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Found 48 results

  1. Genuine Advan Racing TC3 STAGGERED In very good condition near new. Only one 1cm mark and the rest spotless. 5x130 18x9 +46 18x11 +40 2x 235/40ZR18 PIRELLI PZERO Rosso 95% tread 2x 295/30ZR18 PIRELLI PZERO Rosso 40% tread Located Western Sydney Open to offers
  2. So... you know you start trying to solve one problem and then.... we'll you end up somewhere else entirely. I wanted a taller tire and I've been keen on the Pirelli CN36. From my research, this tire was homologated with Porsche to optimize chassis performance of these early cars (I know it's a tub but that seems to be the appropriate lingo!). Anyway. I have 6's and 7's on the rear with 205/50's. I love the look of staggered wheels but not the 50 series tires. Too restomod for me. Unfortunately though, the 185/70R15 CN36 on that 7" wheel won't fit under the body 😕...... No worries I wanted to find a set of deep 6's so now is the time! I found this matching date correct set for my car. This (above) is after stripping all the paint and cleaning up with a plastic wire wheel on the drill. Then a lot of sanding, painting, masking, more sanding, more painting, masking etc. they are done and I'm really happy with the outcome. I 2k'd everything. Satin clear over the silver petals, gloss clear on the lip with the mask line as deep into the rim as possible. So I need a bit of help now please 😳 What valve stems fit these deep 6's? The regular ones don't. I've read on PP forum that Napa make some that do but I really would appreciate hearing from someone who can point me at something available in Melbourne please. Thanks so much!! let me know if anyone would like to see a step by step on my Fuchs resto.... I'd be more thank happy to share.
  3. Hi everyone, Looking URGENTLY for some wheels - 19" x 11.5" rear, 19" x 8.5" front, to fit 911 997 Carrerra S. They need to be fit for track use. New or used, not fussy. At this stage, the only other criteria is whether we can arrange them to be shipped to Sydney in the next few days... Hope someone can help!
  4. I've acquired a nice set of Cup II wheels for my 944S2, and somewhat conveniently they need refinishing... My dilemma is that with the car being Slate Grey Metallic, the standard silver/alloy coloured wheels don't "pop". I know there are some artistically talented people on here with an eye for colour etc... Any one have suggestions for what a nice contrasting or tonally different colour could work? I can paint and have all the right gear so that's not a issue - I just don't have an 'eye' for detail like some of you on here. Photos attached so you know what I'm talking about...
  5. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    Hi All I'm looking for something more interesting that my standard D90s on my 944S2 (late offset, so no fuchs or deep dishes ) ... What have ye? I think I want to stick with 17", but will go to 18". I quite like the look of the Cup1s and Cup2s, as well as the mesh style centres on BBS and Simmons wheels. Speedlines look great, and I love the set of RUF wheels on 'Tree at the moment but $6500 is too rich for me. I'm not a big fan of the Boxster "twist" type rims on 944s though. I know Cam has Cup reps and 17" fuch reps to fit late offset, but I'm going to fish here first. So anyone looking to unload a set of rims, please fee free to PM me - but I think my top dollar would be around the $2k mark with some flexibility depending on tyres etc... ETs to fit late 944s are around 52 for fronts and up to 47 for the rears (all depending on width of course). I'm in Port Mac, but can take a drive or cover transport. Cheers John
  6. Hi Guys, I have a 997C4S that I want to order work meister m13 wheels for and I need advice on the offset. I want as deep a dish as I can get on the rear and the guards as full as possible but the more I read about offset the more unsure I get. Can anyone tell me what offsets I need Please ?
  7. For those looking for high quality reproduction Fuchs and Cup wheels. Classic Wheels Australia is the Aussie disributor of "MAXILITE" wheels. Top quality and German TUV approved wheels they are currently used by many racing competitors and enthusiasts in Australia. Welcome to contact anytime.
  8. Hi all, 18x9 offset +47mm (front) 18x11 offset +66mm (rear) Originally magnesium centres. The original centres were then used to make moulds and re-cast in aluminium. So, they still retain the early style look without the worry of cracking. OEM BBS barrels & new hardware, have been sealed, fitted with tyres and balanced up well. Originally used on a 996 GT3. Happy to post/ship at buyers expense. Any questions let me know. $6000.00 ono Can include 4 x original mag centres as part of the sale.
