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Found 20 results

  1. Good afternoon all I'm undertaking a full resto of a barn find 79 911SC Targa (in storage since 1996)! Anyway I have stripped it down completely and I'm taking on one project a time. The first is the suspension and brakes. The front caliper pistons were seized so I took them to a specialist (I could get one out with compressed air however they couldnt even budge the other one)! So does anyone have front calipers they are looking to sell. I would likley take the back calipers if available. Also, looking to replace the rotors. I have looked at Protex rotors but tehy seem a bit pricey so if anyone has another suggestion please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, would there be a danger of putting 10.5:1 pistons in a 1978 911sc without twin plugs. It would only use 98 Aussie fuel
  3. Hi I have read that porsche advanced the cam timing of the 911sc by 6 degrees in 1980. This increased the performance an hp to 188 I have a 78 model and was going to do this so it met the 80 spec. Has anyone done this and is it worthy/ safe
  4. For Sale - The right front fender from a 911 SC. Probably suitable for most G-Series 911s to 1989. It's a bit rough though, but maybe not the worst you've seen. There is some rust. Work was begun to fix it, but then I sourced another fender and used that instead. I also filled the Antenna hole, so if you have a radio, you'll need to cut that out again (which is no biggie.) Anyway, this is lying around in my garage. Getting in the way. It might be helpful for someone's project. Looking for $200 ONO. A brand new one is ten times that. Semi-decent ones might be fives time more. This one needs a bit or work, so I think it's a fair price. Prefer pick-up from South-East Melbourne area, but I can use Pack and Send if I need to (they are the least hassle for me to use and make for trouble-free shipping.) View the entire gallery of pictures here: http://tinypic.com/a/bdqyco/1 Regards, Daniel
  5. So... I'm at the stage of starting to get a wiring harness ready for the 3.0 engine I am reassembling. The harness that came with the engine is a bit grubby but I think is still serviceable.. However, the multi pin connector that normally plugs into the rear of the car, has been removed for some reason. Here is a photo of what I have with the harness. Can I simply buy another plug and put it all back together? Does anyone have another plug? Also, since I intend to go efi, what do I do with all the extra connectors and plugs? Leave them hanging and tape them up? or undo the tape and trace them back and remove from the harness?
  6. Hey team. As some of you may have seen on social media, my fan housing and fan are quite badly damaged. I need to talk to a welder on Tuesday, but in the event that I have to replace them, I have a couple of questions. Q. I have a 226mm fan. All the new housings seem to be 245mm. Can I fit a 245mm housing onto my engine? Of course, I will have to get a 245mm impeller as well. Q. Where can I buy alternator brushes for a Valco alternator? If you are curious about what the damage looks like, check out the pics on my Instagram page @that_porsche_guy, or my Facebook page @stewfuchs.
  7. http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0003-3419928/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1983-porsche-911-sc-targa-manual-88-003-miles-indicated https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/portsea/cars-vans-utes/porsche-911-1983-3-0sc/1169218268 Hello all, I have limited time to sell my car , I’m off to the USA so I have elected to auction it, as I simply just don’t physically have the time to show people. I purchased the car from a collection in the UK, It was one of 8 in the collection. it’s a factory RHD it’s got a full steel wide Turbo Body. It looks tough, It really has a great presence , It sounds great as it pumps out beautiful 911 tunes through it's Ssi exhaust. corrosion isn’t an issue with this car. No oil leaks either...Hasn't dropped any. “ Auto Coupe “ just replaces shift bush and had a play and it’s shifting nice now. It fires straight up and really jumps to life, Its very straight, Paint is Very good, Targa roof has 2 small blemishes (front and trailing edge 5c piece size) a trimmer can sort. Interior is good. Stops and handles well, Has been a fun car, if you want a good car at reasonable money jump in the car and shoot to Dandenong South tomorrow and check it out. Will not disappoint! Must sell don’t miss out
  8. I am selling a 1980 US/JAPAN 915 (915/63) Gearbox. Aluminum case, 8 x 31 R & P. 3,000 km since rebuild. SOLD Gearbox is on the Gold Coast.
