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Found 15 results

  1. I have been dreaming to own a Porsche for a very long time and I'm now finally financially able to purchase a second-hand 986 Boxster. I'll appreciate some advice from the experienced members from this forum. 1) Where is a good place in victoria for a prosche specific pre purchase inspection? Or is a generic one from RACV good enough? How much should I expect to pay for that? 2) Would you recommend getting the IMS bearing changed as a prophylactic measure? And how much does it normally cost and where will be a good place to get it done? 3) I'm just weary of the potential costs of repair for a Boxster if anything goes wrong and was wondering if any one here had picked up a 3rd party warranty and had good experience with it? I've been reading that many 3rd party warranties are almost as good as scams. Thanks in advance!
  2. If you have or know of an early Boxster for sale i'm interested. Must be manual trans. 1st pref is Silver exterior with Boxster Red interior. 2nd Silver with Black interior. 3rd pref Black exterior w red or black interior. Maaaaybe a tan interior at the right price. Exterior/interior doesn't need to be perfect. Suits me better if not at the appropriate discount. Don't really care if 2.5, 2.7 or 3.2, but must be driveable and mechanically sound. Pref in VIC, but will buy the right car interstate. $10-15K or a little more.
  3. Hi all, Looking for a new home for my 2001 986 Boxster. Purchased from Dutton's in Port Melbourne early December 2018 this car is spectacular and started my P journey, though sadly my wife and daughter also think so after purchase despite being completely ambivalent pre-purchase - three into two don't go so its collecting dust in my garage. The details: Year: 2001 Model: 986 Boxster Engine: 2.7L Gearbox: 5 speed manual ODO: 102,940 kms Full books with service history Price: $24,000 Images attached but please ask should you be interested in more. Kent
  4. Hello. I’m working on a 2000 Boxster S, Tiptronic, 3.2lt, with 155500 km, which is being heavily modified. As such I’m parting out a lot of its original 'S' components out for anyone that has an 'S', or wants to upgrade their base Boxster to S spec. Available is the Motor (3.2lt), Tiptronic Gearbox, Wheels, Suspension (inc the rear S hubs that fit the larger brakes via 130mm bolt spacing), the full Brake setup- S calipers, rotors, Master cylinder and ABS unit, Most of the interior (Blue Leather version) - seats, dashboard, door linings, lavender carpet. The whole wiring loom (*minus the ASB sensor plugs), ’S” exhaust muffler. and the Headlights (early Gen, fried eggs, and Tail Lights). & many assorted loose trim items Im also sorting through a large number of 997 odd parts, so bear with me as i compile that list : for now i know i have a 997 C4S Dual Mass Flywheel & Clutch, and the 997 C4S mufflers. more to come soon Disclosure: I have bought this car from Pickles 18 months ago with the intention of using it as a base for a sort of hot rod project. It has clean panels and a good looking interior, but someone in its history felt the need to boy racer tinker cosmetically with it- as its engine manifold has been painted Maroon/Gold, and the Wheels have had Black added to them quite poorly (overspray visible on the calipers etc) I have driven it briefly in which time i can confirm that the motor starts smooth, runs without smoke, no rattles and has good power. Given its a tiptronic I’m not sure if any previous owner has pulled the gearbox off to do an IMS replacement as it has no clutch to need servicing. (I have a video of its startup and exhaust/running if requested. I have not done a formal leak down test as i do not have such equipment on hand). During driving there is a rumble from a rear corner, which sounds like a worn wheel bearing or CV joint, and as it had locknuts on the wheels, likely no-one has been able to take these off & service the noise recently. Inspection underneath shows a smear of CV grease, so my current assumption is a CV boot has failed and been replaced prior to those lock-nuts, but i would also assume it would be best to replace both rear wheel bearings to get the most benefit of the 'S' Hubs & larger brakes. Later i will also have available the bumpers, wings/fenders, and bonnet. and the convertible top. Further details: -Wheels: 18 inch, turbo twist style. No curbing to the metal, but low quality over-paintwork, so I would advice media blasting and powder coating if your wanting to restore them, but otherwise very suitable for Track Days: Front: 7.5 x 18” ET50 - 225 / 40 / R18 Rear: 9 x 18” ET52 - 285 / 35 / R18 -Tyres; Yokohama S-drive Half worn, aged $1500 for the set -Brakes inc Rotors 130mm caliper mounting bolt spacing throughout 996 351 425 11 996 351 426 11 996 352 421 13 996 352 422 13 Rotors; 318mm 28mm (Measuring 27.9mm) & 298MM 24mm (Measuring 23.14mm) #same as Boxster/Cayman S models all the way through to 2012 $1200 -Master cylinder $200 -ABS controller $200 -Shocks/CoilOvers x4 ; prefer to sell as pairs; $200 per axle -Suspension subframe -front $100 -rear sides x2 $200 pair -crossmember $100 -diagonal brace bars $50 -Hubs (“S”) Front versions are same on all 986 Boxster Rears are S version: 986 331 157 20, with Bolt spacing for the S calipers $200 each corner inc LCA (lower control arm/ coffin box) -Drive Shafts $100 for the pair (probably best as parts/need a full rebuild of CV internals) -Sway Bars $100 each -Engine (3.2L) S model. [$5500 inc gearbox, $4500 without] -GearBox. TipTronic $1500) -*full Car Loom/Harness + the whole dashboard; Blue Leather style $500 -Center Exhaust. $300 -Manifolds & Catalytic converters $300 -Muffler bracket -Leather (Blue) Seats $600 -Door Liners (Blue) $100 each -Center Console $100 -Tiptronic shifter $100 -window mechanisms and motors *$150 each -Door Harness/loom $75 each -Carpet ‘lavender’ colour. $200 -HeadLights (egg style) $750 pair -Tail Lights $300 pair -996/986 Door Airbags $50 each + lots of odd trim parts, send me a message of what your needing loganmarriott@gmail.com 04 1656 8037
  5. For sale genuine indoor Porsche car covers some with minimal tyer marks as you would expect but all in excellent or new condition. Boxster 981 $350.00 Boxster 981 $350.00 Boxster 986-987 $350.00 Carrera 996-997 GT3 or Aerokit $375.00 Can send pics via smart phone.
