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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, I have a 997 and the sunroof has recently started playing up. It wont slide open unless I first tilt up, tilt down and then try slide open. Additionally the one-touch open and one-touch close features no longer work. If you do a re-learn on the controls it starts working normally, but a few minutes later it reverts back to the "non-working" state. I had a look on Rennlist and it seems to be a common problem in the US with 996 and 997's. Apparently the motor needs replacing. Just wondering if anybody here has experienced the same issue? If so, did you replace the motor and where did you source the motor from? Cheers, Frank
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Manual-MY07/SSE-AD-5963371 Feel free to call or text with any questions. Cheers Richard 0403799018
  3. All listed here parts were bought new and used on the 997.2TT for 1-2 years, recently removed and stored in perfect order as the car was sold in original form. Suspension parts (complete units, allowing to run any alignment setup) Bilstein coilovers GT2/3 rear sway bar DSC control unit F Camber plates: Tarett Engineering F/R drop links: Tarett Engineering F bump steer kit: Torque solution Litronics sensors brackets: Tarett Engineering R top mounts: Tarett Engineering R toe links: Torque solution R upper control arms (dog bones): Torque solution Camber locking bolts: Tarett Engineering F/R lower control arms with trust links: Tarett Engineering racing version Trans mount inserts: F1 - track version GT3 brake ducts: front Wheels: BC Forged RZ05 gloss black Super light F 8kg and R 9kg Tyre pressure sensors included F 19x9.5 ET41 R 19x12 ET48 Used tyres Michelin CUP2: F 255/35/19, R 325/30/19 Exhaust: Kline with CF tips, catless and high flow cats Steering wheel: Porsche, alcantara Diverter valves: Forge Protective grills: front, Zunsport, gloss black Reverse camera kit: new, never installed Well over $20k worth of parts, at this stage I'm looking for one buyer, preferably pick up, if interested, please PM with your offer.
  4. Hi Gents, Per the title . . . I just purchased a 997 GTS and next week I'm going to drive it back from Melbourne to Sydney. My current thinking is to spread the driving over 2.5 days and take the Coast Road (Princess Highway). With a few good diversions! I'd love to drive back via the Alpine route but I think that needs more than 2 days to do it justice. So, the advice I need . . . how do I maximise a rare opportunity to enjoy this wonderful car for a couple of days? Any tips on the route or side trips? Where would you stay? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm considering investing in a 911 Turbo - most likely 997.1 generation but I have one concern. Whilst I enjoy driving manual recreationally I find them tedious in traffic day to day (car would be driven day to day plus for fun on weekends!).. Just wondering what tbe forum readers think the mpact on future resale values will look like for Tiptronic vs PDK vs Manual. My gut feel is the Manual and PDK will do much better long term. Thoughts? Cheers Dave
  6. I've got some items that I no longer need and want to clear room for... 1. 997 GT3 Cup muffler & Side muffler delete pipes. I bought this setup for my car for just over $4000 from PCM (Have receipts). This setup bolts directly on to the headers and removes the two side mufflers behind the rear wheels, before joining a centre muffler. The centre muffler looks much like the OEM one but is basically a straight pipe. This sheds a lot of weight and is said to be good for around 10whp up top. I had this on the car for one weekend, at Phillip Island the extra power was noticeable in the higher RPMs, but please note that this is bloody loud, as there's no more valve control. If you use your car a lot on the track then this will be good for you, if it's on the road then it might not be a good solution as there is quite a lot of drone between 2.5-3k RPM. Asking price is $3000 or best offer. 2. I have a set of Pirelli Pzero Corsa (N-spec) tyres in 235/35/19 & 305/30/19. These were fitted brand new on my car when I bought it from PCB in March last year. I did one track day on them and about 1000 road kms. They have about 85-90% tread remaining and no unusual wear. The sidewalls and shoulders are in great condition, the only reason I took these off was to try out the Pzero Trofeo R. Looking to get $1000 or best offer Please call/sms 0428 891 986 - Jonathan
  7. Hi all, require your advice. After looking for a long time for my first Porsche - a 997.1 c2s or C4S, and after recently getting burnt on a supposed perfect car (that needed $10k repairs). After a Tiptronic, clean cabriolet with lowish kms. Been offered a Porsche dealer car (2007 997 C4S cab) with full service history, and has extended warranty up until 2 years ago. Only catch 140k kms for $90k drive away. It's been driven daily, and will come up ok once all cleaned up. I drive short distances about two a week, and keep the car for a few years. Should I be holding out for less kms, or should I take comfort in the fact that it's a dealer approved car with a full history?
