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Found 71 results

  1. Just thought this might generate some love for these great cars, you must own it and no matter the condition if you've got one we want to see it, 924, 944, 968, or the big banger queen of the fleet 928. Be it a rough one or a racer, a project or a bastard even one that you used to own, post it up, here's mine. 89 turbo
  2. Hey everyone! I recently discovered that my 1985 944 isn't exactly water tight, had some rain leak into the passenger side footwell. I could see there was a bit of water on the wiring, and a little bit on top of the DME box. The night that it happened it started fine, but a few nights later I was driving home and died at some traffic lights, car would turn but no tach bounce. I try and start the car the next day and it starts up and runs as normal, take it for a spin and everything seems fine. Then today I go to start it again and it's no go once more. Cranks but no tach bounce. I go out and buy a multimeter to test the DME harness according to this video; This is later on in the day and I think, "might as well see if it wants to start now" and of course, it does easily. I still proceeded to remove the DME harness and give it a test, all the tests seemed to come up positive, so I'm a little stumped as to what the issue could be for it to start sometimes, but not always. I was inspecting the Fresh Air Blower afterwards as this is where the water had originally leaked in due to the plastic shroud not sitting flush against the body - another issue I have to fix. I touched the shroud and noticed it was really quite hot, considering the fan hadn't been running at all. I was cranking the car for maybe 30 seconds in total during the test, keys were in the ignition for the last part of the test which required turning the car over to check the voltage. It just strikes me as odd that the Air Blower could be getting so hot from doing nothing, and I'm thinking there might be a wiring issue with it, which would hopefully be linked to causing it not to start as well. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Garth EDIT - Out of curiosity, I took the keys out of the ignition and left it a bit, the Air Blower went cold, then I put them back in and left it for about 10 mins and the thing had already heated back up, that was with no cranking, just the keys simply being in the ignition. Weird!
  3. Okay, not my current project - but if our dollar can recover a bit in the future, maybe... So as the owner of a 944 after many years of A/C 911s, the one thing I can't reconcile is the 4cyl engine noise - it's very "meh". I wouldn't mess with the original S2 I have, but there are plenty of 944 hacks about that could make awesome resto-mods with an engine upgrade (and I mean something more interesting than the ubiquitous LS conversion) Boost Brothers over in the US are just backyard hacks like me, but they have done a genuinely nice job of making a kit to use the very sweet VW 07K 5cyl engine in a 944, either NA or Turbo. This engine is literally "one half" of the Lambo V10 engine and has that really sweet 5cyl noise and a bunch of tuning advantages opportunities. Anyway, I've no affiliation but thought I'd post this stuff up in case it's of interest to anyone looking to build something different... PS I've done some quick sums and it would be around a $15k proposition at the moment. https://www.boostbrothersgarage.com/product-page/944-07k-swap-full-kit
  4. After a forum hiatus to get some of life's sh*t together, I thought I'd make a cameo appearance to let you all know about LuftWasser 2022. As with LW2021, LW2022 is again being held in Albury-Wodonga. This time, from April 2-4 inclusive. In keeping with the Porsche heritage, LuftWasser is open to all models of Porsche sportscars. For that reason, we've chosen to not include Cayennes, Macans, Panameras, and now Taycans. There's also no non-Porsche daily drivers allowed. The format for the weekend is as follows. FRIDAY NIGHT For the people who arrive on Friday, a street party in Albury. There's plenty of street parking, and loads of places to catch up with old friends over a meal or a drink. Its also a great opportunity to meet up with other entrants that you may only know online. SATURDAY MORNING A cars and coffee type morning in Nouriel Park in Albury. There's a cafe that does great coffee, plus food and drink vendors. SATURDAY AFTERNOON Destination Unknown Drive - ~3½ hours of spirited driving, with a half way regroup stop. Observing the speed limits of course. SATURDAY NIGHT 3 course Gala dinner SUNDAY Track day at Barnawatha Raceway. You'll get 3 or 4 sessions of untimed track action in small groups of similar type cars. There will be alternatives for people who don't want to do the track day. SUNDAY NIGHT 2 course group dinner MONDAY Drive to the winery in Beechworth for a sensational lunch. Entries will open in a few weeks time via the online portal, where you'll be able to book and pay for everything in one transaction. We'll send out an email when the portal goes live. If you didn't come to LuftWasser 2021, and would like to register your interest, please email us at luftwasseraustralia@gmail.com https://luftwasseraustralia.wixsite.com/luftwasser See you there.
