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Found 29 results

  1. Extremely clean, dry and original 1986 3.2 Carrera LHD. If you are in the market for a quality, original car, then you should seriously consider this 3.2 Carrera as it is unmolested and possibly one of the best condition, aircooled cars on the local market today. Please view all the photos. I'm not great with a camera, and black is difficult to capture well but hopefully the photos will convey the excellent and original condition of the car. Of the many aircooled cars I have been involved with over the years, this car impresses me with its originality and genuine condition. The chassis is perfectly dry, original and there is not a spot of rust anywhere. It really is that good, and any inspection or PPI is welcomed and encouraged. I have more photos for serious purchasers. The car is supplied with original service books and manuals and even comes with its original selling Dealer window card. When sold new in Texas, it was fitted with several dealer options, one of which was a $4000 stereo fitout.. not to everyones taste but nonetheless, it is still present from the day of its first delivery. The interior is impeccable. The seats are in almost new condition, the dash pad is unmarked, and everything works. The doors open and close with that trademark "ping" that original Porsches exhibit. The 915 transmission shifts well, and the engine is simply one of the smoothest I have driven. It starts instantly, does not blow any smoke and pulls well in all gears. The heat exchangers and muffler are all factory, and the next owner may wish to fit a free flowing exhaust and performance chip to the Bosch Motronic, however in its current form, the car is simply a pleasure to drive. It tracks straight, brakes well, and there are no squeaks or rattles. This car drives as the factory intended back in 1986. To top it off, this car has just had a full service by T&D Automotive to the amount of $2000 so there is absolutely nothing to spend in the near future. Car has travelled 167000 Miles. Please contact me if you are seriously in the market for a high quality car. If this was an Australian delivered car, the price would be much higher. As it is, the price has been set very realistically, but there is room for some negotiation if you are in a position for a relatively hassle free sale. Thank you for looking. Michael 0418 316 203
  2. Hello Members, This is odeta stuikys rose. I love Porsche cars and luckily my friend is selling his 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S for $30,000 but I want to make sure, $30,000 for 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S are fine for it or not. Please suggest me best advice for this because your advice will be fruitful for both of us. Thanks
  3. Not surprised because he always appears to enjoy his 911 "One Takes" WAS surprised at his plans to do a safari conversion based on the Keen cars: However after thinking about it more it makes a change from the usual RSR replicas and having a 911 that must be driven at least occasionally on dirt does appeal. Plus banishing driveway and paint chip anxieties in one fell swoop are the two cherries on top.
  4. A quick strawpoll on everyone's general choice of 4 x BEST colours - and 4 x LEAST LIKED for a standard Aircooled 911 from say, 1978 SC up to 1998 993. Yes I know I've missed plenty of shades of colours blah blah, and some metallics blah blah but I wanted it to be quick and easy. Please choose your best 4 colours IN ORDER (best to 4th best) ------ And choose your least liked 4 colours IN ORDER (worst to 4th worst) . DON'T BOTHER WITH THE MIDDLE FOUR COLOURS AND DON'T NAME THE COLOURS USE NUMBERS ONLY. Read the colours L to R top row as 1, 2, 3 ........ L to R 2nd row as 4, 5, 6 ....... L to R third row as 7, 8, 9 ...... L to R bottom row as 10, 11, 12. For example mine reads as: BEST 2, 7, 12, 8. LEAST LIKED 5, 11, 3, 6 I'll tally it all up in a while and name colour results. LETS HAVE FUN KIDS! (and Mr Pork Chops you can go stand in the corner!)