  9. Hi, I'm finally doing a clean out of the parts sitting around and looking to move on. Below are what I have for sale (PM for pics). Prices are ONO. - 18" OEM 5 spoke Cayman S BBS rims with Michelin PS2 tires. - SOLD - Full APR (Billy Boat) Exhaust. RRP $5000+. - SOLD - OEM Standard Leather Steering wheel (Wheel only - Airbag, electrics, and plastic trims not included) Suits Triangle airbag: $350 - OEM 997 Turbo gear knob & boot (minor wear on leather boot) - $125 - OEM CD24 stereo: $350 - OEM Electric Mirror switch assy: $40 - Momo Mod.8 suede steering wheel: - SOLD - Momo hub adapter suit Porsche: $50 - Brand New BELL Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet with Clear visor. Size XXL. Purchased last year from Peter Stevens Melbourne. Never worn, still has stickers on the visor. Comes complete with carry bag. Cost $600+. $500 ONO. - Finally I'm also selling my bicycle. As new 2011 Trek Mendota Hybrid Gary Fisher Special. - SOLD Cheers, Eddie
  10. All listed here parts were bought new and used on the 997.2TT for 1-2 years, recently removed and stored in perfect order as the car was sold in original form. Suspension parts (complete units, allowing to run any alignment setup) Bilstein coilovers GT2/3 rear sway bar DSC control unit F Camber plates: Tarett Engineering F/R drop links: Tarett Engineering F bump steer kit: Torque solution Litronics sensors brackets: Tarett Engineering R top mounts: Tarett Engineering R toe links: Torque solution R upper control arms (dog bones): Torque solution Camber locking bolts: Tarett Engineering F/R lower control arms with trust links: Tarett Engineering racing version Trans mount inserts: F1 - track version GT3 brake ducts: front Wheels: BC Forged RZ05 gloss black Super light F 8kg and R 9kg Tyre pressure sensors included F 19x9.5 ET41 R 19x12 ET48 Used tyres Michelin CUP2: F 255/35/19, R 325/30/19 Exhaust: Kline with CF tips, catless and high flow cats Steering wheel: Porsche, alcantara Diverter valves: Forge Protective grills: front, Zunsport, gloss black Reverse camera kit: new, never installed Well over $20k worth of parts, at this stage I'm looking for one buyer, preferably pick up, if interested, please PM with your offer.
  11. $400 (firm) for PFA members..... Porsche 944 late offset et52 1986-on after market wheels 18"225/40/18 BF Goodrich g-force sport tyres in good - excellent condition.Only selling due to upgrade.call or msge for more details & inspection if required, (advertised elsewhere)
  12. curse of the 15 inch wheel I've been reading the "aged tyre" thread and reckon my tyres are onto their use by date. I have a 1988 944S with the dreaded 7J x 15" wheels. teladialsthe spec offset should be 52.3 but my wheels have the pre 1986 offset of 23.3!!! The intended use is for weekend drives on curvy roads. No track use. Porsche's recommended tyre for this car/wheel combination is the Pirelli P6000. It is out of stock in Australia and is waiting to be manufactured. According to Bruce Buchanan this tyre is pretty average and just good enough for a 6 cylinder Merc of 1980's vintage. It seems difficult if not impossible to find a good 15" tyre which is not a pretty average passenger car tyre. If someone knows of a good grippy road tyre let me know. The first alternative would be to get new, or used, 16" rims which opens up the availability for better rubber. Going 7J x 16" would mean the least detriment to the existing suspension, odometer reading & ABS. It would be nice to keep close to an 'in period' look of the wheels. Does anyone have some 16" wheels for sale? Another alternative is to pick up some used 17" cup wheels. Looking on the Rennlist forum their is a positive comment about 993 cup wheels fitting the 944. Does this mess up the suspension,odometer or ABS? Has anyone here done this? I'm sure this has all been discussed & resolved before, any help would be most appreciated.
