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Found 8 results

  1. I had my Denso air compressor rebuilt a couple years ago and its now not blowing cold air again. Went to a air con specialist and the recomendation is to replace the compressor. My car is a 1988 944s. The original Denso air compressor was a 471-0128 Looking online the compatible replacement Denso is a R02946 At present I am only able to find this model part number in the US. Is anyone aware of an Australian supplier that I should check for local stock?
  2. to the Brain trust I am trying to adjust the parking brake and getting stumped. The parking brake has be loose since I bought the car. I have read Clark's Garage instructions, shown below and am having trouble finding the 'brake adjuster' as noted on point 3 under Adjusting the Parking Brake. I am having trouble finding the adjustment screw, shown as item 4 in the PET, below. I can see item 11 in the 6 o'clock position, but nothing else other than springs. Below is a photo of the 1988 911 parking brake, which I assume is similar to the 944 one. Noted on the Pelican Parts maintenance, it says the adjustment screw is at the 4 o'clock position. Does anyone know if my adjustment screw at the 12 o'clock or the 4 o'clock position? Its very difficult to see much through the small hole to access the adjustment. Also noted on the PET is item 11 which is a "repair kit" so maybe my adjustment screw has been abducted into oblivion. The instruction and other you tube videos all say how easy it is to adjust the parking brake... My next step is to remove the drum housing and expose the guts of it. Anyone have any experience doing this easy simple job or do I just need new glasses?
  3. My 1988 944s has been running warm, which is understandable in the Queensland summer. This last weekend a good "spirited" mountain climb put the temperature needle at the top of the operating temperature band, but not above it & into the red. A couple years ago the same thing happened but it seems to happen a little more often now. Both electric fans are working. I've read up on Clarks garage on things to check. I have not pulled the thermostat out yet, will will do next weekend and test it to make sure it opens as per its stamped temperature rating. I don't know what the existing thermostat's temperature rating yet but... Question to the brain trust: should I consider a thermostat which opens at a lower temperature due to the Queensland summer?
  4. 1988 944 S Well some success, in regards to my "crank no start" thread. I have a had a few weekends off & out of the garage after missing the Bendemeer/Armidale weekend. Did testing of the dme relay this morning, and did a 3 wire jumper, bypassing the relay. Heard the fuel pump going. Give it a crank & bingo we have ignition! Looking for a replacement dme relay. The Porsche part number is, as noted on the relay is 933.615.227.00 Is there a generic alternative? As recommended I will buy a spare. Brian in buddina
  5. On the final, stages of completing my clutch job, I hope. Before the transaxle goes back in I thought I would replace the transaxle fluid. 1988 944s non limited slip checking the manual it states: 2.0 litres hypoid gear oil SAE80 API class GL4 (mil-L 2105) reading a Rennlist discussion on the topic: they suggest in the US - Redline MT 90 (GL4) about 2.6 litres, full to the underside of the fill hole. going in to my local Auto Barn they suggested from their data base: Penrite pro gear full synthetic 75W85 and it state GL4 I do not know what is in there now and how old it is. What does the brain trust recommend?
  6. I am now, I hope, at the half way point of replacing my clutch on my 1988 944s. 220Km on the original rubber clutch. I've spent the last 2 weekends, obviously part time, trying to remove one bolt on the bracket for the speed sensors. Finally have removed the clutch bell housing to expose the clutch. Lucky that I'm doing this for fun and relaxation! I've been watching Van Svenson and also Irina's German videos on You Tube and Clarks Garage. While I’m in there I might as well… So now a few questions for the Brain trust: 1. the 2 "needle sleeves" item 15 in the clutch fork. Should I replace these bearings with a Porsche part or can I pick up generic bearing replacement? 2. Is there anything I should check on the clutch fork for wear? Other than the needle sleeves mentioned above? 3. Van Svenson said in his video to replace the guide sleeve, item 12. Irina's video didn't mention it. 4. My rear main seal is leaking. At least that’s where I think some of the oil is from. So I will replace that. 5. My rear main bearing I take it that should be replaced. Should I be getting a Porsche part here? 6. How do I know if the flywheel needs re surfacing/grind? Is there anything else before I start re assembly?
  7. I have a 1988 944S Last night my radiator fan continued to run on after the motor was switched off. I tried removing the fuse. fuse #10 no response, the fan continued to run on fuse #15 stopped the fan I googled and found a response from Rennlist that its the thermo switch failure. On the katalogue item 29 thermo switch part number 930 606 118 00 A couple Questions: 1. Is there another test I should do to make sure its the thermo switch and not a relay or other electrical issue? 2. is this a standard part or porsche only bit?
  8. Just about to start a clutch job on my 1988 944S. pelican lists a variety of clutch kits for my model here's the link; http://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/ksearch/PEL_search_2016.cgi?command=DWsearch&description=Clutch+Kit+ the bog stock Sachs through with Stage 1 to Stage 4 plus + The blurbs on the Pelican web site state that as each higher stage you go you get a better materials, longer lasting bla bla bla... Question: As it is a serious project doing the clutch on these cars, is it worth spending more for a clutch Stage 1 to 4? Anyone with experience in this matter? Disclaimer I only drive the car on Sundays to church* *Disciples of exit speed

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