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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all After selling my 944 S2 recently, I'm now cleaning out the garage of various parts I've collected over the years. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I'm happy to provide further photos upon request. Located Brisbane southside. Happy to post assuming it is worth my time. Parts available: Side window glass with tint x2 $80 each Engine mounts (pair, used but not leaking) $100 Intake & exhaust camshafts to suit 944 S2 (ok used condition, the exhaust cam has a small chip in one tooth, may suit regearing) $200 Shifter linkage & arm (good condition) $100 Power steering feed hose from reservoir (new) $40 Headlight switch (works well) $30 Coolant metal tube near exhaust headers (solid but bit rusty) $10 Blower motor resistor (unsure if working) $10 SOLD Items: 968 CS steering wheel (as new, not a mark on it, these are AUD$1100+ new) $700 - SOLD Coolant reservoir tank (good used condition) $50 - SOLD Steering shaft (suit rebuild with high temp bearings) $120 - SOLD Shift lever (good condition) $50 - SOLD Leather shift boot (with shifter frame, good condition) $50 - SOLD Alcantara shift boot (without shifter frame, good condition) $30 - SOLD Window switches x3 (used but working) $15 each - SOLD Window slot seal (left side, for bottom of window, new) $100 - SOLD Window channel seals x2 (for top of window, new) $100 each - SOLD Window guide seals x4 (for inside door frame, new) $80 for the four - SOLD Window regulators (right door - appears new) $100 & (left door - appears used) $50 - SOLD Rennbay window regulator rollers x2 sets (upgrade over standard items, new) $50 - SOLD Hatch blind (good used condition but no spring tension) $100 - SOLD Hatch gas struts x2 (gas pressure good, but electrical contact on one doesn’t register) $20 - SOLD Radiator thermo switch (new) $30 - SOLD Coolant temp sensor (new) $30 - SOLD DME relay (used, working when removed) $30 - SOLD Magnetic engine oil drain plug (new) $20 - SOLD Power steering adjustable tension bracket (used but working) $20 - SOLD Left door trigger mechanism & seal (new) $20 - SOLD Door check stop (new) $30 - SOLD Rear bumper body frame decals (black, new) $10 - SOLD Sunvisor clip (used) $10 - SOLD Heater/AC control unit (likely not working) $20 - SOLD Door plastic kick plates x2 (used, minor cracks) $20 each - SOLD
  2. Just thought this might generate some love for these great cars, you must own it and no matter the condition if you've got one we want to see it, 924, 944, 968, or the big banger queen of the fleet 928. Be it a rough one or a racer, a project or a bastard even one that you used to own, post it up, here's mine. 89 turbo
  3. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  4. Hi All, Due to the recent arrival of a new (to me) Porsche I have to let my 968 to make some room in the car cave. My 968 has done 230,000ish kms is finsished guard red and, I am not sure you would find a better one. I have spent approx $25k on the car in the last 12 months in order to get it to the level that I like. The work done on the car is included (but is not limited to): New clutchNew Dual Mass FlywheelNew clutch master and slave cylinders and new clutch "hose"New radiator and hosesNew engine mountsNew shock absorbers (Koni Sport)New suspension bushes where requiredNew custom stainless steel Peter Starr exhaustNew steering shaftAll cam runnning gear replaced (chain, runners, ramps tensioners etc)New balance shaft beltsNew Bidgestone S0001 tyresAlternator rebuiltBrakes refurbedNew Porsche floor mats New (retro looking) Continental radio with DAB+ and bluetoothNew speakers and ampAir con rechargeRecaro Specialist L seats finished in leather / alcantara (original 8 way adjustable leather seats included)A lot more work has been completed on the car and all work is documented and has been completed by local Melbourne Porsche specialists (Weissach Sport and Zuffenhaus Classics). The car drives beautifully and sounds glorious with the new exhaust, nothing left to do now except to drive and enjoy it. Included with the car are the original, fully restored, steering wheel and the Club Sport wheel currently fitted to the car, a full set of very rare factory workshop manuals and a custom fitted dust cover. If you are looking to get into the Porsche world there really is no better entry point and if you are looking for the the ultimate Porsche transaxle model then they don't come much better than this. Plenty of pics here for those interested: https://atkinsons.smugmug.com/Cars/1992-Porsche-968/ Price: $40,000 Thanks for looking. Cheers, Harry. 0409941775
  5. Hello All, I want to buy one of these beauties to replace the tired/ standard steering wheel on my 944S2. Just before I go & extract a kidney to buy a new one from O/S I thought i'd check & see if any PFAers had one lying around taking up space that they would be prepared to part with. Cheers, Jason E.
  6. Supply of good manuals has dried up somewhat, and prices have hiked. Autos seem to hang around and are generally less-liked, so how crazy an idea is it to buy an auto/Tiptronic in good nick and then set about swapping it to a manual??? I'm thinking really of 968 Tips, but also perhaps a decent late 944. Dare I also say it, 928... - though that is a little further down the list. I realise getting the parts might be tricky, and that its more than just a gearbox (clutch, flywheel, pedal box, instrumentation, other stuff I can't even imagine) but I'm sure they exist, so is this just a matter of cost, and if so, roughly how much? $5k? $10k?? $15k??? $Silly?? I also get that a swapped box will affect resale, but if I'm not selling for another 5 or so years, I might still recoup the cost. Just to be clear - I would only buy an auto if I thought it could be converted. What say ye, those of more experience??
  7. Decided to start looking around the engine bay today and making a few notes of various items i'd like to clean up at some point or another, hopefully things I can take on myself given I'm a mechanical novice. As I moved around and made a few notes and observations my eye caught a glimpse of what looked to be a pool of water standing up atop the front guard just below the window on the passengers side. Cause for immediate concern as the car had been garaged and not moved since Tuesday. Grabbed the old sponge I use for the wheels and mopped it all out. I must have sponged out about a litre or two into an old bucket. I figured the weep hole much be blocked and set about to find it. Readily easy to find as it runs into the guard and you can get 2 fingers under and sure enough it was caked full of debris, old leaves, dirt, bark, small twigs. I grabbed a tooth pick and scrapped a few large chunks out. probably played around with it for 30 minutes trying to get all I could, but I can feel plenty more in there where my fat fingers can't get at it. I tested with a glass of water and it now drains satisfactorily but I don't like knowing there's muck still there (i'm probably a little OCD). Checked the drivers side and whilst it was dry sure enough same thing - caked with debris. Passengers side once cleaned up: Anyone have managed to completely clear these out? Do I need to take the lining out from under the front guards to reach them properly?
  8. In German but I thought some of us may be interested
  9. http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/8989-40-years-of-transaxle-meet-up-drive/#comment-163398 Posted an EOI for this in SMT section ^^ I propose we have a NSW gathering of front engine only cars to celebrate 40 years of transaxle Porsche. No 911's allowed Whoever reads this, spread the word and keep the chatter going. Hopefully @Buchanan Automotive can help this one along. Need feedback on dates folks and show of hands. Cheers
  10. I am looking for some help to find a Post 1986 944 Manual or 968, with moderate km's on it. Looking for a weekend/daily driver car, ready to spend up to the low 20's to get the right one. Right hand drive, A/c & sun roof would be preferred, I am open to most color combo's. Hope someone can help Cheers Rickie
  11. Calling all Front Engine Fans! New Exhibition at the Porsche Museum opening today: http://jalopnik.com/celebrate-the-wonders-of-the-front-engine-porsche-at-it-1773154256

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