  9. Hi all, I'm moving overseas for a couple of years (just planning on storing the car while I'm away), but need to divest of a few things that I've had in the garage. Starting with... 4x Simmons rims, to suit 911SC or Carrera - PRICE CHANGE> $1000 Rears - 16x8 Front - 16x7 I've used these for SuperSprints at WP, SMP, etc (maybe 8 or 10 times?) on a 1980 911SC. Rims are used but no issues with them, no cracks or damage aside from the usual scuffs, grime etc. Fitted with Toyo R888's, 225/45 and 245/45, approx 70%(?) tread left. Comes with 3x Simmons centre caps, 2 in perfect condition, 1 fair to poor. Pickup from Bronte 2024. cheers Al
  10. Hi Guys, Its been a while. I have alt bearing issues,wanting to replace them as a little dry and noisy . However, i believe the bearings are easy enough to get but the plastic end cap not so? Anyone have any ideas? cheers
  11. Well here it is folks. I know 3 of you have been anticipating my DIY Factory Short Shifter Install thread. So without further delay, here we go. I was planning on going out to watch the Classic Adelaide Tarmac Rally yesterday, but in the end I had a bit of work to complete in the morning. After getting half way through, and my mouse carking it so I had to go out and buy a new one, I duly finished my drawing updates and decided to get started on the shifter install. I started off the same way I start all my projects. Coffee. During the week I had done my research. I read probably 5 different install articles, then decided on the one I liked best, and printed it off. Hint: Increase the font size to about 14 before printing it. Next, I clean up a decent size work area and work out what tools I need. Gather rags, lubes, camera, etc. and then put on some tunes. For this job I chose Judas Priest's album Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe Edition). 2 minutes in and I found myself wanting to smash everything. So I changed to a more sedate music selection. I loaded up the old Kriesler Stereophonic with Mozart, Schubert & Strauss, with the occasion inclusions of The Glen Miller Orchestra & Pavlov's Dog. Now into it. I started out by removing the console, auto heat controller, and carpet. I'm not re-installing the console, and as it didn't work, the auto heat control. Before I went any further I also removed the additional plate on the heat control arm that works from the auto heat control. There was no actuator rod on there. Probably why it wasn't working. This is what it looks like with all that fruit removed. Next - Removing the shift tower
  12. Hi all - an overdue post introducing myself. I've been more active on Pelican (aldente295 there as well) but lately there's nothing but tumbleweeds in the local forums over there. My name's Alan, the car's a 1980 911SC ('Brian') I brought over from California when I moved to Sydney about 7 years ago. I'm originally from Canada but was dragged over here almost 20 years ago by my wife who's from Perth. Living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and have been doing track days through the Jag club (of all things) and CSCA for the past five years or so. Would desperately love to upload a photo or two, but can't for the life of me figure out how to make them small enough to meet the size limitation!... used to be good at this stuff too. :-P I'll do a little reading of the help files and post a follow up once I figure it out. cheers Al ...and now it just works. Weird. Anyway here's Brian in his best racing pose.
  13. For sale set of Fuchs, 16x6 front and 16x7 rear, from a 911 SC Friend of mine upgraded his SC to a wide body and has the original wheels for sale. I thought I put them up here on the forum before he goes on eBay and gumtree. Very good condition With tires Looking for $2500 or best offer Located in Sydney
  14. I am clearing out a few 911 bits. My how we accumultate stuff! This was fitted to my SC. Still in reasonable condition, have a look at the Ebay listing. Also have a rear fibreglass bumper to suit the same car - it is a tad rough but will tidy up. Will post when get a chance. Weltmeister Harness Bar for Sale Cheers rEd ..................................
