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Found 35 results

  1. Im selling my 2008 black boxster s. Its an auto. Black/black Ive had a new roof put on by Porsche Centre Brighton, Melbourne. Its on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2008-porsche-boxster-s-987-auto-my08/SSE-AD-6284404/?Cr=26 Will certainly be favourable for a financial member of PFA to be interested. Its not without a few scuffs... its a day to day but has been without fault. Car is in bayside melbourne but I could help (not pay) arrange transport, etc for an interested interstater... philbee
  2. Listing here before carsales. Please feel free to share onwards. The perfect toy. Not for shrinking violets. But if you are a shrinking violet, this is still the car for you - because beneath the unique Gulf wrap is Seal Grey duco which helped the car win its class at the 2018 Porsche Club Qld Concours. My beloved Gulf-liveried 987 Boxster is for sale so I can buy another wish list Porsche. I will drop a few pics below and a link to IMGUR. Further pics can be found by trawling my Instagram @flamingporsche This 2.7L manual 987 has been fastidiously maintained during my 2-year ownership, but has full service history showing it has been looked after by all custodians for its 13 year life. Just over 92,000kms. In addition to the routine maintenance items, I have made every effort to keep the car in top shelf condition. Improvements and upgrades have included: replacing all worn/sticky radio and A/C knobs, new brakes (discs, pads, fluids), re-covering the steering wheel with perforated & smooth Nappa leather (with obligatory 12 o'clock stripe in yellow) new tyres (2 sets - one on the OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT wheels, and the others on the original 18" rims" OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT light weight rims in Orange fully adjustable Gecko Street Spec coilovers upgrading the door speakers with Alpine 3" high range and JL Audio 8" mid-bass speakers Zunsport grills for the front airdams (currently in matte black plastidip, but originally stainless) new battery Receipts available for everything completed under my ownership. 2 keys, leather pouch and all original manuals / booklets. The car has been used for weekend runs in the countryside and performed flawlessly on a 6000km round trip to Tassie and back. Car is based in Ipswich, Qld 4305 and available for viewing / test drives. Feel free to use my hoist to check anything out. Happy for any PPI. Feel free to call and discuss on oh four two seven won three for 7 seventy Asking $35k
  3. Hi Guys Hope you're all well. I've been lurking on various Porsche forums around the world obsessing about my next purchase, i.e. my first Porsche. Long story short, my hair is greying and I'm approaching my mid-life crisis and so I've made a mid-engined weekend car my goal within 12 months. Would be nice to keep the budget under/around $130k and preferably get a Porsche Approved 981 Cayman S in manual (must have), Porsche Sport Exhaust (must have), Guards red with black 20" Carrera S rims and PASM (nice to have). Is this an extremely rare combo and only usually seen in the GTS (or PDK)? If the colour and rims combo came up without the PSE and PASM, I'd consider retrofitting the PSE via Porsche Tequipment. And I'd consider black but I've always owned black cars and would like a change. I've spreadsheeted almost every 981 Cayman, S and GTS on Carsales for the last 4 months, along with 981 Boxster S and a few base models. So far, there have been absolutely no Cayman S manuals (most are PDK around the $130k range), maybe a few base manual Caymans (maybe 3 or 4 Australia wide, with only 1 black manual with PSE and PASM at PCSS) and a few more Boxster S manuals. Could anyone please let me know roughly how many units were sold of the 981 Cayman S manual vs base manual vs PDK vs GTS between 2012-2016? I was not able to find any reliable stats. Did people compare the price of the S to the GTS and opt for the GTS instead? Would love a GTS but it would mean having to save up longer (most I've seen are over $170k) and it would be disapproved by the wife, whereas the Cayman S has been sort of "approved" but that's another story! I've driven a 981 Boxster PDK with no options (to see if the 2.7L would be 'adequate' - I suppose it was but got bored of the PDK), a 981 Boxster S manual with PSE (loved the gearbox and torque of the 3.4L and made me want the Cayman S) and finally a 718 Boxster PDK (brilliant car but the sound just reminded me of my previous WRX STi - both good and bad). I much prefer the look of the Cayman as I'm not really feeling the Boxster's side view with the rag top and wouldn't drive with the top down much, although it was loads of fun and a really pleasant experience. I guess at the moment my preference would be 981 Cayman S > 981 Cayman > 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman, i.e. if I got sick of waiting for a 981 Cayman S or they just don't really exist in manual, I may just go for the base 981 Cayman or even a 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman instead. Would welcome your thoughts and hope to be joining you guys in the drive days in the near future. Thanks in advance! P.S. Am I missing something here? This 981 Cayman GTS is "priced to sell" at $250k... