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Found 25 results

  1. Just thought this might generate some love for these great cars, you must own it and no matter the condition if you've got one we want to see it, 924, 944, 968, or the big banger queen of the fleet 928. Be it a rough one or a racer, a project or a bastard even one that you used to own, post it up, here's mine. 89 turbo
  2. As my Cup Car is now in the US & I'm in-between race cars i thought id pull out the 924 V8 track car, i know this is not everyones cup of tea but it rates high in the shits & giggles category, at just under 300HP, front engine rear drive & bugger all weight its tyre smoking fun & very cheap Some specs, standard 924 shell with a Lexus first gen 1UZFE 4.0 all alloy quad cam V8, gearbox is a 924 turbo snail shell dogleg 5 speed, brakes are 924 turbo with Volvo 4 piston calipers on the front & Wilwood pedal box, 924 turbo hubs, upgraded 924 turbo suspension & 924 turbo sub frames Some work was needed tidying up a few things but nothing major to get it back on track, I've installed a 6 point roll cage replacing the crappy 4 point it had in it, new mega squirt ECU & engine wiring loom & new fuel cell & lines, all easy stuff The alloy V8 engine weighs less than a 924 turbo engine Cookie cutters will stay on the car & the Cup 1 wheels are for sale & no i didn't build it but someone spent a lot of time on it & the conversion work is quality The crew chief below thinks its ok also
  3. I've got 2x 924 front sway bars here. One is stock 21mm (although early 924's didn't have any front sway bar so may be of use to these folk), and the other is a 23mm which came with the turbos as part of the M471 option pack - this provides a significant upgrade over the stock. Make me an offer for either or both! Sorry, can't ship - pickup only from Sydney lower north shore. Cheers,
  4. Selling a set of four brand new CV (constant velocity) jointsThese are an upgrade over the OEM joints and have a larger, stronger cage and ball bearingsThey are Empi branded 33 spline inner raceI understand they will suit:- Porsche 924 1977-1982- Porsche 924S 1987-1988- Porsche 944 NA 1983-1989- Porsche 944 Turbo 1986-1987In as new condition. Only selling as I mistakenly ordered these but require a 25 spline version.Happy to post Australia wide$300 for the set of four. Price firm. https://i.imgur.com/U5TIvQH.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/zBYbVa9.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/bTzCiHj.jpg[/img]
  5. Hey Everyone, I've decided to get my mums 1977 924 Martini (i have heard these are rare??) up and running again after sitting in the garage since 2004. It has 110,000klms, what do i need to know to get it going again? So far things i know i need. Engine oil - I've just ordered a bunch of Brad Penn 10w40, going to do a oil flush and change, then run it for about 400klms then change it again. Diff and gearbox oil. Brake fluid. coolant. possibly a water pump if the seals on the current one are stuffed. Battery. Tyre's. Spark plugs Belts???? (needed?) Going to need a new dash eventually as the current one has some cracks. I started it up the other day, took a bit but once it was on it ran pretty good, idle was a little low but once it was warm and gave it a little rev it sat pretty nice. Anyone got any tips or things i should look out for? Also if anyone has any recommendations on oils to use?
