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Found 60 results

  1. Just thought this might generate some love for these great cars, you must own it and no matter the condition if you've got one we want to see it, 924, 944, 968, or the big banger queen of the fleet 928. Be it a rough one or a racer, a project or a bastard even one that you used to own, post it up, here's mine. 89 turbo
  2. Does anyone have any advice or are organising freight from USA to Australia. Needing to organise a rear seat from the States to NSW asap.... Any advice or help would b greatly appreciated.........😉 Thks in advance......
  3. WTB.... Brake master cylinder & booster in good condition or new as mine has just died.... Let us know what you have & what you need via pm pse as rather urgent to get sorted. Thks in advance......
  4. Hi all Checking if anyone has an old driver’s side hatch strut they no longer need. Must still work i.e. hold the hatch up when raised and light/defroster still has continuity. My current one has no continuity for the defroster but I’m not keen to use a new one due to the extra force it places on the hatch frame and glass. Let me know what you have. 😊
  5. Selling a set of four brand new CV (constant velocity) jointsThese are an upgrade over the OEM joints and have a larger, stronger cage and ball bearingsThey are Empi branded 33 spline inner raceI understand they will suit:- Porsche 924 1977-1982- Porsche 924S 1987-1988- Porsche 944 NA 1983-1989- Porsche 944 Turbo 1986-1987In as new condition. Only selling as I mistakenly ordered these but require a 25 spline version.Happy to post Australia wide$300 for the set of four. Price firm. https://i.imgur.com/U5TIvQH.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/zBYbVa9.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/bTzCiHj.jpg[/img]
  6. My 1988 944ś has reverted to a non power steering model. The power steering just stopped working. Belt is good, lots of fluid, no 'major' leaks.There are signs of previous leakage from a previous owner. Drained most of the fluid looking for foreign debris. No chunks but some small fine particles. I pressure tested the pump & got zero pressure. Checking the usual off shore supply centres and looked at the cost + shipping of a new & rebuilt pumps.$Ouch! I see that there is a repair kit that includes all the seals for the pump, but the kit does not include a new impeller. Questions to the brain trust; Has anyone rebuilt their pump? is there a replacement impeller available? This may require machining the bore. I have not pulled the pump apart, yet, but probably will, just to have a look. Is there anywhere in Australia that I should check for a new or rebuilt replacement? Is there a compatable audi pump that works. Is there anything that I missed in my trouble shooting that would imply some other conclusion? Anyone with a used pump that they are not using and want to sell.
  7. The 944 & associated transaxle cars are often overlooked by certain members of society. Who owns a 944 T shirt/polo style shirt to let the world know the rich history of transaxle cars? Maybe the polo shirt is too up market for our transaxle cars. Post a photo, if you have a 944 T shirt. But it must be something that you own or have owned, or wish you owned. Thats just about anything then. Bonus points for 944 t shirts modeled by a model.
  8. to the brain trust: I have a 1988 944S and I am looking at a Autotecnica steering wheel with a steering boss that fits a 1971 911. Will this fit my 1988 944 car? Here is a link to the boss bussiness end: https://imgur.com/gallery/CeDV5AP
  9. $250 (firm) for PFA members PORSCHE 928, 911, 944, TURBO and S2 -Aluminium Space saver Spare Wheel and Tyre 165HR15Porsche part number : 928.362.130.02Spare Wheel Size : 5.5 J x 15 - 5 stud Porsche fitment 5 x 130Removed from a 1990 944 but Fits Various other models : 928, 911, 924S, 944, 912** Never fitted **Tyre: Vredestein Space Master size 165 HR 15 Radial (advertised elsewhere)
  10. $400 (firm) for PFA members..... Porsche 944 late offset et52 1986-on after market wheels 18"225/40/18 BF Goodrich g-force sport tyres in good - excellent condition.Only selling due to upgrade.call or msge for more details & inspection if required, (advertised elsewhere)
  11. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  12. curse of the 15 inch wheel I've been reading the "aged tyre" thread and reckon my tyres are onto their use by date. I have a 1988 944S with the dreaded 7J x 15" wheels. teladialsthe spec offset should be 52.3 but my wheels have the pre 1986 offset of 23.3!!! The intended use is for weekend drives on curvy roads. No track use. Porsche's recommended tyre for this car/wheel combination is the Pirelli P6000. It is out of stock in Australia and is waiting to be manufactured. According to Bruce Buchanan this tyre is pretty average and just good enough for a 6 cylinder Merc of 1980's vintage. It seems difficult if not impossible to find a good 15" tyre which is not a pretty average passenger car tyre. If someone knows of a good grippy road tyre let me know. The first alternative would be to get new, or used, 16" rims which opens up the availability for better rubber. Going 7J x 16" would mean the least detriment to the existing suspension, odometer reading & ABS. It would be nice to keep close to an 'in period' look of the wheels. Does anyone have some 16" wheels for sale? Another alternative is to pick up some used 17" cup wheels. Looking on the Rennlist forum their is a positive comment about 993 cup wheels fitting the 944. Does this mess up the suspension,odometer or ABS? Has anyone here done this? I'm sure this has all been discussed & resolved before, any help would be most appreciated.
  13. Can anyone please help me with a set of Drivers (rhd) manual seat rails and also a seat belt or just bracket only as pictured. Thanks in advance,,,,
  14. My cigareette lighter does not hold my phone charger very tightly. This causes the charging light to flicker and the charger will fall out easily. I have put a small piece of cardboard to tighten the fit but its not a great solution. Has anyone solved this issue?
