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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Team Boxster, Obviously a life threatening issue here... but the right side radio knob has gone kinda sticky to touch but the left one is ok. I want to just pull the little sucker off and push on a new one but is that how it works? Don’t wanna yank on it and then find I’ve broken it and need to replace the radio or the whole dashboard ( yes, my an ex-Alfa owner)! Any insights into a gentle and well informed way of removing me button will be appreciated. And am I right to assume I can then just order/buy a button from the local stealership (& be charged a small fortune I expect) and just push it on? simples. Or is it? 🤷‍♂️ And driving to the dealership to pickup said button will be an essential service and obviously exempt from isolation fines... 😇 philbee (Under button stress)
  2. Im selling my 2008 black boxster s. Its an auto. Black/black Ive had a new roof put on by Porsche Centre Brighton, Melbourne. Its on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2008-porsche-boxster-s-987-auto-my08/SSE-AD-6284404/?Cr=26 Will certainly be favourable for a financial member of PFA to be interested. Its not without a few scuffs... its a day to day but has been without fault. Car is in bayside melbourne but I could help (not pay) arrange transport, etc for an interested interstater... philbee
  3. 986 Boxster S Manual for Sale MY00 PFA Only Price Drop $25,000 in "Road Trim" Standard Seat & Airbag Steering Wheel Returned. - Rare White with Black Leather - Heated seats, climate control, factory Bose with Sub etc - Low 82,xxxkms with dealer and independent service history - Boxster maintenance items done - AOS, CV boots, MAF sensor etc, coolant tank etc - Very tidy car both internally & externally with minimal paint chips etc Mods Include: - Deep sump kit with baffles - Short shift kit - Borla exhaust - Bilstein PSS9 adjustable coilovers - professionally lowered, corner-weighted + camber set up etc - New discs, fronts grooved rather than drilled, race/fast road pads, race fluid - 18" Black turbo twist alloys with Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 Tyres (70/80%) - Fire Extinguisher on Rennsport under seat mount Car has been tastefully and professionally modified for fast road and occasional track day, motorkhana, hillclimb etc. I have owned for approx 4yrs with 3/4 track days a year and occasional hillclimb/motkorhana. Asking $30,000 neg. $25,000 Track gear by negotiation. - 18" Simmons (worn R Specs) Velo Steering Wheel (airbag delete), Velo FIA Seat & 6 Point Harness. Ultimate Boxrod with superb handing & braking - really is as simple as changing wheels, few clicks on the PSS9's and ready to drive to track day in climate control with cruise control on. Will embarrass a lot of heavily modified and expensive machinery. 1:21's Mallala 1:39's The Bend (West) with average driver! Only selling as have been offer full Tarmac Rally Car and unfortunately can't have both. Car located Adelaide, can talk delivery assistance to eastern states. for further details or photos contact Anthony 0428 930 911 (stickers removable and only recent addition) Stickers now removed.
  4. Hi All, I’m looking to find a new home for my 2005 987 Boxster S. My partner and I are starting a family which is awesome but that means a two-seat sports car isn’t ideal anymore. Porsche Melbourne serviced it on 5th November and said it was one of the cleanest 987s they have seen, which makes sense given its service history and the fact it has only 49,500 kms. Black with an extended leather tan interior, I have swapped out the original head unit for a nicely integrated Alpine Apple CarPlay system (I still have the original unit if you want it). It really is a beautiful example of a Manual Boxster S, so let me know if you would like to take a look. I’ve listed it for $41,990 and I’m located in Brunswick, Melbourne. Cheers, Scott
  5. I'm selling my Porsche Boxster S manual 3.4L in black. Here is the carsales.com ad for it. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-2008/SSE-AD-4384313/?Cr=7
  6. Can anyone in the group recommend a good mechanic to get my 2004 Boxster S gearbox fixed? It starts kicking out of 2nd gear and makes a bit of grinding noise. It is making me anxious. I used to get it serviced at Nine Plus but those guys closed shop. Am looking for specialists who have lot of experience working with gearboxes. I am guessing some might do a great job with regular service but may not be able to fix gearboxes. Also hoping that I don't have to rob a bank to pay for them Also trying to figure out if it is cheaper to get a second hand gearbox instead of getting the current one fixed. Addy
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here and looking to get a >2003 model Boxster S, though the base model could also be a consideration. The range in carsales seem to be quite huge, but what would one expect to pay for a decent one (i.e. not a write off, good condition both mechanically and physical condition)? Also I'm based in Sydney and looking at one interstate. I'm definitely going for a PPI before I get one, however how does one get a feel whether its worth sending it for a PPI without having seen the car in the first place? Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking to get either a >2003 986S, 987, 987S manual, (non-import), preferably one that has the IMS done with good service history. Send me a PM if you know any or intending to sell yours. Thanks! Ken
  9. Investigating the purchase at the moment and comparing examples. There is a few subtle exterior differences, minor engine spec differences, obvious interior differences. A huge variance in the market of the quality of what's on offer. Has anyone had personnel experience in the early vs late 986 S in the real world, any difference in drive etc? Any other advice would be much appreciated? Thanks
  10. Car is now sold (finally) Mods, please feel free to close this thread off.
  11. Hi everyone, As some of you know, I'm on the hunt for a Porsche and like many of you did before me, have a whole raft of saved notifications and searches on Carsales This one popped onto my radar due to a recent price drop. I can't see it having been discussed on the forums yet so I thought I'd share it here. I'm more after a 911 but this caught my since it's a bit different. Does anyone have any thoughts or know this car? It's at Sydney City Prestige in Artarmon. I went to have a look at it. A few scuffs and scratches for a 8 year old car. 2005 987S, 75000 km, lots of options (nav, heated seats, Litronic, multifunction wheel, Alcantara interior with painted console, grey CF wheel (not sure if that's Porsche or Techart), full Techart exterior kit, wheels, exhaust and lowered. The sales guy didn't know much about its history. Service book shows two owners- first one's a company, second is an individual, whose plates are still on the car (initials JL). Doesn't look too bad. It's due for a major service (8 years). I presume spark plugs etc. Is the IMS also an issue with these motors? Anyway, discussion welcome I've got a lot of homework to do! Thanks everyone! Jules http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-Boxster-2005/AGC-AD-14335861/?Cr=9&sdmvc=1
  12. I wouldn't mins a set of 18" Boxster S wheels for my 2007 987 Boxster. It has 17's at the moment. Anyone got or know of a set at a reasonable price?

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