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and am enjoying reading all the posts. I have been a 911 fan for as long as I can remember and the time has come for me to start looking to buy one. I am after a car I can keep for some time and will not be a daily driver. I have decided on a 997 Manual and I have looked at a couple. The 997S is great but they are a lot more expensive in Manual than auto. Just wondering if people think you could pick up a manual 997S for the same price as some of the autos or if I can always expect to pay a premium. As a side note, would you expect the 997 to keep decreasing in value over the next few years to match the 996 prices. Thanks in advance
  9. Manual 997.2 SOLD! Finally I am selling my 997.2, it's a manual, black on black with 38k on the clock. It comes with 16 months Porsche warranty! This is brilliant as when there is anything wrong with the car that is not a consumable part, it is coveted under warranty. The only real peace of mind you can have with a Porsche (e.g. had an issue with the key... replaced for free no questions asked, no cost). it is in really really good condition, paint is near perfect as is the interior. Just been given the once over by Porsche today various items fixed under warranty and new front Michelin Sports going on later this week. I believe it's the only 997.2 manual for sale in Australia. It will go to be sold on consignment in Syd next week unless sold to a PFA member before Monday. '08 build, 38k, 997.2 $125,000 Please PM me for pics if you are interested - I'm sad to see her go
  10. Here's a few pics after a wash and wax yesterday. Needs rego so I can take her for a proper run. Loving it so far !!!
  11. The best and easiest place to mount a Dorian transmitter on a 997?
  12. Parts are in Melbourne: 235/40ZR18 Sumitomo HTRZ III tyres x 4 can sell in pairs. plenty of tread. $100 each Genuine Factory Painted Yellow Centre Console as new 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray. The ashtray alone costs a few $$ and is rarely included. Great to brighten an otherwise rather dark interior purchased from PCM. Has all the right cutouts etc as opposed to ones from USA. $800 Standard Black Centre Console used 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray off 997 TT SOLD Used hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, good condition off a 997 TT $300 Brand new hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, new condition purchased from PCM. Standard leather.$500 Used Porsche Double DIN radio for 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Porsche may need to code for your car. 2 Available $300 Used 986 S exhaust for 986 Boxster. Muffler assembly with tips only. Pipes were cut pre muffler by exhaust shop. $300 Boxster door sill covers. One used great condition, one new with plastic over metal part. Sold as pair. $200 Pair of used leather sports seats from 997S. These will suit a fair few Porsches including 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Includes side airbags. Great condition. Electric adjustable back with manual lift. $1900 SOLD Used Cayman 17" Genuine Porsche wheels with continental contact sport tyres $900 Used 997.1 steering wheel for use with circular airbag. No tears or marks. $300 Used Alcantara GT3 steering wheel from 997.2 GT3 with circular airbag $700 SOLD Also have this: Audi TTRS exhaust system from APR $2000 http://goapr.com.au/products/apr_exhaust_cast_downpipe_25tfsi-au.html Website says will also suit Audi RS3 0401270025 preferably call. Steve
  13. For Sale: Best Offer for Quick Sale Hi - I have a 997 Gen II C4s Factory Exhaust System for sale as I've upgraded to a Sports Exhaust System. Ph Mark 0419 229 619
  14. Hello All Looking to get an aftermarket exhaust system for my 997 Turbo. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places to go in Sydney (either fit only if they will let me buy online from the USA, or supply and fit). Ive already spoken to one or two places who seem to be most helpful, but also wondering if anyone here had any recommendations. If its of any relevance at all, I quite fancy the Cargraphic exhaust with valves, but this isn't set in stone. Any advice/input much appreciated. Thank you JKay
  15. This pdf shows engine details for just about every Porsche model. Too good not to share! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93289189/Porsche_Engine_Codes_1952-2012.pdf
  16. As I get older, balder and fatter, naturally I'm attracted more and more to water cooled 911's and admit to had a crush on the first series 997's for some time. However I don't know much about them except that the fear of the IMS bearings, D chunking and bore scoring in the 3.8's all conspire to keep the prices down. While trawling the internet I came across this great comparison of the base model Carrera 997, the Carrera S 997 and interestingly a 996TT, Ferrari F360, Nissan Z350 and Honda NSR. The Japanese testers also have a charm of their own too:
  17. Will soon have the complete set removed from the car. Rear rotors near new, front plenty of life, pads likewise, 100% fine and will be removed by Porsche Centre Melbourne. Would be a jaw dropping addition to a regular 911 of any age, Cayman, Boxster. If anyone is interested please message with what you are happy to pay.
