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Found 5 results

  1. Divine Mobile Detailing is focused on providing high quality automotive detailing services and paint protection. We believe that the industry is rigged with sub standard "detailers" and paint protection products out there.This is why we use only the best products and are constantly evolving our techniques and products in order to provide you with the best quality service for your budget and needs for your vehicle.Available 7 days and week at a location that suits you we can easily tailor packages to suit your needs!Paint Protection Packages:22PLE ZX Mistico Elemento was conceived with a singular goal in mind -- to be the highest performance paint protection coating available. To achieve this and to get this absolutely right, 22ple have continuously developed this over the course of 5 years before we are satisfied to call this...the Ultimate Paint Protection Glass Coat!Cost were never a criteria during the development but absolute performance was. 22ple have therefore selected only the purest & the highest grade of raw ingredients available without any compromise. We believed it redefine the limits of paint protection at this time.Our years of experience and expertise in consistently using, testing and evaluating high performance products meant this is extremely exclusive paint protection as well as highly chemical, UV & weather resistance.When you absolutely must have the best paint protection coating, the performance of ZX Mistico Elemento speaks for themselves.Small Car $750Medium $800Large $900X-Large & SUV $100022ple VX2 PROArmed with experience from creating many of the best glass coatings available today, 22ple took an uncompromising approach and selected some of the best silica in production, used an even higher concentration of active ingredients to produced a truly marvellous and high performance paint coating that's extremely durable, and offers great water beading and chemical resistance ability. VX PRO2 offers over 5 years of durability and not only will it make your paintwork easy to maintain, it will also offer exceptional gloss for the duration of it's life.Small Car $550Medium $600Large $700X-Large & SUV $850Interior and Exterior Detail Package: We provide packages from basic details and pre sale details to complete concours level details leaving nothing untouched. We can also provide routine maintince washes and packages to keep your pride and joy looking its best.We also have partners who provide window tinting, paintless dent removal, and clear bra paint protection services."Perfection Through Passion"RegardsMitch JacksonPhone: 0428 626 696Email: sales@divinemobiledetailing.comWeb: www.divinemobiledetailing.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/divinemobiledetailing
  2. Hey, Anyone have a good polish and clay recommendation? Ideally something that's available locally (ie Autobarn etc.) as I would ideally like to pick something up tomorrow. Any good suggestions welcomed including tips and tricks for best results! Cheers, Hugh.
  3. It is often the smallest detail, swoop, curve, line, finish, junction etc...that is just so perfect you look at it time and time again. Show us your bits people! Some of mine
  4. Hey all, I had my car paint corrected and polished last week and I just wanted to share the results. If you are looking for a detailer in the Brisbane / Gold Coast area I can't recommend Jayde from Dulvari Prestige enough. He was very professional, a surgeon with the polisher and extremely knowledgeable. I certainly got my money's worth and the car looks amazing. Unfortunately just before he finished the car the weather moved in so yesterday afternoon was my first chance to get it out of the garage and get some photos.... So I am very happy with the results! If you are looking to get your car detailed, give Jayde a call - 0414 501 706. Oh and Thanks Quozl for giving me Jaydes number!
  5. Topic: How to clean wheels during your maintenance wash. Needed: 1. Hose with a decent amount of pressure 2. A non-acidic wheel cleaner (eg Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner, Autoglym Acid Free Wheel Cleaner, P21S Wheel Cleaner, Wolf's Brake Duster) 3. SAFE Wheel brush (or perhaps a selection of them) and a spare Microfibre wash mitt (eg Daytona wheel brush, Vikan soft brush, Wheel Woolies) 4. Bucket of water (even warm-medium hot water if possible) (If you want to clean your splash guards, then use a diluted multi-purpose cleaner) Procedure (can be removed or still mounted to the vehicle): 1. After rinsing, take your dirty wheels and apply your favourite non-acidic wheel cleaner to the wheel. Make sure you include the tighter areas including in between spokes, inside the barrel, wheel nut areas and calipers. 2. Let the wheel cleaner sit for 2-3 of minutes. Some solutions turn red or change colour which means they are working in with the dirt. Others don't. 3. Use your safe soft bristled wheel brush. The Daytona Speed brush is fantastic because it has soft bristles and rubber parts so it will not mark or scratch your wheels. Get inside the spokes and in the barrel with the brush. Your brush should also be able to clean the calipers. 4. Use the microfibre mitt to clean the face and any other areas that you may have missed. This is where you can also use another sponge or brush to clean the splash guards. 5. Simply rinse off and dry the wheels. You may notice the surface rust on your rotors. The next drive should fix that problem. TIPS: - Let your brakes cool down before washing. You don't want to risk damaging your rotors - If need be you can apply a light mist of spray wax on your wheels for that added shine and protection - If your exhausts are dirty, use the wheel cleaner & wheel brush to freshen them up (doesn't apply for carbon fibre or ceramic exhaust tips) - Frequent cleaning (once every week) will restrict heavy contamination - If you end up sealing your wheels with a quality sealant, then use pH neutral car wash when cleaning your wheels We've taken a few before, during and after photos of some of the wheels we've cleaned. No other magic tricks, just the same technique as discussed here. Mercedes C63 Carlsson forged wheel: E90 M3 18" wheel: F25 X3 M Sport wheel: F10 320d Luxury wheel: BMW 1M Satin Black 19" wheel: Ferrari F430 Scuderia exhaust tips: Find loads more photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.562802300407295.1073741836.280325515321643&type=3

PFA [Porsche Forum Australia]

This is an online platform for like-minded Porsche fans/fanatics/tragics to come together to read, chat and share.

It is also a platform to arrange and participate in off-line social meet-ups, events and drives.

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