  6. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  7. Seeing as my 924 is long gone it's time for these bits to go as well. I'll be rounding up the spare parts etc I have in a separate thread hopefully over the weekend.. 1. Porsche 924 body decal set, incl shiny gold high voltage decal - brand new: $40 + postage 2. 924/944 UK Club magazine - as new: $15 + postage 3. Sport Auto magazine with Carrera GTS featured - sealed in plastic: $20 + postage 4. Cars and Car Conversions magazine with Carrera GTS featured (plus 911 SC). Excellent condition: $20 + postage 5. Original BBC LP with Porsche 924 sounds! Double-sided. Scuffs on sleeve, but record itself is in excellent condition: $20 + postage 6. Porsche 924-968 Timeline. As-new: $15 + postage 7. Porsche 924 Carrera Brochure. As-new: $15 + postage 8. Porsche 924 Turbo Brochure. As-new: $15 + postage 9. Porsche 924 Carrera GT Body Decal Set. New, still in packing tube: $50 + postage 10. Porsche 924 Carrera GT Driver's Manual '81 and Maintenance Record. UBER RARE. NEVER OPENED - BRAND NEW: Offers to PM please. Happy to combine items and knock a few bucks off in the process if you want multiple items. Cheers,
  8. Came across this site (Motor Werks Racing) on FB. Some fabulous front-engined Porsches here, many powered by VW Golf 1.8s, putting out up to 550hp... Lots to look at here, 924 and 944 guys... (and girls ) http://www.motorwerksracing.com/
  9. My last 12 months of Porsche ownership has been interesting to say the least, with some great highs and really low, lows, but most of all, the friends I have made have remained constant and so much so, some of them have this strange way of getting into my head.. the result was a hunt for a front engine Porsche, you see in between the silver bullet & mr lapis I was spending a good amount of seat time last summer in a 928 S4. I narrowed it down to S1 928 or 924, needless to say the 924 came first. I did also find a really nice S1 928 now known as "Risky Business", but decided another good friend needed it more than I did. Found online, located in a shed, in country Victoria was this Aussie delivered 1978 924 in Mars Red with the 4 speed manual transmission & sunroof delete. The PO had done a bunch of work to it and then decided to store it in 2001. 15 years in storage wasn't too kind on the 924's perishables, so with my best mate on the task he set about bringing it back to life, we didn't leave any stones un-turned; new tyres, entire brake system rebuilt, timing belt, water pump the list goes on! Thankfully storage was very kind to the cosmetics, it still presents very well. Well the day came Saturday just passed to pick it up and drive it home to Sydney, so I booked flights for Friday night for me and my son (he is very passionate about cars) We had a snag with getting a permit on Saturday morning as Vic Roads decided to do server maintenance and no branches open, I ended up sending my better half to RMS in Sydney to sort it out.. we got the permit in the end but severely delayed our departure, what a debacle! Ensure you get that permit ahead of time folks! Needless to say I did tell him to get it for me friday. Moving on: Departing VIC Surprised with the gearing, I expected worse. As we were just about to arrive into Holbrook I just had to snap this moment, the sky was beautiful. Dinner of champions, Holbrook bakery... is there a better meal half way? I don't think so. Obligatory Submarine shot, plus my son had never seen it. Verdict? This is a great little car, I did not get too many opportunities to throw it about on the rural B roads but there is plenty of time ahead for that. It's very raw & engaging, it really wants you to drive it! Even the freeway driving is an event, you are involved the whole time and I like that.. loads of period charm to boot. Its a nice contrast to my 997 that is for sure and a welcome addition.
  10. Hey guys, recently acquired a 1981 924 Turbo. It'll arrive at my house next weekend, but I'm getting confused because its most certainly a 1981 model according to the chassis number, and from everything I've found in my research that should make it a series 2. Thing is, the engine has the oval shaped intake manifold with the turbo badge stuck on, which is unique to the series 1 turbos. Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the engine number, but I thought I'll ask if anyone knows if Porsche continued to make series 1 cars into 1981? And if so, when was the cut off date? Everywhere I've looked said they stopped S1 in 1980. The car is very original and I assume it was the matching engine, but maybe it was changed out over the years with an earlier one...is there also a definitive list somewhere on all the updates that differentiate the S1 and the updated S2 models? thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light!
  11. Well everyone else is waving their 924's around I thought I might as well too! Due to arrive tomorrow from overseas. It's an import. From a place called Tasmania. I hope it's as good as the Australian delivered ones... The previous owner may or may not have had dreadlocks. He could've been an outlaw.....or a dentist. Maybe an outlaw dentist! Could it have even once belonged to Tazzieman? She's a 77 Mars Red 924 2.0 5spd, Black w Herringbone interior. I planned to do unspeakable things to it. She might just be too nice though.... OR IS IT!
  12. FOR SALE Porsche 924 Martini Rossi Mechanically excellent, manual, turn key and drive.... Currently registered in NSW and a great little project.... Body has some faults but nothing that a bit of TLC wouldn't fix.... Great little daily driver and a good investment if someone is looking to restore a classic..... PM for more photos or contact details/offers........
