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Found 27 results

  1. Hi Guys Hope you're all well. I've been lurking on various Porsche forums around the world obsessing about my next purchase, i.e. my first Porsche. Long story short, my hair is greying and I'm approaching my mid-life crisis and so I've made a mid-engined weekend car my goal within 12 months. Would be nice to keep the budget under/around $130k and preferably get a Porsche Approved 981 Cayman S in manual (must have), Porsche Sport Exhaust (must have), Guards red with black 20" Carrera S rims and PASM (nice to have). Is this an extremely rare combo and only usually seen in the GTS (or PDK)? If the colour and rims combo came up without the PSE and PASM, I'd consider retrofitting the PSE via Porsche Tequipment. And I'd consider black but I've always owned black cars and would like a change. I've spreadsheeted almost every 981 Cayman, S and GTS on Carsales for the last 4 months, along with 981 Boxster S and a few base models. So far, there have been absolutely no Cayman S manuals (most are PDK around the $130k range), maybe a few base manual Caymans (maybe 3 or 4 Australia wide, with only 1 black manual with PSE and PASM at PCSS) and a few more Boxster S manuals. Could anyone please let me know roughly how many units were sold of the 981 Cayman S manual vs base manual vs PDK vs GTS between 2012-2016? I was not able to find any reliable stats. Did people compare the price of the S to the GTS and opt for the GTS instead? Would love a GTS but it would mean having to save up longer (most I've seen are over $170k) and it would be disapproved by the wife, whereas the Cayman S has been sort of "approved" but that's another story! I've driven a 981 Boxster PDK with no options (to see if the 2.7L would be 'adequate' - I suppose it was but got bored of the PDK), a 981 Boxster S manual with PSE (loved the gearbox and torque of the 3.4L and made me want the Cayman S) and finally a 718 Boxster PDK (brilliant car but the sound just reminded me of my previous WRX STi - both good and bad). I much prefer the look of the Cayman as I'm not really feeling the Boxster's side view with the rag top and wouldn't drive with the top down much, although it was loads of fun and a really pleasant experience. I guess at the moment my preference would be 981 Cayman S > 981 Cayman > 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman, i.e. if I got sick of waiting for a 981 Cayman S or they just don't really exist in manual, I may just go for the base 981 Cayman or even a 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman instead. Would welcome your thoughts and hope to be joining you guys in the drive days in the near future. Thanks in advance! P.S. Am I missing something here? This 981 Cayman GTS is "priced to sell" at $250k... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Cayman-2016/SSE-AD-4292260/?Cr=5 15 Jan 2018 Update Courtesy of @MrMud, one of only 16 manual Cayman S owners in Australia, we now have the official statistics from Porsche Cars Australia! Here they are below. Thank you once again MrMud!!! 981 Cayman S Manuals 2014 11 manual 128 PDK TOTAL 139 2015 3 manual 38 PDK TOTAL 41 2016 2 manual 15 PDK TOTAL 17 TOTAL 16 manual 181 PDK TOTAL 197 Footnote: Before Christmas I was provided with stats for the 2013 S build as 5 manuals and 15 PDK. These 20 vehicles will be include in the numbers above (2014 total), but it helps readers cut the manuals from the above data. Source:
  2. Hi All! My name is Simon and I've had my 981 Cayman S for about a month now, I'm definitely loving my first Porsche so thought I'd introduce myself to the community I feel very lucky to have managed to get my hands on a manual example as I spent quite a while reading through the entire "How many manual 981s were delivered in Australia" thread here to which I learnt that there were only 16 delivered new! (stats stolen from the aforementioned thread) 981 Cayman S Manuals 2014 11 manual 128 PDK TOTAL 139 2015 3 manual 38 PDK TOTAL 41 2016 2 manual 15 PDK TOTAL 17 TOTAL 16 manual 181 PDK TOTAL 197 While I wasn't expecting to buy my car so soon, a Platinum Silver manual suddenly popped up on Carsales and even though the car was in NSW and I was in VIC, I knew I had to have it. Fast forward a few days and later and I was in Sydney picking the car up and preparing for the drive back to Melbourne! Definitely a memorable experience. I'm looking forward to learning more about the car and am enjoying every drive I get to do in it, here are some pics I took the other day with my friend in his Agate Grey 981: For the gurus out there, can anyone tell me what rims I have on the car? I can see that they weren't a standard Cayman option, I've found a few pictures of these wheels online but not much information which is making me question whether they are actually Porsche wheels or not! Looking forward to seeing some fellow Porsche drivers out on the roads! Simon