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Cayman-2016/SSE-AD-4292260/?Cr=5 15 Jan 2018 Update Courtesy of @MrMud, one of only 16 manual Cayman S owners in Australia, we now have the official statistics from Porsche Cars Australia! Here they are below. Thank you once again MrMud!!! 981 Cayman S Manuals 2014 11 manual 128 PDK TOTAL 139 2015 3 manual 38 PDK TOTAL 41 2016 2 manual 15 PDK TOTAL 17 TOTAL 16 manual 181 PDK TOTAL 197 Footnote: Before Christmas I was provided with stats for the 2013 S build as 5 manuals and 15 PDK. These 20 vehicles will be include in the numbers above (2014 total), but it helps readers cut the manuals from the above data. Source:
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and Porsche in general. I'm currently driving a MY14 GT86 for quite a while now and while it's a really good and fun car, I've been very much tempted to try out the 986 Boxster just to try out something different. Funny thing is the price differential mean I won't need to add much if I do decide to sell the 86. (Excluding future potential maintenance of course) However, based on my very limited reading, I've been lead to understand that there are quite few potential issues with 986, IMS bearing being the one, and a lot of other issues like valve cover gasket leak, 2nd gear going out and others. Because of those reasons, I'd just like to hear your advise whether this would be a good decision to make. Even though I don't find power is an issue for me with the GT86, I do wonder if the 2.7 base Boxster is adequate, or do you always need to go to Boxster S for most case? Does the driving experience worth moving from a relatively new MY14 GT86 to something like the 986? Or do I better wait and just save up to get the newer 987 or even Cayman? (Given my present budget I don't think I can even consider 911 in any shape) Say I do start looking for 986, is it always the rule to assume that the IMS is going to break in the future, and thus aftermarket replacement is necessary? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi All, I’m looking to find a new home for my 2005 987 Boxster S. My partner and I are starting a family which is awesome but that means a two-seat sports car isn’t ideal anymore. Porsche Melbourne serviced it on 5th November and said it was one of the cleanest 987s they have seen, which makes sense given its service history and the fact it has only 49,500 kms. Black with an extended leather tan interior, I have swapped out the original head unit for a nicely integrated Alpine Apple CarPlay system (I still have the original unit if you want it). It really is a beautiful example of a Manual Boxster S, so let me know if you would like to take a look. I’ve listed it for $41,990 and I’m located in Brunswick, Melbourne. Cheers, Scott
  6. Hello. I’m working on a 2000 Boxster S, Tiptronic, 3.2lt, with 155500 km, which is being heavily modified. As such I’m parting out a lot of its original 'S' components out for anyone that has an 'S', or wants to upgrade their base Boxster to S spec. Available is the Motor (3.2lt), Tiptronic Gearbox, Wheels, Suspension (inc the rear S hubs that fit the larger brakes via 130mm bolt spacing), the full Brake setup- S calipers, rotors, Master cylinder and ABS unit, Most of the interior (Blue Leather version) - seats, dashboard, door linings, lavender carpet. The whole wiring loom (*minus the ASB sensor plugs), ’S” exhaust muffler. and the Headlights (early Gen, fried eggs, and Tail Lights). & many assorted loose trim items Im also sorting through a large number of 997 odd parts, so bear with me as i compile that list : for now i know i have a 997 C4S Dual Mass Flywheel & Clutch, and the 997 C4S mufflers. more to come soon Disclosure: I have bought this car from Pickles 18 months ago with the intention of using it as a base for a sort of hot rod project. It has clean panels and a good looking interior, but someone in its history felt the need to boy racer tinker cosmetically with it- as its engine manifold has been painted Maroon/Gold, and the Wheels have had Black added to them quite poorly (overspray visible on the calipers etc) I have driven it briefly in which time i can confirm that the motor starts smooth, runs without smoke, no rattles and has good power. Given its a tiptronic I’m not sure if any previous owner has pulled the gearbox off to do an IMS replacement as it has no clutch to need servicing. (I have a video of its startup and exhaust/running if requested. I have not done a formal leak down test as i do not have such equipment on hand). During driving there is a rumble from a rear corner, which sounds like a worn wheel bearing or CV joint, and as it had locknuts on the wheels, likely no-one has been able