  13. Decided to start looking around the engine bay today and making a few notes of various items i'd like to clean up at some point or another, hopefully things I can take on myself given I'm a mechanical novice. As I moved around and made a few notes and observations my eye caught a glimpse of what looked to be a pool of water standing up atop the front guard just below the window on the passengers side. Cause for immediate concern as the car had been garaged and not moved since Tuesday. Grabbed the old sponge I use for the wheels and mopped it all out. I must have sponged out about a litre or two into an old bucket. I figured the weep hole much be blocked and set about to find it. Readily easy to find as it runs into the guard and you can get 2 fingers under and sure enough it was caked full of debris, old leaves, dirt, bark, small twigs. I grabbed a tooth pick and scrapped a few large chunks out. probably played around with it for 30 minutes trying to get all I could, but I can feel plenty more in there where my fat fingers can't get at it. I tested with a glass of water and it now drains satisfactorily but I don't like knowing there's muck still there (i'm probably a little OCD). Checked the drivers side and whilst it was dry sure enough same thing - caked with debris. Passengers side once cleaned up: Anyone have managed to completely clear these out? Do I need to take the lining out from under the front guards to reach them properly?
  14. Don't even ask what I were searching for to find this...
  15. In German but I thought some of us may be interested
  16. http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/8989-40-years-of-transaxle-meet-up-drive/#comment-163398 Posted an EOI for this in SMT section ^^ I propose we have a NSW gathering of front engine only cars to celebrate 40 years of transaxle Porsche. No 911's allowed Whoever reads this, spread the word and keep the chatter going. Hopefully @Buchanan Automotive can help this one along. Need feedback on dates folks and show of hands. Cheers
  17. Love it. The 924 GT was a GREAT looking race car in my book. Source: http://www.porsche.com/uk/accessoriesandservice/classic/924-gtp-restoration/ In 1980 Porsche entered Le Mans with three examples of the new race car which were piloted by teams from Germany, USA and Great Britain. Titled the 924 GTP, each car raced under their national colours in the highly competitive 'Prototype' class. 924 GTP 002 remains the only Porsche factory owned race car ever to compete under a British flag. Having been used for further testing the car was officially retired in 1982. 35 since its launch and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 924, Porsche Cars Great Britain and our network of Classic Partner Centres will return the car to its former glory. Porsche Centre Glasgow will handle the suspension and brakes, Porsche Centre Swindon will restore the engine, Hatfield the gearbox and finally all plumbing and electrics will be the job of Porsche Centre Leeds. Full restoration of the body work and trim will be the responsibility of Road & Race Restorations, one of the Porsche Recommended Body Repairers with extensive experience in the restoration of specialist race cars. All the latest updates on the restoration process can be found below and in the gallery. 1980 924 GTP 002Bodywork: Lightened production body with fender extensions and front spoiler as well as doors and engine lid of plastic, plexiglass windows Chassis: Independent wheel suspensions, whisbones and McPherson shock legs in front, steel semi-trailing arms in back Progressive coil springs, Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers Brakes: Inner-vented, dual circuit disc brake system from 917 with center-lock wheels Adjustable brake balance Wheels: BBS rims front and rear: 11.75 x 16 Dunlop Racing, front: 275/600 x16 Dunlop Racing, rear: 300/825 x 16 Gearbox: Fully-synchronized, 5-speed Porsche gearbox, 924 reinforced, slod drive, ratios to suit the course Clutch: Single-plate, dry clutch (Fichtel & Sachs) with sintered lining Engine: Four cylinder, in-line engine, water-cooled with turbocharging and charge-air intercooler, mechanical Bosch/Kugelfischer fuel injection and dry sump lubrication Bore: 86.5 mm/3.41" Stroke: 84.4 mm/3.33" Capacity: 1983.9 cc/121.02 in³ Compression: approx. 6.8 : 1 Output: 320 hp (235 kW) at 7000 rpm Max. torque: 39 mkp/282 lb.-ft. at 4500 rpm Dimensions: Wheelbase: 2400 mm/94.6" Track, front/rear: 2534/1504 mm - 60.4/59.3" Length: 4200 mm/165.6" Width: 1850 mm/72.9" Height: 1200 mm/47.3" Fuel capacitiy: 120 litres/31.7 gal. Weight: 930 kg/2050 lb. Top Speed: approx. 290 km/h - 180 mph
  18. Calling all Front Engine Fans! New Exhibition at the Porsche Museum opening today: http://jalopnik.com/celebrate-the-wonders-of-the-front-engine-porsche-at-it-1773154256
  19. Hi all, I seek to perform this rear sway bar conversion to my '81 924. I have the 20mm front sway bar in place, and standard springs/height and shocks all round. I'll be upgrading them over time. The car understeers in tight corners right now. Is the 14mm the best compliment to the 20mm front bar, or should I pursue the 18mm from a later car? Will the 18mm make the car too "oversteery"? Also, does anyone have the following bits available? 1. Rear sway-bar. 2. Removable portion of the mounting brackets that hold the bushings to the torsion bar housing. 3. Bushings (if you don't have these - I'll manage). 4. "Dog-bone" drop links and bolts. 5. Extended eccentric adjusting bolts that hold the sway-bar to the trailing arms. Thanks for the advice! Appreciated.