  18. Newby so go easy. I am looking to fulfil my lifelong dream of owning a porsche very soon. I have kind of settled on the 997 Series II and i want PDK I have read a UK article (http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-reviews/long-term-tests/porsche/porsche-911-carrera-used-997-long-term-test-review-2015/) in which they swapped out the standard buttoned steering wheel for a paddle version. I drove the paddle version of the 991 at Stuttgart last year and that it was tI really want. I have been told by a mechanic that they can replace the triptronic button set up with paddles but not the PDK set up with buttons. Does anyone have experience on this issue and, if so, what is the position? The follow up question is how difficult is the button set up? the article seems to rate is a pretty annoying. Cheers and thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all, Firstly I did a search on the forum, rennlist and 911uk but no specific details to my question. I have 997.1 Carerra with PSE. I have the exhaust button to open and close the baffles and currently have the plug disconnected in the engine bay so its open all the time. Great noise, but I would like it a little louder and throatier So, what are some exhaust (sections) upgrades that I could consider that will still work in conjunction with my PSE? - I believe the baffles are located in the big mufflers behind the rear wheels so I wouldn't be changing them. Doing a search I was considering the following which (I THINK) will give me a louder note but not effect the functionality of the PSE unit? http://www.cargraphicts.com/index.php?id=120303&L=1 - 11th, 12th and 13th options from cargraphic 11th Sport Catalytic Converter Set "X" - Pipe VersionOBD2 compliant with 200Cell Catalytic Converters No ECU programming required and no CEL 12th Catalytic Converter Replacement Pipe Set Crossover VersionWithout Catalytic Converters Assuming this is definitely illegal without cats? 13th Catalytic Converter Replacement Pipe Set "X" - Pipe Version"X"-pipe version without catalytic converters Assuming this is definitely illegal without cats? Appreciate if anyone has any other suggestions or alternatives? I'm purely going for sound and a relativity cheap option. much appreciated!