  5. Hi all, Potential future financial member here if I don’t let myself get scared off the idea of buying a car! I’ve been in the market a long time for something entirely different but I suppose similar in spirit: a good clean Datsun 240Z or 260Z. Sadly, those have absolutely skyrocketed in price if it’s not a rusty or tired project car, which I’m trying to avoid. Easily upwards of 70k for a clean 2seat manual, if you can find one, and I’m not into the 2+2. So I got to thinking... I’ve always loved the look of the 944. The wide body is right up my alley, and the ‘80s aesthetic is every bit as cool to me as the properly classic Z. So I went hunting, and there aren’t many – at least not on Vic, and I’d prefer to buy one I can go drive first. These two came up, and both are of interest to me. A lot of care and work is described in both ads, but the fact is I know very little about Porsches and I’m not the most mechanical guy around – although I’d like to change that. One has much lower kays on it (but still high) and the other has nearly half a mil kays on it, but it sounds well loved and the dark silver body over black interior is more up my alley than the burgundy over cream. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-porsche-944-turbo-manual/SSE-AD-6066808 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-porsche-944-turbo-manual/SSE-AD-6591238 If I could trouble y’all for the benefit of your wisdom and experience, I would most appreciate it! I’m keen to be a part of this community, it seems like a great home. Incidentally, I was reading @sim84’S enquiry thread here – does anybody know if he went ahead with a buy? https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/13941-924944-running-and-maintenance-costs/
  6. I had my Denso air compressor rebuilt a couple years ago and its now not blowing cold air again. Went to a air con specialist and the recomendation is to replace the compressor. My car is a 1988 944s. The original Denso air compressor was a 471-0128 Looking online the compatible replacement Denso is a R02946 At present I am only able to find this model part number in the US. Is anyone aware of an Australian supplier that I should check for local stock?
  7. Hi all After selling my 944 S2 recently, I'm now cleaning out the garage of various parts I've collected over the years. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I'm happy to provide further photos upon request. Located Brisbane southside. Happy to post assuming it is worth my time. Parts available: Side window glass with tint x2 $80 each Engine mounts (pair, used but not leaking) $100 Intake & exhaust camshafts to suit 944 S2 (ok used condition, the exhaust cam has a small chip in one tooth, may suit regearing) $200 Shifter linkage & arm (good condition) $100 Power steering feed hose from reservoir (new) $40 Headlight switch (works well) $30 Coolant metal tube near exhaust headers (solid but bit rusty) $10 Blower motor resistor (unsure if working) $10 SOLD Items: 968 CS steering wheel (as new, not a mark on it, these are AUD$1100+ new) $700 - SOLD Coolant reservoir tank (good used condition) $50 - SOLD Steering shaft (suit rebuild with high temp bearings) $120 - SOLD Shift lever (good condition) $50 - SOLD Leather shift boot (with shifter frame, good condition) $50 - SOLD Alcantara shift boot (without shifter frame, good condition) $30 - SOLD Window switches x3 (used but working) $15 each - SOLD Window slot seal (left side, for bottom of window, new) $100 - SOLD Window channel seals x2 (for top of window, new) $100 each - SOLD Window guide seals x4 (for inside door frame, new) $80 for the four - SOLD Window regulators (right door - appears new) $100 & (left door - appears used) $50 - SOLD Rennbay window regulator rollers x2 sets (upgrade over standard items, new) $50 - SOLD Hatch blind (good used condition but no spring tension) $100 - SOLD Hatch gas struts x2 (gas pressure good, but electrical contact on one doesn’t register) $20 - SOLD Radiator thermo switch (new) $30 - SOLD Coolant temp sensor (new) $30 - SOLD DME relay (used, working when removed) $30 - SOLD Magnetic engine oil drain plug (new) $20 - SOLD Power steering adjustable tension bracket (used but working) $20 - SOLD Left door trigger mechanism & seal (new) $20 - SOLD Door check stop (new) $30 - SOLD Rear bumper body frame decals (black, new) $10 - SOLD Sunvisor clip (used) $10 - SOLD Heater/AC control unit (likely not working) $20 - SOLD Door plastic kick plates x2 (used, minor cracks) $20 each - SOLD