to take these off & service the noise recently. Inspection underneath shows a smear of CV grease, so my current assumption is a CV boot has failed and been replaced prior to those lock-nuts, but i would also assume it would be best to replace both rear wheel bearings to get the most benefit of the 'S' Hubs & larger brakes. Later i will also have available the bumpers, wings/fenders, and bonnet. and the convertible top. Further details: -Wheels: 18 inch, turbo twist style. No curbing to the metal, but low quality over-paintwork, so I would advice media blasting and powder coating if your wanting to restore them, but otherwise very suitable for Track Days: Front: 7.5 x 18” ET50 - 225 / 40 / R18 Rear: 9 x 18” ET52 - 285 / 35 / R18 -Tyres; Yokohama S-drive Half worn, aged $1500 for the set -Brakes inc Rotors 130mm caliper mounting bolt spacing throughout 996 351 425 11 996 351 426 11 996 352 421 13 996 352 422 13 Rotors; 318mm 28mm (Measuring 27.9mm) & 298MM 24mm (Measuring 23.14mm) #same as Boxster/Cayman S models all the way through to 2012 $1200 -Master cylinder $200 -ABS controller $200 -Shocks/CoilOvers x4 ; prefer to sell as pairs; $200 per axle -Suspension subframe -front $100 -rear sides x2 $200 pair -crossmember $100 -diagonal brace bars $50 -Hubs (“S”) Front versions are same on all 986 Boxster Rears are S version: 986 331 157 20, with Bolt spacing for the S calipers $200 each corner inc LCA (lower control arm/ coffin box) -Drive Shafts $100 for the pair (probably best as parts/need a full rebuild of CV internals) -Sway Bars $100 each -Engine (3.2L) S model. [$5500 inc gearbox, $4500 without] -GearBox. TipTronic $1500) -*full Car Loom/Harness + the whole dashboard; Blue Leather style $500 -Center Exhaust. $300 -Manifolds & Catalytic converters $300 -Muffler bracket -Leather (Blue) Seats $600 -Door Liners (Blue) $100 each -Center Console $100 -Tiptronic shifter $100 -window mechanisms and motors *$150 each -Door Harness/loom $75 each -Carpet ‘lavender’ colour. $200 -HeadLights (egg style) $750 pair -Tail Lights $300 pair -996/986 Door Airbags $50 each + lots of odd trim parts, send me a message of what your needing loganmarriott@gmail.com 04 1656 8037
  7. I have been dreaming to own a Porsche for a very long time and I'm now finally financially able to purchase a second-hand 986 Boxster. I'll appreciate some advice from the experienced members from this forum. 1) Where is a good place in victoria for a prosche specific pre purchase inspection? Or is a generic one from RACV good enough? How much should I expect to pay for that? 2) Would you recommend getting the IMS bearing changed as a prophylactic measure? And how much does it normally cost and where will be a good place to get it done? 3) I'm just weary of the potential costs of repair for a Boxster if anything goes wrong and was wondering if any one here had picked up a 3rd party warranty and had good experience with it? I've been reading that many 3rd party warranties are almost as good as scams. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Guys, Its been a long time since ive posted on here after the resent loss of my 987 Cayman S... for some reason im not a Financial Member anymore so i couldn't post this on the market place thread. After loosing the Cayman i managed to save a few parts to reuse on my next car as i was planning on getting another 987 Cayman S. But ive ended up purchasing a 2001 996 so its time for another mid engined owner to enjoy the glorious sounds my Cayman S used to make! Its a Milltek sports exhaust from the cats back, it'll fit any first gen 987 Boxsters and Caymans. I dont see why it wouldnt fit a non "S" model either. http://millteksport.com/porsche.boxster.s_porsche.cayman.s.cfm Mine was the Catless cat back as most mid engined nuts will know the 987s came with 4 Cats two off the headers and two just before the mufflers, the last two before the mufflers are too restrictive. Ive had this exhaust on my car for about 3 years on a completely stock car.. had it dynod and it gained about 10HP. I also had the resonators removed early this year which made a huge difference in sound! (i still have the resonators in a box if you want them back on). you might know my car from Instagram or just local Sydney Porsche runs... Ill add a few clips below showing how it sounded with and without the resonators, damn i really miss that sound... Im looking for $1500 for the full system... make me an offer! need them gone to fund my new exhaust for the 996 Have a look at my Instagram @te986 for more videos https://www.instagram.com/p/BXiKX07DrMJ/?taken-by=te986
  9. A short article from Wheels magazine about the 'other' Porsches. http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/ownership/top-6-porsches-you-can-still-afford/ar-BBACBNw?li=AA8ewQ&ocid=spartandhp I have also detected the niche following referenced in the article for the 924 turbo. Needs to be a niche group as there aren't many around and only a true enthusiast would purchase one as parts can be tricky to source at times.
