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Found 2 results

  1. For those not up for a ramble, here's the short version: On the weekend I flew to Adelaide, bought a 996 and drove it ~1,400km back to Sydney. Although I would not recommend doing that, I loved it. The whole caper is the fault of @LeeM...and I can’t thank him enough! 🙂 And for everyone else, here's the long and boring version! So, this all started with a low key little comment here that only the strange people who don’t mind a 996 would have noticed... This lead to a PM to Lee, which lead to a call from Lee to Craig at Buik’s for the owners number, a call from me to the owner (a gentleman named Peter), some more calls to Craig & Mark at Buik’s, a PPI by Mark, some more calls and emails with the owner…then...a deposit sent and QANTAS tickets booked. Tickets, plural, because the road-trip component was my father-in-laws mad idea, so he was along for the ride. I suppose I wasn't too hard to convince, as the last thing I wanted to do was wait a few weeks while transport could be arranged for my first Porsche. I should clarify that the car is a 1999 model and had 88,350km on it. It also has these options: C23: Australian delivered XJB: Arctic Silver centre console XRL: 18" Sport Design Wheel X54: Chrome exhaust tips X70: Sills in aluminimum X71: Instruments in aluminium 220: LSD 222: ASR 224: ABD 236: nternal production code related to tyres 436: 3 spoke steering wheel 446: Coloured logo wheel caps 696: CDR220 CD Player I'd had a few photos sent over during this process, but I'd also managed to find this - written in 2015 - (and Peter very kindly gave me a physical copy of the magazine to go with the car) which gave a bit more insight into how well it had been treated: I’d already heard from Lee, Craig, Mark and of course Peter, that the car was in excellent condition, and exceptionally well serviced…but I tell you what, I still couldn’t believe it when we arrived at Peter’s place (after he very kindly collected us from the airport) and he opened the roller door... It looked like new! I was seriously over the moon at this point. 88,000km is not a lot for a car, but only if it’s been well cared for, and this one clearly had been. The funniest bit was asking about how Peter took care of the paint: “I just wash it”...he said. No synthetic coatings etc here (although he later admitted to using a bit of Maguiars he had in the garage, sometimes! 😆) which made the condition of the paint even more remarkable. We went through everything, did a bit of a driving loop, which showed how smoothly and tightly it drove, then back to sign some papers and hand over a bank cheque… Paper work done and a last photo of Peter and his wife Carol with the car, and we were on the road ... for ... five minutes ... to visit Lee! Showed him the 996, checked out his SC, had a yarn and got the best directions out of town and headed off… Hope you liked my clutch riding out the end of your street Lee… 😁 Our destination on Saturday was Hay, for an overnight stop… This is where I learnt that a surprising number of petrol stations are closed on a Saturday afternoon in country South Australia / Victoria … I skipped one I really should have stopped at, so had to sweat my way into Hay, in the dark (really should have left Adelaide a bit earlier but oh well), with the fuel light on… To give you an idea of how thoroughly I had planned things at this point: I’d not reset the odometer when I filled up in Adelaide, but thought I remembered it being about 350km, or maybe 250km...either way I didn't really know how big the tank was (Peter had said 70L but that seemed too big) so only had a "best guess" that we'd done about 650km and thought things must be close… In the end I put 55L in what I believe now is about a 64L tank, so things weren’t that dire, but at the time I'd never been happier to see a petrol station! Next time I'd plan those stops... Adds to the sense of adventure if you don't though! 😁 Anyway straight after that lesson, I learnt another surprising fact - all the take-away places close at 9pm in Hay. Even the pub bistro. We went back to the “restaurant” at the petrol station which is open until 10pm...so there’s a tip for you. Actually, they did a pretty good bacon and egg roll (didn't take a photo, sorry). Anyway, had a good sleep at the Motel so I can highly recommend the Saltbush Motor in at Hay... Here's the carpark: Sunday saw an early start to head through to Wagga Wagga, onto the Hume and then home. In my excitement, I hadn’t really thought about the fact a road like that would be littered in Kangaroos, and it was… So another great lesson was learnt: the 996 has pretty good brakes when you jump on them, and the ABS worked… I spent about an hour doing 70kmh in the 110 zone with eyes peeled for suicidal skippies… Bloody hell. To be honest, I was really just dreading having to call Peter and tell him his pride and joy was on a flat bed going to the panel beaters with half a kangaroo hanging out the windshield! Luckily, the one sensible thing we had done was clean the bugs from the night before off the windshield before we left, so I could still actually see as we drove into the quite nice sunrise: After that, things were pretty uneventful. A quick brekky stop and fuel splash in Wagga... ...then we ended up just driving non-stop the rest of the way home to Sydney. I was truly astonished how easy the car was to drive that distance. Comfortable, relaxed touring. Unbelievable that it’s 20 years old. I can only imagine what a Grand Tourer it must have made when it was new, and what a 992 must be like today... I'll have to find that out... I will admit to a bit of a nap after lunch, but then I spent the afternoon cleaning the car up from the trip: Getting up close and personal with a wash-mitt revealed that the car really was as immaculate as my first impressions showed. There’s a couple of stone chips, but literally only a couple. Some of the black plastic bits inside the front bar have faded a little but apart from that, it’s basically perfect. Astounding, and just a huge credit to Peter, who’d owned it since 2003. That kind of ownership history (along with the feedback from Lee and others) was a big draw card for me, and was probably the main reason I was happy to pull the trigger on it from interstate. So, that’s the end of the beginning. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the car (which as I said earlier, is my first Porsche) over the coming weeks and months. More than a few Sunday morning drives and perhaps a bit of driver training to get used to having an engine in the wrong place 😂 are definitely on the cards. I really can't wait to get back out and drive the thing. As well as Lee, who as I said, I really can’t thank enough for bringing the car to the attention of the forum and then chasing up contact details and input on the car from locals for me, I have to say thanks to @red clubbie who has been a great sounding board as I’ve pondered buying every type of Carrera, some 944s and even at one point I think a Cayenne 😂… I’ll be around to show you the car in the metal soon Geoff!
  2. Hi, I'm fairly tall (and long in the body) so my SC with sunroof is slowly making me a cripple. Other than replacing the seats with aftermarket, is there a method for lowering the stock seat? Laying the seat back P plater style doesn't help due to the shape of the roof.

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