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Found 23 results

  1. Just thought this might generate some love for these great cars, you must own it and no matter the condition if you've got one we want to see it, 924, 944, 968, or the big banger queen of the fleet 928. Be it a rough one or a racer, a project or a bastard even one that you used to own, post it up, here's mine. 89 turbo
  2. Does anyone in the PFA Brains Trust have some hard data on recent 928 sales - say, in the last six months? There are quite a few on carsales but most have been sitting for yonks. I'd also appreciate estimates for the vehicle below (based on the limited info I have at the moment): @ANF, @tazzieman, @Diamond911, @KGB and anyone else that would care to chime in - all comments appreciated. A friend is considering putting his 1987 928 S4 auto up for sale. It has a solid service history, lower-than-average kms and the body work seems in good condition. The interior could do with some attention. It's had a recent belt service. I have yet to ascertain whether it's all original, unmodified, first paint, accident-free, etc. Cheers.
  3. Good morning enthusiasts! I've read countless reviews, buyers guides, forum threads etc etc and the answers I'm after vary substantially! Really hoping to get some insight before purchasing my first Porsche - a 928 😁 I work overseas and will only be home for max a couple of months a year so it will be my daily for when I'm in Australia, so probably won't clock up a great deal of kms - but I need one. That being said, I also want to safeguard with intent for it to be a stable investment into the future. I personally LOVE the look of the first 928 with no spoilers, but if a later version is likely to experience a better/safer return when I eventually outgrow it then I'll happily buy whatever the smartest option is - they all have their own perks and they're all beautiful! So apologies for the lengthy intro, but here are my questions: (Any answers to any of them are greatly appreciated, I don't expect a full run down on all of it, just some advice here and there 🙂) What colours should I stay away from? What are the most attractive/sought after? I personally really like white, red or silver, however with the various things I've read, these are apparently less desirable colours? Does it make much difference if they have been resprayed, retrimmed, dash repaired, etc? Would a completely original car with imperfections be a better option than one that has had repairs? Would you recommend getting an S2 manual or the early 928 in a 3 speed Auto? I could happily drive either but I would prefer a manual, though the manuals I'm finding aren't in as good condition as some of the autos for the same price. Is the overall condition more important than being a 'rare' manual or does it make no difference in your opinion? I'm not as fond of the later S4 interior, tail lights and spoilers, but they are still great to look at. Do you think these may be a better investment due to the extra power, comfort, condition and features? Or stick with the 'original'? I know what I like and what I would prefer, but I could easily drive any one of them and be absolutely stoked! I just don't want a money pit that I can't sell down the track, it's personally a lot of money for me to throw around, pretty much a house deposit - so I really want to make a good decision here. Thank you very much in advance! I hope this isn't reintroducing a lot of already answered questions, as I said - everything I read gives me a different answer!
  4. Porsche 928 for sale Deatils as follows: -1981 model - moss green (dark green) - 76,000 kms - books included - original compressor, tool kit, Porsche tyre pressor gauge etc with car - original telephone dial wheels - full leather interior including dash in excellent condition - no body damage - last of 928s before 928S so no spoilers - belts done and extensive other work in last few years with receipts - one long term owner from new and sold to an elderly gentleman who owned it for a year and then to me - selling as too many Porsches and not used. - price $30,000 ONO If genuine interest can send photos to email address In Brighton East, Victoria Rohan 0418 308 537
  5. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  6. After a few weeks of running around in our newly acquired 928 I'm pretty sure it's running quite rich. So it might be nice to find a good dyno/tuning option but the engine's on a motec...which I assume means we need somewhere with the capacity to work with it (m48 system). Does anyone have any recommendations for workshops in the Sydney basin? I'm not really looking to squeeze every last hp out of it (more is always nice but it's hardly lacking)...it's more a case of not having it so 'fumey' or even just determining whether it is running rich or whether that's just how they are.... It was extensively dyno'd some years back but that was in the context of production cup campaigning so my usage is a little different.
  7. FOR SALE - I have a 1981 928 which with fluids is running and is rolling shell (no bonnet no doors no rear hatch no ft/rear bumpers) and no interior seats etc– it is an ex Japan LHD car (one of 107 made in 1981) and now that that’s out of the way, the good news is that it’s a low mile (45,000) engine (which yes does run) with auto trans and all running gear/suspension etc etc there. Engine Typ and No: M28/18 8019077- a 4.5 L car. . . Finally it sits on a very rare set of 928 BBS rims (which I may/may not include - but I do intend to move it all on as one lot if the price is right)- the same attractive and rare BBS rims as those used on the 1983 Nurburgring 4 hour entry 928 that is now restored and in the Porsche museum. Valuable mechanical and body spares for your 928 racer or restoration project. Car is in SA. asking $5k - engine has to be $3k the rare BBS rims $1-$1.5k so the rest of the car you'll get for five hundred to a grand ... I bought a 2nd hand starter motor for $500 recently for example as I didn't want to split this one off this car ! cheers Stewart See pics on my imstagram - @RHDPorsche or I can text 0401722222
  8. Are any W.A. PFA members able to recommend an independent specialist that can have a look at my clunky 928S4 auto transmission? Who knows these cars the best? @Diamond911, @reggiegums, anyone? Reply here or by PM as you prefer. Thanks in advance, MM