  10. Hi, looking for some help from Adelaide members (@LeeM, @‌StewF come to mind). I have a 2004 2.7 manual Boxster. I was after getting a bit more burble/nice note at higher RPM's and after couple phone calls ended up at Exhuast Plus (they indicated that they has worked on Porsches and Ferraris previously). Long story short, after 3 days and 3 different muffler boxes (initially straight throughs that made your teeth rattle and ears bleed between 2000 and 3000 RPM, sounded fantastic above 3000) have ended up with something that is a mild improvement. I think that there is something a bit better but not confident to take it back to the same shop. Is there any businesses that members would recommend that know what they are doing with Porsche flat 6's, in particular not getting resonance/drone around the 2500 RPM mark. I asked at Buik when I got the car services but they haven't come back with a recommendation. Thanks in advance Michael
  11. Hi everyone, I've got a healthy and strong pulling 3.2L in a 2002 Boxster S that has the beginning signs of worn rings or guides (I'm thinking guides as its just a bit of smoke on startup and it isn't AOS). I was going to tackle the project of rebuilding the 3.2L engine, after having completed an IMS and AOS, I'm thinking the tear down and inspection and overall rebuild is something I should be able to tackle. I've completed a few engine rebuilds before, so not overly put off other than the dreaded 4,5 & 6 connecting-rod-to-pin-piston assembly! Anyway, thinking about looking at the 3.6 or 3.4 engine swap from a 996 and wanted to know where I could source a reasonable low klms 996 engine and if anyone has experience in doing that - don't just point me to the Inter-web as I'm keen to talk to someone down-under if possible. I've read that the DME tune/map upgrade for the 3.4 is the most painless, but the 3.6 will require handling the VarioCam+ using some clever controller box (not sure how successful or straight forward that would be). Thoughts? Any recommendations on places that are wrecking 996 engines? G
  12. So, been looking at 987.1 Cayman S models, and I've been reading a bit about PASM. Sounds like a nice option for comfortable city driving, while allowing for a stiffer setup when the driving conditions are suitable -- in practice, much like the double-valved KWv3 set up I currently have on my 944 S2 (and like very much). But obviously, PASM is a more complex and sophisticated technology. Any downsides? For example, are there limitations if wishing to go with alternative shocks at some later stage (I realise the PASM would no longer work), but would, say, ordinary Cayman sports shocks fit? Are the PASM shocks serviceable, and by whom? Any insights appreciated.
  13. More Donut Media goodness; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWJnmh99tgwEnjoy!
  14. Just looking for comments on repairable write off vehicles please. In my search for a Boxster I have come across several repairable write offs. Normally I would never consider but have seen a 987 Boxster for sale - repairable write off due to fresh water damage in 2011. Any comments would be appreciated cheers
  15. HI everyone, I am selling my 2004 silver Boxster. This is a regrettable sale but I must sell!!! I have reduced the price to sell! It has been well looked after from leather heated seats to a polished exterior, 92000 km on the clock only. My 2004 Porsche Boxster is an unforgettable ride!. It has airbags to protect you and your loved one. Manual transmission 5spd (short shifter), new clutch installed in 2014. IMS Solution installed (http://theimssolution.com) in 2014. Porsche branded car matts, Cd radio, ABS brakes and side airbags. This Porsche Boxster 2004 has climate control air conditioning. It has leather heated seats, front fog lamps, power steering and cruise control. It has 16" alloy wheels, remote central locking, power windows and leather steering wheel. A roadworthy certificate will be supplied. Registration paid until October of this year. $28,000 If you would like to see more pictures, I can e-mail them or click on my car sales add: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-2004/SSE-AD-4589423
  16. Been having thoughts of a cheap Boxster, slammed with steelies. I wizzed up this quick pic yesterday in my smoko and thought it looked alright. Might as well share it with you. I'd probably rebarrel the steelies in real life for a deeper set look. Then park it at Kmart for a while to get some Patina on it (i.e.. door dents and scratches). Then just enjoy a care free Porsche.
  17. To be sold as a kit. All items are in like new condition. Asking $1200 1. OEM Porsche Short shifter ($430USD value) 2. Genuine Porsche Aluminium gear shift knob - fits 997.1 997.2 911 and 987.1 and 987.2 Boxster/Cayman ($3000AUD option from Porsche with matching E-brake) 3. Matching Genuine Porsche Embossed Sport E-brake
  18. All I see is hate mail for these cars, and yes I get it, they're kinda low on power at 150 flywheel kw. BUT, when we are now seeing price overlaps with 944 and even some 924 is the hate warranted? They're fundamentally similar in power and balance. I mean at these kind of prices, some of these are making me wonder if I should ditch the every day corolla and drive a Boxster to the supermarket instead, certainly not valuable enough for me to have parking anxiety... High km auto 2.5 - $11k http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=SSE-AD-4437679&Cr=0 Low km auto 2.5 - $ 13k~ http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=SSE-AD-154201&Cr=2 Moderate km manual 2.5 - $15k~ http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/dealer/details.aspx?R=OAG-AD-12794040&Cr=5 So I'm well aware you can get a nice 3.2 S for double the money, so why would a 2.5 for the right money be a bad idea?