  5. Dear all, I owned a 911 Carrera Targa (1989) which he plans to used for Track Days during this year race season. Nothing fancy for winning achievement, he just want to have fun and improve my driving skills. I need a spare used Engine and a Manual Trans just incase something goes wrong in with the car, does anyone have info for this spare engine ?? It doesn’t have to be a rebuilt, but just a good working order engine. Here are some info regarding the vehicle : Chassis Number : WPOZZ91ZKS141018 Engine Number : M93020 Please email to : iwan.aria.jakarta@gmail.com for any information and location in Australia. Looking forward to hear some good news. Thank you and best regards, Iwan D
  6. Dear all, I owned a 911 Carrera Targa (1989) which he plans to used for Track Days during this year race season. Nothing fancy for winning achievement, he just want to have fun and improve my driving skills. I need a spare used Engine and a Manual Trans just incase something goes wrong in with the car, does anyone have info for this spare engine ?? It doesn’t have to be a rebuilt, but just a good working order engine. Here are some info regarding the vehicle : Chassis Number : WPOZZ91ZKS141018 Engine Number : M93020 Please email to : iwan.aria.jakarta@gmail.com for any information and location in Australia. Looking forward to hear some good news. Thank you and best regards, Iwan D
  7. Anyone know if/where you can get new boots for the spark plug end of the leads? A couple of mine are broken, and they're all a bit hard and brittle. I see that you can get new wire sets from Beru and Bosch, but I like to leave the wire braided ones on. Nothing wrong with them other than the boots.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for some views on the A$ value of this car - I own half of it and am looking to establish a fair market value to sell my half to the other owner. Any views would be greatly appreciated. It's silver, is automatic but has the gear paddles on the steering wheel and is in great condition. Many thanks in advance. P.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm considering investing in a 911 Turbo - most likely 997.1 generation but I have one concern. Whilst I enjoy driving manual recreationally I find them tedious in traffic day to day (car would be driven day to day plus for fun on weekends!).. Just wondering what tbe forum readers think the mpact on future resale values will look like for Tiptronic vs PDK vs Manual. My gut feel is the Manual and PDK will do much better long term. Thoughts? Cheers Dave
  10. Hi, I'm wondering what the standard size Fuchs is for a 1986 911 Carrera, narrow body? cheers Cam
  11. EDIT: Sorry about the mass deletion of photos and details but the vehicle now on consignment and should be advertised in Carsales next week. Thanks for all your encouragement and kind words, appreciated!
  12. Headed out on the 25 June for my first Track day in the 911 at Lakeside Speedway in Queensland. I prefer my mountain roads and spirited street driving, but as with many before me, am realising to explore the car's limits, its better to do it in a controlled environment. The 993 3.6 was rebuilt at the beginning of the year, so I was keeping my engine in mind while racing (and hence short shifting). For those that dont know my car, it was driven regularly on Eastern Creek by the previous owner, with a setup reflecting regular track use (polyurethane bushes, solid strut mounts, brake balancer). It really felt at home on the track and allowed my noob ass to get away with some very bad transitions. A lot was learned on the day, many things Id never experienced before on the street, heat cycling of tyres being the biggest. Any feedback, commenting, good or bad is appreciated
  13. Im currently in two mind about swapping out my factory 1974 911 seats with some that offer a bit more support around the edges. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see what others have in their car? So please list the following: Car: (Model and Year) Seat: (Including Brand and Model) Rails: (Used to fix the seats to the car) Difficulty of Install: (1 being as easy as putting your seat belt on, 10 being as difficult as getting into the back of a 911 with fixed backs while being pregnant) Feedback: (For example: Comparison of feel to previous seats, quality, degrading over time)
  14. A real nice ride this. A 1975 Aussie delivered C3 that's been converted into a 964 Turbo S Leichtbau replica with a heap of RUF parts and engineering as well. Makes around 480hp and is one hell of a good thing to steer. Amazing fact: doesn't leak oil! When someone can tell me how to upload more pics I will (Keeps saying I am only allowed to upload 102k, even if uploading 80k)
  15. As sorry as I was to see my Boxster drive way some months ago, I began my search in a ridiculously buoyant market, to buy a car that I liked and could afford. No easy task. I was looking for a honest, well looked after, but not perfect car. I am really pleased ( and who wouldn't be?) with what I have ended up with. So in short ,its an 1984 Aussie delivered carrera coupe. It's had 2 prior owners, the previous owner purchased it when it was 18 months old and has had it for the last 29 years !!!!. The original paint has more than a few scratches and chips and needs some work, but if you stand far enough away it looks great. Auto Art tell me the engine is fine there and there is no rust in any of the all original panels and and it comes with the standard inoperative air conditioning package. Anyway enough of the story , a few quick pics from my phone,
  16. I emigrated here from UK a couple of years ago and brought over my 911 with me. A Porsche loving mate here was telling me the other day that the Carrera 3.2 was not imported here after '85 or '86 until the 964 came along in late '89. Is this right? That must have cost Porsche Australia a chunk of money! Does anyone know if this is correct?
