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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, looking at purchasing a 1990 C2 964 Targa. Does anyone know if these cars have vin decals anywhere on the car such as the ones you usually see on the door seals?
  2. Looking for a 964 C2, must be Australian delivered. Reply back with any information. Thank you all.
  3. A couple of months back I purchased a 1999 Jade Ocean Porsche 911 after making a phone call offer while waiting for the wife at a shop (lesson to wife, don’t leave me + phone + gumtree alone) for what was probably the cheapest price ever for a running drivable 911. To prove it was a bargain I flew from Perth to Brisbane and then drive it to Melbourne in 2 days. It was rock solid the whole way. Before being that stupid the car did have a PPI which showed up it needed some work on the sunroof (did I mention it was a kinda green 996.1 cab auto 911… lucky I am not looking to part with it anytime soon), brakes were worn, CV boots shot, indicator stalk issues, some missing rubbers in the engine bay, noisy solenoid on the fuel cap and a few other minor things. Got a quote to fix and nearly fell over but an awesome bargaining tool as I knew I could just about rebuild the car from ground up (just don’t like cracking open engines…). The drive home showed it was mechanically rock solid as noted in the PPI, it had a replacement engine (now a none matching car, resale value huh?) but that was a bonus as it had an upgraded IMS bearing (maybe increased value on that one…). My wife is not a fan of the colour but I have grown to like it, so for now it gets to stay unwrapped. But when my pelican part order came in with Jelly Beans my wife looked at the car and those and said “you have purchased a Jelly Belly!”… so the car is now called Jelly Bean. This thread aims to document what happens when someone who was boxster shopping buys a 911 for the same price instead! I am very DIY happy having designed and built a Lotus 7 replica a few years back and armed with a pretty good garage but even better a friend with a workshop. First job: Rear disks and pads all around, following the 101 projects guide all pretty easy once you find the anti-theft socket thing. Some air filters and the rubber things that were missing: Indicator stalk didn’t set off the airbag or the warning light so win! No photos… woops! Didn’t do the 4 stalk upgrade as picked up a 986 one for a good price. Installed an android double din head unit so I had blue tooth, sat nav, and can add cameras later (the reverse camera is actually in the dash as I don’t feel like running the wires the length of the car!). Someone had already played with the wiring so some fun was had but enough trial and error with wiring diagrams got it sorted and rocking the usb and Bluetooth tunes! CV boot replacement… the instructions are wrong on pelican parts. Auto = fat box = undo suspension to get clearance you need = totally crap job. Softop issues, not got around to solving these yet as I leave the hardtop on anyway. The PPI said it was stiff to move. Something happened between the PPI and me trying it out as it didn’t work at all. Manually opening it turned up that the issue is the clam not moving, everything else works fine. Clam wise the motor runs but it won’t move and the LHS hinge is broken. Since I can manually drive the clam with the allen key tool I am hopeful the drive screws are fine and its just striped the connection shaft. Hinge wise tossing up trying to weld it and see what happens as worst case it breaks again best it fixes it for cheap. Don’t think I will find one at the wreckers for cheap. Also found someone butchered the rear plastic parts over the pop up roll bars… that will need to be replaced. Some photos of it getting torn down, the top up (really good condition it turns out) and broken things: Future projects: · Baby seat… why not buy a 911 when a baby is due in a few months? Cab +baby seat = passengers face on the windscreen J. · Solenoid for fuel cap · Oil and filter change · Gearbox oil and filter change · Reverse camera and a forward facing dash cam · Exhaust mod (expected more noise from the flat 6) · DIY Hardtop hoist in the garage
  4. Having thought about this car a lot recently I was hoping to see if I could track it down if for nothing else to share information around ownership with the current owner. White 1990 (964) man C2 Coupe VIN: WP0zzz96ZLS402763 Build date: 1/11/89 Delivery Date: 26/5/90 via Hamiltons Melbourne Scott
  5. In perfect condition, no oil dropping at all. Picture say more than words. Asking 150k. Carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1993/SSE-AD-5040578/?Cr=16 New picture will live on Monday but you can find at instagram now. Instagram:
  6. Spyder550 posted a witty lament the other day that the chance of finding a good manual 964 C2 for sale was pretty slim as there are another 7000 PFA'ers trying to do exactly the same thing. I frankly found that somewhat depressing. But hang on, there is always a few C4's for sale and are they as "bad" as legend and hearsay make out? To get to the "truth" I referred to a guy I have relied on for 30 years, Peter Robinson who just happened to have done a C2 and C4 comparison in the February 1990 edition of Wheels magazine: I still remember the cover when this edition came on sale and actually bought it for another comparison it contained.