  19. Parts are in Melbourne: 235/40ZR18 Sumitomo HTRZ III tyres x 4 can sell in pairs. plenty of tread. $100 each Genuine Factory Painted Yellow Centre Console as new 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray. The ashtray alone costs a few $$ and is rarely included. Great to brighten an otherwise rather dark interior purchased from PCM. Has all the right cutouts etc as opposed to ones from USA. $800 Standard Black Centre Console used 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray off 997 TT SOLD Used hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, good condition off a 997 TT $300 Brand new hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, new condition purchased from PCM. Standard leather.$500 Used Porsche Double DIN radio for 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Porsche may need to code for your car. 2 Available $300 Used 986 S exhaust for 986 Boxster. Muffler assembly with tips only. Pipes were cut pre muffler by exhaust shop. $300 Boxster door sill covers. One used great condition, one new with plastic over metal part. Sold as pair. $200 Pair of used leather sports seats from 997S. These will suit a fair few Porsches including 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Includes side airbags. Great condition. Electric adjustable back with manual lift. $1900 SOLD Used Cayman 17" Genuine Porsche wheels with continental contact sport tyres $900 Used 997.1 steering wheel for use with circular airbag. No tears or marks. $300 Used Alcantara GT3 steering wheel from 997.2 GT3 with circular airbag $700 SOLD Also have this: Audi TTRS exhaust system from APR $2000 http://goapr.com.au/products/apr_exhaust_cast_downpipe_25tfsi-au.html Website says will also suit Audi RS3 0401270025 preferably call. Steve
  20. Just de-kitting my 2008 987 Boxster S as I am selling it. This is one of the items up for sale that was previously installed on it. Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust for 987 Boxster or Cayman with chrome exhaust tips. Please refer to pics. In excellent condition. Improves horsepower and torque by 5 whp and 4 ft-lbs Complies with emissions regulationsDoes not trigger Check Engine LightConstructed from high quality 14-16ga CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel for maximum performance and durabilityNoticeable improvement in sports car sound and throttle responseDirect replacement for the OEM muffler with no cutting or welding requiredCurrent price in the US is $3109USD before shipping. I am asking only $2100AUD ono. Would prefer pick up from my address in Sydney but will drop off at Pack and Send should you want to have it shipped. This is a video of the exhaust on the car. youtube video
  21. I'm doing a brake upgrade on my m3 using Porsche brakes. Does anyone have 996 or Boxster S brake calipers to sell?
  22. Trying to find if anyone has done a muffler delete on there 2.5L 986 Boxster and where i could find the parts needed for it?! TIA Daniel!
  23. Guy i bought my boxster off lost main key -.- Need a replacement key programmed to work with my central locking!
  24. Hi guys, I'm looking to get either a >2003 986S, 987, 987S manual, (non-import), preferably one that has the IMS done with good service history. Send me a PM if you know any or intending to sell yours. Thanks! Ken
  25. The time has come to part with my beloved Boxster, a 2006 model in Midnight Blue. You can see all the details and pictures here but the important points are: 6 speed manual, one more gear than standard for the non-S model 18" wheels Bose stereo Two keys, both working Wind deflector/inserts Parking sensors PASM (allows you to set the suspension between great and awesome) Custom made outdoor cover Near new tyres (Michelin Pilot Super Sport) and brakes (pads/rotors) New battery fitted last week, along with the air-conditioning evaporator (old one was leaking) Mechanically she is in great condition, serviced regularly by T&D, an independent Porsche specialist. Interior is in good condition, don't let the colour put you off, you get used to it and will find it very calming! No leaks from the roof, which has been restored to give even colour and increased water resistance. Paintwork is in great condition also, there are a few touched up stone chips on the bonnet which become apparent in the right light however it doesn't detract from the paintwork over all. For peace of mind the car is covered under an extended warranty until September 2016, which is transferable for a nominal fee. I never intended to sell her, so she has been well looked after, however a move overseas makes this sale a necessity. Considering all the information listed above the car is priced accordingly at $30,000. I am open to reasonable offers, especially if I know that she is going to be enjoyed!

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