  8. Hey Guys.. I thought I start a thread here as I'm fairly new to PFA so thought this will be a good way to get involved in the community here by sharing the project I'm doing and my passions for Porsches in general. There is so much knowledge on this forum and it's a mainly positive community here so hope I can contribute. I've just recently purchased a 1989" 944 Turbo and I am going over the entire car to restore/recondition it to mint condition, even though it's already quite an original example, being a 32 years old, over the years and many previous hands over the car it's ageing and things need to be done all over to bring it back to a clean car. It's a good time to start documenting the work I'm doing early on so I can capture it all as i go, the project is going to be slow and probably take me a couple of years but i'll try to collate some useful info here. I'm sure there will be some 952 gurus who will be interested in what I'm doing here and many will be able to provide insight on the stuff I'm working on. So much development and knowledge has been accumulated over the last 30+ years on these cars that can be learned from and it's amazing that most parts are still being manufactured and are available from Porsche which makes keeping these older cars running even possible. As 952's are becoming increasingly rare in excellent condition I want to preserve and enjoy this example. Any modifications will be as stealth as possible and an inventory of reversible original parts will be kept should they ever be needed, I will be very slowly placing attention over every nut and bolt on the car. My goal is a street / club use car to enjoy driving and wrenching on and always keep as one of my favourites, I've always wanted a late model 944 Turbo. Feel free to add comments and suggestions as any input will be welcomed and appreciated.
  9. Came across this site (Motor Werks Racing) on FB. Some fabulous front-engined Porsches here, many powered by VW Golf 1.8s, putting out up to 550hp... Lots to look at here, 924 and 944 guys... (and girls ) http://www.motorwerksracing.com/
  10. The insulated cover on the fuel rail on 944 is it decorative or functional? Not sure what the 924 or 968 has/had. A discussion on a 944 fb page is saying decorative by consensus. I didn’t think Porsche in the 1980s was into decor. Opinions are easy but anyone know the truth?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm considering buying a 944 as a semi-daily/weekend car. I'm 22, never owned a Porsche before and so outside the research I've done I can't say I know all too much about them. I thought this might be the perfect place to get some info. There was a thread similar to this a few years ago that I saw, (https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/13941-924944-running-and-maintenance-costs/) which was really helpful but if anyone else is willing to help out with some more advice I would be greatly appreciative. I'm looking for one for <20k and there are a couple that have taken my eye. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2534324226880641 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1987-porsche-944-manual/SSE-AD-6470778/?Cr=4 My main questions are: How big of an issue is rust? If there is a little bit on the bottom of the car is there likely to be a lot? How much would an engine rebuild cost? The cheap one on Facebook has outright said it will probably need one, but what are the chances that another one I buy will also need a full rebuild/reco? I know it will probably just depend on each car, but can't hurt to ask :) I've also seen it said that I should get a proper mechanic to inspect one before I buy it, is this necessary? Again, any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys
