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Found 34 results

  1. Its not too often I get to post a new thread but here goes.... I'm considering upgrading my exhaust & headers at some point down the line. Backgroud: My hotrod is an 87 911 coupe underneath with a 993 engine (3.6, M64/05). Currently, I know I have 964 headers & the exhaust is a custom job I've been told. Any good? Who knows.... Anyway, would like to get a bigger pipe, a better sound and that elusive 10% horses upgrade of course... I'm thinking a monty, dansk or M&K as they seem to have good "2 in 1 out" exhausts and SSI headers seems to be the go. But, I'm worried about buying an off the shelf exhaust as I don't know if it would fit. My assumption is that having squeezed a 993 engine into a 3.2 chassis gives me less room to work with. What do you think? Anyone got experience with this.... Do I need another proper custom job or can I get an off the shelf jobbie? Here's what my butt looks like now. The exhaust seems to only cover half or 2/3 the width. Should be right across to get a good full sound... I've been told.
  2. Another part to add to the list. Schwenklager VA LI for sale to suit 993. Part No: 993 341 657 81 In excellent condition. $300 ono
  3. Having watched the 911 market closely over many years I've recently been thinking about the amount of manual 993's that have been for sale. I don't have any stats on this though and may be off the mark however they appear to be very tightly held. Any views on this?
  4. Günther Werks... Not sure about the name but geez, this car is really doing for me. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1118462_california-based-company-offers-carbon-fiber-porsche-911-993-bodies  I reckon the wide hips and ducktail rear end really suit the 993 shape. And the full carbon fibre body shell... Phwoar. Any idea on cost? Given the work involved to build one of these I'd reckon upwards of USD500k.
  5. A quick strawpoll on everyone's general choice of 4 x BEST colours - and 4 x LEAST LIKED for a standard Aircooled 911 from say, 1978 SC up to 1998 993. Yes I know I've missed plenty of shades of colours blah blah, and some metallics blah blah but I wanted it to be quick and easy. Please choose your best 4 colours IN ORDER (best to 4th best) ------ And choose your least liked 4 colours IN ORDER (worst to 4th worst) . DON'T BOTHER WITH THE MIDDLE FOUR COLOURS AND DON'T NAME THE COLOURS USE NUMBERS ONLY. Read the colours L to R top row as 1, 2, 3 ........ L to R 2nd row as 4, 5, 6 ....... L to R third row as 7, 8, 9 ...... L to R bottom row as 10, 11, 12. For example mine reads as: BEST 2, 7, 12, 8. LEAST LIKED 5, 11, 3, 6 I'll tally it all up in a while and name colour results. LETS HAVE FUN KIDS! (and Mr Pork Chops you can go stand in the corner!)
  6. Just wandering how many 993 owners out there are interested in a catch up and/or drive day into the hills east of Melbourne.
  7. Shed clean out and realisation I probably won't own another 993. New front discs - 993.351.044.01 - 19kg New rear discs - 993.352.041.02 - 12.4kg Will throw in the new Bendix pads. $480 ono PM me if interested.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for some views on the A$ value of this car - I own half of it and am looking to establish a fair market value to sell my half to the other owner. Any views would be greatly appreciated. It's silver, is automatic but has the gear paddles on the steering wheel and is in great condition. Many thanks in advance. P.
  9. Looking for a 964\993 mirrors aka teardrops, aka aero mirrors. Replicas would do but no the rubbish ones. Prefer manual ones but... Color doesn`t matter. Regards, George.
  10. Hi PFA, I've been lurking in the FS thread and forum for a while. Now that I'm an owner I probably should introduce my new car! I was shopping for a longhood, but I was drawn to this car when I saw it on carsales. It's a 94 in amaranth violet and has optional sports seats. It was originally delivered in London and arrived in QLD in 2008. In low light it looks dark blue but most of the time it's cadbury purple. I picked it up to Brisbane and drove it home to Albury, NSW. It's not as mint as the seller claimed but I'm planning on keeping it a long while and fixing it up slowly. I was also considering a Cayman, but they're a little too small
  11. Does anyone know if any workshop here is experienced in modifying 993 stock exhaust into the fister or RSR mufflers?
  12. Among the many threads I have seen on this topic, I found this thread the most useful and inspirational when sorting out the odd leak on my 993. I suspect one other PFA'er in particular may find it useful too! http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-964-993-technical-forum/644446-964-oil-leaks-fixes-thread.html
  13. Can anyone recommend the best people to refit my 993 windscreen. It has been replaced badly and will be probably leaking on the passenger side lower edge. I am wondering wether melbourne Porche centre might be the go as in my service schematics they list a special Porsche template to check the opening?