  7. (I'm shaking as I write this post!) I feel like I'm putting one of my kids up for adoption..........it's definitely not something that comes easily. I am however having to weigh up certain options and thought I'd reach out to the PFA family prior to listing the car on the 'open' market. I never thought I'd look or think to sell it, as a result it's been pampered but alas the time to move her on maybe nigh................... Here is the advert listing that I've put together, bit of a ramble but hopefully informative to any potential purchaser's; It is with much reluctance that I am offering my 1990, 964 C2 manual coupe for sale. This opportunity to obtain a rare and desirable 911 is only due to a new purchase on the horizon and a lack of space for secure storage, but by no means is it a desperate sale though. I’m a devout Porsche enthusiast and this particular 964 has had all the necessary money spent on all the right things, ready to just get in, drive and enjoy. Items include; Electrical items including new stereo (period looking but with including Bluetooth connectivity), new speakers throughout (using factory mesh), refreshed rear tail lights and centre reflector including LED globes (no pink and no cracks), LED globes to dash interface (as standard it can be quite dark, not ideal for an evening commute), new battery, starter motor and leads. Everything electrical is as it should be – perfect. The car is currently running KW suspension (RS spec.) with cup 1 17” wheels. These have been custom powder coated ‘white’ and are shod in Michelin Pilot Spot tyres (N spec as per factory recommendation) and perform as you would expect – amazing. In addition to the upgraded wheels & suspension all 4 wheel bearings have been replaced. This can be quite a costly exercise and is quite typical for 964’s. No need to worry though Loui from Motion Automotive has taken care of that for you. The interior is 100% completely original including the original delivery floor mats. The car was optioned with ‘soft leather’ and it’s as comfortable as it looks, the ultimate tourer. Mechanically the car has recently completed its 200km major service thanks to Spencer Harrison at Harrisons RRR. This is an involved job on a 964 and can be quite costly but again that’s been taken care of by one of the best AC Porsche mechanics around. The car also benefits from an aftermarket exhaust, chip, later model cup mirrors and drilled brake rotors that all together make this one of the ultimate & purposefully modified street 964's around. Lastly, to complete the package, all of the original parts are included with the sale. This includes the original delivery D90 wheels, suspension, flag mirrors, exhaust – everything you’d need to revert back to original factory specification. I think the car is perfect as is but given the value of these cars you can sleep soundly knowing that when the time is right to roll this into a museum you will tick all the boxes in terms of originality – be sure to enjoy it in the meantime though! This car is a peach. It’s not a concourse car, it’s a driver, to be used as Ferry intended. The rise in 964 values I believe has been due to these being the ultimate usable classic 911. Bluetooth and cruise control allow you to commute in style whilst still being able to enjoy the rewards that a period analogue sports car (especially a 911) can deliver. It really is the perfect balance of both worlds where you can have a usable & practical classic car. The car is currently being prepared for sale including an extensive detail. I am reluctant to list with a price at this stage but am open to be contacted by seriously interested parties. As mentioned previously, this is not a desperate sale so please don't contact me unless your prepared to engage in a serious discussion and are in a position to purchase if indeed a deal is done. I would also appreciate if we could keep the thread to interested parties. Feel free to contact via PM if you wish to express interest and I will respond with answers to any further questions you may have. Cheers, Hugh.
  8. As some of you may already know I was pretty disappointed to have missed out on a 964 that came up for sale last month in WA. It sold within a very short time of hitting the interwebs and I was in the long queue of people who missed out. Feeling shattered (but not surprised), I left my number with the current owner (who was a really nice guy!) and doubted I would ever hear from him with the likely hood of the current deal falling through pretty slim................"If it was meant to be it will be" I said to myself. Well, it must have been meant to be as a few days later I got the call, the previous deal had fallen through (foreign buyer/investor). A deal was done and before I knew it I had bought my long awaited second Porsche. Stressful but well worth the pain or at least I hope so as I am still yet to meet it! After a delay in WA due to a train derailment it looks like it is on its way (if I can decode the cryptic tracking information correctly), hopefully will arrive sometime next week? (fingers crossed!) Anyway, for those unaware of the car here she is.................. And the hi vis man taking her off to the depot............... For those curious as to why I bought this car, as an addicted Porsche lurker (aren't we all!) I spend most of what little free time I have perving on Porsche's. Whilst there are a lot of nice cars out there, some come and go but every now and then one just grabs you. Aside from meeting a particular criteria that interests me, there was something else about this car that made me pick up the phone? That was almost 3 weeks ago and I have still not given it a second thought - my own 'mail order Porsche', younger and somewhat more refined to my current model (not that I'm comparing!) Buying my first Porsche is something I have never regretted (although many people assumed I would). Here's hoping that this latest addition brings me that same pleasure for ownership and the marque that I know we all share. Cheers, Hugh. (P.S I hope you don't mind me borrowing your title Simon although it should be noted this will be my only white car!)
  9. SOLD 1992 964 C2 Manual For Sale - (Pics below) Ok, time to share the 964 love. I’ve decided to sell one of our 964’s and it will be the C2. I looked for this one for quite a while and finally found it off market last year. Was purchased as a potential base for a lightly modded project. However being realistic it’s too good to modify, plus my project has taken another turn. Details: 1992 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 25 Spd ManualAustralian delivered to Porsche Hobart (Performance Automobiles) on 8 October 1992Spent most of its life in Melbourne before making its way to SydneyRed on Black - Guards Red with Black Leather Interior130,000kmFull Service History by Porsche Melbourne and Porsche Specialists Wevo engine mounts (black pillows)Genuine Cup 1 WheelsAdjustable Koni ShocksMichelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres plus a second set of Continental Contisport Contact 3s availableSunroof (so not the ultimate unicorn)Rear wiperAuto watch immobiliser professionally installedContinental mechless head unit with phone and bluetoothWindscreen radio antenna with no secondary antenna mounted to bodyworkNumber plates (TYP 964) also available separately
  10. Gotta say I'm warming to 996's I find it interesting to read the tests of the day as the passage of time sometimes distorts reality. The Wheels comparison of the 996 Carrera, BMW M3 and the Subaru WRX STI had a few surprises for me and is a good read:
  11. Hey all, Does anyone know this car? http://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/B88867B527091D58C1257B5600312F57#pagetop I have a mate interested and thought it maybe worth asking. There has also been an 'ice blue' coloured one for sale here in Vic with a blue interior, that seems to have gone now though? Any advice would be appreciated, feel free to PM with any details. Cheers, Hugh.

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