  15. New toy arrived today '79 SC, and a bit of a track day hooligan :-) 3/4 cage, harness and race seats
  16. Hi Everyone, Im after either one RHS heat exchanger or a pair. mine has an internal leak and haven't got enough to upgrade tot he ssi yet. Any help with this would be great. Let me know maybe we can work something out if you have the right part. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello all, Stumbled across PFA while googling last night, I've had so much fun reading the forum that I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Queensland and have had a '81 924 turbo since 1999. This was my second Porsche, I had a 77.5 924 for 2.5 years however sold it when I moved to the turbo. The 924 turbo is stock (apart from stereo head unit, speakers in doors) however plan to install a water/ air intercooler (without damaging/ modding car) at some stage in next year or two. Five years ago I purchase an '81 SC coupe which was my introduction to air cooling and 911s. Car is stock apart from the stereo head unit and normal upgrades (eg. tie rod ends if remember). Spent a weekend recently sorting out the sunroof (does anyone know a source of wind deflectors) and enjoyed open air motoring during the Qld Porsche club's 40th aniversary drive. I became a Porsche fan at the age of 12 when I played Test drive on my commodore 64. When out driving with my family when growing up, I'd send them nuts as I'd always jump out of my skin with excitement whenever I saw a Porsche go by. Would have liked a 911, 928 or 944 as my first Porsche however could only afford a 924 at the time. The 924 series have increasingly grown on me over time, these days I rarely see any others on the road (in 2014 there were 65 924 turbo registered in the UK, I doubt there would be more than 20 registered in Australia). Increasingly I find that car enthusiasts are actually impressed at seeing the 924. The general public always want to know about my 911, most wouldn't recognise the 924 as a Porsche. When I purchased the 911 I was tempted by 928s and 951s however I really wanted to live my Test drive fantasy. Love the sound of the 911, and the feeling of driving history, however I'm still amazed at how 'old school' the driving positon feels. When new, the 924 turbo was a similar price to the 911SC, I once wondered why anyone would have bought the 924 over the 911. After driving them both (especially with something in boot) the practicalities and turbo fun of the 924 does present a certain charm. I was never super impressed with the 996 series however over the last 12 months I've developed a real itch for the turbo, GT3 and GT2 variants. Spent an enjoyable weekend last weekend drooling over a turbo s and GT2 and was suitably impressed with a carrera 4. I look forward to taking one for a spin one day. Actually stumbled across this forum trying to scratch this particular itch, normally I just lurk on 924.org, rennlist and pelican. Next Porsche (dream Porsche)??? Yes the million dollar question. Up to relatively recently I would have said a 993 turbo however their appeal has diminished for me a little in recent years. Strong contenders outside the 996 range would include 924 GT, series 2 944, 928.. possibly a Cayman (all 911 series considered by default). Recently had a sit in a Macan, they seem to be somewhat of a 'bargain' and have a decent towing capacity (3500kg). Suspect final decision wlll be based on how much I continue to enjoy track days. Thanks all for listening to my ramblings, keep up the good work with the forum.
  18. I'd like to do the sway bars on my '92 SC. I'd prefer not to do cutting and drilling at this stage but I will if that's the best option. There's a heap of stuff from Pelican but generally taking advice regarding handling from the US is not optimal. Thoughts on what is effective and available in Oz? Cheers gang!
  19. BELOW IS NOW SORTED THANKS! I bought my 930 with a 915 and softtop conversion and turbo hollow twist wheels Im trying to get it back to Factory so i need to.... delete the softtop in replace of a Hardtop roof panel ill be looking for glass for this also delete the 915 in favour of factory 930 4 speed box delete the wheels (not urgent) and get Fuschs to suit Im willing to give you my roof and all bits its about 2 yrs old so its quite new i have reciepts from prev owner he spent a lot of money to turn it into a cab but i want it gone. The 915 Gearbox in my car is also quite new or at the least reconditioned to new condition, ill sell it or trade it whatever for a 4 speed. Will might also be needing help in the conversion so if anyone knows of anyone who can do this id like to get some quotes Happy driving
  20. As some of you know, my position at a leading engineering consultancy was made redundant two months ago. After the first two weeks of chasing up and catching up on jobs around the house, then the next week staring at my navel waiting for job applications to come to fruition, I decided enough was enough and dusted off my old shelf company and teamed up with another crew-member on the Redundancy Failboat. We pooled our capabilities and put together a basic marketing strategy and today we started door knocking local industry. We had been working on a thing called "Whole of Life Asset Management" where a client's site is audited against maintenance best practice and a score applied in a range of critical business areas, then recommendations offered on how to improve these gaps. We then implement whatever solution the client agreed on, rather than what every other consultant does which is to bugger off with a fist full of dollars. So we decided we don't need their stupid company, and our company would be much better and would have reasonable rates, alcohol, a casino and hookers. Then we decided against the reasonable rates. The interesting thing is that I have been driving my '82 SC around to potential client sites. No reason other than I like driving it and it goes with my sale-guy tie. Each place has seen the director or BDM want to talk to us, simply to have a bit of blahblah time about the car. The net result is that while we haven't drummed up any work on this first day of doing so, we have gained some excellent advice, and some real insight in how to approach potential clients with the methodology we have to offer. I don't think I'll ever get sick of owning a classic Porsche!

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