  3. Anyone had to go through the experience of having to replace the LED in their fog lights? My left one is no longer working, however, am unsure whether I can simply change the LED DIY or whether I will need to change the entire foglight unit itself. Nothing seems to come up in my quick online search. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I'm finally doing a clean out of the parts sitting around and looking to move on. Below are what I have for sale (PM for pics). Prices are ONO. - 18" OEM 5 spoke Cayman S BBS rims with Michelin PS2 tires. - SOLD - Full APR (Billy Boat) Exhaust. RRP $5000+. - SOLD - OEM Standard Leather Steering wheel (Wheel only - Airbag, electrics, and plastic trims not included) Suits Triangle airbag: $350 - OEM 997 Turbo gear knob & boot (minor wear on leather boot) - $125 - OEM CD24 stereo: $350 - OEM Electric Mirror switch assy: $40 - Momo Mod.8 suede steering wheel: - SOLD - Momo hub adapter suit Porsche: $50 - Brand New BELL Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet with Clear visor. Size XXL. Purchased last year from Peter Stevens Melbourne. Never worn, still has stickers on the visor. Comes complete with carry bag. Cost $600+. $500 ONO. - Finally I'm also selling my bicycle. As new 2011 Trek Mendota Hybrid Gary Fisher Special. - SOLD Cheers, Eddie
  5. Hi Guys, Its been a long time since ive posted on here after the resent loss of my 987 Cayman S... for some reason im not a Financial Member anymore so i couldn't post this on the market place thread. After loosing the Cayman i managed to save a few parts to reuse on my next car as i was planning on getting another 987 Cayman S. But ive ended up purchasing a 2001 996 so its time for another mid engined owner to enjoy the glorious sounds my Cayman S used to make! Its a Milltek sports exhaust from the cats back, it'll fit any first gen 987 Boxsters and Caymans. I dont see why it wouldnt fit a non "S" model either. http://millteksport.com/porsche.boxster.s_porsche.cayman.s.cfm Mine was the Catless cat back as most mid engined nuts will know the 987s came with 4 Cats two off the headers and two just before the mufflers, the last two before the mufflers are too restrictive. Ive had this exhaust on my car for about 3 years on a completely stock car.. had it dynod and it gained about 10HP. I also had the resonators removed early this year which made a huge difference in sound! (i still have the resonators in a box if you want them back on). you might know my car from Instagram or just local Sydney Porsche runs... Ill add a few clips below showing how it sounded with and without the resonators, damn i really miss that sound... Im looking for $1500 for the full system... make me an offer! need them gone to fund my new exhaust for the 996 Have a look at my Instagram @te986 for more videos https://www.instagram.com/p/BXiKX07DrMJ/?taken-by=te986
  6. From 2010 there are no manual Cayman S on carsales.... Why is that? Whats the story?
  7. So, been looking at 987.1 Cayman S models, and I've been reading a bit about PASM. Sounds like a nice option for comfortable city driving, while allowing for a stiffer setup when the driving conditions are suitable -- in practice, much like the double-valved KWv3 set up I currently have on my 944 S2 (and like very much). But obviously, PASM is a more complex and sophisticated technology. Any downsides? For example, are there limitations if wishing to go with alternative shocks at some later stage (I realise the PASM would no longer work), but would, say, ordinary Cayman sports shocks fit? Are the PASM shocks serviceable, and by whom? Any insights appreciated.
  8. More Donut Media goodness; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWJnmh99tgwEnjoy!
  9. To be sold as a kit. All items are in like new condition. Asking $1200 1. OEM Porsche Short shifter ($430USD value) 2. Genuine Porsche Aluminium gear shift knob - fits 997.1 997.2 911 and 987.1 and 987.2 Boxster/Cayman ($3000AUD option from Porsche with matching E-brake) 3. Matching Genuine Porsche Embossed Sport E-brake
  10. Hi Guys, For sale: Wevo Motor mount for 987.1 2007 Cayman S $250 ono. Motor mount (orange one in the pic) Was installed for 2 weeks or about 250kms and pulled it out because it was loud for me . I later realised that the loudness was the engine running rough due to metallic tapping coming from exhaust leak, MAF etc Here's a reference and they can be installed on 986/7.1's according to Wevo's site. http://www.autoatlanta.com/Porsche-987-Wevo-Mount-srch.html $300 ono for the pair of WEVO SS Transmission mounts (the black ones in the pic) ====================================================== I tried 3 set ups 1. All 3 Wevo mounts - great for a track car as you really feel that the engine is braced and power immediate to the wheels. NVH is substantial. 2. a pair of transmission mounts with OEM motor mount and this has been reasonable with a rumble in the cabin right behind your ears. Purchased and installed wevo's through Autohaus Hamilton. ================================================== Parts are still for sale in Sydney and will sell separately. Would prefer cash pick up but ok to post @ cost to buyer & EFT. I'm in the inner city area or St Leonards. Selling cause it wasn't the right solution for my use. Also OEM transmission mount in decent condition (from 2007 cayman) - offer Euge
  11. https://drivetribe.com/p/GWZx84jyTj6A4rtV287a-g/eyXkNS3sSbm3L8VBVjxmAA
  12. 987 Boxster/Cayman Drivers side Window switch $50 excluding shipping and insurance.