  14. Has anyone got or seen one of these SRS bumpers, I'm thinking of replacing my std 993 as the "splitters" are pretty badly damaged and will cost best part of $400 to replace? http://srs-tec.de/cars/Porsche/993/Front-bumper-GTS-Porsche-993::25.html
  15. Im currently in two mind about swapping out my factory 1974 911 seats with some that offer a bit more support around the edges. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see what others have in their car? So please list the following: Car: (Model and Year) Seat: (Including Brand and Model) Rails: (Used to fix the seats to the car) Difficulty of Install: (1 being as easy as putting your seat belt on, 10 being as difficult as getting into the back of a 911 with fixed backs while being pregnant) Feedback: (For example: Comparison of feel to previous seats, quality, degrading over time)
  16. My ADR engine bay sticker is starting to disintegrate. the part is NLA from Porsche. I'm thinking my only option is to get it made up. Anyone know people/companies that do this? anyone else need same/similar sticker too?
  17. Selling some 16" 993 cup wheels. They came off a 911sc. Painted black by previous owner, includes black Porsche center caps. Includes Michelin pilot sport 3 tyres all round. The fronts - 7Jx16 ET55 - (7x16") part number is 993 362 114 00 The rears - 9Jx16 ET70 - (9x16") part number is 993 362 118 01 Asking $1200 ono
  18. Hi All, For sale is a complete Varioram Intake, the intake was working perfectly fine when I removed it. Price: $1500.00 Avaialble for local pickup in Melbourne, interstaters will have to organise your own shipping, sorry (it weighs a ton). Thanks for looking. Cheers, Harry.
  19. Hi all, I'm desperately looking for a Carbon 4 spoke steering wheel, it was an option in the 993 and also I believe the 996. I have a 3 spoke wheel to swap for it. please PM, call, txt me if you have one / know of one. thanks for looking Pete
  20. Can recommend Tore Bergvill for electronic repairs. Just had my 993 tacho return from a trip to Norway to have all the common On Board Computer display issues repaired. Tried to locate someone locally but no one gave me any confidence that they knew much about what the fixes entailed. His website details his electronic repair services for various Porsche models : http://www.bergvillfx.com/index.php/services.html His blog also has some good info on common 964/993 electrical issues: http://www.porschehvac.bergvill.com/
  21. Hi, As per the title, i'm currently looking for a 993 Ducktail, I know my chances are slim to find one already in Australia but someone might want something different. Next option, maybe a little easier, original 993 Carrera Decklid with grill. I have a 964 Decklid and Grill if that helps. Cheers Simon
  22. Hi All After many many a year and and at times not knowing what [model] to pick, I finally found a car that I knew would tick all my boxes. Whilst originally looking for a 997, something about her on the "looking for love site " (aka Carsales) made me want one. It was just that gut feel about her. The prior owner was decent and knowledgeable, the PPI held no nasty surprises and the price fit the budget. Sealed the deal within 72 hours and had the car make the trip across the Nullabor with CEVA. Whilst counting down the days, I remembered what it was like waiting for Christmas to arrive so I could get my present! I have had the car for ~ three weeks and its been a slow introduction as I am still learning her intricacies. Been with my wife for 15 years and still none the wiser but hoping I figure this lady out sooner. One thing I have done is named her ELLE......As in Macpherson. In my eyes, a timeless body...... Before revealing Elle (alas the car, not the supermodel), I wanted to thank you all. Directly and indirectly the forum and its members have been invaluable. When first looking, I even had an offer from a member (Gavin) to have a try of his many cars. Others gave sagely / genuine advice. The only enhancements to date have been a tint (to avoid frying the heads of my kids), the highly recommended T-Lock Keyless Entry and the "Baby On Board" sign to show I mean business....... Without further ado (1995 C2 Tiptronic)........
  23. Just what you need mate. I can prolly help you out with the stockness of the motor too. http://www.jauce.com/auction/g130927573

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