please get in touch. I'm happy to work with you to talk over details etc. Cheers, Justin justin.g.watts [at] gmail.com
  9. Anyone willing or knows someone willing to sell their Porsche 912 or 911 (1967 or before) in right hand drive. Reasonable price and condition doesn’t matter as long as it’s running, minimal rust and interior is not completely torn apart. NO AUCTIONS (if there are any sale outside of Australia that would be okay too) Coupe or targa doesn’t matter Factory RHD Preferred matching numbers but if it doesn’t have that’ll work too Stock car; however, if it has been modified then modifications should be removable Budget anywhere up to $45,000 (a bit of rust and shabby condition is also fine, again as long as the engine is running smooth and it’s driving smooth)
  10. Always wanted a 911, started off wanting a 997. As it got closer to the time, the car I had was similar HP and era, (320bhp). Given I live close to the beaches in the eastern subs in Sydney, theres just no where to put down that power, and I wanted something more manual. Had a look at some SC's, and earlier, and just fell in love again with the shape. When the world is 95% Teslas and everyone is getting chauffeured around, I think the more manual the car is, the better. And Targa was always the pick for me. So I was over the moon when I picked this up last weekend. Originally a UK car, still has matching numbers. I'm Irish originally so if i ever go back it'll be coming with me. I loved the blue sport interior, which was a factory option. Runs well, still has the 915 gearbox. Had to get the Fuel accumulator replaced, as I found sometimes on warm running it was having trouble firing. Other than that, theres just small things that need to be done, but thats the life of a vintage car owner! Would love to hear anyones experience/advice with their SC/Targa, or if you have spare parts for 911 SC Targas, let me know what you have! Excited to meet up with some of you in the future and share the passion!
  11. Hi Guys, looking at purchasing a 1990 C2 964 Targa. Does anyone know if these cars have vin decals anywhere on the car such as the ones you usually see on the door seals?
  12. Spray some WD40 under the distributor cap and she'll start right up... https://www.autoevolution.com/news/this-porsche-911-spent-4-years-in-a-river-and-it-s-being-rebuilt-148906.html
  13. After years of use and having been baked by UV rays, the original plastic sun visor clips fitted to many classic Porsches can crack, allowing the visors to flap around freely. As a more permanent solution than a simple exchange part, we have stocked up on these replacements which are engineered with aluminium bodies, replacing the plastic. Still featuring the polished steel pin that slides into to the sun visor, the body of the clip takes the OE form, but finished in black powder coat rather than plain plastic. Stronger, unaffected by UV and more durable in extremes of temperature, it is the perfect upgrade for this small but essential component. Priced each at AUS $43.95 for Cabriolet and Targa models and AUS $84.15 each for the more complicated curved pin type as found in the coupe, they all come covered with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. They can be bought from the following links; Coupe Sun Visor Bracket Targa/Cabrio Sun Visor Mounting
  14. Hi all, I recently posted over in the introduction section. I joined in 2016 but never posted anything, as I felt I didn’t have too much to share! I bought my 1984 Carrera when I was 22, and it spent the first years in my hands getting driven hard around the Tamworth area. Work and other excuses got in the way and the cars been mothballed for three years. But I’ve just moved to Bathurst and I’m hopefully now in a position to start tumbling down the slippery slope of 911 ownership/repair/modification. I’ll just start with a teaser photo of the car as it sat a few weeks ago prior to the big move. Nice to meet you all and would love to get to know if there is anyone nearby (especially if you can spin a wrench and you’re happy to teach), as I’ll probably need all the help I can get. Cheers.
  15. Hi all long time reader first time poster. I have a Black 98 996 C2 manual that I want to sell to upgrade to a Black 997 manual and I went and had a look at this car today. It is a very clean series 1 original car with authorised history (Porsche Centre Melbourne and Brighton) and partial independent history. Going through the history and receipts it appears to be a 2 owner car slight scrape on the lower front lip and minor wear on the trim new tyres and a recent (independent) service. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-3455227/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/2006-porsche-911-carrera-s-997-manual-coupe?redirect=0 What are the thoughts on it’s value ? Thanks in advance Paul
  16. I own a 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera, I'm moving to Canberra in the beginning of 2020. I was wordering if anyone knows of any good shops in the Canberra/Sydney area that do restorations? main things would be a paint job and overhaul the engine.
  17. I have a blown Bose amp that I have not found an easy replacement of. It is a most fibre optic system I am told . Anyway, I was considering replacing the head unit with upgraded sound and technology, to an 8 " alpine unit with new alpine 5ch PDR Amp. Any thoughts on the best system out there. Ideally I want the largest screen out there that will fit in the standard Porsche opening (8") I think. I will keep all the standard kit should I ever sell ( unlikely ) Recommendations / thoughts appreciated. My car is a 2005 Turbo S .