  12. 1989 Porsche 944 S2 Australian delivered to Hamiltons of South Yarra on 3 July 1989 (one of 128 Australian delivered S2 models) Matching numbers car Factory 3L M44/41 engine, 208hp, 155kw, 280nm Stone Grey Metallic (LY7U paint code) Black Porsche script seats 5 speed manual Original 16in Design 90 wheels (recently refurbished) with Michelin Pilot Sport 3s with plenty of tread (plus one extra D90 wheel/tyre as a spare) KM’s: 200,800km Price: $38,000 Background: Full service history from new with original Porsche log book, fully documented records and binder several cm’s thick with receipts. Extensive history over the years with Porsche specialists including DHM Auto Solutions, Buchanan Automotive and BWA Auto. I have a spreadsheet documenting the last 20 years of servicing and am happy to share with interested parties. Approximately $70,000 spent on maintenance in the last 20 years Two Porsche keys, original toolkit and air compressor, space-saver spare wheel, 968 CS steering wheel, new genuine Porsche floor mats Always garaged and regularly washed. Gyeon quartz coating applied to paint Extremely well maintained and very reliable Very healthy engine with excellent compression – tested recently at 180, 178, 181, 180 psi The connecting rod bearings have been replaced less than 45,000 km ago and the car has excellent oil pressure. Serviced every 12 months or 10,000 km since new (all the way back to 1989). Extensive preventative maintenance performed, much of it within the last 5,000 km. This includes ALL major work that are common problems on these cars. All fluids and consumables recently replaced. Nothing to spend. Just jump in and drive. Any inspections welcome. Everything works on the car including common neglected points such as the clock, sunroof and the hatch release button. Much of the suspension has been upgraded to the highly desirable 968 CS specification. This includes the larger 968 CS sway bars, larger 30mm solid torsion bars, Koni height adjustable dampers (Paragon kit) with Racer’s Edge camber plates, KLA strut brace, 968 front control arm rear mounts & bushes, rebuilt ball joints etc. Original parts will come with the sale including the factory steering wheel, front and side amber indicators etc. I have owned for the last 3 years and it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. This car has been my pride and joy and is a very reluctant listing. Only offering for sale due to a growing family. I will be back in another Porsche at some point in the future. Notable maintenance in the last 5-10,000 km: Oct 2019 – AC system overhaul Oct 2019 – Gauge cluster refurbished (excellent night lighting now) July 2019 – Rear hatch resealed Feb 2019 – New clutch + CV joints + shifter + gear linkage Jan 2019 – Refurbish steering shaft Nov 2018 – Replace engine mounts (genuine Porsche) July 2018 – New 968 control arm mounts May 2018 – New intake and exhaust camshafts, timing chain + guides + cam position sensor, new front engine seals, rollers, water pump, thermostat, cam + balance shaft + power steering + alternator belts + all fuel lines + various hoses + air filter + fuel filter + brake booster Mar 2018 – New DIN65 battery June 2017 – New exhaust system May 2017 – Clutch master + slave cylinders Sep 2016 – New windscreen Mar 2016 – New radiator Note: The above is only a snapshot of some of the more significant recent maintenance items. My spreadsheet documents everything from bonnet shocks to power steering hoses, heater control valves to hatch pins, new dust boots to diff seals etc. This car has not been left short of ongoing and preventative maintenance and will serve its new owner well for many years to come. Interested parties feel free to message me should you wish to obtain further details. Located Brisbane southside Regards, Justin
  13. Urgently seeking...... 1987 944 Brake Master Cylinder required ASAP - non ABS..... If anyone can help that would be great as would rather buy here than o/seas. Will consider booster as well but would prefer with reservoir at least. Please pm if you can help...... Cheers.
  14. Does anyone have any advice or are organising freight from USA to Australia. Needing to organise a rear seat from the States to NSW asap.... Any advice or help would b greatly appreciated.........😉 Thks in advance......
  15. WTB.... Brake master cylinder & booster in good condition or new as mine has just died.... Let us know what you have & what you need via pm pse as rather urgent to get sorted. Thks in advance......