  13. Parts are in Melbourne: 235/40ZR18 Sumitomo HTRZ III tyres x 4 can sell in pairs. plenty of tread. $100 each Genuine Factory Painted Yellow Centre Console as new 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray. The ashtray alone costs a few $$ and is rarely included. Great to brighten an otherwise rather dark interior purchased from PCM. Has all the right cutouts etc as opposed to ones from USA. $800 Standard Black Centre Console used 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray off 997 TT SOLD Used hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, good condition off a 997 TT $300 Brand new hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, new condition purchased from PCM. Standard leather.$500 Used Porsche Double DIN radio for 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Porsche may need to code for your car. 2 Available $300 Used 986 S exhaust for 986 Boxster. Muffler assembly with tips only. Pipes were cut pre muffler by exhaust shop. $300 Boxster door sill covers. One used great condition, one new with plastic over metal part. Sold as pair. $200 Pair of used leather sports seats from 997S. These will suit a fair few Porsches including 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Includes side airbags. Great condition. Electric adjustable back with manual lift. $1900 SOLD Used Cayman 17" Genuine Porsche wheels with continental contact sport tyres $900 Used 997.1 steering wheel for use with circular airbag. No tears or marks. $300 Used Alcantara GT3 steering wheel from 997.2 GT3 with circular airbag $700 SOLD Also have this: Audi TTRS exhaust system from APR $2000 http://goapr.com.au/products/apr_exhaust_cast_downpipe_25tfsi-au.html Website says will also suit Audi RS3 0401270025 preferably call. Steve
  14. Just de-kitting my 2008 987 Boxster S as I am selling it. This is one of the items up for sale that was previously installed on it. Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust for 987 Boxster or Cayman with chrome exhaust tips. Please refer to pics. In excellent condition. Improves horsepower and torque by 5 whp and 4 ft-lbs Complies with emissions regulationsDoes not trigger Check Engine LightConstructed from high quality 14-16ga CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel for maximum performance and durabilityNoticeable improvement in sports car sound and throttle responseDirect replacement for the OEM muffler with no cutting or welding requiredCurrent price in the US is $3109USD before shipping. I am asking only $2100AUD ono. Would prefer pick up from my address in Sydney but will drop off at Pack and Send should you want to have it shipped. This is a video of the exhaust on the car. youtube video
  15. Hello All, I just had my first track day with my GT4 and seeking some advice on what track brake pads and brake fluid to purchase? Noise doesn't bother me to much, but would prefer little brake dust and long lasting. Also where is the best place to purchase from? Much appreciated. Shane.
  16. A meticulously maintained & low mileage 2007 Porsche Cayman 987 with GT3 RS Alcantara interior upgrades. A clean and lightweight mid-engine car is a dream for car enthusiast, drives beautifully and yet comfortable for daily driving. I’m a real fussy owner and it’s been garaged all time, used mainly as a weekend car but works a treat as a daily driving car. The car gets a full detail very 3 months with a tedious process of clay-bar, Polish and hydrophobic coat to keep the clear coat protected at all times. Presented in rare Carrara White, original factory paint with Cayman R stripes, this car is stands out on the road and gets a lot of compliments. This has an upgraded headunit with a high-end Pioneer 7” touch screen with Sat Nav and Bluetooth, paired with the Alpine R component speakers and JL Audio amp. This made a massive difference to the sound compared to the factory option especially with the convenience of the hands free and GPS navigation. The Remus twin muffler exhaust gives a sporty note to the car and additional boost in performance. However for those who prefers the standard the factory exhaust, this will also be included in the sale. Car is regularly serviced ahead of schedule, every 5,000 - 6,000 kms. Major service was completed at 45,000kms. Last service was done at 59,591 km, and will not require work done till the next 20,000kms. RECENT MAINTENANCE: Serviced at 59,590 Kms (28/6/2016) 4 new tyres - Bridgestone RE003 (nitrogen filled) 4 new disc rotors - drilled slots oem UPGRADED FEATURES : GT3 RS Alcantara Steering Wheel with airbag unit GT3 RS Alcantara Gear Knob GT3 RS Alcantara Handbrake Pioneer AVIC 7” Headunit DVD Sat Nav Bluetooth Alpine 6.5” R Component Speakers Alpine 4” Speakers Remus Twin Muffler Race Exhaust Cayman R stripes Matte Black Stone Chip cover Privacy Tinting (darkest legal) Full Service history 2 original keys "The mid-engine configuration creates a balance that pays huge cornering dividends, keeping the car poised and neutral at ever-increasing speeds. The brakes are also superb, with plenty of feel and a graduation to the bite that optimises the Cayman’s ability to stop not just quickly but smoothly." - quoted from Topgear.com Fantastic value at $53,000 and first to see will be impressed. The car has never been tracked or abused. Regretful sale due to upgrading to a four seater. Custom plates will not be included. RWC will be included in the sale and recent inspection by the workshop indicates the car is in great shape and no other work required for RWC.