  18. What have I gotten myself into?! I picked up my 1983 911 Cabriolet yesterday. Originally imported from Japan back in 2005 I believe. It was then sold on to the owners who I purchased it from. The lovely gentleman that I purchased it from had it for about 10 years and over that time spent quite a lot of time and money on it. Mostly focused on converting it from LHD to RHD. Unfortunately he became sick and had to move the car on for someone else to be able to finish his hard work. In order to do the RHD Conversion, he got in contact with a VicRoads approved engineer who had experience with Porsche steering conversions. The engineer advised him what was required to meet the required approvals. So, most of the work has been completed. The steering has been swapped across, the dash has mostly been completed, as have the pedals amongst other things. The engineer's certificate still hasn't been ticked off... so, once I get it running, I'll have to do the final few jobs to meet the engineer requirements. The interior has pretty much been stripped out with all the door cards and rear inner panels needing replacing. The carpet has been replaced - I think with a homemade set... it will do for now. I've heard the car running for about 10 seconds... enough to hear that that there wasn't any obvious knocking or scary sounds... here's hoping that when I eventually get it started, it stays that way. Once we got it home yesterday, we gave it a good vacuum and wiped down all of the interior as it was really, really dusty. I felt much better once it was all cleaned out. The car was originally white, but sprayed Red in Japan. I was told that the car had only completed 83,000km's in it's life (as per the speedo reading) but there's no matching documents to prove this is correct., Also I find it strange that someone would respray a car before it had done even 100,000kms. I personally dont think the speedo reading is correct - but who knows. I actually love that this car comes from Japan. I visit Japan as much as I can, so for me, it's an awesome bit of history. I'd love to find out more about it's Japanese owners and where in Japan it lived before coming to Australia. Brand new seats installed by previous owner. I don't love the colour - but they seem like very nice seats. Shame they aren't just plain black. The owner wanted to go for a 90's red theme inside it seems. Including steering wheel and gear shifter cover. This is the nightmare I have in front of me. I know nothing about car electrics. I can do engines and bodywork... but electrics I have no experience with. I'm wondering if it would be easier to start again with a brand new wiring loom. I guess this is what happens when someone does a DIY steering conversion. Some more Japanese delivered Porsche goodness. What do you do when your car is full of electrical gremlins? Add some more electrical components to complicate things! (Previous owner installed this). Don't know if it's hooked up yet. Please let me know if you see anything completely out of place in the engine bay One of the dashboard bits that isn't working. The Handbrake light works ok, but the seatbelt light does not... possibly not hooked up correctly... or maybe a blown bulb. Any easy way to test the bulb with a multimeter? Unfortunately the only place I have found rust so far in the car is inside this filler next to the petrol filler. Is this the wiper fluid filler? It was pretty rusty inside... I sanded it back as best i could, vacuumed out what I sanded to stop it dropping down the tube... put some rust converter on it for about 20 mins and sealed it with some penetrol for the time being... hopefully that slows down the rust. It came with this funky tool kit... not sure if it's the original... the tools do say they are made in West Germany though. I turned the ignition onto ACCESSORY and got a really loud buzzing from the engine bay... I couldn't quite pick where... is that normal?? Anyway... I'm going to have to think about how i'm going to proceed with all the wiring that is EVERYWHERE. No matter what I do, I'm going to have to get very good at reading wiring diagrams - or find a pile of cash to pay an auto elec to sort it out for me.
  19. Gday Everyone, Marc here from Perth. I have recently started a new YouTube Channel. Marc and Cars - Porsche Air Cooled Enthusiast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWo3kLE5S6cJsnKVJdxDVSg Here are my videos to date. If you like them please share them, subscribe to the channel, give them a thumbs up. You know the drill. All comments and feedback appreciated. https://youtu.be/PitxXXZnEEs https://youtu.be/33pHqCWaHus https://youtu.be/U9-HqJhTT1s https://youtu.be/5GurQ6P6M2A https://youtu.be/d82mGdXipz4
  20. I'm looking for ideas and recommendations for suspension set up. Currently my car is track oriented; after 35 years of spirited club competition (1984 3.2 Carrera that I've owned since new) it is time to ease the old girl into semi-retirement. This is a car that genuinely has seen more track miles than road miles. The engine/gearbox has been rebuilt with full reward for excellent service, engine by Michael Newton now with ITB, dual sparky things, high compression forged pistons, gt3 crank and rods, 3.5L of goodness, motec, lsd. Not too wild a cam, it is tractable, strong and drives in a more friendly fashion than when it was new. There are big brakes, gearbox rebuilt, wevo quick change - everything mechanical is superb. Except that the suspension is rock, rock hard. Unforgiving. Lovely for the track and an absolute pain otherwise. So I want to consult with someone knowledgeable and arrive at a balance that will provide reasonable road manners, acceptable track handling - stiff and responsive but not rock hard. I'm thinking to change the torsion bars for something a bit softer (currently 23mm front and 33 rear) and upgrade all the suspension bushings by replacing the track oriented hard nolathane with spherical bearings for compliant movement. ( I've noticed that as the chassis loads up there are times that the suspension does not play ball.) New shocks. Whatever it needs. After 35 years of sensational fun the budget, while a consideration, is not the first cab off the rank. I'm attracted to some of the options by Elephant racing and also the progressive shocks by KW but have made no decisions yet. I want to ensure that the shocks and the Torsion bars are in tune with one another. I've been holding off on buying new road tires (Currently on A050 17" and/or depending on the track and the weather, Kumho 16") to complete the package and am interested in what is recommended by other 911 enthusiast drivers for road use. I'm in Sydney but would consider taking my 911 to other centres if there's someone truly exceptional and am looking forward to the collective wisdom of this forum. Over to you guys.
  21. Hi, New to all this. I have a 1980 SC that has been converted to RHD in 1996. There are some aspects of the conversion that i would like to tidy up. I really don't know which direction to take first but talking to someone with this experience would be the first step i think. If anybody has any contacts please let me know. I am in Brisbane.
  22. My Brother Dean is chasing a low km 997.2 Carrera or Carrera S with PDK - White, Silver, Grey with dark grey/black interior. He is a genuine motivated buyer; If you are interested in selling your car please contact me. Thanks Scott
  23. I’ve been working for the last couple of weeks on a non-Porsche project with this guy. It didn’t take long to discover a common interest in P cars. He’s living the dream in California designing, building and playing with some big boy’s toys. He’s pretty handy with a camera too.
  24. Would anyone have a fan housing to suit a 911SC engine, as I discovered a crack in mine today. Thanks

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