  20. As the market takes a bit of a breath after some giddy gains these last few years, I would like to express my genuine interest in acquiring a water-cooled GT3 RS. I prefer the 996 or 997.1 models for their more conservative styling (and lower price point than the 997.2 and 991 GT3 RS). I don't mind if the vehicle's been tracked. If you own such a vehicle and have even remotely considered trading up, making changes to your collection or just capitalising on recent market growth, I would sincerely welcome you making contact via private message. Even if you haven't considered selling, please make contact; I may be able to make you a worthwhile offer. Hoping for custodianship of one of these Rennsport icons, MezgerMan
  21. was due to get my car back today after being T boned before Christmas however the repairer now has a problem with an air bag warning light any idea
  22. Looking for any advice. My 997.1 interior auto dimming rear view mirror has developed an issue. It has an oblong shaped distortion inside the lens probably something to do with chemicals inside the lens. The car was idle for 2 weeks parked in the garage and fine when I last drove it so not a heat issue. The OS forums would indicate this is not an uncommon problem and probably needs the mirror replaced. I called PCBrisbane and the spare parts dude claimed to never have replaced a mirror in Australia and not seen the problem. The real problem is that PCB want $998.00 to supply a mirror. Wondering if anyone on the forum has had a similar experience and if there's a cheaper option. Pic attached. TIA
  23. 997 GT3 RSS x-pipe centre exhaust - great sound replaces the centre muffler - reduce weight and much better sound will throw in k&n filter and cold air setup. * price drop * asking $1500 997 GT3 rear carpet in black - as new - $150 997 rear seats - backrest and lower pad only - in black leather - $150
  24. This is everything I learned about IMS (Inter-Mediate Shaft NOT Irritable Man Syndrome) bearing. In the form of QnA, I have listed all the quotations I received and all the questions I could think off. These questions are related to the IMS bearing it self. Not to the removal and installation procedure which will come later. The answers are ether from reputable sources or what I have experienced my self. I prefer to stay away from articles found on the web and forum threads with a 12 year old contributes. If it is my opinion or what someone else thinks, I will say so. - What type of bearing does a factory engine have? From the overall reports on the web, the bearing can be any brand. SKF, FAG, NSK and others are noted in engines from the same model type and year. I personally had an FAG made in Poland. The single row bearing is a garden variety 6204 double sealed bearing. My MY03 had FAG 6204-2RSR. I used the exact same one to replace. - How common is IMS failure (IMS bearing failure rate)? I have tirelessly searched for an answer. I did not want to do an open heart surgery on a relatively new car only to later find there was never the need to do so. After some weeks of looking into this issue I concluded: IMS was a real problem. However, the failure rate quoted remained speculative. No reported Failure rate I cam across was backed by real verifiable data. And no numbers I found had any verifiable reference. I am yet to be corrected. But until then, I lean towards saying; only Porsche themselves know how many engines have failed as a direct result of IMS bearing failure. -What symptoms does a failing IMS exhibit? It is safe to assume there are no symptoms. Having said that, you may want to lookout for the following: a) metal shavings in the engine oil and oil filter. Worth inspecting every oil change; distinct bearing noise coming from engine-gearbox area. This is extremely hard to pickup without knowing what this sound is and using a mechanics stethoscope. c) very small changes in relative camshaft timing angle between Bank 1 and Bank 2. There are suggestions that a bearing on the way out will have larger clearances in it's internal dimensions. These larger clearances causes the bearing to wobble slightly. Which in tern causes the IMS to wobble. And since the two camshafts are connected to both ends of IMS, a wobble in the IMS will result in relative camshaft angle to fluctuate. I was not able to detect any movements in relative camshaft timing angle. It remains to be seen if the camshaft position sensor or Durametric diagnostic tool for Porsche are able to detect such minute vibrations. After all my IMS bearing was wobbly at the time of replacement. - When should I change the IMS? The Porsche 911 Carrier Service Manual from Bentley Publishers recommends bearing replacement to be mileage based maintenance item between 50km and 100km. I have changed the IMS bearing when I had to changed the RMS when it started leaking. I am glad I did. At the time the car was exactly 10 years old and had 72km on the dial. The bearing had no trace of internal grease and had a bit of play in it. - What bearing should I use? I have tried to find an alternative to the common 6204 on my single row engine. I wanted the best drop-in replacement money can buy. While talking to bearing suppliers, one switched on sales person pointed out that the seal on the 6204 was not design to work in an such environment such as that found inside an engine. The temperature is too high and the presence of motor oil will not help. Normal 6204 bearings had temperature range between 80 and 120 deg C. This is very close to the Engine operation temperature. When you add the heat generated internally the bearing may get too hot for it's own seals. Next time the bearing is due for service I will opt for a high temperature bearing (e.g. SKF 6204 2RSH/C3GJN or FAG 6204-C-2Z). - Is IMS special tool required to extract and install the IMS bearing? In my opinion, YES. There are internal bearing extraction tools. Most I have seen places the stress on the case shell when pulling the IMS outwards. The IMS special tool will rest on the outer wall of IMS thus minimising stresses. Bearing with seals removed and inside cleaned:

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