  17. Hi All, I have a set of plates that I no longer need. They were on my 914 when I bought it, but it's now on club reg. I was going to keep them as I thought I might end up with a Cayman, but now it looks like a 996 or Boxter is in my future. Victorian number plates KMAN-05 in a blue/purple colour with white writing. https://goo.gl/photos/YCjtBK4A6YcwKoVo7 $400 ONO Cheers Dale
  18. Hey All, My name is Col, I hail from Brisbane New to forums and new to the Porsche experience, been driving a 2005 BMW 130i for the last 4 and a half years and was looking to get an new M135, after a couple of test drives I decided that apart from the performance and "newness" I felt more involved in the 130i with good old hydraulic steering and N/A throttle response. Anyway a mate suggested a used cayman, and so the hunt began. After my first test drive of a 2007 base model I was totally hooked. I had no idea how balanced a car could be. Finally after 3 months searching I picked up a 2009 model in Aqua Blue with 57000 on the clock, my first weekend involved a 6 hour drive on some great roads in Brisbane, 6 weeks on my BM which was going to be my DD hasn't moved from the garage! Anyway every Sat and Sun morning I'm on the road for a blat I totally love this car.
  19. Hi from Qatar. I'm Antony, it's my first time on this forum.
  20. A new set of H&R lowering springs for Cayman 981 with PASM. I hadn't even opened the box before I moved the Cayman on. Price: $380 negotiable (not including freight) Cheers Tim
  21. UPDATE 5/8 - SOLD Decided to put the Cayman S on the market. There is not a cent to spend on this car.. major service just completed at Porsche Brisbane, new Michelin Pilot Sports all around. Carnewal exhaust sounds unbelievable (nice and growly) New rotors, pads and sensors all around. 37000kms tiptronic.... don't knock it till you try it.. surprisingly good! short vid of exhaust note.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQCgQmNhI1E Please forward this to anyone that you know who may be interested. Thanks, Mike. 0418 316 203 Link to carsales link... http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Cayman-2006/SSE-AD-2711791/?Cr=0&sdmvc=1
  22. Hardly used Custom built set of Simmons 3 piece alloys all in excellent condition, never damaged. Fitted with Toyo R1 tyres with plenty of tread. Just in case you don't know, 3 piece alloys are easily repairable, where as one piece are usually a throw away item. These have been used a handful of times only on the track. Cayman sold therefore no further use. Centres are Agate grey colour. Located in Melbourne, outer East. PM for photos Specs are: 2 x 18 x 8 with 57 offset 2 x 18 x 9.5 with 46 offset Asking $2250
  23. Hello all, I've been a quiet lurker as of recent times and in the market for an used Cayman S. Some outstanding ones on the market have caught my eye but I just have a few questions... Before I get grilled about using the search function, yes I have scouted this forum - and I am active on other forums so I am aware of these common sense etiquettes... 1) How much do you pay for your insurance and with who? Ball park figure and if possible age/location area (doesn't have to be specific)/ and market or agreed value... I have a list of companies i.e. Lumleys (read they're exy now), Shannons, PFA, etc... but would be nice to get a broader idea of the $$$ I'd have to dish out... 2) Anyone know of any used car warranty services for porsches?? I have googled a few and attempted to get quotes but they don't cover Porsche... I'd be getting a PPI from Porsche but any other reliable places in NSW metro that can do the same? I'm from QLD and moving back to VIC or WA at the end of the year... I hope I can figure out how much extra I need to spend for these ongoing costs to meet my budget... Wanna get in on a Cayman ASAP! =) Thanks, Paul

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