  16. Hi all Checking if anyone has an old driver’s side hatch strut they no longer need. Must still work i.e. hold the hatch up when raised and light/defroster still has continuity. My current one has no continuity for the defroster but I’m not keen to use a new one due to the extra force it places on the hatch frame and glass. Let me know what you have. 😊
  17. Selling a set of four brand new CV (constant velocity) jointsThese are an upgrade over the OEM joints and have a larger, stronger cage and ball bearingsThey are Empi branded 33 spline inner raceI understand they will suit:- Porsche 924 1977-1982- Porsche 924S 1987-1988- Porsche 944 NA 1983-1989- Porsche 944 Turbo 1986-1987In as new condition. Only selling as I mistakenly ordered these but require a 25 spline version.Happy to post Australia wide$300 for the set of four. Price firm. https://i.imgur.com/U5TIvQH.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/zBYbVa9.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/bTzCiHj.jpg[/img]
  18. My 1988 944ś has reverted to a non power steering model. The power steering just stopped working. Belt is good, lots of fluid, no 'major' leaks.There are signs of previous leakage from a previous owner. Drained most of the fluid looking for foreign debris. No chunks but some small fine particles. I pressure tested the pump & got zero pressure. Checking the usual off shore supply centres and looked at the cost + shipping of a new & rebuilt pumps.$Ouch! I see that there is a repair kit that includes all the seals for the pump, but the kit does not include a new impeller. Questions to the brain trust; Has anyone rebuilt their pump? is there a replacement impeller available? This may require machining the bore. I have not pulled the pump apart, yet, but probably will, just to have a look. Is there anywhere in Australia that I should check for a new or rebuilt replacement? Is there a compatable audi pump that works. Is there anything that I missed in my trouble shooting that would imply some other conclusion? Anyone with a used pump that they are not using and want to sell.
  19. The 944 & associated transaxle cars are often overlooked by certain members of society. Who owns a 944 T shirt/polo style shirt to let the world know the rich history of transaxle cars? Maybe the polo shirt is too up market for our transaxle cars. Post a photo, if you have a 944 T shirt. But it must be something that you own or have owned, or wish you owned. Thats just about anything then. Bonus points for 944 t shirts modeled by a model.
  20. to the brain trust: I have a 1988 944S and I am looking at a Autotecnica steering wheel with a steering boss that fits a 1971 911. Will this fit my 1988 944 car? Here is a link to the boss bussiness end: https://imgur.com/gallery/CeDV5AP
  21. $250 (firm) for PFA members PORSCHE 928, 911, 944, TURBO and S2 -Aluminium Space saver Spare Wheel and Tyre 165HR15Porsche part number : 928.362.130.02Spare Wheel Size : 5.5 J x 15 - 5 stud Porsche fitment 5 x 130Removed from a 1990 944 but Fits Various other models : 928, 911, 924S, 944, 912** Never fitted **Tyre: Vredestein Space Master size 165 HR 15 Radial (advertised elsewhere)
  22. $400 (firm) for PFA members..... Porsche 944 late offset et52 1986-on after market wheels 18"225/40/18 BF Goodrich g-force sport tyres in good - excellent condition.Only selling due to upgrade.call or msge for more details & inspection if required, (advertised elsewhere)
  23. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  24. curse of the 15 inch wheel I've been reading the "aged tyre" thread and reckon my tyres are onto their use by date. I have a 1988 944S with the dreaded 7J x 15" wheels. teladialsthe spec offset should be 52.3 but my wheels have the pre 1986 offset of 23.3!!! The intended use is for weekend drives on curvy roads. No track use. Porsche's recommended tyre for this car/wheel combination is the Pirelli P6000. It is out of stock in Australia and is waiting to be manufactured. According to Bruce Buchanan this tyre is pretty average and just good enough for a 6 cylinder Merc of 1980's vintage. It seems difficult if not impossible to find a good 15" tyre which is not a pretty average passenger car tyre. If someone knows of a good grippy road tyre let me know. The first alternative would be to get new, or used, 16" rims which opens up the availability for better rubber. Going 7J x 16" would mean the least detriment to the existing suspension, odometer reading & ABS. It would be nice to keep close to an 'in period' look of the wheels. Does anyone have some 16" wheels for sale? Another alternative is to pick up some used 17" cup wheels. Looking on the Rennlist forum their is a positive comment about 993 cup wheels fitting the 944. Does this mess up the suspension,odometer or ABS? Has anyone here done this? I'm sure this has all been discussed & resolved before, any help would be most appreciated.
  25. Can anyone please help me with a set of Drivers (rhd) manual seat rails and also a seat belt or just bracket only as pictured. Thanks in advance,,,,

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