  9. One for all the 928 fans, watched this last night.... so tempting!!
  10. This pdf shows engine details for just about every Porsche model. Too good not to share! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93289189/Porsche_Engine_Codes_1952-2012.pdf
  11. http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/8989-40-years-of-transaxle-meet-up-drive/#comment-163398 Posted an EOI for this in SMT section ^^ I propose we have a NSW gathering of front engine only cars to celebrate 40 years of transaxle Porsche. No 911's allowed Whoever reads this, spread the word and keep the chatter going. Hopefully @Buchanan Automotive can help this one along. Need feedback on dates folks and show of hands. Cheers
  12. Calling all Front Engine Fans! New Exhibition at the Porsche Museum opening today: http://jalopnik.com/celebrate-the-wonders-of-the-front-engine-porsche-at-it-1773154256
  13. Hi all, new member here. I have had my 928 for about 18 months now and I use it as a daily driver. Its an Australian delivered 1983 928S, 4.7, 3 Spd Auto, colour is Hellbronze. Im in the Riverina (Wagga) so if there are any other owners around, get in touch, would be great to do a local Porsche run every now and then. Cheers, Adam Obrien.
  14. Hi all, need to do the Torque Tube and Torque Convertor bearings on my 83 928S (the noise on shutdown is getting worse). Im in Wagga, are there any local mechanics that could do this? Would be OK within 250km radius so ACT, Northern Victoria etc. I just don't have the space at the moment to attempt this kind of job so any recommendations? Cheers, Adam.
  15. Had a look in the video section, but not much on the 928. Given the recent interest, I thought it might be appropriate to link to a couple of old Wheeler Dealer videos - it seems they've hooked up to YouTube a few months ago and all of their videos are now available. Worth a look, but I notice they spent all their money on paint and none on new cambelts, even though the 928 had been standing for some years (apparently).
  16. Following on from Phil Scott's wide eyed story of the 1984 Porsche drive day, the 1986 drive story is bit more restrained but very useful to hear the views of the day. Maybe the effect of the lost of octane and kilowatts.......
  17. I been thinking about doing a thread on Carrera 3.2's and was looking around for some references and some good quotes. (The premise of the story being 3.2's are under appreciated and I just don't think we realise what a perfect blend of old and new they are.) Anyway I came across this story in the May 1984 edition of Wheels magazine where an obviously wide eyed and innocent young Phil Scott, who later went on to become editor, had a great day with Allan Hamilton and eight other journos with obviously diseased egos and something to prove. While his quotes regarding 3.2's are gold, I just thought it was a great read and to good to keep to myself:
  18. Hi there all, First post for me here so hope it works out. Saw this on gumtree & may be of interest to us front engined mob! 1982 Porsche 928S Coupe, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/north-avoca/cars-vans-utes/1982-porsche-928s-coupe/1028453352 I probably would if I could, but having enough fun with my 944.....
  19. I have always loved the look and sound of the older 928s, and everything i read about scares the hell out of me (i understand some of them are 30 years+)! $$$$$ on maintenance every year, timing belts destroying engines, transmission rebuilds, you name it. With the intention of only using it on weekends and with club rego, are they really worth all the hassle? I don't mind about little things like aircon not working or runnbers not perfect etc...its just the drivetrain and major mechanical issues. I would love to hear from anyone who has owned one for a while
  20. hello I've just joined up to see if its worth me importing my porsche 928 S2 from the UK into Australia. I'm worried about selling it on and whether i'll get a decent price - i am not sure if people are put off by imports. The car is rust free, has a full service history - porsche specialist and main dealer. Its a 4.7litre V8 manual. Its not perfect but in very good condition - some very minor bits to make it perfect. I have been thinking of changing cars for a while but thought about importing it to tide me over until i find something i like. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. many thanks Simon
  21. Edit! Sorted, thanks alot guys!!
  22. I've got a set of 16/7" phone dial rims on my car and I'm looking to put a pair of the early dished 944/951 phone dials on the rear of my 928, I'm pretty sure that if I take the 21mm spacers out they'll fit. This model has a ET23.3 offset. Has anyone (preferably in SA) got some of these wheels that they are willing to sell for a good price? Thanks!
  23. Hi All, Since moving house last year, priorities have changed for me and I don't see myself finishing the project I've started with my 928. The car is an 81S with the 5 Speed manual, which I have been restoring on and off for the last two years. It's a runner, however I have the instrument cluster out right now (to replace the odometer cog). Photos of the car can be seen on the following web album: https://picasaweb.google.com/102285921942139867246/Porsche92802?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPH9xvyW1tXT1gE&feat=directlink To finish it off, I was planning on the following: - Bit more panel work then paint - Interior tidy up (Have replacement switches and other bits and pieces already) - Mechanical touch up (Already have most of the bits, vacuum/oil lines, brake pads, etc.) The car is located on the north side of Brisbane, if anyone is interested let me know and I'll forward on my details. As I'd prefer for it to go to a forum member rather than to ebay or for parts. Looking for around $6k for the lot. Regards, Jeff

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