  17. Australian delivered (South Australia) Matching numbers Full maintenance history Major Service April 2015 231bhp I’ve only had this beautiful Targa for just over 12 months and it’s time to move onto a new home. I have had it on VIC Club Plates (TYP901 club) since ownership and mainly take it out as a weekender. Reason for sale is what I read too often here on the forums….“soon to be married, need house deposit….baby on the way!” so yes this is a clichéd sale and I’m very sad to see it go – Melbourne property seems to be in sync with SWB 911’s! The photos will give you an indication of the immaculate condition of the car, it’s rust free, all seals are crack free and all roof seals are unbroken and in as new condition. The other night I was caught out in a freezing wet night and the roof did not and has never sprung a leak. Sports seats are original option upgrade. Fuchs all unmarked and in pristine condition. Now to the km’s. yes it has more than 370,000km on the clock. Yes that is a lot. Yes it has been loved, driven and enjoyed in its 30yrs. This is a good thing. I do not have documentation on when or if a engine rebuild or refresh or transmission overhaul has been done - the 3.2’s are renowned for being bullet proof– all I can tell you is that it had a full major service in 2010 by Porsche specialist AutoArt and it has again had a minor service when I purchased it May 2014 and major service in April 2015 at Motion Automotive Porsche specialist in Melbourne – it runs flawlessly. Air Con – as you can see it’s disconnected, this is how I purchased it – if you know these cars the A/C is not great – the heating on the other hand is brilliant…..roof off, windows up and heater on the feet is how I drive 90% of the time! Maintenance/Service has been between Motion Automotive and Autooart Porsche Service (both Melbourne based) I have the maintenance records for every 20,000km scheduled Porsche service since 1984. The car idles perfectly, no hunting, responds as required when the right pedal is squeezed and the left peddle depressed, blows no smoke on start up and has run without any incident since I have owned it. So great to see that Porsche have introduced the new Targa, it really gives you the best of both worlds in both warm and cold climates – I also thought I’d stick a photo of Singers latest project which is of course, a Targa. I look forward to re-joining a Porsche Club in the years to come! If you are ready to buy, serious and always wanted a 3.2 lets talk Offers over $60,000 VIN – WPOZZZ91ZES141229 ENGINE – 63605720 Karl
  18. I'm in Europe on holiday and am thinking of buying some parts while here. Mostly need suspension stuff bushes ect , does any one recomend supliers over here, perhaps UK ? I'm in France. thank you.
  19. Gotta say I'm warming to 996's I find it interesting to read the tests of the day as the passage of time sometimes distorts reality. The Wheels comparison of the 996 Carrera, BMW M3 and the Subaru WRX STI had a few surprises for me and is a good read:
  20. Still reasonably new here and just looking to replace the whaletail on my '84 3.2 Carrera with a normal deck lid. Anyone know of where I could source this? On the flip side - I'll be looking to sell a nice whaletail! thanks for your guidance
  21. This forum gets a bit addictive - help at every reply! I'm switching over the monte carlo wheel on my '84 Carrera targa and replacing with an original SC 3 spoke wheel - wider diameter easier for cruising and seeing dials....and of course turning One of the clips on the actual wheel that the horn pad attached to has broken off (see picture) and I've no idea where to source one. Wheel and leather is in good nic so no need to buy a whole wheel! couldn't get a hold of 27mm deep socket so running with a 1 1/16th to perform the changeover
  22. Hi, As per the title, i'm currently looking for a 993 Ducktail, I know my chances are slim to find one already in Australia but someone might want something different. Next option, maybe a little easier, original 993 Carrera Decklid with grill. I have a 964 Decklid and Grill if that helps. Cheers Simon
  23. I bought this edition of Car & Driver because of this test and was expecting it to be straight laced and even a bit dour. To my surprise they couldn't have been more excited about the then new Carrera 3.2. Sure they don't excuse the inexcusable but I think their assessment is on the money and it's well worth a read and even a bit wacky.
  24. I been thinking about doing a thread on Carrera 3.2's and was looking around for some references and some good quotes. (The premise of the story being 3.2's are under appreciated and I just don't think we realise what a perfect blend of old and new they are.) Anyway I came across this story in the May 1984 edition of Wheels magazine where an obviously wide eyed and innocent young Phil Scott, who later went on to become editor, had a great day with Allan Hamilton and eight other journos with obviously diseased egos and something to prove. While his quotes regarding 3.2's are gold, I just thought it was a great read and to good to keep to myself:

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