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Found 35 results

  1. Thought I’d share the restoration of our 930 with the forum , just hope it’s not to boring as I’m no academic story writer 😂 Back in April 2016 a mate of mine who seems to find cars in all obscure places asked if I’d be interested in a 930 that had been sitting for 17 years buried in a shed in Brisbane. Umm YES, I told him I’d love to know more and so begins the slippery slope of bringing a car back to life. The owner of the car had a massive shed with about 30 cars in it in all states of mobility and the very deepest in the shed was the 930, so deep the only way out was through the back door to get it into the back yard then cut a couple of fence panels out of the neighbours property and out through their backyard to freedom. Originally delivered in the UAE then exported to HK and finally arriving in Aus in 1999 and not being registered till 2017 showing 48000klm and covered in more dust than the pyramids of Egypt. But none the less a 930 and with the way prices had gone it was going to be a great entry level price for an air cooled car let alone a 930. WINNING. Super excited but the owner being over protective about his collection and location meant I had to trust my mate on buying the car for me which wasn’t an issue as he’s got more experience in collector cars than anybody I know. So a couple of pics a few Hail Mary's the deals done ✅ only problem he’s 75-80 and in no rush to dig her out so after a couple of weeks my mate under takes the mission to dig it out and I get to pic it up. This is where the fun begins. We where told that the guy had started to fit a new muffler to it some years earlier got distracted and never finished the job , no biggie I knew it wasn’t going to be a matter of putting fuel and a battery in her ,quick wash and off into the sunset I was super excited about getting her cleaned up , mechanically resurrected and rolling again. Brad Mckernan from Mckernan restoration at Redcliffe came over home for a few days and nights to do what we could at home before sending her out to his workshop for the finishing touches to just get it mobile and driving, just to see how I would like a LHD 911. So a new fuel tank from Porsche a borrowed turbo and muffler fuel pumps lines etc etc all ready to fire up and boom 💥 comes the phone call , Mike something seems wrong!!NO NO NO what’s going on Brad ? Broken head studs ☹️ Ok now it’s turning into a bit more of a job than we expected. After a fair bit of back and forth with Brad we decided that we may as well go all in and do a proper job of things while it’s apart we will tidy up whatever is out of her or easily accessible and detail as much as we can and make it just a bit better than a dirty old barn find. Away down the slope we go NEW everything it was then a massive engine and under body detail and now that I’m in for a full engine rebuild, I took the attitude of while it’s apart do everything new , this is a job I don’t want to do twice. This included gearbox bearings synchro’s clutch brakes just do it all and make it something to be proud of not just a screwed together patchwork job. Throw the cash at it and let me know when it’s ready 🤦‍♂️ Now I’ve gone this deep everything I look at needs to be done so all new lenses, front rubber lip spoiler, rear whale tail rubber and of course a couple of scratches on opposite guards that once weren’t worth worrying about before now cost me a paint job So now after 18 months of scrubbing replacing everything a huge amount of work done by Brad ,detailing the hell out of it from top to bottom it’s all coming together. We finally get through the massive job of bringing this 930 back to life and as painful as it was at the time I’ve been absolutely rapt with how nice these cars are and can only imagine how special these would have been at the time they were new considering how awesome they still drive today. Huge thanks to Brad and his guys for looking after the car , Stan at performance 9 for sourcing so so many parts and for a super understanding wife that loved the hole journey just as much as I did even tho I threatened to burn it on more than one occasion 😂😂 Here’s the finished result.
  2. Quite a nice little channel these guys have. Mostly Japanese tuning, but there's two Porsche videos. The second one....well...check out that 4.0tt...
  3. Looking for an early 930 turbo wastegate or parts to repair, need the whole unit or the casing part number 930 127 00 any help or leads will be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, I have a brand new Fabspeed exhaust headers and muffler for sale. These parts have never been installed on a 930 because the Muppet driving the car wrote it off before we could install them. The kit is complete except for the gaskets which you will need to get from Porsche or Fabspeed. Parts are located in Perth, I can ship interstate with TNT. You know this stuff costs money, make a reasonable offer. Send me a message and I can email the pictures of all the nice, new shiny parts (even though I resized the pictures to 85 kb they still want load on here).
  5. Dear All, I'm after parts for my newly acquired 86' 930, Specifically: Carpet kitSeat kit (sports seats)Steering wheelHeadliner Truck carpetAny sealsInterior door panelsParcel shelfDashboard or dashboard re trimBoot carpetBody panelsBasically anything, engine parts, suspension, brakes, interior, body, wheels, etc. Please let me know. The car isn't a museum piece so I don't mind mismatched parts from other 911's, as long as they fit. I have some parts for 964 (not many) if you wanted to swap. Thanks in advance.