  6. Hi guys, I know this may be a long shot but wondering if anyone in the Melbourne area has one of those basic Catback exhausts for the 986 as I'd like to hear it in person as I am looking to buy one soon if I can find a reasonable price in Australia. Cheers Pic attached of what i'm talking about
  7. Hi, looking for some help from Adelaide members (@LeeM, @‌StewF come to mind). I have a 2004 2.7 manual Boxster. I was after getting a bit more burble/nice note at higher RPM's and after couple phone calls ended up at Exhuast Plus (they indicated that they has worked on Porsches and Ferraris previously). Long story short, after 3 days and 3 different muffler boxes (initially straight throughs that made your teeth rattle and ears bleed between 2000 and 3000 RPM, sounded fantastic above 3000) have ended up with something that is a mild improvement. I think that there is something a bit better but not confident to take it back to the same shop. Is there any businesses that members would recommend that know what they are doing with Porsche flat 6's, in particular not getting resonance/drone around the 2500 RPM mark. I asked at Buik when I got the car services but they haven't come back with a recommendation. Thanks in advance Michael
  8. Hi guys, New to the forum and new to Porsche's but have been doing a lot of reading recently. From what I've read the 986/996 era cars can have some issues with engine failures, it seems common to be able to pick up these cars in need of a rebuild in the US for a reasonable price but I haven't really been seeing any for sale in Australia recently. I'm after a car like this (manual only) for a project I have in mind (probably something that would probably make the purists unhappy unfortunately) so I was wondering how common it is to come across these cars and approximately how much they would be worth? Thanks for your help
  9. Hi everyone, I've got a healthy and strong pulling 3.2L in a 2002 Boxster S that has the beginning signs of worn rings or guides (I'm thinking guides as its just a bit of smoke on startup and it isn't AOS). I was going to tackle the project of rebuilding the 3.2L engine, after having completed an IMS and AOS, I'm thinking the tear down and inspection and overall rebuild is something I should be able to tackle. I've completed a few engine rebuilds before, so not overly put off other than the dreaded 4,5 & 6 connecting-rod-to-pin-piston assembly! Anyway, thinking about looking at the 3.6 or 3.4 engine swap from a 996 and wanted to know where I could source a reasonable low klms 996 engine and if anyone has experience in doing that - don't just point me to the Inter-web as I'm keen to talk to someone down-under if possible. I've read that the DME tune/map upgrade for the 3.4 is the most painless, but the 3.6 will require handling the VarioCam+ using some clever controller box (not sure how successful or straight forward that would be). Thoughts? Any recommendations on places that are wrecking 996 engines? G
  10. Sports seats from a 986 Boxster, seats have manual forward and backward and electronic adjustment for the rake. Not being fully electric makes these seats lighter than the fully electric seats. Seats will fit into a 986 Boxster and 996. Seats are fully leather, they are in good condition, leather has normal creases from usage but there are no bare patches or places where the leather is thin. The Increased bolster on these seats means they grip your body better than the standard seats through the corners, but by no means are they uncomfortable for long distance trips. Price is $1,200 and seats are located in Canberra. If you would like to know anything more please message me.
  11. Trying to find if anyone has done a muffler delete on there 2.5L 986 Boxster and where i could find the parts needed for it?! TIA Daniel!
  12. Guy i bought my boxster off lost main key -.- Need a replacement key programmed to work with my central locking!
  13. Hi all, getting the 986 on Saturday. This one has 17" rims not the standard 16s. What tyre brand do you all recommend? Also, confused on tyre sizes. Should I use 235/50R17 on back and 205/55R17 on the front? Advice needed please guys. P
  14. Car is now sold (finally) Mods, please feel free to close this thread off.
  15. I know there is lots of talk about the IMS Bearing on this fine forum, but thought I'd quickly link to some updated info on Mike Fockes Boxster Blog. I thought creating a new thread might help it to be found easily. If this is already posted, please delete this Mods https://sites.google...bpages/ims-kits I also saw that someone asked what the IMS shaft and bearing looked like.. but couldn't find the thread to reply too. I have posted this before, but thought I'd post it again. I thought this was excellent and it really helped me understand what on earth this thing is and does http://www.total911.com/news/porsche-996997-ims-failure-video/

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