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Found 9 results

  1. After years of use and having been baked by UV rays, the original plastic sun visor clips fitted to many classic Porsches can crack, allowing the visors to flap around freely. As a more permanent solution than a simple exchange part, we have stocked up on these replacements which are engineered with aluminium bodies, replacing the plastic. Still featuring the polished steel pin that slides into to the sun visor, the body of the clip takes the OE form, but finished in black powder coat rather than plain plastic. Stronger, unaffected by UV and more durable in extremes of temperature, it is the perfect upgrade for this small but essential component. Priced each at AUS $43.95 for Cabriolet and Targa models and AUS $84.15 each for the more complicated curved pin type as found in the coupe, they all come covered with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. They can be bought from the following links; Coupe Sun Visor Bracket Targa/Cabrio Sun Visor Mounting
  2. Daniel Guthrie

    Carpet Kit

    Can anyone suggest where I may be able to get a carpet kit for my 1957 356A? I've contacted Prostitch.com.au several times over several weeks with multiple emails and a phone call, but for some reason I can't seem to get either a quote or an idea of postage costs. I know Stoddard do a carpet kit and a few others, but I wanted to keep the money in Australia. Does anyone else in Australia do carpet apart from Pro stitch? Thank you.
  3. I understand buying in to the 911 air-cooled market can be challenging these days. My friend took me on a club drive last weekend and unfortunately for my bank balance I got hooked. The missus however has given me the green light to buy one as an investment! Great salesman I can be. My budget is limited to around $70k. If there is anything around that number that isn't going to cost me a fortune after I have bought it. Please let me know. Msg on here please. I did meet a bloke the other day who had a few cars. I think he lived in Byron.
  4. (I'm shaking as I write this post!) I feel like I'm putting one of my kids up for adoption..........it's definitely not something that comes easily. I am however having to weigh up certain options and thought I'd reach out to the PFA family prior to listing the car on the 'open' market. I never thought I'd look or think to sell it, as a result it's been pampered but alas the time to move her on maybe nigh................... Here is the advert listing that I've put together, bit of a ramble but hopefully informative to any potential purchaser's; It is with much reluctance that I am offering my 1990, 964 C2 manual coupe for sale. This opportunity to obtain a rare and desirable 911 is only due to a new purchase on the horizon and a lack of space for secure storage, but by no means is it a desperate sale though. I’m a devout Porsche enthusiast and this particular 964 has had all the necessary money spent on all the right things, ready to just get in, drive and enjoy. Items include; Electrical items including new stereo (period looking but with including Bluetooth connectivity), new speakers throughout (using factory mesh), refreshed rear tail lights and centre reflector including LED globes (no pink and no cracks), LED globes to dash interface (as standard it can be quite dark, not ideal for an evening commute), new battery, starter motor and leads. Everything electrical is as it should be – perfect. The car is currently running KW suspension (RS spec.) with cup 1 17” wheels. These have been custom powder coated ‘white’ and are shod in Michelin Pilot Spot tyres (N spec as per factory recommendation) and perform as you would expect – amazing. In addition to the upgraded wheels & suspension all 4 wheel bearings have been replaced. This can be quite a costly exercise and is quite typical for 964’s. No need to worry though Loui from Motion Automotive has taken care of that for you. The interior is 100% completely original including the original delivery floor mats. The car was optioned with ‘soft leather’ and it’s as comfortable as it looks, the ultimate tourer. Mechanically the car has recently completed its 200km major service thanks to Spencer Harrison at Harrisons RRR. This is an involved job on a 964 and can be quite costly but again that’s been taken care of by one of the best AC Porsche mechanics around. The car also benefits from an aftermarket exhaust, chip, later model cup mirrors and drilled brake rotors that all together make this one of the ultimate & purposefully modified street 964's around. Lastly, to complete the package, all of the original parts are included with the sale. This includes the original delivery D90 wheels, suspension, flag mirrors, exhaust – everything you’d need to revert back to original factory specification. I think the car is perfect as is but given the value of these cars you can sleep soundly knowing that when the time is right to roll this into a museum you will tick all the boxes in terms of originality – be sure to enjoy it in the meantime though! This car is a peach. It’s not a concourse car, it’s a driver, to be used as Ferry intended. The rise in 964 values I believe has been due to these being the ultimate usable classic 911. Bluetooth and cruise control allow you to commute in style whilst still being able to enjoy the rewards that a period analogue sports car (especially a 911) can deliver. It really is the perfect balance of both worlds where you can have a usable & practical classic car. The car is currently being prepared for sale including an extensive detail. I am reluctant to list with a price at this stage but am open to be contacted by seriously interested parties. As mentioned previously, this is not a desperate sale so please don't contact me unless your prepared to engage in a serious discussion and are in a position to purchase if indeed a deal is done. I would also appreciate if we could keep the thread to interested parties. Feel free to contact via PM if you wish to express interest and I will respond with answers to any further questions you may have. Cheers, Hugh.
  5. How do we know what series engine is in this vehicle? I do know that it is a 2001 Feb build, The vin# shows MY2001 996 I am being told it is a 3.6L and would like to know how to confirm please. WPOZZZ99Z1S642536
  6. Hi all, Im a long time Porsche fan finally in the position to buy my first 911. I've been keeping an eye on the market for many months but am struggling to turn up anything. Im after a car I can keep until the day I die - not looking to resell for profits sake. Aus delivered is a bonus but not a necessity. Ideally less than $65k (is this getting unrealistic?...). Please PM any suggestions, all will be considered! Thanks
  7. Seems like the Sydney property market and air-cooled market isn't too dissimilar; it's hard to put a roof over your head. http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/dealer/details.aspx?R=OAG-AD-2196899&Cr=0 Aussie delivered C2 manual 964 = $60k ~ even at CTS crack pipe prices... Is a roof over your head really worth the extra $40k? That buys a lot of colour bond PLUS - Cab is cool enough for Hank Moody ( aka David Duchovny )
  8. Hi all, I may be ignorant and not know the obvious answer but hey, worth asking. When we started looking for a 3.2 Carrera many months ago (having finally convinced the VP of Finance) there was a lovely burgundy one for sale in Melbourne but we weren't quite ready. Looking ever since, there seems to be the proverbial drought on these cars (well the tin top version anyway). So, why is it that even though there were 84,000 made, seemingly none change hands in Australia? Spada
  9. ladd

    912 WANTED

    Hello all, looking to acquire a 912 coupe. Does anyone out there have one they want to sell or have any leads as to who might have something? Am not a dealer or reseller just a private party looking to purchase a cared for car & will do the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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