  6. It seems Porsche saw the future some 30+ years ago. Smaller capacity turbo engines are now the norm. Methinks we have some way to go before this gets matched. http://performancedrive.com.au/found-mclaren-porsche-911-tag-f1-v6-engine-2119/
  7. Hi all Weve been locked (kind of) away in the home garage the past few months trying to get the car sorted, released it was August already and omigod how does time fly when working on our pride and joys? Anywhos moving on, Came across some new problems mostly with paint mixing from supplier, ie; the second batch was a shade darker than the first which is not good when you've done the rear of the car already..two tone blue just doesn't seem to work..:( Anyway ive solved the problem by sanding it all back again to repaint with the new arrow blue batch paint , officially there is no code for Arrow Blue in Acrylic so the shop had to mix it using information and guesswork carried over from the paint codes for 2 pack Arrow blue which is listed in the Porsche paint system, Anyway thought id post a pic of where its at, Am awaiting new transaxles and cv joints, Ive also replaced washers on all joints that get vibration with fibre washers, along the same lines as the factory uses in the luggage fender area with the leather washers, my thinking is that in the rear fender sills rust can start in areas of movement of the metal washers rubbing for many years through the paint and galvanising exposing small areas of bare metal which will promote rust, The Fibre washers can be torqued asnd also aid in stopping looseness through vibration as they are Textured, about $4 a packet of 40 from Bunnings. Also have been working on more cooling specifically Turbo, using the factory vents on the rear guards to route Air when at speed through a 60mm hose with a 24 inch vent covering each exhaust outlets side, thinking is that the cooler the air when it gets to turbo more denser it is so every bit of cool air will help with keeping charge temps down. Note pic, not rust but some old silicone filling, note the car is a Late 1977 930 with Porsche Factory brakes from what I think is used in 1978 car ****note another major problem was protecting the car as I was working on it, I stupidly bought some builders film (wide clear sticky plastic) it can be used for masking off and protecting large areas, well I covered the rear fenders , tail in it while working on sanding back the roof for repainting and I must have put it on before rthe paint had fully hardened because when I peeled it off it left Wrinkles in the paint.. you can see in second photo the damage so lots more sanding to do :(:( Also am now cleaning priming and sanding all brackets to be repainted in a uniform colour across the board, looking at the hammered tone finish as can be seen in the last photo, Note this is not a concours car it wouldn't qualify due to the mileage and tail etc, so having said that paint colours matter not in the whole scheme of the car. I agree with many people that it is more important to have a car with factory RHD and matching numbers, being the most important attraction, the rest of the car can be changed easily enough, I would be wary of buying a 40 yr car with original paint on the account of hidden rust especially if it had high mileage, Wishing all a happy week Leonie Also I did the Rod Brackets in Hammered Aluminum finish,
  8. Hi PFA, reaching out for some assistance. Long story short, I'm hunting for a 930... Have spotted one in Melbourne (I'm in Sydney) that appears to tick most boxes, but I can't get down to look at it for at least two weeks. So, wondering if there is anyone in Melbourne with some 930 knowledge who wouldn't mind sighting it for me? Will compensate you with beer preference of your choice! Or alternatively could anyone recommend the best Porsche shop (thinking good 930 knowledge) to send it to for a ppi? PM me for more details, thanks guys, appreciate any assistance.
  9. What? He had a childhood poster of a Porsche. No one ever says that in these videos!
  10. "Now let me demonstrate lift off oversteer to you..........SHIT!!!!!!!!!" http://www.theherald.com.au/story/3676379/the-big-sell-to-wrecked-shell/?cs=303
  11. A real nice ride this. A 1975 Aussie delivered C3 that's been converted into a 964 Turbo S Leichtbau replica with a heap of RUF parts and engineering as well. Makes around 480hp and is one hell of a good thing to steer. Amazing fact: doesn't leak oil! When someone can tell me how to upload more pics I will (Keeps saying I am only allowed to upload 102k, even if uploading 80k)
  12. Long story short I’ve got some other plans for my time coming up and the car is going to be on the back burner for quite a while. The car is fast,like very fast. To give you an idea it will bake the 315/35R18 Pirellis as it comes on to boost in 2nd gear. When we tuned the car with it strapped down for zero movement and maximum tractive power it made 400odd RWHP@1bar of boost. If you wanted a pose number to brag to your mates I can take it back and run it on a shootout mode setting and tie so it will climb the rollers. You will see mid to high 400’s. Add E85 and it will be in the 5’s. I’ve had quite a few fast cars and this is up there with the fastest. Engine has the very best Haltech Elite2500,3.2ltr manifold,1000cc injectors,Electronic boost control,GM drive by wire throttle,MIL spec harness, -6AN fuel system with 044 pump,WTA intercooler with ice tank,ported heads,APR studs,BW366 turbo,TIAL waste gate etc etc etc. Heavy duty clutch and 930 4 speed box. Anyway if I was to keep it I’d spend maybe 5k and put impact bumpers back on and fix up the paint. So with that in mind I going to ask 65k but I’d negotiate for a PFA guy. A word of caution tho, I would not recommend this as a first Porsche. If you’re not used to a rear drive rear engine car it will bite and it will not forgive. More details can be found here in my build thread. Quick vid.