  13. Hi, I have a pair of 16 x 6 & 16 x 7" fuchs. $750 for the lot.
  14. When I bought my 986 for 5k is came with two sets of wheels, 16s and 17s. The 17s are a much sexier looking wheel but they have had a pretty brutal life from the previous owner. I want to put them back on the car as I'm due for some new tyres soon so I would rather buy one set but I need to restore these before putting them on. They don't have any gauges on the metal mainly just very minor surface stuff that can be sanded away with easy but should I DIY or go send them off. I'd like to have them on the car sometime before end of Feb. Thanks Nick https://www.instagram.com/nb_autography/ Pic of the 16s on atm
  15. Hi, After discovering track days this year I am thinking of getting some separate wheels for track day use. I have been told by other relatively new track drivers that a set of R-specs make a big difference. My car has the X51 kit and sports suspension so am looking at tyres as the first 'mod'. I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but I can't seem to find a relevant thread. I am driving a 2001 996 C2 on 18" GT3 (look) wheels and was hoping for some insights on the below: Tyres- R Spec? I would need to be able to drive on the track wheels from my home to the track and back. I am a track newbie, so need 'forgiving' tyres, ie ones that will give me some warning before trying to kill me. Where to buy them? Thoughts on need to get tyres 'zapped' http://www.gordonleven.com/zapped4racing/about/ Wheels Am looking for second hand wheels. There are a few on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Porsche-996-911-GT3-18-inch-wheels-PCD-5x130-18x8-ET50-18x11-ET63-/142527758409?hash=item212f510049:g:kCsAAOSw8P5Z1IxR http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/18-inch-Genuine-PORSCHE-911-CARRERA-S-996-SERIES-2-ALLOY-WHEELS-V-RARE-/252909760049?hash=item3ae298ae31:g:H00AAOSwXeJYHbD5 Apart from Porsche wheels, what are my other options, and would they need any mods (spacers?) to fit my car? A few questions here, so thanks in advance for your help. Rob
  16. I've come to the realisation that there will be no GT 3 parked in garage any time soon, so I've decided to part with my set of GT3 wheels from a 996.1 GT3 They were purchased a while go in the hope that I would use these as a spare set but that dream has faded for now - damn mortgage and over inflated porsches. Genuine BBS wheels as shown in pics. Not Perfect, but great as a spare set for track use. Comes with RW tyres, though they have been sitting for a couple of years. Falken 285/30 ZR 18 & 225/40 ZR 18 Selling complete set (4) with no caps $2000 - happy to discuss further if there is genuine interest or if price seems unrealistic. Evan Zero 412 877 40five
  17. Just wondering those of you with the big gun exotics that most of us dream of... Or those with just an expensive or beautiful set of wheel rims!! Who and where do you go to get tyres fitted? I just spent a $1000 refurbishing me fuches and buying new wheel nuts and I'm paranoid of getting gouged or scratched!! I had a bad experience with rough-head tyre boy changing tyres on a non-pcar of mine a few cars back, whacking the wheel wrench on my rims, scratching, gouging my rims!! Arrghhh!! I ripped into the poor bob jane tyre manager at the time and decided not to ever go back to a run o' the mill tyre place again. Do you flip em a lobster (a 20) and say "be careful mate" or ask for the manager to do the work and not the rasta-haired tattooed hulk with the wheel wrench between his teeth?
  18. Hi, As the title suggests I have a set of 4 fuch wheels; 15 x 7's (x2) & 15 x 8's (x2). These are a genuine wheel and have been refinished in an RSR look finish with matt anodised petal & outer, black backings. I'm looking at using a different finish on the car and my thoughts are these are too good to have re-finished so I am offering them as a complete set. I would consider part payment in a straight pair of 15 x 7's if that's of interest. Pricing for these seems to vary but I'm asking $4800.00 for the set. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions and I'll update with some pics shortly. Cheers, Hugh.
  19. Anyone here have fitted OZ Racing 18" Alleggerita HLT on the 997 Carrera S before? Need advice on the correct offset and tyre size Cheers
  20. I have for sale for a 996 C4S, TT and GT2. Set of OZ Racing Allegrita Wheels, RED, 18 x 12 and 18 x 8.5 in offset to suit C4, TT and GT2. Wheels are in excellent condition, $2000 plus shipping.I cannot seem to load the photos so please send me a message and i can respond with photos and more information.
  21. Hi all, I'm moving overseas for a couple of years (just planning on storing the car while I'm away), but need to divest of a few things that I've had in the garage. Starting with... 4x Simmons rims, to suit 911SC or Carrera - PRICE CHANGE> $1000 Rears - 16x8 Front - 16x7 I've used these for SuperSprints at WP, SMP, etc (maybe 8 or 10 times?) on a 1980 911SC. Rims are used but no issues with them, no cracks or damage aside from the usual scuffs, grime etc. Fitted with Toyo R888's, 225/45 and 245/45, approx 70%(?) tread left. Comes with 3x Simmons centre caps, 2 in perfect condition, 1 fair to poor. Pickup from Bronte 2024. cheers Al
  22. Hi, I'm chasing a pair of 15 x 7 fuch wheels to suit a 911 in any condition but they need to at least be straight. They will be getting re-finished so if they are marked etc. that's not an issue. Feel free to PM me if you have anything. Cheers, Hugh.
  23. some pics of my wheel rebuild. Started off with a egg in my tyre and some how a new set of rubber has turned into a full wheel rebuild haha. A good friend of mine did most of the leg work with these... i just get to post the pics. I'll call him out soon! Scrubbed 20 years of crap off the inners and sent the dishes off for polishing. of course nothing is easy ... had some stretched bolts so I got all new hardware... and of course being the older gen wheel it uses a 10mm and not 8mm. I was hunting for gold but couldn't get any in the old sizing so I made the call to paint them all gold candy over chrome. coming together ... if only I could run this dish lo!! So I get these bad boys back tomorrow.... but here is a teaser shot I got from the wheel builders after all torqued back up. I like gold!!
  24. Hello All 20" Koya SF06 Wheels with (Nitto Invo) Tyres, plenty of tread left Came off my 911 Turbo, but have since sold the car and no longer need these wheels. Only mark is per picture (where finger is pointing) $600 ONO Pickup - Sydney Thanks JKay

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