  15. To my knowledge the later S, S2 and turbo models came fitted with airbags. However I cannot find any for sale in Australia, and they are common on American trading sites. Does anyone own a 944 fitted with airbags? Or where they not in Australian models because it wasn't mandated by law.
  16. Some of you 944 lovers would have endured JasonE’s moaning about the “moan” from the torque tube of his S2. Well – over the last couple of months we: Removed the gearbox and pulled the TT back enough to do a clutch and RMS job, then reassembled everything, as the bearings in the TT didn’t seem all that bad. NB that the S2 TT has a 3mm wide split along part of its lower surface, reputedly to quieten down harmonics from the big 3L engine. The bad news for S2s is that the split can widen with use and can allow the four bearings supporting the quill shaft (the inner driveshaft) to move within the TT. Anyway, the clutch needed replacing along with the pressure plate, throw-out bearing, RMS and spigot bearing, so that was a good job done. Not too bad with two people (even if one was an apprentice – could lift heavy things), a hoist and a transmission jack… With it all back together, clutch was working nicely but of course the noise persisted as we hadn’t really done anything to fix it, apart from spinning the quill shaft and scratching our… beards. Well, Jason was moaning more loudly and nearly as often as the TT, so he obtained a 944T TT from a chap in SA. When it arrived, we looked at the worn splines on the clutch end of the quill shaft and decided the quill shaft was not a good prospect, so we decided to: · Purchase some “Super Bearings” from Black Sea in the US· Drive the bad quill shaft out of the 944T TT, using a 3M threaded rod and rattle gun· Do a clean and paint on the 944 TT · Fit the new super bearings into the 944T TT· Allow the bearings to “sit and set” in the 944T TT for a couple of weeks while we got into the mood to pull the S2 transmission and TT· Got into the mood, and this time knew in advance which spanner to use on which fastener, so work progressed at a good, if steady rate. Didn’t have to mess with the engine bell housing, as we did when doing the clutch· Had to drop the rear suspension torsion bar tube about 30 cm to allow the TT to be removed from the vehicle with clearance for the TT bell housing at the transmission end· Degreased and cleaned the gearbox and fitted a short-shift linkage that Jason had purchased during one of his internet buying frenzies· Drove the good quill shaft out of the S2 TT again using the threaded rod technique· Spline on the S2 quill shaft was in excellent condition (sigh of relief here) so the shaft was cleaned (although it came out of the TT pretty clean)· Lube up the S2 TT and, using one of the old bearing holders as a guide, pushed the quill shaft into the welcoming super bearings in the 944T TT. Only needed a few taps with a soft-faced hammer to do the final length adjustment· Put it all back together, not forgetting to bleed the brakes (after having to disconnect lines to drop the torsion bar tube) and put in new insulating foam around gear lever· Test drive carNot a bad job, if you have 2 people, a hoist and a transmission jack... NOISE IS STILL THERE!
  17. I am just in the process of installing Koni yellow shocks and realize that I need to install 'bump stops.' Or do I??? Some foam inserts came with the rear shocks but nothing was supplied with the fronts. Where would I source them from? Is there any Australian supplier?
  18. Wanted to Beg, Borrow or Buy..... Just had some new wheels fitted and require some spacers to fill the guards a bit better.... Hoping to get some 21mm spacers, bolt on type. to see if these will be enough. Please let me know if you can help or have some. Thanks in advance.....
  19. Hi all For sale is the axle back exhaust off my Porsche 944 S2. It is 2.5in stainless steel with a FlowMaster muffler and only about 18 months old. Only selling because it is a little loud for my quiet neighbourhood. It has a really nice aggressive and angry note but would probably suit a track car or weekend only car. It should fit any 924/944/968 to my knowledge. Located Brisbane southside $300 negotiable Send me a PM if interested
  20. 924, 931, 944, 951/2, 968 & 928 coffee & car talk and solving the worlds problems. If you are restoring a front engine P car, have done it and want to impress or thinking of a purchase this is the place. The Front Engine Preservation Society July rendezvous has been sorted. Saturday 22 July @ 10ish in the metropolis of Moore, Queensland! According to FEP reconnaissance there is a number of gentrified coffee shops in Moore. The partial agenda for the Moore July rendezvous: Original factory installed cassette players will be tested The best cassette collection wins a free coffee The illusive hidden coffee cup holder location Aircooled cars are more than welcome...to drive byor upon approval of a character assessment by the FEP Society membership
  21. Hoping someone may be able to help. As per title looking for fog lights for lower valance on a 944 n/a. Lens condition not a major issue but would prefer a 'good' set. Let us know if you can help, thanks in advance.?
  22. Came across this site (Motor Werks Racing) on FB. Some fabulous front-engined Porsches here, many powered by VW Golf 1.8s, putting out up to 550hp... Lots to look at here, 924 and 944 guys... (and girls ) http://www.motorwerksracing.com/
  23. Hello All, I want to buy one of these beauties to replace the tired/ standard steering wheel on my 944S2. Just before I go & extract a kidney to buy a new one from O/S I thought i'd check & see if any PFAers had one lying around taking up space that they would be prepared to part with. Cheers, Jason E.
  24. OzJustin

    944 Turbo or S2

    I'm currently starting a hunt for a 944 Turbo or S2 coupe after a few years out of the market. I'm most keen on a red S2 but will consider other colours. I'm located in Brisbane but willing to travel Australia wide for the right car. My budget is ballpark $30k for the best possible car I can find. Should you be aware of a suitable car I would love to hear from you.

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