  13. Im looking to buy a RHD 930 Turbo, not converted, any year & in reasonable condition If any one has one feel free to PM me Regards James
  14. Ok, let`s start this sale. 1. 930 wide rear bumper bar, metal, seems genuine - 600AUD 2. 930 wide front bumper with spoiler (will fix it) - 400AUD 3. Front Slant Nose fenders, metal, they come with headlights - 1500AUD 4. Slant nose style boxed side skirts, metal - 500AUD 5. Steering wheel MOMO Mod. 07 like new condition (no hub adaptor) - PENDING 5. Spacers, custom made, billet, 10mm thick, pair - 100AUD 6. 7&9x16 Fuchs and Fuchs replica rims with tyres - 2500AUD Some of those prices are reasonable negotiable.
  15. I’ve got some stock 930 parts floating around that I’d like to clear out to get some room back in the shed. All as best as pick up but I cooould maybe bring to Sydney at a stretch. You could be very cheeky and bolt all the CIS stuff to a 3ltr motor and have a cheap base for a turbo swap.. 1. G-series 930 dizzy. Perfect working order will also work on a 911. Taken out as I’m now running EFI. SOLD 2. Little dirty but as new Clewette leads and coil. Will do package if you want them and the Dizzy together. SOLD $300 for the lot. 3. Complete stock 930 CIS system. Perfect working order and everything nut and bolt bar the ultra long intake studs. These parts are getting increasingly hard to find so would make a good addition to the spares kit. Intake pipe has been changed to suit bigger turbo but it’s not like highspeed steel is going to wear out anytime soon... $400 SOLD. 4. 930 intercooler. Again very hard to find or undamaged. Most people binned them when fitting aftermarket intercooler as to be honest they don’t work that well. $300 Sold pending payment 5. The really really hard to find 930 part that hasn’t been chopped up or binned. Stock 930 intake with K&N washable filter. $500 Sold pending payment 6. G series bonnet. Has been used as my project whiteboard but in good cond. SOLD. 7. Navy Blue door cards. LHD. $50 Nardi wheel. Great cond not new but not worn out either. Comes with boss kit. SOLD. Martin. 0429UNCLEH (Yes that’s really my phone number)
  16. I got this when I bought my SC, but I prefer the stock spoiler. The colour is blue, but it's in pretty rough condition. Will need some work and a re-spray. Appears to be a genuine Porsche item, but I might be wrong. Does not include the engine lid. The rubber looks OK - there's quite a bit of value in that alone. Looking for $200. Edit: I'm based in Mulgrave, Victoria. Would much prefer a pickup... Pictures are here: Here are some more pictures, this time of the underside:
  17. talk about good investments. Lucky smart bugger paid $125,000 for it in 2008 Russell Crowe ever owned a Porsche? https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/CA0815-219850/0/1976-Porsche-930-Turbo-Carrera/4-Speed/
  18. Hi All, I am chasing some early G-series Sports Seats for a project that I am restoring. So long as the cores are good, I am a buyer. Need to be shipped to Melbourne if they are interstate. Please email me at aewebster at me dot com or call me on 0419 527 FIVE SIX SEVEN. Thanks!
  19. Cold and wet in Melbourne today, so I decided to replace the seals in the boost recirculation valve on my 930 as it's been clicking away like crazy. So, off came the intercooler, airbox and boost recirc manifold. This is what it looked like. Nice hey? So I cleaned it all up and put new seals in and did up 7 nuts. Then, of course, I somehow overtightened the last one and started pulling the stud. Annoying. I was using a torque wrench that I use for my bike, set at 10nm which I thought was not that much. But I have no idea what I should have set it at. Any suggestions? So now I have to fit a helicoil, I guess. Or wait for another manifold to arrive that I bought on eBay. Here's the pulled stud I also had a poke around looking for the source of a small oil leak at the top of the motor. I found some seepage from the fuel head - looks like it's from the pressure relief valve and running down onto the return line fitting and dripping from there. Not sure if I should just try tightening up the value...? I think I'll ask advice on this. The fuel head was reconditioned only a few months back. And the drip
  20. I was poking around the engine bay of the 930 and came across this connector under the air con condenser. Any idea what it's for?
  21. I finally got the call and judging by the incredibly experienced Porsche mechanic under my engine bay I would say we are at final inspection. She will be back on the road with about 120 other p-car enthusiasts this weekend on the Autohaus Hunter drive. Just a little bit excited
  22. never tire of looking at this car. Can someone on PFA buy it please?
  23. I know this will sell within an hour on P.P but I thought I'd offer it here first. Perfect period correct intercooler that actualy works for a 930. About the only thing harder to find or more expensive would be a RUF cooler. $1500 Martin
  24. Minerva Blue, Gold rims, Momo Steering wheel. Simple but oh so sweet http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/06/magnus-walker-911-fifteen-52-wheels/

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