  20. Hi, as the heading implies, I'm looking for a 924 Turbo. If anyone knows of one/has one in good condition and working order. Ideal specs would include: - 1981 or 1982 model - Non sunroof The condition of the car is really the most important criteria. The ideal specs just make it my personal unicorn quest, but aren't deal breakers. Thanks.
  21. Just of Magnus' Instagram
  22. Hello all, Stumbled across PFA while googling last night, I've had so much fun reading the forum that I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Queensland and have had a '81 924 turbo since 1999. This was my second Porsche, I had a 77.5 924 for 2.5 years however sold it when I moved to the turbo. The 924 turbo is stock (apart from stereo head unit, speakers in doors) however plan to install a water/ air intercooler (without damaging/ modding car) at some stage in next year or two. Five years ago I purchase an '81 SC coupe which was my introduction to air cooling and 911s. Car is stock apart from the stereo head unit and normal upgrades (eg. tie rod ends if remember). Spent a weekend recently sorting out the sunroof (does anyone know a source of wind deflectors) and enjoyed open air motoring during the Qld Porsche club's 40th aniversary drive. I became a Porsche fan at the age of 12 when I played Test drive on my commodore 64. When out driving with my family when growing up, I'd send them nuts as I'd always jump out of my skin with excitement whenever I saw a Porsche go by. Would have liked a 911, 928 or 944 as my first Porsche however could only afford a 924 at the time. The 924 series have increasingly grown on me over time, these days I rarely see any others on the road (in 2014 there were 65 924 turbo registered in the UK, I doubt there would be more than 20 registered in Australia). Increasingly I find that car enthusiasts are actually impressed at seeing the 924. The general public always want to know about my 911, most wouldn't recognise the 924 as a Porsche. When I purchased the 911 I was tempted by 928s and 951s however I really wanted to live my Test drive fantasy. Love the sound of the 911, and the feeling of driving history, however I'm still amazed at how 'old school' the driving positon feels. When new, the 924 turbo was a similar price to the 911SC, I once wondered why anyone would have bought the 924 over the 911. After driving them both (especially with something in boot) the practicalities and turbo fun of the 924 does present a certain charm. I was never super impressed with the 996 series however over the last 12 months I've developed a real itch for the turbo, GT3 and GT2 variants. Spent an enjoyable weekend last weekend drooling over a turbo s and GT2 and was suitably impressed with a carrera 4. I look forward to taking one for a spin one day. Actually stumbled across this forum trying to scratch this particular itch, normally I just lurk on 924.org, rennlist and pelican. Next Porsche (dream Porsche)??? Yes the million dollar question. Up to relatively recently I would have said a 993 turbo however their appeal has diminished for me a little in recent years. Strong contenders outside the 996 range would include 924 GT, series 2 944, 928.. possibly a Cayman (all 911 series considered by default). Recently had a sit in a Macan, they seem to be somewhat of a 'bargain' and have a decent towing capacity (3500kg). Suspect final decision wlll be based on how much I continue to enjoy track days. Thanks all for listening to my ramblings, keep up the good work with the forum.
  23. Just saw this on Gumtree and thought it is interesting... looks in good shape http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mindarie/cars-vans-utes/1977-porsche-924-martini-ltd-edition/1023324547
  24. Edit! Sorted, thanks alot guys!!

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